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–Meet the most realistic mobile 8ball game ever—

Looking for an 8ball game that supports marvelous shots as jump-shots, curve-shots and so on?
GREAT, then this is the game you are looking for.
Join Pooltime right now and get exclusive bonuses!

Now meet the most realistic mobile 8ball game ever.
Use curve shots and jump shots to seize victory.

Real 3D Physics Engine based on real billiard physics.
Try advanced features as Cue Lift (Massé) and more.

Enjoy the Real-Time matches with users all over the world.
Select the game room, Find your opponent, and You’re ready to be the CHAMPION!

Sign in with your Facebook account to enjoy friend matches.
Challenging your friends has never been this easy.

Pooltime is already easy to enjoy, but if you seek more, try completing the Training Center and learn more about cool shots.
Play like a pro without stress, with simple and easy interface.

* Internet connection is required to play the game.
Pooltime website : http://pooltime.webzen.com/
Terms of Service : http://www.webzen.com/Legal/TermsOfService-Mobile
Privacy Policies : http://www.webzen.com/Legal/PrivacyPolicy-Mobile


Minor bug fix


40 comentarios en "POOLTIME MODDED 2022"

  1. I love this game and play some every day as a great way to relax. I thing i have noticed Is the physics on the game change. You can shoot the same break shot, using the same settings and it will wirk consistently for a while, the all of a sudden, that shot doesnt work anymore. Then, a week or so later it works again. I’ve experienced this repeatedly. There also seems to be a pull on the cue ball to scratch. Still a fun game, but Wonder abour these programming issues.

  2. No draw!!! It is impossible to draw the cue ball unless you have a high end cue. Many many bugs such as cue changing direction at the last second after making final adujustment (what a torture). Random missing is programmed in, even when the aim is correct. I have yet to see one player who knows how to play… they all seem to all push the ball with a center hit which why there are so many bugs that go undected…

  3. the game has unrealistic physics and the players of the game couldn’t bank a shot if their life depended on it . You can cut a ball into a pocket that are at angles that defy physics,so everybody just cuts the ball. I made it to 1st place in my division in 2 hours and held it for 5 days before the lack of everyone’s skill became overwhelming. I liked a lot of what you did with the game but you need to fine tune the physics. DON’T GET LAZY NOW

  4. w shaw dice:

    The game has always left a little to be desired, but complaining to customer support goes unnoticed. I have been playing daily for 3 years or more. Today, the top of the line cue doesnt have even 50 % of the power it had yesterday! If you shoot at 100% power, it will not even cause 4 balls to hit the rail, which results in a foul! Even with the overcharge feature it wont power a ball back to the foul line! I have tried with little results, to submit a service ticket. Everytime I try, it will NOT

  5. You’re pairing between opponents is ridiculous as far as level of skill set. When facing opponents who far exceed your level, once time runs out on thier shot, they still have additional seconds to shoot. Once my time runs out, that’s it….shot over. Fun game at first, but is turning out to be like ALL the other pool games unfortunately.

  6. Sometimes its hard to pull back the stick for power and not adjust the aim instead. That and it needs more sticks and customization (stick, balls, backgrounds). Also a few more cheap sticks for gold that you can adjust tilt. Other than that its a great game. One of the best billards game out there

  7. Having played 200 games now, I can say that I do really enjoy this game. However I feel like it could benefit from some higher stakes games… With the amount of gold it can cost to upkeep decent equipment, it doesnt make it financially viable to play any of the tournaments or runout game modes, which is a shame because I really like them! But I will have to downgrade my equipment as the return really isnt great. I would be happy pay to play either game with anywhere between a 25-100k entry fee.

  8. I would give 5 stars if I didn’t get locked out of my account. The game worked very well at the start but after only 4 hours of playing and closing the app, when I went back to play it later it says my account is not found. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled as well as connected to mobile and a motem it still says my account is not found ain’t happy at all as I was on rank 3 out of everyone and I can’t continue as it has locked me out why?

  9. This is my opinion solely based off playing it. Fun, challenging, 3 different pool games. 1 on 1, 4 win tourney, run out. Play 1 on 1 to sharpen your pool game for the other games. Those you will need finesse & rep’s. The more you practice, the more you see improvement. Have fun.

  10. C A dice:

    This is not pool… I don’t know why I’d expect a game to actually follows physics or even follow the path that the game itself shows you the ball will follow. The game will always trap you away from your balls, center the eight for a sewer shot, force the most ridiculous outcomes to, guess what, pay to play. It’s fun for a day or two and then once you recognise that your skills don’t matter, the game is going to force the outcome it wants, then it becomes infuriating.

  11. I like the game for the game. However when i quit the game and come back later it has lost all my info and i have to delete the game and reinstall it all over again to play it. Tired of having to do it. Think I’ll just stick with my other pool game instead. Was fun when i played it.

  12. This is definitely the most realistic pool game I’ve found! I like how the behavior of the ball follows physics; the jump shot and masse shot are really accurate, and I like how the special cue balls map out post-collision behavior. Go ahead and give this one a try. You just might like it.

  13. Best multiplayer game play hands down. Not cartoony like most and no annoying ads. I’ve tried them all! Although I think some players have figured a hack because the match will start, the game will freeze, and you loose! And when it’s a $10,000 or $20,000 match that tends to piss you off! I have 1 gig internet and live in the usa, so it’s not my connection. And it’s always the same players. I have submitted complaints with no help.

  14. Wonderful disappointment! Never fails to fall short of actual physics in real life. Backwards slice shots can be made with ease. The player who gets to break is a favorite to win. I average 1 opportunity to break every 10 games.Therefore I’d suggest allowing a player to break every other game whenever possible.

  15. This game was great when I first started playing it. Then it seemed like the higher I started leveling up the more things started getting worse. I would be having a good game then it would freeze causing me to lose or I would be running the table and give my opponent the next shot when I didn’t even miss any shots. I’ve watched a ball go into a pocket then be back on the table near the pocket it was shot in. This game went down hill so I finally got frustrated an uninstalled it.

  16. Great Game!!! Before I installed this game, I read the reviews and the first one I saw said it was a great game, then I saw other people complaining.If you know the dynamics of pool, and have played mobile pool games, you should be familiar with the controls, aiming etc, but, if you’re not familiar, then your experience will be awkward, henceforth the negative reviews. There are some aspects of physics that are off, but, overall, good game.

  17. Ian amy dice:

    I personally enjoy the game. But the most annoying thing is you can be playing or just taken your break shot for it to freeze, then gives your opponent the win…not good when you’re playing on the higher tables!

  18. Very bad experience with this game. I’ve played it for tens of hours and it seem a never-ending sad story. Once you get to a medium-high rank, the RNG ALWAYS, but ALWAYS, makes you lose. Unless you start spending lots of $$$ for equipment, and constantly spend, otherwise you lose again. Not fun. Deleted

  19. this is a great game, one of the best pool games I’ve played….I wanted to put a 5* on the game however i have noticed just 1 small minor thing ,& that’s there is a slight delay when re-adjusting the cue angle and it runs out of time before you can take the shot…..but apart from that then I think that the time bar should maybe be 10 seconds an not 5 seconds, perhaps people that are new to the app or to this game would find it that bit easier to use….please could you fix these small issues…

  20. They got the ai set on hall of fame!You can’t win!! You will always scratch, while the computer ball will hit ever inch of the pocket and never or very rarely scratch. You will lose before even taking a shot, game full of glitches. You will be waiting to take your shot and bam nothing until you are declared the loser. Great game full of glitches. The computer/bot be making Effren Reyes type of shots consistently. When you think you have them snooker, bam here they come with a trick shot.

  21. I love the game and have been playing it for quite sometime without any probems, however in the last month ive had difficulty with the game losing connectivty to the game server it appears to be getting worse over time and loses connectivity at crucial stages giving the other player the upperhand when you miss your turn due to the server issue. If you work on the server issue i would gladly bump it upto 5 stars

  22. this game is a total turd! nothing realistic about it. opponents make cut shots that are not possible in real life. even the break is not true to life. you can smash the fist ball in the rack and hardly any thing happens. an opponent can hit the ball on the back corner of the rack and it explodes all over the table. i could go on for ever. this game is simply a polished turd! uninstalling your polished turd.

  23. It aways happens that developers designed a fantastic app.. and then they go and stuff it up by fiddling! I really enjoyed this game but lately the dynamics has changed to the extend that it’s not the same enjoyable pool game. Oh well I’ll search for another great app before they stuff it up. Great pity! It was my favorite but now it just an unrealistic pool game.

  24. This game was great, but now it takes money for items without you getting them. In addition, it conveniently loses connection often and steals your time! Apparently you can only go so far up the ranking without spending real money. Pool Time is like all the rest; I give it 2 stars!

  25. good but unstable server..always lost connection even using wifi and data on the same time…the game is good but sorry to say …it’s not good as others in connection stabilizer as well ..so will try again in a few round and if still the same better uninstall..i played 8ball with the same connection NO PROBLEM AT ALL…so please take a good note…and make a move of act to make yours better… thanks…

  26. This is a good game. My complaint is the people who run it are COMPLETELY UNaccessible. You simply cant contact them. Im also a player of WGT Golf and you can easily contact those people with a question or comment or complaint anytime and youll get a prompt reply. Good luck trying to contact Pooltime if you have an issue. There is no guidance whatsoever, its pretty much up to you to figure everthing out.

  27. Love the game. Really good graphics. Only complaint. Whenever I’m playing if I get a WhatsApp pop up message. It drops the network connection and won’t reconnect. Which means I lose the game and the coins I bet. Very annoying. Please fix this.

  28. Very impressed with game realistic features and overall playabilty. Recommend to anyone whose ever played pool. One skill I think should be added is shooters ability to make an even stroke. When cue is drawn back and shot made. The players steady finger stroke would add to the realism and skill of participants.

  29. I won’t rate it too low as I have no idea how the game actually plays, I have not been able to get past the first screen showing the developer logo, I then come to a black screen. I’ve tried reinstalling the game and erasing the cache but nothing works. I’d love to play it…..

  30. this game is horrible. it lets players shoot after time is up. it allows impossible cut shots, and the server buffers every game. i have been screwed out of multiple ball in hands. its obvious that the game programmers have never been around a pool table.

  31. Another pool game made for toddlers…smh… WHY IS THERE NO OPTION TO TURN THE AIM LINES OFF? It’s like riding a bike with training wheels, it’s not challenging at all. Here’s a Suggestion for the developers, Go take a look at Poolbreak Pros’ app and check them out. Now that’s the best looking and feeling online pool game. A lack of Aim lines options, and the fact that the table doesn’t shift to behind the cue on my shot is pretty bad..

  32. Blatantly unrealistic. let’s you win initially then when you start playing bigger pots the bots and the cheating become overwhelming blatant. At least try to hide it a little. COME ON!! I barely hit a corner pocket ball sitting on the edge with absolutely no power and my cue ball rolls back the entire length of the table to sit behind the only other ball there to hook me from having a shot at the 8 ball. Wow. DO NOT download this game I’ll get the same coined response as all negative reviews

  33. I played this game a few years ago on a different phone and loved it. Saw the game on google games and downloaded it again on this newer phone. It wouldn’t let me sign in so I played as a guest. I had my winnings around 10,000 and my phone went dead. Charged it and the game wouldn’t let me play. Unable to log into game server. This happened twice. Now I am no longer willing to start over a third time. Fix the glitch! Sorry I can’t recommend this game due to the frustration.

  34. Stick control needs serious improvements, jams up and doesn’t move too often. Gets combined with taking shot when aiming and shoots. Too many tight corners that the stick will Not aim, forcing any shot. Looks good, plays very poorly.

  35. Its alright…. matchmaking is terrible though. Pits new players against level 40+ players or people way out of the region with bad connections. Also there is no penalty for potting opponents ball? just an average pool game with bizarre rules and matchmaking. The bad matchups are the worst part; it needs to put you against similar skill opponents instead of newbies against platinum-leaguers.

  36. it starts incredible. just like everything else, you can only get so far without paying money. I’m on level 15 and every game, 3 to 4 balls in, I sink the 8. the ball turns some jacked up way, hits the 8, and it sinks. 🤷‍♂️ ridiculous

  37. Very poor! There are network errors that pop up and although everything else seems to work fine on my network this game continues to stall.. The feedback process is very limited and doesn’t allow for all issues to be addressed. Just the ones that are listed.

  38. This game is so B’S. THE COMPUTER gets the same shots that we do and it makes it. And we do the same shot, line it up dead perfect with the pocket, and we miss, B S. And when we start to load up on the coins, y’allfind a way to make us lose it. B.S. Y’allcanhave this game. I tried to come back and play. This game is a joke. Y’all don’t like a guess to get all those coins. But I won’t be playing this game anymore. Have fun buddy.

  39. Good game but they need to do a double check on the proper rules of pool, fix the stick control as that can get flimsy and laggy as well as add 5 seconds more to the timer. As I said, it’s a good game but needs improvement.

  40. Rating at 3 star and it’s mainly because in the tri-stakes room you can only be at level 15 and above to get into that room and it’s funny that I play against level 9sand level 12 below a 15 win the game and then on the third game a big level comes out and I never win that third game it just kind of seems like a little bit of scam screams there. I will change my rating if they change what’s going on there.

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