Football Battle – Touchdown! MODDED 2022


Football games with friends! Score, win bowls, battle it out for your team!
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Football Battle – Touchdown! has just arrived! Join forces with your friends in this multiplayer football world and show everyone why you are the best team!

Attack, defend and score – place cards and gain valuable skills in the slots, attack your rivals and steal their experience. Can you score a touchdown?

Play with your friends – recruit them to compete against other real players of American Football all around the world.

It’s all about the team – join one of the best football teams or create your own to earn all the trophies and glory!

Train your way to the top – start your career now and evolve to be a decisive player in every match.

Win all the competitions – together with your team, play in all the major American football competitions and collect all the trophies. Can you be the top team in the world?

Join the newest and most exclusive Football Battle social experience!

The big game is waiting for you!


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A fresh new version of Football Battle is out!
We fixed some bugs related to spectate, and online time.
Also made some performance improvements and UI polishes.
The big game is waiting for you!
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40 comentarios en "Football Battle – Touchdown! MODDED 2022"

  1. Well for a mobile game you would expect it to work on mobile data but that does not seem to be the case. The only way this game seems to work at all is if you are connected to wifi which is fine when I am sitting at home but any other time it is completely useless. Have had a couple of updates and hoped it would be fixed but hasn’t. Tried Uninstall and reinstall and same issue. Other than that it is a fun way to pass a few minutes.

  2. skister82 dice:

    Good team game but pay to win players ruin it. The season pass is very expensive at £17.99 and only lasts a few weeks then you have to pay for it again. The game is really good and well presented but now we’re advancing up the leagues the matches are extremely hard to win unless you buy gold which is also expensive so ruining my experience with the game. It’s a shame because if they lowered the price of things or at least made the Golden ball pass be a one off payment more people would buy it.

  3. I updated now it won’t let me connect. Uninstalled, reinstalled, turned phone off & on, turned off wifi to connect direct, all other apps work but not this one. Android. Now my team will probably kick me for not showing up. Thanks.

  4. My team had a game at 1215. I’ve been trying to sign in and this app will not let me on. I purchased energy to play and can’t even get on the app! It keeps saying to check my connection, but I can use every other app I try!!! I keep getting notifications the other team is scoring and I can’t even use the energy I purchased to help them!!! I have spent a lot of money on this app and I am done!!!

  5. Lost a star since my last review. I had created a team and for some reason I only have 1 actual person on my team I had quite a few people but someone else keeps kicking everyone off the team. I’m the captain I’ve never gave permission to anyone to kick anyone. Why is this happening? And can it be fixed? If that was fixed I’d give a 5 star no problem.

  6. So disappointed in mini clip for this extremely stupid game. Generally mini clip puts out some interestingly challenging sport games but this was like going to a pointless slot machine game almost. If you like mindless, talentless and dumb games then buy all means…. waste your time with this game!!! I’d give it 0 stars but you can’t unfortunately

  7. It’s a fun game, but it also completely sucks. Scoring makes no sense. For example. My team had a drive leasing by 8k yards, no score. Then a drive leading by 1k. Also, because the scoring is so messed up. A team who only takes a couple drives can still beat you. Then you got players you spend hundreds of dollars just to win a single game. And they do it each and every game. So instead of being matched by team total yards for the next season you’ll get people who like to blow money. Truly sucks

  8. It’s a nice pick and play game. My only issue is the constant notifications of untruth trying to get me to constantly log in. You’ve lost the lead, not even close. You are about to be kicked from your team, um nope again. I truly like the game but not getting the false notifications.

  9. Very disappointed with the customer service or the lack of. Instead of helping solve the issue. They send you emails other games. And I actually spend money on this game. That’s right a paying customer. You will keep a 1 star rating until I feel you earned better.

  10. I have tried to open this game 50 times. Always says lost or no connection while I have 5G and 5 bars and every other game works just fine. I have uninstalled and reinstalled 3-4 times, done updates, and still nothing. Baseball Clash works perfectly. I don’t get it !! Using a Note 20 Ultra with plenty of space. 2nd effort to report it to you. Last try here before bye-bye !!!

  11. I absolutely LOVE this game! My hubby got me started on it, and now i am addicted to it ! The only complaint i have is that when entering the game I dont get my energy a lot of the time. I then have to make a report, which takes a bit of time. I do usually get the energy in the end, most times.. Other than that, it’s a great game!

  12. This game is fun and I really enjoy it. However, it will cost you a lot of monwy to play. To be competitive, I have spent over $200 in a week playing. I didn’t really mind it until I made two purchases and was short a total of 20 gold. I have sent numerous emails and not one reply. I wouldnt recommend playing this game if you expect customer service or a game you can enjoy for free.

  13. Was so excited to play but everytime i go to play it says i have no internet connection even tho i have 4 bars… Ive uninstalled and reinstalled and still nothing.. If you can fix ill change my rating.. If not it stays.. Sorry

  14. pack is far to expensive to buy £17.99 compared to football rivals where you get more gold and energy and its £6.99 also lags tooo much we lost 2 games due to not being able to log on and 1 of them was a none player team

  15. Fun game.The most recent update would not allow me to connect to the game and cost me the opportunity to help my team I. The quarter finals of the national bowl. Other than that. No complaints.

  16. Congratulation. With every update you make it worse. Before we couldn’t get the live bonus, now we can’t even enter the game. Well done.

  17. Game is fun when you can actually login and play have not been able to login for bowl games this is ridiculous with the money that is spent buy players and for this to be a issue is very un professional

  18. Game is good when it works! Won’t load unless you’re on wifi. How’s that make any sense!? It’s not worth more then 1 star seems you can never play unless you’re on wifi.

  19. I have been playing the game for a long time and I enjoy it. But other players are using mods to get way more yards than normal gameplay, which gives my team no chance to win the game.

  20. It’s addicting, like gambling, just wish it would let you have a little more game type play (see scoring, not just read about it later).

  21. I hate the fact I can only play it when I am at home on my internet. If they would fix whatever the problem is where I can play it anywhere it would be great. It’s the only game I got where I have to be connected to my wifi to play.

  22. This game sucks, it’s 100% pay to win. If you don’t plan on breaking your bank account to win this game, don’t bother. It’s no fun at all unless your willing to spend money. Terribly made game.

  23. It was fun but then the free energy for a game stopped or something it’s like they want you to spend, but I don’t have money to spend.

  24. I love this game, but 8t continuously kicked me out. 8ve got great connection and there s 2 devices that access my connection, and it’s a private connection… I almost lost a game cause 9f this the 9ther day and now it did it again in the middle of this mornings game. Can’t say anything on your site cause I can’t get on it to get my unique player ID Number… So what am I supposed to do?

  25. keeps kicking me off I like the game but getting old of kicking me off and have to keep logging on one after another other than that I like it

  26. Ever since I updated this, I can’t seem to connect. My internet is fast and I have plenty of room on my phone. I have other apps that take up space but they all connect. Football Battle no longer does.

  27. Lee Cecil dice:

    Trash! Crashes over and over and won’t connect even with full signal or wifi.

  28. After updating your football battle miniclip my entire team has not been able to get into collector energy on the national bowl game that we played today against Ford Roman.

  29. D K dice:

    Bug #2: Once I pressed PLAY, “Connecting” screen came on for 20secs and lost 5 thunder tokens without card reveal. Now I have to wait 1h for 5 tokens. Bug #1: Connected Social Media account in order to enhance gaming experience and now it won’t connect the app at all. Not cool bug

  30. Game has potential but even if you pay their system is broken. Don’t waste your time or money on this game. …and if you contact their support be ready to get a list of FAQS for common problems in the game. If you dispute their answer, they will tell you there is nothing they can do. Had fun while it lasted!

  31. There’s been glitches to where I can open the game and just keeps loading and pending but when it does open I enjoy it with the team effort we have in the game. The only thing is with the time change I have been losing folks on my team bc of work or what have you

  32. Game sucks since the new download, now it seems I’m just wasting my time, I’ve sent a email to admin and no response. Just got kicked out of the game and now can’t sign back in!!

  33. it’s got a glitch in the passing game. All you have to do is throw it to the forest right one

  34. i wont even let me play the game.It stays on a black screen and wont load.

  35. This Facebook football 🏈 Battle game is very fun! and easy for the whole family to play 😊 💯👍

  36. I think it’s challenging but it is a money grab at times lol…..*message to Developers”****I think it would be great if we could communicate with players on other teams via a community chat room separate from our team communication I am sure it’s been thought of

  37. great game. love being able to work together like a real team

  38. So far, it’s interesting. Not inundated with ads.

  39. There is no playing. Just click, click, click, commercial, click, click, click, commercial. Please don’t.

  40. Only works on wifi. Can’t even play on 5G UC.

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