Baseball Club: PvP Multiplayer MODDED 2022


Challenge people online to baseball matches! Upgrade your character & equipment!
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The exciting online baseball⚾️ game for mobile is finally here! With exciting PvP, cool items and upgrades to unlock🔓, and most importantly – intuitive and engaging gameplay▶️ – this is the sports game you’ve been waiting for❗️

In ⚾️Baseball Club👥 you can:
– Customize your character⚙️
– Unlock cool new equipment👀
– Set your 🍲diet🥗 (YES!)
– Practice your pitching and batting✔️

… and most importantly
– Challenge people from all around the world🌍 to batting and pitching matches💥

This is where all that you’ve learned and practiced will be put to the ultimate test📝

Try to win against your opponent❗️ Use your pitching skills to make your throw difficult to hit. Don’t let your opponent score✋ Then switch places🔄 and try to hit the ball⚾️ pitched by your opponent as far as possible. The further it flies – the more points you get.

The more you win – the higher you climb up in the leagues↗️. Play against tougher and tougher💪 opponents and remain on top🥇


This update contains bug fixes and other quality of life improvements.


40 comentarios en "Baseball Club: PvP Multiplayer MODDED 2022"

  1. Game is riddled with too much inconsistency. Constantly paired up with people who have way better stats. I’m talking same amount of trophies but these people have 10+ better points on each stat and makes it almost impossible to win. Not only that but pitching mechanics are not very good either. Even if you let go of swing just a tad bit too early when they throw a ball, you’ll still get hit with a strike like you swung at it even if you didn’t. Game would be a lot better if you fixed those.

  2. It’s strange that a mobile game crashes consistently. I decided to download this and opened it. I am doing a batting tutorial, and before I can even start the pitching tutorial it crashes. Literally every time. I can’t even progress to the actual game. Lol

  3. Tries tos exualise sound effects and female characters. No real skill to the game just a POs anime baseball game with barely any UI or things to do. I mean compelte the game and make it fun. Then add things to pay for. Right now its literally a bad game regardless of anything to do with paying money to play.

  4. I’ve really liked the game.It is a real fun for me to play it. The only thing that I didn’t give 5 star is because Tour 5 (Bulgaria) should be Russia. 🙃 all the building graphics are Russian type. I know that because I am Bulgarian 😁.It’s like to name the tour “New York” and put “The Eiffel Tower ” in the background.😉

  5. P Diddy dice:

    I Like The Game But, It’s Definitely Not Fair. Every Single Opponent Is Much More Powerful Than My Player. Even If I Upgraded,The Opponents Just Get More Upgraded Too. I HATE THIS TERRIBLY. IT MAKES YOU THINK IT’S A SCHEME IN ORDER TO TEMPT YOU MAKE PURCHASES. LOL… SO SERIOUS THOUGH. 3 STARS FOR NOW, WILL CHANGE TO 5 IF PROBLEM IS FIXED.

  6. So far and I’ve really only been playing the game for maybe 3 weeks, so far it seems cool , I like the way the pitching and hitting is set up, for me , anyways it’s the best I’ve ever played , I wish you could play an actual baseball game ,though and disappointed that is not one of the features , than just homsrun contest only besides the small pitching be battle.

  7. First off, I can’t change the player to a guy. There are balls thrown which my player swings at when I didn’t lift my thumb off the controller. Game is lame and not worth the 1.99 I did spend.

  8. Id like to say that I enjoy your games, but a lot of the times your games freeze up, the video ads are never ready or wont play so you miss out on whatever reward you are trying to get, and always goes back to the loading page for no reason.

  9. Tre Rex dice:

    Nice game except that the ball switches from a good ball to a normal ball without me realizing it all because y’all want us to buy more balls quit using money to mess with people’s games number two when you have an ad pop up the X pops up to close the ad down and it doesn’t close it down it goes to the Play Store stop trying to force people to buy games they’re not going to buy that is very irritated and that’s why you get lower Stars. If I push clothes out I don’t want to download the game

  10. Good game just need to be fixed sometimes it go back to my home screen but yeah its a good game

  11. DON’T put adverts up before we can see the result Why SO MANY ADVERTS – don’t respond with the usual “need adverts for development” – take a look at Toon Blast, adverts if you want them. Learn something Please could we drop any any Royal Match adverts – it’s boring and even the developers keep failing (ha ha), so why should we download it!!

  12. Disappointed lack of performance aways freezes and its when I’m winning. After it does that it shows that I lost and it crippling my character from gaining. All that time waisted playing for nothing. Thx for the Disappointment.

  13. So many ads you get use to it but there is one ad from EatVenture that is stuck if it pops up need to restart game and IT’S annoying.

  14. Could be a great wee game if all the ads were removed which makes it totally annoying and un enjoyable to play hence the 1 star. Please Remove the ads or it’s Removed.

  15. John Oden dice:

    is cool when you need to kill some time and have some good challenges

  16. wally boy dice:

    Boombit has great games, they’re cricket game is really good as well.

  17. Fun game, sorta a different type of baseball game but still pretty good and hasn’t gotten boring or repetitive yet

  18. It’s a wonderful game to play and have fun just de ads that my only issue

  19. Too many adds. Would be a great game. But I got bored from watching so much adds. Not worth my time. Reduce adds in game. Tired playing each game to watch an add.

  20. As a simulation game, everything is well made and to its extent compared to other similar cases and even various examples in different cases. It has actually met the expectations of a user well.

  21. Clo dice:

    Seems like it could be a fun Game but not if there are 4 ads you have to click through after every match. 2/5 stars

  22. Make a offline mode for challenges.its very laggy

  23. haiya!! game was great and this is my fav game also but how can your game counting for my my score not accurate??🤨🤨 (example 545 + 536 = 1015) whyy whyyy😭😭??

  24. Carbon copy of every other archery/golf/sniper/misc PvP sports game on the market, really doesn’t bring anything new to the table. Gather gear, watch ads for extra drop chance, spend gold to level aquired gear once you have enough pieces to do so. Love BoomBit games, but this doesn’t really add anything to the genre. Gave 2 stars because I enjoy the visual aesthetic, but topped off there due to lack of innovation of any kind.

  25. Fun game and really good mechanics. Only problem is there are so many ads and sometimes for me personally, after watching an Ad I get resetted and if for rewards It doesn’t unlock so I have to watch all over again. If this is an overall issue and can be fixed I’ll rate higher to 5/5.

  26. Everyone can hit the ball so being a pitcher is pointless, having special throws doesn’t make a difference, not challenging at all. Your stats don’t matter I’ve beaten everyone I played even those with higher stats, the game sucks because it’s hard to miss the ball when it’s telling you when and where to hit it.

  27. Like the mechanics but more ad time then play time. If you take out forced ads and just go with ads for boosters and gear you will see more of a profit. Anyone will watch an ad for cool gear but there are too many free baseball games with no forced ads for this game to be worth watching an ad every time you play for a minute.

  28. Fun game great graphics and great controls but it has more ads than any game I have ever played. I understand free games need to make money but this is excessive. You must watch ads for every single thing you do. You spend more time watching ads than playing.

  29. Gameplay is fine, its just monetized in the greediest way possible. Intrusive ads in between games which can only be removed through a WEEKLY subscription for 7 bucks plus a 10 dollar battle pass, not to mention the premium baseballs give you completely overpowered pitches compared to the regular ones. No thanks.

  30. R7: IGN=”IKILLSHOTI” Google 🎮’s L61. Another star gone. Update bringing pitching skills that quite honestly didn’t even need to be implemented at all, as people were competing big time, I’m sure iaps we’re thru the roof & u go & change the essence of the Crit Hitz being key to winning vs not being able to see 4 separate balls which @the last millisecond are adjustable 4 even the best of the best “hand to eye” coordination people wouldn’t be able to get 2…so best pitcher is easy to chose.

  31. It’s ok. I like the dart game waaaaay more. Never paid for the premium or whatever it’s called. More ads than gameplay unfortunately. Seems the only way to get gear is ads, ads, ads. Going to delete it the game shortly after this review

  32. Truly enjoyed the game I can see the game going far when the clubs come in and that advert for chance to get prizes so good but after playing for abit it becomes average Suggestion when the clubs come out if you install a multiplayer function like 2 out fielders “users” added to the pitcher and 2 added batters “users” cause once I can catch a player out batting will become balanced with pitching cause it’s easier to hit to strike a guy out.

  33. This is a easy to play competitive PvP multiplayer. Well rounded game that so far has had great updates that only get better while keeping gameplay easy yet challenging. I have only one notible complaint, I’m on my third profile bc this app links to your actual Google account itself as a third party with lots of access. Lost the first to factory reset next one to a device change. To put it blunt, it pissed me off bc Boombit’s CC reps I delt with turned the situation into inconvenient too

  34. I enjoy the different levels you can play on. When I play the first couple levels someone with way better skills plays against me making it extremely difficult to win being that I only have so much for “my” player

  35. And AGAIN! Just closed the app and reopened….won TWO more games, making that a total of EIGHT wins in a row with NO losses and my trophy count is STILLLLLLLL at 5!?!?!? Ive spent a decent amount of REAL money on this game and this is what I get?????? Wow. Everyone beware!!! You won’t get trophy’s for winning games!! You’ll just be stuck at 5 in USA!!

  36. Really good game really good graphics

  37. Isaac dice:

    It’s pretty fun it is hard to get the hang of but it does pass the time n is a great app

  38. Is good so far, an hour or so into it but can see it may need in app purchases in harder leagues

  39. Since updated keeps crashing was my fav game but now can’t play please fix and will give five stars

  40. It is much harder than it looks and twice as fun. Try it, like it or delete it. V.

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