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Bomb a steep slope, do crazy jumps or just cruise around!
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Explore entire mountains in this open-world skiing & snowboarding adventure. Land the biggest cliff drops in the backcountry, freeride down a steep chute, clip the gates in a slalom track, stomp a perfect park run, or just explore the vast ski resorts – the choice is yours!

This is a demo version with the first mountain free. Purchase the full game to unlock all 7 mountains and get twin-tip skis and board.

– 7 huge open-world mountains to explore
– 100+ different challenges to master
– 10+ different types of challenges (including Super G, Slopestyle, Freeride, Big Air and more)
– Cross-device multiplayer over Wifi
– Game Controller/Joypad support
– Online leaderboards to compete in
– Vivid ski resorts with busy slopes, avalanches, wildlife, and sunsets
– Absolute freedom to ski wherever you want, and ride any lift you like without loading screens or interruptions
– Advanced trick system with flips, spins, corks, rails, combos and more
– 20+ hours of gameplay to complete all mountains
– Zen mode

Winter 2021 Expansion
The expansion includes three new mountains and can be purchased from within the game. Introducing:
– Pinecone Peaks, USA – A massive resort that combines long pistes, large backcountry areas and a wide range of snow parks, with rails and kickers for all skill levels.
– Ben Ailig, Scotland – Slushy spring skiing in the middle of farms, grazing land, gorges, and impressive rock formations.
– Mount Fairview, Canada – A picturesque resort amid dense forests and slow rivers with flawlessly groomed slopes and thrilling Super G tracks.

Cross-Device Multiplayer
Gather your friends, connect to the same Wifi and explore the mountains together. Compete in races or try out the new battle mode where you throw snowballs and plant rails to send your friends off the course. Up to 16 players can play together at once.

The adventure starts at the bottom of Hirschalm, a sleepy ski resort in the midst of the alps. Strap on your skis or board and head down to the lift while picking up the basics like turning and jumping.

Take the lift up to Almhütte and try your first slalom challenge. Completing challenges earns you Ski Passes which are used to unlock ski lifts which takes you to new parts of the mountain.

As you advance up the mountain you have to tackle a variety of challenges like slalom, slopestyle, ski cross, and big air. Now perfect carving turns will not be enough but you also have to start practicing tricks, rails, and drops to complete the challenges.

And don’t forget to get off the slopes and head into the backcountry areas. Apart from deep powder and clean lines, you will discover hidden challenges and secret Ski Passes. But be careful – outside the groomed runs there are bears, wolves, avalanches, falling trees, and other hazards waiting for you!

Connect with thousands of fellow skiers and boarders, get hints and advices, speedrun, and compete with the pros.

About Toppluva:
Grand Mountain Adventure is developed by Toppluva, a small indie studio from Stockholm, Sweden consisting of three snowboard-enthusiastic brothers. If you have any trouble, read the FAQ at:

See you on the slopes!
/ Viktor, Sebastian and Alexander


New challenges on all mountains - Brumal Bolt Cup!
Better joystick support
Bug fixes and improvements


40 comentarios en "Grand Mountain Adventure FULL"

  1. Truly well built and thoughtfully designed. Each mountain is full of little details for you to explore and challenges to gain more lift passes (the more you collect, the more lifts you’ll have access to and the more challenges appear). It’s a ton of fun and it is addictive in a good way. I can think of one or two small ways of improving the game but for what it is I find it very, very impressive and with a lack of advertisements or begging for your money that has to count for something too.

  2. I really enjoy this game! The graphics are very pretty and the music is relaxing. But I do feel like the depth of field is a bit awkward, and it makes the new camera mode(the one where your view is set behind the player) a bit uncomfortable. I haven’t played this game in awhile so the in-app purchase was a bit surprising, although I’m not going to throw a fit about the new paywall, since just buying it and being done is easier (and nicer)than complaining. I’ll be saving up anyways! Good work 🙂

  3. This game is great. Everything is perfect, the grapics, the tricks , the controls, just everything. However the only thing i dont like is that the next mountain’s cost money, even though their cheap and i know the game needs to make money. Atleast make another game similar to this or add a couple more mountain’s that you can unlock by doing challenges….I would live to see a Grand Mountain Adventure 2 !!!!

  4. kirbix dice:

    The gameplay of the game is great overall. However, I would like to point out that I should’ve made a while ago. The Waldtal and Elnakka maps were used to be unlockable by collecting Ski Passes. It was disappointing to see that after a specific update that I cannot recall when, they are now locked behind a paywall. As a mid-long player, I had progress on those mountains and sad to see them all wasted thanks to that. Would give 4 or even 5 stars, however it was unacceptable to see this coming.

  5. super fun game, bought the full version almost immediately. great graphics and pretty solid steering. i know y’all don’t wanna change the camera angle, but maybe you could add an option to have a little front facing cam in the corner of the screen that you could toggle, so we can at least see what’s in front of us. it can be frustrating trying to make a jump but not knowing where you’re going. and a small thing, could you make it so we can still see the map pin when you’re in a challenge?

  6. Ari Quinn dice:

    After almost 2 years of not playing this game, it’s still very fun. I love the way the snow trails act, and now that I have a better phone I can crank the graphics to- normal. After normal, the game sorta looses it simplistic charm, so I’d keep it on that. Everything else is perfect, but I’m not really sure what the difference is when you’ve equipped the default skis or the snowboard, but it’s a nice touch.

  7. Almost perfect. Needs the ability to adjust the camera to a forward view (Maybe an option in the settings) because there are some challenges that are far too frustrating when you can’t see far enough ahead in front of you. That said, I did purchase the full version and I do enjoy it. Adding the camera change option would get you the 5th from me.

  8. This is by far the best skiing game available for android, and one of my favorite mobile games ever. It is rich with challenges and features. the graphics are beautiful, i especially like the sluff and spray of snow with shadows. The mountains are plentiful, unique, and interesting. I wish there were more challenges, because ive pretty much done them all already. There are a few that have unattainable goals, but these are being fixed.

  9. This game is incredible. It’s full of great areas to explore and challenges that perfectly straddle the edge of difficulty and fun. The visuals are some of the most impressive I’ve seen on a mobile game. And my favorite part is honestly the controls. With just two buttons for each thumb you can intuitively do almost as much as you’d expect from a full console game. Really great work by the devs. Play the free mountain and you won’t be able to resist buying the full game. 10/10

  10. Not only is this one of the best mobile games to date, I have no problem saying its one of the best games in general across all and any platforms to date. The gameplay, graphics, open world concept, controls, varying levels of difficulty are all extremly well designed and thought out. The music plus sound effects are nothing short of on-point as well. It is a very addicting and satisfying game that keeps me coming back to play on a daily basis, sometimes for hours on end.

  11. It’s a very entertaining skiing game. It has a lot more variety of terrain, obstacles and skills to learn than say Altos. It’s an open world feel with a lot to explore. The playability and look is realistic (instead of a cartoonish skiing game) with a good amount of challenge but still a lot of fun. The designers put the work into world building. I enjoy going to different mountains with different skill levels. It’s worth buying the full game. Hopefully they continue to build it.

  12. This game is really fun, surprisingly so. The trials are fun and challenging, and the stunt parks are pretty awesome. I originally downloaded this game to burn off some time but eventually paid for the premium version after realizing it was so fun. My only qualm is that when I minimize the game, it won’t continue when I switch back to it, meaning I have to reopen it completely.

  13. What a beautiful and amazing game! The physics and interactions really good and seeing your previous trails is really neat. There’s a ton of missions to do and multiple locations with unique interactions and wildlife. My only complaints are that it’s locked to 60fps and I have a 90Hz phone and when you go home and then open it again, it sometimes gets stuck on a black screen and you have to force quit to get in the game. Apart from that, just an incredible snowboarding and skiing experience!

  14. Hi guys, I loved the demo so much that I decided to purchase the full version. But now the controls (the two poles) are kinda stuck. I have to press super hard. I know it’s not normal because the demo was super smooth to use. I cleared the storage, uninstalled and reinstalled the app and nothing. Please help me, or otherwise I can’t play this game. Thank you.

  15. Pretty fun, if you like snowboarding with no depth perception due to an isometric view accompanied by everything being white so you can’t tell if the ground is flat or if it drops 20 feet. This problem would almost be completely resolved if there was more control over the camera, but for now you’re stuck looking behind yourself constantly, so no matter what control scheme you use, it still feels like you’re going backwards.

  16. SimpliOP dice:

    Great game, the open world concept is amazing, the controls work well, and the graphics are great. In addition, the full game I believe is a reasonable price for the amount of content given. However, a major issue is that you can get lost pretty easily in the game, if you could somehow unlock a minimap of some sort, it would be much better. Other than that, great game. Edit: noticed that ski passes and undiscovered challenges are marked on the map, which makes discovering them easier.

  17. After playing it on and off for a while I decided to purchase the full game, I love all of the variety in the different challenges, there is one I like where you have to escape bears, and another where you have to go over a bunch of glaciers. The only thing about it i would like changed is the POV, we need a 1st person perspective, also make it where you can choose to change the angle of the camera manualy, or set it so that it does it automatically (as it already does).

  18. It’s rare that I review a game or any app but the developers deserve serious credit for their fantastic work. The level of detail, quality in both graphics and physics, and the sheer amount of content is fantastic. The difficulty in some of the challenges is artificially increased with poor camera angles that obscure lines and obsitcles and feels a bit cheap but the overall quality of the product outweighs that issue. It was money well spent and deserved. Outstanding work! Kudos!

  19. Pretty awesome game overall. Gorgeous, simple, addictive. BUT! The game crashes EVERY time an ad plays, which is like every 3 runs. Yes, yes… Buy the full game and get rid of ads. Only problem is the constant crashes are making it take forever get through the first mountain too decide if it’s even worth paying $5 for. Update: only 1 run between ads now and usual fixes don’t work. Toppluva says they’re working on it, looking forward to the update!

  20. This is an excellent game with supported by fantastic developers. The open-world aspect gives a ton of choice in gameplay, you can just relax and cruise around or choose to push yourself with challenges that range from fairly easy to incredibly difficult. I’ve had this game for years now and it’s still getting regular updates and support. Definitely worth the buy.

  21. I love the game, but I do have suggestions to make this potentially better. First off, when you decide to change the game UI, please change the font used in the game (the one that looks like the “Lobster” font), it’s a bit unclean and can be a lot better with a more clean font. Second of all, a feature to trigger avalanches in the backcountry mode would be cool to bring this game to another level. And finally, a pvp race online mode would be great making this a racing game too.

  22. This is one of the smoothest running and best looking mobile games I’ve ever experienced. The lack of ads is a lovely. I bought the game because the extra content is worth the price. The only thing I really wish is that the developers consider releasing a 3rd person follow cam mode. The camera options currently are interesting, and certainly differentiate the game from others, but the ability to switch to a behind the skier would create a more grounded immersive feel especially in Zen mode.

  23. Love this game. Pretty good looking. Good variety of events. The maps are detailed and well made. You can also switch between skis and snowboarding. Love the additional maps that you can purchase as well. I think it would be interesting to see if the devs could add in some other tricks somehow, like they did with drift turning. I get the point of simplicity, part of why this game is great, but I would appreciate some extra variety.

  24. Very fun, well worth buying the full game. It’s difficult but only gets more fun as you get better! My only complaint is the camera, it often moves itself so that it’s hard to see your character in relation to the challenge you are doing. Half the time I fail challenges because the camera angle made it impossible to see if I was on the right line.

  25. This is brilliant. No micro transactions. No stupid mini challenges breaking up the game. No dumb mechanics. Just a tranquil fun game to explore and some fun elements to interact with. Watch out for the bears! Haven’t been so pleased to play a mobile game in a long time. Definitely going to buy the full game. Only suggestion is to let me turn the music down, not off, just down. Now make a scuba diving exploration game next!

  26. Love this game. the controls are Perfect. The graphics are great. The fact that it tracks all your runs by leaving your trails in the snow is remarkable. So much fun! even when you’re not doing a challenge it’s fun just to ski. I do recommend to go into settings and swap the left right controls. it made it easier for me the control the skier from their perspective. GREAT JOB DEVELOPERS!! Edit: love the snowboard, twin tip, and carving addition!

  27. I really enjoy what I played of this game! There are features that still could be added, but as long as the devs are working, I have no complaints with that. At the moment I think the $5 full unlock price is a little steep. For having explored the entirety of the first mountain Im anxious to see what the second one would be like, but I dont know if it will be repetitive or boring. I wish you could unlock the mountains for $1, $1.50, $2 each and then have a full unlock price.

  28. Awesome mobile game! The game is pretty simple in terms of mechanics but it works so perfectly. One of the rare mobile games worth paying for. I played this a while back and wished there was snowboarding in it and then have now added it. This game is very relaxing but also at times very challenging. I cannot recommend this game enough! For the developers an idea I had would be to add a way to earn different outfits and gear. The items could maybe give your character better stats like +speed

  29. Will J dice:

    Awesome game. I’m constantly looking for mobile app games that are fun and don’t make you watch an ad every 20 seconds or immediately cough up money in order to progress. After playing for half an hour, I already decided to invest the $5 to get the full version of this game. I like that it’s challenging but not impossible, and the way the game encourages you to explore the map for secret trials and ski passes is really fun. It’d be awesome to have more ride options (maybe a sled? Haha)

  30. Game is visually beautiful, controls aren’t too bad but can be difficult to master – rewarding if you can though. The snow physics are very lovely, the music is great, it’s a very peaceful/laxed ambience. Dev has been responsive in addressing what I felt were some issues with object placement, some missions I feel are improperly rated, some hard missions being more impossible than others, my only complaint. With that said it is worth the 5$ purchase, it reminds me of games in the early 2000’s.

  31. X-X dice:

    Great! I can get into this. Menu rez is kinda funky and it put the graphics on max for default. A reverse camera option might be helpful for i would like that. I was a little confused at the bottom of the hill after a run of what to do. Picked up the controls fairly quickly. I believe I am going to purchase the whole game. 5 Stars Still

  32. This game is fun and even kinda relaxing, but you really learn to just hate the mechanics, especially with the point of view. Games that simulate sports should be challenging in ways that parallel the real thing…not just because they made a bad design choice. Racing downhill at high speed doing precise movements requires line of sight, and they just take that away from you. It gets so frustrating you just give up on the challenges.

  33. Great game! The mechanics work well once you get acquainted with them. I like the exploration mixed with the skill challenges, it keeps the game interesting for longer. Only reason for 4 stars is the annoying bug with the scoring. When I still have 3 ski passes left to get, I get a message saying I’ve found all the ski passes and unlocked the double diamond scores even though I have not. I’ve now gotten all ski passes except for one on one mountain and can’t find that last one anywhere.

  34. Andy Roid dice:

    This game is amazing. It’s graphics and soundtrack are superb. It’s camera can be a bit screwy at times but it really works out for how it’s meant to be played and only gets in the way a little bit at times. There’s a decent amount of customization to he able to do in the menu so if you’re annoyed with how something’s working then go in there to check it how you can change it.

  35. This game is amazing and the controls are spot on, but I have 2 qualms. 1: make landing switch possible! This is by far the most frustrating part of the game. If this guy can pull off Lincoln loops while dropping 60 foot cliffs, he can land switch. 2: being able to look down the mountain would be cool.

  36. Great in concept, outstanding in execution. My entire list of problems over my entire time playing this game is 1: camera angle can be difficult to work with sometimes, 2: on rare occasion you can clip right into a fence, and 3: trying to unlock higher level challenges can be frustrating and break the calm atmosphere. Keep up the great work!

  37. Interesting concept – strangely executed. I like the idea of an open-world skiing game but the UI is tough to get used to. The camera makes it hard to plan lines and reverses controles. The ads cut in at critical moments in the game – middle of a trick or during a challenge. I find the game lags quite a lot but I’m not playing on the best of phones. Needs work – maybe an OTS cam, some bug fixes, and a change in ad timing – but not terrible. Good job.

  38. Really great game! The graphics are really great as well. Smooth gameplay, and fun opening up new lifts and finding hidden slope runs. Feels very “cool” to control. I’d like to see the same top down camera but with it behind the character. Maybe add it as an option for us to choose from? You guys could also add a ski shop where we could purchase new gear to up the stats for our skier. I definitely like the open world as well. Thanks devs! Looking forward to more content updates!

  39. Grand Mountain Adventure is one of the few mobile games that I really enjoy. There are no intrusive ads on gameplay, and I found myself purchasing all the other maps after completing the first one! The soundtrack is quite peaceful and there is a lot of unique things to do. Although it does cost, the quality of the game for being on mobile devices is worth the cost in my opinion.

  40. Extremely high quality game with great controls, graphics, and gameplay. The different challenges on the different mountains provide many hours of engagement and manage to scale their difficulty appropriately for the most part. It also has a lot of replayability, so it’s worth the investment

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