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Bally Sports is the place to stream your favorite hometown teams from your local Bally Sports regional network. Whether you choose to log-in with your TV provider credentials or subscribe directly to Bally Sports+, get access to live games, original programming, pre- and post-game shows, highlights, game replays, stats and much more.

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The Bally Sports app gives you the best seat in the house whether you are at home or on the go. Take Bally Sports wherever you are and stream hundreds of LIVE, local games, including: NBA, NHL, MLB, College Football and Basketball, WNBA and more. To get started, download the free app and sign-in with your TV provider credentials.
You must receive Bally Sports in your TV channel line-up in order to watch your regional sports network(s) in the Bally Sports app. Some channels may not be available on every TV Provider.

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Bally Sports+ is the all-new streaming service from Bally Sports that gives you another option to watch your favorite hometown teams and players wherever you go. Start streaming your games today! Download the free app, subscribe to Bally Sports+ to activate a 7-day free trial period and watch on your Android phone, Android TV and other devices. You must live in a Bally Sports region to access your local teams on Bally Sports+. Visit to see what programming is available based on your billing zip code.

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40 comentarios en "Bally Sports MODDED 2022"

  1. Horrible experience. I have to say this is the worst streaming app I have used. I would give zero stars if I could. Frequent disconnects while watching which requires reload and viewing of splash ads again before returning to play so you miss the action…no, its not my home network, commercial break music is very annoying, volume of commercials is higher than play by play, Screen does not rotate, no cast option. I dont have these issues with Netflix, Prime, TNT, etc..App rewrite is in order.

  2. 80% of the time this app is good with streaming and loading videos. But I have problems with it loading games on my phone, the chromecast button almost never works. games are skipping all the time. i have the app on my chromebook and for the past 2 weeks, i have not been able to even get it to open.

  3. Fine when it works. It repeatedly kicks me out of what I’m watching telling me too many devices are streaming at once when I know for a fact there aren’t. I back out and back in and it works. This is a paid service the bugs should be worked out. Especially ones that totally prevent you from even watching the content you pay for.

  4. Constantly crashes and freezes. Watching a game? It will randomly crash when you least expect it, and you’ll need to restart the app or TV to use it again. In fact, it requires a restart of the app every time you want to use it. And why does an “ad” of the Bally Sports logo have to load before your event loads? Bally is looking like they don’t know how to manage tech. Very disappointing experience.

  5. It logs out of the TV provider everytime. It has had this big for several years. They won’t acknowledge it is a problem. Now they have taken the channel stream option away, so now it stops after the pregame show. Then you have to retrieve the remote again and try to restart the game stream, which doesn’t work for the first 5 minutes, only to have it crash at the commercial break. Never had this much frustration with any other product in my life. Please go out of business.

  6. Eric H dice:

    Horrible for casting, locks up frequently, casting icon doesn’t show up until I close and reopen it usually 3 times. I was expecting a quality app for a service I pay for. I was so excited for this since I could drop spectrum TV and watch local sports, but now I’m not so sure it was a good decision. I’d drop this in a heartbeat if YouTube TV had local sports. And to top it off the email link for help doesn’t even work. Update, it’s still garbage.

  7. Chelsey dice:

    Great idea terrible execution. I pay for a plus membership and it constantly cuts off the end of hockey games (I was told this is a known issue with no fix). Starting something part way through is impossible, along with ff or rw. Opening on my tablet kicks me out constantly. Is not supported on PlayStation, smart tvs, Xfinity flex or really anything besides Amazon fire. If there was another way I could watch local sports without a full cable plan I would not use this.

  8. If you watch live from beginning to end it works OK. But if you are like most working Americans that try to catch a game on your own time it is terrible. No option to watch from beginning and if you try to rewind or even pause while you get your kids to sleep, good luck. The app abruptly shuts off the game and you cannot pick up where you left off. Multiple times I’ve been watching the 4th quarter of a game and the app decides I’m done and will have to wait until they decide to post a replay.

  9. I get this is the first year foe the app. But at the cost of $20 a month (more than any other streaming service I have) it should work perfectly. Normally have to log in and out several times to get the game to play, lots of buffering. Love when it shuts off when it thinks the game is over, bit the game is going to OT. Love missing part of OT due to having to log back in. Maybe start with a lower price until the bugs get worked out.

  10. NDD tv dice:

    This app is awful, I wish there were another way to watch the Mavericks. The game plays for a few minutes, maybe 5 then it starts to buffer then I have to refresh the screen. Even when watching the replay of the game it sucks. There’s no way we should be paying for such bad service. It also doesn’t make sense that we can only watch local teams for 20 dollars per month. Definitely can’t wait for the Mavericks contract to be over with bally’s, fox sports wasn’t very good but it was way better.

  11. Rating mainly the Bally app on Sony Bravia TV. Worst app I’ve ever used. I guess it’s the semi-captive regional sports market not creating appropriate motivation for improvement. Various phenomena, almost all occurring after each commercial break: volume-video sync off – fast forward 10 seconds to sync (missed action); commercials go on indefinitely – restart app when you realize you’ve endured 8 minutes of commercials (missed action); video hyperzoomed to small portion of full view – restart…

  12. Jake H dice:

    Terrible streaming app. Easily the worst interface and least stable. I especially appreciate it rewarding itself for its buggy interface and frequent crashes by loading more advertisements. The future of sports is bleak if this portents what’s to come. I cannot imagine keeping younger viewers engaged with this dreck, and linear television is doomed.

  13. The streams are sometimes choppy and the audio and video is very often not in sync. The cost is too expensive, even for a single team, compared to the single team options on NBA league pass. The app is not available on my LG smart tv that is only a year old, and the interface could absolutely be easier to navigate. It’s sad this is the only option that so many Indiana fans have to watch the Pacers.

  14. Shane C dice:

    Terrible quality, and even worse customer support. The app is almost useless. Constant dropped connections. The app constantly formats to be picture in picture despite turning it off. So the video feed is unwatchable cant even make out the score. Have asked for support to many times to recall to just get told use the browser. They know the app sucks and wont fix it. Warning for all do not pay for this service.

  15. This is the worst network TV app I’ve ever experienced. I waited over a year to see if they would improve, and it is still dreadful. I like hockey less for allowing this company to have rights to coverage. Issues: – login often fails despite accurate info – geoblocks that should not apply – commercials run longer than intermission – commercial freezes, forcing you to exit and reenter app – sometimes simply won’t open at all – issues on Android, web, and roku – audio and video out of sync

  16. One of the worst apps I have made worse by the fact I have to pay for it and have no other options to watch Wild Hockey Games. App does not exist on my LG OLED and PS5. While the app “exists” on the Shield TV it won’t play any videos. On my tablet the streams will play but it’s so blurry you can’t see the puck or numbers on jerseys. The only way to get it to work is to pull up on my computer web browser and cast to my tv. Even then it’s clunky and all the extras for the overlay make it slow.

  17. This app is really terrible, and I’m pretty easy-going with things and lenient with technology. This is the only option to watch the Pacers, and now at the end of 3rd and start of the 4th quarter, “this channel is experiencing technical difficulties”. Before this, every game, it was already a pain to get it to cast onto our TV, it takes at least 6 or 7 tries on two phones to get it to finally work. It won’t cast from a laptop, which ties up a phone. It sucks we have to hope it works every game.

  18. Z Zhang dice:

    So unreliable and convoluted. The app won’t allow me to log in randomly. Can log in fine on website. I mainly got it to watch one team and the app lets you select a favorite team. However, to get to your favorite team you have to get through layers of menus. It also doesn’t remember your settings. They added overlays like stats and stuff to the live streams. I have to go through the same intro explaining what they are everytime I start a stream. And I have to turn them off everytime as well.

  19. Half the time, I can’t get it to cast to my TV. I have to open and close it several times. When the pregame show ends, it doesn’t automatically go to the game. You have to change streams. I wouldn’t use this app if it wasn’t the only option. The entire network has gone downhill compared to the fox sports days. It is technically usable though, earning it 2 stars.

  20. Picture quality is pretty good on Android and Roku. It is great to have an option for NBA basketball other than cable. This app is pretty underbaked though: 1. WHEN the app crashes or you have to restart the broadcast, the options are “Start From Beginning” or “Go Live.” Where is the “Resume” option? What a bizarre oversight. 2. There is no “hide spoilers” option. Rough for watching a replay. 3. App will intermittently error saying “not available in your area.” 4. No fast forward picture.

  21. App has gotten significantly worse since the switch. I can’t watch the game on mobile at all because it won’t load. When it does load I get less than 1 fps. Update: 10/13/22. The app is still terrible. It’s also still terrible on Xbox. The screen will black out often enough that I’d be concerned about someone watching the game if they had epilepsy. Guess what doesn’t have any problems playing though? The ads! Amazing work on your product you dimwits!

  22. It is a horrible, pathetic app. On every platform. Then they make sure to not even make one for TVs, either. The only positive thing I can even try to say about it is that there are optional stats you can show on the screen if you can ever get it to work. The best possible option is trying to access the games via a laptop on the Bally Sports’ website. If it was free, it would be annoying, but the app is so bad and useless that charging so much for it should be considered a scam.

  23. Joe H dice:

    Update: Still a garbage app! Here’s the specifics. The frames do not line up with the video and audio in your app. It’s just that simple! You all are very well aware that it does this and still continue to allow the app to not function properly over the course of this whole season since the switch. FIX IT!

  24. I can watch the thunder on the app, so that’s all I’m concerned with. Though there are some issues. First, I have to open up the live game stream twice in order to get the option to cast my screen. Second, the app just freezes the casted screen whenever the next program runs, leaving you to restart the casting process if you want to continue watching. Finally, if I want to stop casting, I have to go into a stream and hit stop casting, whereas there should be an option for this in the main menu.

  25. Terrible app, paid $200 and doesn’t matter what device you watch on, you constantly open the app only to have to shut it down again reopen it, or even completely restart your Firestick, tablet, whatever. Then if you’re lucky you can get the game you want to load. When it does, it randomly will jump back to beginning, or just close the game, so you’ve got to start all over.

  26. $200 a year for a horrible streaming experience. Won’t play the live stream half the time so you have to restart the app multiple times to just watch what you want. Casting to a TV is hit or miss. Again need to restart the app just for it to allow me to cast to my TV. Oh, and the commercials are 10 times louder than the games. Horrible experience so far. The worst streaming service I have by far.

  27. This is a really bad app. The UI is not easy to navigate, it’s not available on my smart TV’s and it’s been having constant connection issues. Was not able to watch the last 2 Pelicans games on the app and just says it’s having trouble with the stream. Uninstalled and rebooted but the issues persisted, if you’re like me and have no other choice then I’m truly sorry!

  28. Can you imagine paying $20 a month for a service with no casting, out of sync audio, an awful sign in process, and ads on top of more ads? Bally can and they’d like your money, please. Don’t do it. Listen to the game on the NHL app. It works great and it’s free. I’m sure I’ll get an auto-generated response about how I should contact support. I don’t want to contact support, I want Bally to revise their business model and fix their app.

  29. The phone app, the browser site, and the smart TV app are all failing to log in and connect. This is ridiculous. For the price they charge per month, you would think you could at least log in. This service is garbage. Edit: I did reach out to customer support and I requested a call back. I never received a call back. This issue of having difficulty logging in and viewing a game was not just a one-time instance.

  30. Terribly choppy video quality. Audio oftentimes out of synch. Does not allow for screen mirroring. Ads randomly pop up in middle of action while viewing on replay. No team by team directory of have replays, and not all game replays available (ex. I can currently see last 3 NHL games listed, some older than the only 1 NBA game listed). All of these issues and you still have to pay a monthly fee of $20. Very poor value.

  31. This app need serious work. Casting is way too difficult and clunky. Need to try a couple times before it works. You can’t choose wether to ‘play from beginning’ or ‘join live’ if you’re joining a game after it starts. If you try to rewind, the video player in the app will rewind but once you cast it goes back to live every time. Very frustrating. No audio when casting sometimes. Not a smooth experience, very hard to justify paying $20/mo for! Please fix this Bally Sports!

  32. I’ve had this app for years now. It was bad when it was Fox sports but it’s completely unusable after it changed to bally. I check back every once in a while to see if the problems are fixed but the video is just very choppy and unwatchable. Also not a fan of apps that force you to use location, especially when i have to login with my cable provider anyway. Having location on kills the battery so much faster.

  33. Jon Riege dice:

    The app on my Android TV is fine with some issues but the big problem currently is the phone app. The resolution of the Brewers broadcast is terrible. It’s very blurred to the point that you can’t read the text on the score banner. The commercials are perfect 1080p so it’s not my phone. I have reinstalled multiple times and it’s still bad. Hopefully this changes when Bally Sports + is fully love. Until then it gets three stars.

  34. How can they release an app like this in 2022? Audio sync issues galore, quality drops, and frequent stuttering. Might be acceptable if Bally was streaming on literally any other service but they force cord cutters into this awful mess of an “app.” Reminds me of when I was a child, I would do the dishes poorly so I could say “I tried, guess I can’t do the dishes anymore.” It didn’t work then and it isn’t working now. Fix your app or sell the rights to someone that can! You are ruining sports.

  35. Absolutely horrible experience. Sometimes I can’t stream anything, it just spins and spins. Othe times I get video, but no sound. If it does stream, it will buffer or kick me out and I have to restart app. I know it’s not my connection because I am pulling down 600+ Mbps. Nowhere near worth the $20 a month they want for this service.

  36. This app is awful, needs updates. Freezes on my phone. When I cast it to my Chromecast it will play for a few minutes then stop and load until it completely stops playing. I know it’s not my Chromecast (brand new), I know it’s not my internet (I get a minimum of 200 Mbps consistently). All I want to do is watch the Braves. (Update) app is still awful, has not gotten any better. I try watching on my Xbox and the stream flashes in and out but sound still comes through. Way too many ads.

  37. Why am I paying $20/month for an app that loses sync with the sound every time I use it? Every time I’m watching a game and it goes to commercial, the sound gets out of sync and I have to close the app and get back into it. If there’s an easy fix for this, great. If not, it’s completely unacceptable and a horrible product.

  38. Ok, I love this app. It didn’t work for 1 game and I gave it 1 star. It’s working again. They keep it working then they keep 5 stars. It’s cool how on a cell phone you can click on things and get player stats, team stats, league standings, all with the game playing in the background. Works on Roku. I been missing Grizzlies games for years and super excited to watch them now.

  39. Hands down the worst streaming app I have ever used. Don’t waste your money or time. Video buffering, video playback, and sound syncing issues constantly. Had to reset the app every 10-15 minutes. Not a single issue with any other streaming services. 1Gb internet with a hardwired LAN connection.

  40. I’m new to the app and have subscribed to Bally Sports Plus being that I have had no access to my teams since most of the streaming TV services dropped RSN’s. I have mostly used the app on my Roku TV and it has been a 5* experience thus far for me there. No bugs or issues yet on Roku, great performance overall. I just watched a hockey game on my Android phone and there I give the app 4* thus far. Some buffering issues, occasional freezing, but nothing overly serious yet. Solid app overall.

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