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Online Mutiplayer Pool with fast paced No-Wait Multiplayer Blitz mode
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Challenge your friends, enter pool tournaments, and go head to head against players in real-time. Shoot pool with ultra-realistic physics, breath-taking graphics, and play online with friends.

Pool Blitz, has a variety of games modes, something for every Pool fan. Choose 8-Ball for an authentic pool experience or New Blitz mode for a no-wait multiplayer experience. Pick your mode!

Show off your 8 Ball pool skills in 1v1 matches, or enter tournaments to wipe out your opponents and move up the leaderboard. It’s 8 Ball just the way you’ve always wanted to play!

No-wait Multiplayer pool, clear the table before your opponent, but watch out because every ball you pot goes straight on to your opponent’s table and visa versa! A fun and exciting mode with lots of twists and turns, look out for those Power Balls!

Choose up to 7 Facebook friends to play in Pool Blitz Tournaments. Heckle your friends as you spectate each other’s matches live!

Play on Pool Blitz tables against players around the world in real-time. Awesome 3D graphics!

Pool Blitz uses solid pool physics which means you can smash opponents with killer skill shots!

Stunning, hi-res graphics
Super-easy control system
Portrait pool game – play with one hand!
Classic 8 Ball mode and fast-paced Blitz mode
Play games with friends – invite up to 7 friends to multiplayer tournaments
8-Ball and Blitz Tournaments – complete with spectator mode
New shot system that makes playing 3D pool as easy as 2D
Range of special Power Cues to help pull off super shots!
Collect and upgrade cues, balls and player avatar masks
Banter with your opponents using chat and emojis at the end of each pool game

Whether you’re a pool pro or a wannabe pool shark, Pool Blitz has lots of pool game modes for you!

Get ready to BLITZ the competition in 2022!

A network connection is required to play this pool game.


General improvements and bug fixes.


40 comentarios en "Pool Blitz MODDED 2022"

  1. Great game, but letting people buy skills and load up on arcade-type skills detracts from the experience. The physics are phenomenal and the background graphics are awesome. Just sucks playing someone with super-powered skills and much lower point total than you (dead giveaway that they bought them, rather than EARNED them). It cheapens what could be a really solid pool experience. These cheaters should be in their own separate league.

  2. The game is a lot of fun , but things are inconsistent. The developers change the cue stats without any notification, and you have to change your game. The designers changed cue stats without telling the users. The cues do not automatically refill when they are set to. You only find this out when you are in a game, and all the cue characteristics stop working. Then, you must refill your cue manually. It can result in a loss.

  3. Due to work I never get the chance to go out and actually shoot anymore. This game has been an awesome replacement, but it needs to include straight pool. There is not a single game out there that that includes it, and that is my favorite game. Nothing like seeing how long a streak you can run before missing a shot.

  4. Best pool game so far! A few things need too be tweeked and it’ll remain best for years to come! 5 stars if the bugs get removed (9/30/22) Something really strange with this game. At first it was running very well, now it’s glitchy and perhaps tainted by hackers??? Gameplay isn’t what it should be at all. Was 4 stars now down to 2 stars🤷‍♂️ either fix it or lose players quickly.

  5. First and foremost it is a fun game. After playing awhile though, one begins to notice a few things. One, every cut shot is a made ball, so there is no suspense as soon as it goes to a cut shot. Two, no matter how soft the shot is, if it goes to a cut shot, when it comes back, sometimes the cue ball is shooting across the table. And what’s with the stupid dialog? All kinds of stupid things to say but no simple “good game” or “nice shot”. Pretty ridiculous.

  6. Good game that needs more polish. Graphics are great and the gameplay is quite good. It needs tighter and more fluid chest and card opening animations. They are slow and sluggish, preventing this from feeling like a Triple-A game that this title has the potential to be. Also when you get a cue that allows spin on the ball, the UI to set spin is too small. I can’t set top/bottom spin without accidentally setting side spin also. Tutorial on how spin works would be very helpful.

  7. The game glitches as you are trying to line up a shot. When you get the shot line you want and pull back on the power it changes the shot. I have tried on multiple occasions to express my frustration to the developer to no avail. Oh, you have to pay for each season pool pass, so expect to pay about $100 to play or lose all the perks from your original purchase of $18.

  8. The best pool game by any metric. The graphics put you behind the shot so that it feels real. There are options to shoot from an overhead view if preferred, as well as other camera views to plan the perfect shot. I have loved playing pool for many years, and this is truly the closest simulation that I have ever played. Bravo developers! Keep it coming!

  9. Since your in game support fails, I’ll mention it here. When watching ads, the awards are not awarded for the tickets. The ads for slot machines pause and it takes a long time to get through them and then the rewards fail. You have a great game here and it has a high replay value. When I attempted to report these issues in game, the report form would crash and not be submitted. Can you help me here? I really hope so!

  10. G G dice:

    This game is my favorite Pool game! I love that you have a choice to play either 8ball or blitz. Lots of tournaments to keep things interesting and I like that you don’t have to buy anything to play. I did have a couple issues with a recent update but after messaging the support team they were quick to respond and fast to fix. Pete was especially helpful. Kudos to the team over at Cherry Pop!

  11. Enjoyed the game but the advertising is the most intrusive of any game I’ve played (which is a lot). You’re forced to watch an ad after almost all matches which are often over 30 seconds and they often take 3 or 4 attempts to close. There are resources that can be gained from watching ads but sometimes they are not delivered. Great gameplay but I’m giving up because it’s just too frustrating!

  12. I have played many many different mobile pool games over the years and some were pretty good. But without a doubt POOL BLITZ is the BEST POOL GAME OUT THERE. The graphics are fabulous. Has a wide range of players which creates better challenges, and the game itself is very true to form. Very well balanced. Awesome job to the developers! For me what tops it off is the genuine concern for us players the developers and customer support techs have that we get the best game possible. TRY IT AND SEE.!

  13. it has a great overall graphics, but the physic needs more weight, the balls are flying and that’s not good! the annoying problem is that the most of the players are bots or fake guest users! and very weak server connection! if you fix these issues and improve the physic, your game will become the greatest pool on mobile that ever existed, but I hate the super useless Sci-fi equipments and powers! plz make them more real, instead of these cues design real unique cues, more interested that way.

  14. The game play is poor at best… The guided lines are incorrect and the balls do not go where they show. The cue movement is horrible and often it does a unwanted turnaround screwing up the shot at the ball you are aiming for. The level of control on the power is poorly done the game just plane sucks if you ask me, they are money grubbers that can’t code. Uninstalling and I don’t recommend installing.

  15. Customer Service at Pool Blitz8 is phenomenal! I’ve had a couple minor issues and their response time is within hours. Followed by a resolution from courteous professional people. Obviously I highly recommend the game it is the only one that I’ve tried that gives you a truly immersive experience playing pool.

  16. The game looks great but it has to many similarities with 8 ball pool by miniclip . The biggest problem for me is turning to the other side of table it’s an act of god you can’t hold the stick and simply turn left or right you have to inch over there an it’s a huge turn off for the game

  17. Seeing I’m not being given enough time to develop an opinion of the game, here it goes: I just started playing the game about an hour or so ago and I will say that I’ve played a lot worse… I’ll give it 4 Stars for now… If I feel it deserves 5 Stars after I’ve played for a while, then I will make sure I come back and change my review… Along with a reason explaining why I changed the Rating… Anyway, now that I’ve finished this and can go back to challenging other people.. Stay Safe!!!!

  18. I haven’t played real pool in many years. Had to do with one arm. Maybe the rules have changed. It used to be that the winner, not the loser always broke. Never had a foul for not hitting enough cushions or hitting your opponents ball first. Overall it’s a fun game and don’t need 2 arms to play.

  19. Just got to say this game is Amazing and the customer support team are brilliant in the way they work and help you. The graphics and concept of this game is spot on and can honestly say it is that good you could easily become addicted to it. The customer support team can not be faulted with there support and quick response to your enquiries and questions. Thank you CherryPop a job well done.

  20. I’ll give three stars for now as there are problems with matchmaking and black ball going in when you don’t even hit but because of the way you see the game you can’t tell and simple shots that don’t go in even when you are a very lite tap away so this makes me think that this is rigged and I am over these sort of games developers should not have to do this especially with sporting games it does not create more revenue it creates deleting

  21. This is currently THE best pool game available. The physics of gameplay are the most realistic I’ve seen from Pool games. Yes, I’ve come across frustrating issues and discovered areas that needed improvement but they do really strive to attend to the feedback they receive to make the game even better. Customer support is prompt and attentive; you even feel your thoughts are heard. Overall, this game and its developers have earned my loyalty and support! 👏🙌👏🙌👏🙌👏

  22. Love the game most of the time. Great till your in a tournament and it crashes and you lose match even though you rebooted app before timer would have run out….when happens to others it always says waiting for player to reconnect but when you reconnect you’ve already lost because app doesn’t reload into current match!

  23. Bloated, heavily monetized, sluggish, ugly game. There are many available multiplayer pool games that are better. I had to disable ad blocking private DNS to even finish installation and play. The graphics are mediocre and the game is not nearly as smooth as it should be on the S22U, one of the most powerful phones available.

  24. Aside from losing connection with strong wifi and 5G or maybe it force closes 🤷🏿‍♂️ The game mechanics is definitely a step up from 8-Ball pool but has a lot of the things I didn’t like that came from that game… Some of us just want to shoot pool online without worrying about charging a pool cue’s battery? There are no batteries in actual pool… So energy running out is a horrible concept. Then I don’t fully understand the currency. You gain coins but can’t buy anything good with it.

  25. Ok pool game. Big problem is the overpowered “skills” feature, some of which plays shots that would not be even attempted in real life. I’m losing games in the weekly tournaments that i wouldn’t lose because of my real life skills eg to snooker opponents, but these super skills negating. Very unfair and frustrating to someone like me who has real skills. I’m going to uninstall this game because of these problems.

  26. Game is ok but faulty. Shots are not correct for corners glitches and freezes ball in place. Even direct hit won’t move it sometimes. Tournament puts you against and player sometimes repeatedly. Epic sticks require a year of time each or money. Customer service contact form glitches so you can’t complain or get problems corrected. PLAY AT YOUR OWN RISK !!!!

  27. Crashes all the time. Great game when it works. Matches either don’t start/ crash on the match-up screen or freeze and crash halfway through. At least 50% of the time. Please fix this and it’ll be 5 stars!

  28. Takes the Cake as undisputed hands down champion of all pool games it’s the most fun as the best tournaments has the best games it is an actual 3D game it has tables that let you actually make shots the graphics are superb people play rematches and customize more than your stick. It’s complete it is the best game pool could have wished for3 modes all good all fun and tournaments have multiple rounds for weekly qualifying for the main on the weekend 3 qualifying rounds then if you go…best!

  29. JLPII dice:

    Great game. Would be awesome to be able to modify the perks on the que sticks so I could have the option to remove the combination boost. In my opinion, this is the go-to game for online pool.

  30. AJ Brown dice:

    Great game when it works. Continues to freeze/crash and sometimes causes my phone to reset. Needs to be fixed. The good thing is the support team is very responsive and quick to correct issues.

  31. nice game..you’re playing against a computer..can’t use the texts…can’t actually block anyone as they will be a future opponent..definitely a game not to spend money on..but still, a nice time killer..looking at opponents stats on 9ball, none of them have ever played a game..

  32. This SOLID 🎱 game has more or less earned its STRIPES. Don’t have to P2P much at all. Just play games and enhance your sticks and skills. A tad bit ad excessive, but nothing I can’t deal with. A bit of advice-add the option(s) of player customization/shooter type. Also, add some type of “Special” or “Power” shots. All in all, like I said, a SOLID 🎱 game.

  33. Fresh review after bugs fixed. AI can be lumpy, you can have days where it simply doesn’t let you win. Frustrating. Game is geared towards getting money from new players, once you attain a good level chests and rewards are pointless. I play matches for 20 million, why would I pay to unlock a chest containing 250? Same for tokens to unlock cues, I have them all and now am just accumulating tokens that are worthless. Maybe make rewards proportional to your level and a way to trade in tokens?

  34. The scoring for the tournaments is all wrong, if you lose once your out, can’t finish first. So why bother? The prizes aren’t good enough to keep playing, I win more in a single game. Why is there no nine ball, or snooker, the blitz game makes no sense cause I don’t understand the rules. I was never givin any. I’m getting bored of this game already, there is nothing to aim for or win. GET SOME NINE BALL OR SNOOKER PLZ.

  35. One of my favorite games play it every single day! I don’t know why everyone complaining about ads? The only ads I see are when I want gems or something then I watch them to get free ones but duh u want something free right and they aren’t bad 30 seconds at most some are 15 seconds have even had some that were like 6 seconds! All in all best pool game I’ve ever played!!!😁

  36. Awesome game, graphics are great, physics are great English is accurate on the cue, well done developers. I’d love to see some no skill tourneys or play area, just a thought, keep up the great work.

  37. I really love the game and I’ve ranked pretty high so far, and earned some cool stuff. But my phone got broken and I trying to recover to another device, but am unable to, and I don’t want to start over, since I’ve put so much time getting to where I’m at.

  38. MissWu dice:

    Not a bad game, but I think it’s sad that the beginning basic chat phrases do not include … “Good Game” or “Nice Shot”. I wasn’t even able to find them in the locked phrases. To me, that says something about the company when good sportsmanship isn’t included.

  39. Started well and has good gameplay but as you progress you spend more time watching repetitive and lengthy ads than actual game play time. I accept the news for ads but the balance is completely wrong. Game deleted!

  40. I’ve been playing pool since I was old enough to go into a pool hall with my dad….I’m 64 now, and belonging to a pool league, when playing 8 ball in a tournament, if the 8 ball is a scratch, then that person loses the game, whether on a ball during the game, or the last ball on the table! And yet, having just played this game, apparently this does not apply??!!

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