Dunkers 2 MODDED 2022


Basketball Physics Madness!
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It’s time to hang with the Dunkers again and slam some dunks!

Basketball Madness! Steal the ball from your opponent and smash the backboard with an epic Slam Dunk.

Dunkers2 contains,

– 60 characters for you to unlock and customise.
– 5 different courts to play on.
– Lots of different balls and shirt designs.
– Play single player or vs a friend on the same device.
– Get a high score in Arcade Mode.
– Play against the clock in a Quick Game.
– 5 different tournaments to win in Tournament Mode.

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- Bug Fixes
- New Promos
- New Items


40 comentarios en "Dunkers 2 MODDED 2022"

  1. I just played a game with someone who could get me to lose enough connection repeatedly so I’d lose and can’t react to the ball. Then I’d magically be able to connect enough for the countdown and then disconnect again over and over and over. Literally can’t even connect to servers anymore and I’m trying to send feedback and it doesn’t allow me to do that either now

  2. V U K dice:

    Full of bugs. It says that I need “-139” dunks for “Dunk pack”. I’m playing for a few weeks and almost every day I’m hitting a full-court shots in the “Super shootout” mini game but I don’t get any reward. I’m really trying to get over all of this because of fun gameplay but I don’t know if I could take it anymore. Sorry for bad English, I wish all the best to developers and I hope that they’re going to fix this stuff.

  3. ericruils dice:

    Game dosent give out prizes even if you have won them, it dosent connect to the servers half the time. Game loses connection half way through a game. Overall frustrated because the game its self is really fun but everything els is lacking

  4. Good fun game, only thing is when your connection is lost the game still plays in the background, letting the opposition score free points. Please make the game pause when there are connection issues. Thank you

  5. Absolute trash all the players are bots, after you’ve won a lot it randomly makes it impossible to win. Terrible game.

  6. I was doing the shootout and I shot a green full court but it still didn’t go in. This also isn’t the first time this has happened.

  7. This is a really fun game and I’ve played it in my ipad years ago! But right now I do see a big problem. Because of the entry fee for every match, there is a big chance of running out of coins. When that happens, we can only watch like 2 ads PER DAY to get back some coins. And when those 2 ads are gone and all the coins are finished, there’s no way to earn back the coins because we can’t enter the match because not enough for entry fee. I suggest adding more ads. Yes, maybe like 1 every 15 mins

  8. This thing had me rage quit in the first 5 minutes, and I usually don’t do that with games. However, the controls were so tortured, it was insane. I had no idea how to jump less, but run faster and vice versa, the hoop was also weird, giving out points, even through the ball bounced off the rim. Also, the NPCs (I’m assuming they are NPCs) always seem to be better. Even the hoop is in their favor, letting them have points when the ball was nowhere close to in the hoop. Points on the originality.

  9. I was playing a game at the retro stadium for 26k and was winning, then suddenly the ball went through the floor and I had to quit because even though the game ended, it wouldn’t let me win and had to quit manually. So I lost all my coins and have to start over. I was hoping for a refund at least for the coins I lost. All things considered I still think this is a fun game.

  10. CHALK100 dice:

    Don’t default to playing with bots, let the player wait for a game. Also, you should be able to customise reactions or remove them all together. Also, when you take a jumper, the shot meter starts winding up. This is fine except if you start your jumper from half court you can jump back to the other end. This makes it so that the timing on the jump shot from half court is the same when you move to the other end. Tip: having waiting times on the packs makes people come back.

  11. Ok game, not too many ads and kind of fun to play, but it would be better if you actually played against real people. I’ve made it all the way to the final by just throwing 3’s. I haven’t had a single opponent even attempt one and the amount of response you get from the opponent when a point is scored matches what you do, do 1 they do one, do a couple they do a couple, spam it they spam it.

  12. duretien dice:

    I had this bug been here from the beginning of the game and it’s the connection error. When I open the game after closing the window, it always says “No connection!” And then “Connection to servers!” But it doesn’t stop until like an hour or so. But when I can play, it is a really cool game and i really think the game deserves more downloads! It is a great concept and you actually can dunk unlike some games. 😄😁

  13. I want to play this game so bad but every time I try and open it it just closes and I’m not have this problem with any of my other apps I really do want to play this game and give a good review but I have to actually play first before i do that

  14. I’ve seen a friend play and it looks fun put I can’t load in because it keeps crashing

  15. Go Midas dice:

    this game drove me absolutely insane in fact the connection was so poor that i could never move and the game was so laggy. but in the menu the game is smoother and a lot more peaceful to look at. then during matches i barely even started playing but my opponents are way too unmatched. the game slightly speeds up during the last few seconds of the timer. uninstalling this without hesitation

  16. Techtile dice:

    I really like this game. It’s fun and not competitive by any means. All the people saying it’s bad cause the controls are hard are just bad at the game, it’s pretty easy to get a hang of. There is one teensy weensy little issue though. If you start shooting and just don’t let go of the button, you can hold the ball the entire game and your opponent can’t do anything about it. If you are in the lead you just win. Might want to fix that, but overall it’s a very fun game.

  17. Love love love the game play but around 12.5 mill every game I win it just freezes on the game screen doesn’t give my money or a pack. So I’m stuck. Can’t play anymore and I love this game lol so disappointing… Cuz in my opinion it’s 5 stars edit: Developer once you hit lvl 99 you can no longer finish game or get packs. It will freeze at end of game and not give rewards. Please if you can’t fix mabey put a prestige option to go back to lvl 1

  18. Alex K dice:

    Was pretty fun until network drops started. It appears that when one side experiences network issues (which for some reason happen only in this game for me) it only drops connection to one player – the opponent is free to score (and you can practically hear him do it in real time – like there is no network issue at all)

  19. This was a cool game initially, but now it has been exposed as a rip off!! I bought the Mike pack, and didn’t receive my coins or gems. Now it freezes after every game, and I can’t upgrade any players because it will freeze there as well. Sad development and game maintenance. It’s a No star for me, because this game stole money from me. DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!! LEARN FROM ME.

  20. It starts lagging out of nowhere… usually after 30 secs in

  21. Arnis dice:

    Not even multiplayer. They require a connection because they want to put more ads on their game because they are money hungry. Honestly worst game I have ever played. It’s literally just you against a bunch of AI. Not a single real player. So false advertising as well since this was in the “multiplayer” tab.

  22. It’s a fun game and I have lots of fun playing it but, there’s a load of problems with loading the game itself, not the actual game. 1. I lost my account pretty much so I started over, I went from 5 million+ coins to ~30k coins and a complete time travel back in time. 2. The game won’t connect with my full wifi and mobile data connection and works at random times.

  23. Wayne Beer dice:

    Good game and quite challenging but lately I’m getting server issues at least half the time I try to play where it fails to be able to connect to a server. Very frustrating when you’re just trying to kill some time.

  24. This game brings back lots of memories from the original game.This games also helps past time bye while having fun my only problem is when I win I get a pack but I don’t receive them because I have max packs all the time I never get to open new packs all I have are packs from a while ago. It takes to long to actually get your packs and during those 8 hours Im still receiving more packs that are unusable but everything else is fantastic! Coming back a little later it is starting to make me mad

  25. This game was amazing, indeed the other reviews are Right but there probably working on those things. I personally think in game you should be able to reposition your “Ballers”. Not on 1v1s obviously but 2v2s and 3v3s. The only other thing I don’t like about the game is I don’t understand the leader board it is quite confusing. I want to get on it but simply can’t figure it out. I also recommend telling us if it’s a bot or not. Besides that AMAZING game highly suggest, Thank you for game!

  26. The game has good mechanics but there should be a option to turn off the background, whenever I start a match above 1000 coins my game starts to lag to the point where it’s unplayable even on low graphics

  27. Jules Coen dice:

    The game is fun but there are problems, like if you run out of money the only way you can play is by buying money, it’s a problem that needs fixing, but there’s no ads unless you choose and the gameplay is simple and easy

  28. Kyle Davis dice:

    If your connection goes goes out, you end up hearing the other player score, so how is it even a valid excuse to have your connection go out when you hear everything. The controls are also a nightmare.

  29. Would be an awesome game but it’s buggy. Just tried to climb the leaderboard. Got 3,000,000 for earnings, just to have it glitch basically to nothing. Don’t know what happened. But I have 50 levels and I know I have earned more than 1,000,000 in earnings.

  30. This game isn’t online, almost all of them do the same moves, ai bots are obvious, and looking at the leaderboards, it’s hilarious, don’t get me wrong, the game is fun, but to play online would be more fun, also against friends

  31. Deron Lara dice:

    It Keeps Stopping The Server Please Fix It

  32. It’s really fun and if your not bad at the game you can’t worry about money. And you can get daily rewards. I really like the game very fun and joyful I hope they update the game because it’s too easy. You shouldn’t make us play with bots. Maybe when your level 1-5 but not when your level 20 or something it’s dumb

  33. Continually refuses to connect to server, when it finally does it disconnects mid-game pausing your character and allowing opponents to continue to play and rack up points, very poor.

  34. adam yaboy dice:

    good but there’s not much i can do with my gold coins.


  36. Fun for the most part until you purposely make me lose connection even though I have 3 Bara of wifi

  37. Game idea is good but all physics are bad and matchmaking is terrible- Just by getting 1 character makes it impossible to play and being able to headbutt the ball out the net makes it unfair to play, Characters are unbalanced and makes matches rage ensuring.

  38. Pretty fun game,but the controls and difficult to get used to but not that big of a deal after 1 day of playing 3pointers are a common thing to nail down but server crashes are way too common can you fix that

  39. Caleb dice:

    Its really good but there are limited things to/arenas. There is a wierd glitch where if you hold the shoot button so they other team cant get the ball.

  40. Good game, but there is a big problem, IF your connection suddenly cuts off, you will literally lose, thanks to this i lost 5k since the opposing team got 6 points while i had to wait like 20 seconds

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