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Watch thousands of LIVE sporting events on NBC, Golf Channel, Olympic Channel, Telemundo Deportes and more with the NBC Sports app!

• NBC Sports
• Golf Channel
• Olympic Channel
• Telemundo Deportes

• NFL Sunday Night Football
• Premier League (soccer)
• NASCAR Monster Energy & Xfinity Series races
• French Open (tennis)
• Triple Crown (Kentucky Derby, Preakness & Belmont)
• United States Football League (USFL)

• NFL: Eagles, Patriots, Commanders, Ravens, Bears, 49ers & Raiders
• NBA: 76ers, Bulls, Celtics, Kings, Warriors & Wizards
• NHL: Blackhawks, Capitals, Flyers & Sharks
• MLB: Athletics, Cubs, Giants, Mets, Phillies & White Sox

• Live Events: watch marquee NBC Sports events LIVE!
• Video on Demand: access video clips, preview upcoming events and check out highlights from past events
• Full Event Replays: relive all the great moments with full event replays
• Push Notifications: receive reminder alerts for upcoming events
• Alternate camera angles, synchronized statistics and extra content available for some events

NBC Sports is proud to offer closed captioning support on shows with a “CC” icon in the player controls. Just touch to enable.

The vast majority of live streaming content on the NBC Sports app will only be available to authenticated cable, satellite and telco customers via TV Everywhere. Further instructions are provided in the app settings section.

NBC Sports video is only accessible in the USA and certain U.S. territories. The application requires a 3G, 4G, LTE or WiFi network data connection. Watching video over a 3G or 4G connection may affect your wireless data plan. Data charges may apply. The video quality will adapt based on your data connection.

This app features Nielsen proprietary measurement software which will allow you to contribute to market research, like Nielsen’s TV Ratings. To learn more about our digital measurement products and your choices in regard to them, please visit http://www.nielsen.com/digitalprivacy for more information.

NBC SPORTS TERMS OF USE: https://www.nbcsports.com/terms-use

NBC SPORTS PRIVACY POLICY: https://www.nbcuniversal.com/privacy?brandA=NBCSportsGroupOlympics&intake=NBCSportsGroupOlympics

NBC SPORTS DO NOT SELL MY PERSONAL INFORMATION: https://www.nbcuniversal.com/privacy/notrtoo?brandA=NBCSportsGroupOlympics&intake=NBCSportsGroupOlympics

NBC SPORTS CA NOTICE: https://www.nbcuniversal.com/privacy/california-consumer-privacy-act?intake=NBCSportsGroupOlympics


40 comentarios en "NBC Sports MODDED 2022"

  1. This is absolutely the worst app on the Play Store. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t. It’s entirely unreliable. Today for example, I can watch the Golf Channel, but not live soccer. I get a black screen with my carrier’s logo, the word “LIVE,” and a little exclamation point in a triangle. What does that mean? Who knows? Clicking on it does nothing. Just a black screen that eventually returns to the main menu. Galaxy Note 9, Android 8.1, all updates installed. No issues with any other streaming apps. Pure garbage.

  2. VenomGT dice:

    NBC app is horrible, but I would say it’s the terrible ad mechanics that destroys this app. For instance, I’m watching a sports replay. It starts with ads. The game hasn’t started so I fast forward but can’t because of the ads. I move several minutes ahead once able to and have to wait for the same ads to play again. Guess what, still hasn’t started. So I fast forward again…and once again, here come the ads. It’s ridiculous. It’s overkill. It’s says alot about your business.

  3. APP DEVS, PLEASE READ. I’m uninstalling this all after about ~3 months use. I use it to stream NBA games (Sacramento Kings). In several games, Ads will play in the middle of games, reminiscent of a pop-up Ad. During a tied up game with a minute left, the Kings were bringing up the ball… it was tense and exciting. Then BOOM, 1 full minute of commercials. I missed the entire sequence. This has happened MULTIPLE times. I’m done. I’m going to find another service, & I’m not alone in this.

  4. Absolute dumpster fire since the merge of Gold and Regular apps. The 1 out of 10 times it will open and stay open the UI is all but impenetrable. Otherwise, the only thing reliable is that it will freeze or shutdown. But not to worry, NBC is getting their ad revenue, because the full size Discover ad plays flawlessly before it freezes. You know, if I’m getting it for free, then OK, I’ll take what I can get, but this steaming pile is actually costing me money.

  5. Can you not make an app that requires a reload every time you click over to answer a text? Any loss of focus on the app stops play of the video and when you switch back to the app gives you an error. Reload the app and you’re good except you have to sit thru the 30-second commercial. Again. So literally there is NO way to switch to another app while using this unless you’re prepared to watch the Mercedes commercial for the 478th time. No reason you can’t continue playback in the background.

  6. Update (1* – I’d give less if I could): The more I use it, the less I like it. Slow, clunky, hard to scroll right to the next story. All in all, I have almost stopped using it entirely when I used to use it multiple times every day. Original (2*): The app is slow and clunky when scrolling between articles on Sports Talk. A much less smooth experience than either of the previous two apps. It also only shows a limited number of Articles and then seems to crash. It is not a good app.

  7. When it works, the app is marginal. Their updates always seem to break something, although I’ve gotten used to uninstalling/reinstalling which sometimes works. Major complaints: 1) Randomly asking for login/provider/location information. I get that is part of the contracts they sign. But, I paid >$200 to watch the rugby world cup matches, why do I even need a tv provider, since nobody else had rights to the games? The website they redirect you to looks sketchy, and never works, but restarting the app either skips the check next time, or they got the info and the external page never returned. 2) That is super annoying because unlike every other sport streaming app out there, the window to tune in before the match is very limited, and they don’t have a “watch from beginning or join live” option. So, I can’t join early in case I have to waste 5 minutes jumping through hoops, and I can’t watch from the beginning if I wait until the stream finally starts. 3) Speaking of which, you can watch replays from the beginning, but they take a while to get up there. This is a smaller issue, they do a pretty good job of getting that up there relatively quickly. But, since you can’t watch from the beginning, if you are watching a tournament (which, again, they do a good job of cutting into segments), I can’t go back and see my favorite teams play and switch to the next round of the tournament. I have to wait for round 1 to finish and end up online as a replay, watch the game, but round 2 has already started and I can’t get back to the beginning until it shows up as a replay. Rinse, repeat, and I’m always a few hours behind. 4) They are still using Flash. All bashing of Flash aside, almost nothing supports it any longer. Most phones do, but desktops and web browsers have it off by default, and training people to turn it on is a bad idea in general. So, out of 6 laptops a desktop and a couple of phones at my house, 2 phones support a service I’m paying for. Even worse, they hide it in a player where it looks like it is doing something, so you don’t know it failed and you don’t know why it isn’t working and don’t get the prompt saying “Flash is disabled for good reason, do you want to be an idiot and enable it”. Phones (or even laptops and desktops) aren’t the best for watching sports events with my son. Which makes it great that they support Chromecast so we can just get the game on the TV screen. Except . . . 5) See the point above about updates randomly breaking things. This app was updated on March 26. On March 26, I no longer can Chromecast to the TV. I can still see video on my phone, something works because I get the intro image showing the beginning of the broadcast and teams playing, but no video. Theoretically, the three Chromecasts I’ve tried it on also updated on the same day and only have problems with NBC sports.Llike everyone else, we’ve been streaming a lot more than normal and no other problems with Chromecast with any other provider. 6) It doesn’t keep track of where you are in a game. Especially frustrating watching an all day tournament broken into 3-5 blocks of 3 hours each. So we get up in the morning, watch some, go play/coach/ref some games, get back, fiddle with the slider and usually see the results of at least one game we haven’t seen, etc. At least those interruptions are our fault. When the stream randomly dies and we have to restart it, it starts over again at the beginning. I end up writing down how long from the beginning of the stream the game starts, and know about how many minutes are left/have been played, and can guess about where to drop the slider. Shockingly, when this happens, the ads still play (again, I’m paying just to get rugby, plus paying a bunch extra to get the world cup games, not freeloading and trying to skip ads). All that said, they did buy the rights and at least we can get games. And they do look great once you get past the technical problems and if the stream plays through. And they show the women’s games too.

  8. Crashes constantly while casting to TV. But the worst part is that when the app crashes it just plays an ad and then says your coverage will resume shortly. But it never does. You’re actually just missing the game. You have to close the app and reopen it. This forces you to watch yet another ad before the stream resumes. So You miss about two out of every 10 minutes of a game. Tried this on two different phones and the same thing happens.

  9. This app has such a great idea. Being able to watch all the live events is awesome.. except when it makes you watch 8 ads in a row randomly during the last 30 seconds of a game. This KEEPS happening to me. It’s almost as if the app waits for the biggest moment of the game and hammers me with ads. The timing is horrrrible. Might as well not watch if you’re gonna miss the end of every event.

  10. The sports talk feeds worked well in the last app, now it has to reload all the time, taking you back to the beginning. After opening a story to read, if you go back to just the subjects, again you are kicked all the way to the beginning. It is hard to get through a days worth of stories because the dang app always wants to refresh and take you back. Very frustrating, this isnt an upgrade, it’s a very big downgrade. You should have let me keep the old app that worked, instead I must use junk.

  11. Tim G dice:

    What a disaster!! Tried using the “free 45 minutes” and it worked about 10 seconds and would freeze. Then it would “initialize” for another 30-45 seconds. Only to freeze up again 10 seconds into the game. Once I downloaded the app, a giant screen covering the game appeared with a clock counting down(almost twice as fast as a normal clock). You can hear the TV broadcast, but no way to remove the clock countdown screen. The only thing I could do was click “FAQ” which had an email address. Awful!!!

  12. This app is glitchy, often getting stuck playing advertisements indefinitely. When it happens, your only recourse is to restart the replay stream, which of course starts off with a series of unskippable ads. In order to get back to the point where it got stuck, it will play another 7 to 8 ads. Not to mention, the ads are the same 7 or 8 repeated over and over, making the boredom increase during each subsequent ad break. Never mind, I’m not interested in anything that plays on NBC anymore.

  13. This app is a disgrace. I mostly watch on my Chromebook, which can run Android apps. The app always crashes within a couple minutes of starting a stream. Then, once you reopen it, it no longer recognizes that you’re signed in with your account, but it doesn’t let you sign back in. You literally have to clear the app cache to make it work again (before crashing again). I’d always used the web version, but that has stopped working on Chromebook also. Thanks NBC. Worst streaming app I’ve ever used.

  14. Mediocre at best. It was working just fine, but all of a sudden, it fails to connect to the Chromecast. All other apps can cast just fine, but this one fails to do so. I’ve tried from a different phone, fresh installation, as well as a complete restart. According to the update history, neither this app nor the Chromecast has updated recently. Not sure why the change.

  15. Cycling doesn’t seem to be as popular and appears to get less support than football. It halts and pauses often, although constant coverage is difficult with road sports. I’m often frustrated when maneuvering the site. I often can’t get to my preferences when using the app and today it keeps wanting me to install an already installed app. I would also like the ability to send to tv to watch on a bigger screen.

  16. David C dice:

    Absolutely horrible implementation of chromecast. The app will not stay on in the background, the cast randomly ends for no reason every 5 – 10 min. Pretty much worthless if you want to just sit back, put the game on your chromecast and enjoy. When it does work though, the quality is quite good and the coverage is great for premier league. Just wish it was consistent

  17. The most frustrating thing about this app is how it always plays a commercial when you start watching something. This would be understandable, except that when it freezes or has an error and kicks you out of a game you then to have to sit through an extra minute of ads to get back in, such cam be really irritating and make you miss crucial moments.

  18. There are parts of the events I pay to watch that are not availible due to commercial breaks. There are qualifying races that are not even shown at all. The apps for TV are a lot slower than my other streaming apps. When I payed for it there was not nearly enough detail for me to understand I’d be missing these things. Overall I wish I both a different access. Especially compared to when it was Fox Sports.

  19. I only use it for PFT. The latest version crashes after opening any article. Also, it hangs when trying to swipe right or left, the videos likely get in the way. The videos should be eliminated. They are buggy and not relevant to the article. The execution is horrible. It doesn’t appear that they do any testing and it takes months to fix new bugs. I’ve gone to using a web browser instead of the app. The app is buggy.

  20. Great for watching live! But if you’re favorite sport is anything other than a major one like football or NASCAR, forget everything else. You can’t search (there’s no search bar for anyone to use!), and the sports list is incomplete. You’ll need another source to find your sport’s TV schedule, and you won’t find clips on this app. So 3 stars, because it’s awesome for watching live…but fails at everything else.

  21. The ads randomly interject in the middle of a video, and the video does not pause while the ad is playing, so you miss parts of the action. If you play three 1-minute clips, it is sometimes possible to be forced to watch 3 minutes of ads… Which means 50% of your viewing time can be ADVERTISING. This is ridiculous. It’s like I downloaded an infomercial app that happens to play a few sports clips from time to time.

  22. gtdmouse dice:

    The only reason I got this app was to be able to watch the Premier League matches without the added crowd sound. Every time I login, they throw the results of the games I’m about to watch at me on the first page. Totally defeats the purpose of having the app. Plus, it doesn’t save your position in the game if you log out before finishing, and there’s no skipping forward or backwards, and even when you try to go to a specific time, it’s near impossible.

  23. Horrible experience with the ads. I’m trying to skip ahead when there is a pause between Olympic events, but I’m bombarded with sometimes 9 ads. It’s an even worse experience when I find I didn’t scrub to the right part of the video and then have to go through the same set of ads to get to a different spot. After the Olympics I’ll never use this app again.

  24. This app is horrible. For months I’ve been waiting on an update to fix the bugs, but still nothing. Watching something live at home, and switch to the app when leaving out, and I have to sit through 7 ads before the game starts! Then it will suddenly switch back to the beginning of the ads, 1 out of 7, and I have to wait for it all over again to start! A 15 minute trip to the store and this app allowed me to watch 60 seconds of the game, that’s it! With or without wifi. Horrible NBC Sports!!!

  25. T R dice:

    I got this just for the Olympics, but I’m sorry I did. Besides the excessive ads (1 minute of advertising for each ten-second highlight clip? Seriously?), there is no way to select individual track/field events. You just get the two-hour trackfield feed, with no way to fast forward without, you guessed it, having to stop for more ads. Uninstall.

  26. Alex dice:

    A complete piece of trash. Constantly quits casting for no reason, completely ruins the game experience. Thank God my favorite teams games are on the Fox Sports app which will cast an entire game without a single problem. I only installed this app to watch the NHL playoffs and I completely regret. It is literally the worst app I’ve ever used, I can not stress that enough.

  27. This app is the worst. It crashes constantly. I’ve even tried uninstalling it and reinstalling and it didn’t help at all. The ads are RIDICULOUS. I got it to watch the Olympics. Every time I try to move around in a video there are 30sec to 4min of ads. It starts at 1 ad, then quickly builds up to 9. So when the app crashes and I go back to my video, I’ve had to go through over 15 min of ads. I’m even signed in with my cable provider! Generously giving it 2 stars since the layout is nice.

  28. The app often freezes in the middle of a game, and the only way to get back is to exit the app. This wouldn’t be terrible, but instead of getting back to game immediately it plays 30 second adds instead, making it very easy to miss important parts of the game. Show us the adds later, don’t force users to watch adds when they reload the app because it froze.

  29. The commercials are very ill timed. The usa womens beach volleyball game didn’t even come on until point 6 or 7 because of the long commercials. Then we saw a couple of points then back to the commercials. Its an app so we should have the option of starting the game from the beginning or at least having a split screen for the commercials. Very dissatisfied with this service.

  30. I purchased this for sports gold to watch supercross and motocross. On my android phone it keeps telling me coverage has concluded and going back to the home screen. On Comcast there is no fast forward button to pick up where I left off on my phone. You push the fast forward button and you wait 5 seconds to jump ahead 30 seconds. Seriously the program is 3 hours long. It does not resume where you last stopped watching. You have to restart every time. $80 for garbage! Figure it out!

  31. The lack of a search function is embarrassing. The app will routinely alert me to watch a video or game preview, but often when I click on the notification, the app can’t open that video, and there is no way to find it. Finding highlights is a chore. Live events often freeze or show the wrong content. And this app struggles with my Chromecast more than any other on my phone. edited February 2019: reduced rating to one star. this app fails to even show video at a surprising frequency.

  32. i am having to force stop the app and reload/sign in as the content won’t load/authorize after switching away from the app and back. and why won’t it remember my filters? every single time i have to swipe over to select what i want to see, frustrating experience. the previous sports gold app didn’t set a high bar or anything and this new one doesn’t do much better. edit: the annoyances should be easy to fix, yet remain. and now there’s a splash ad that can’t be skipped.

  33. Terrible and worthless. Constantly interrupted by ads, making watching a game pointless. 20 seconds of play to 3 minutes of ads. Chrome cast doesn’t work properly, either. Flips to ads any time the aspect ratio changes (portrait to landscape or back), meaning missing gameplay because I had to set down the phone. It also has stopped me multiple times to check my cable provider (Xfinity). Don’t even bother.

  34. Terrible Chromecast issues (among countless others). Constantly disconnects and makes you watch another set of ads when you do reconnect. Freezes. Insanely inconsistent delays. You can be watching on your phone, go to cast it, and your event jumps ahead a minute and a half. This app used to actually work fine many iterations ago, but it seems it just gets worse and worse with every update.

  35. Since almost all other media allows it, it would be 5 stars if it allowed mini player. Also it makes you watch the whole commercial break even if you exit out, so if I close during breaks to text, I miss some action. At least one or both needs to be fixed, cause at least the mini player would run the ads too, or make it so I can only text in break by skipping ads to reach live. Otherwise solid app.

  36. Using the Premiere League pass there are some very annoying things. 1) Seeing all the scores from other games when I might want to watch them – because they are available to watch. 2) Showing exerpts of other games while play is active. Yesterday watched Newcastle United v Man City. During this there was almost constant interuptions showing play from other games and minimizing the actual game. It was so annoying. It completely interupted the flow and tension of the game and risked missing key moments. 3) The theme music is annoying

  37. I would be giving it more stars but after using it for a while and having no problems, I’m now getting nothing but an error message telling me that i dont have a TV subscription to watch live tv. I’ve tried everything that i can think of to fix this and no luck. Very frustrating. Update: now I am able to log in with my TV provider but the app keeps crashing and freezing whenever I try to watch anything. I want to watch the Olympic replays of what I missed but can’t because of all the crashes.

  38. Barley useable. Frequent crashes. Streams play from the beginning every time instead of resuming where you left off. Lengthy ad takes over your screen forever every time you re-open the app (yes, even if you are a paid subscriber with NBC gold). And I’ll note the iPhone app (family members’ phone) seems to work much better. Extremely disappointing and low-quality. Wish there was some other way to watch the content, very frustrating experience…

  39. The app, itself, is fine (not great), but the casting functionality has been poor for years—it often stops abruptly. It seems they tried to add a retry feature recently but it rarely works. That means restarting the stream manually, which in turn means watching the commercials again, at which point you’ve missed a good 2-3 minutes of the game. I assume they’ve mostly given up on this app and will move everything to Peacock eventually.

  40. The Chromecast connection fails every time an ad starts. Every stream starts with an ad. So Chromecast support doesn’t work at all. Ok, so stuck watching on the phone screen and that works really well except for obviously having to watch on a tiny screen instead of my TV. But then out of nowhere, it freezes and then you have to reload the stream which starts you with an ad at the beginning again. Try to guess where I was and then have to sit through five more ads.

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