Golf Master 3D MOD 2022


Sink birdies and ace the greens in the world’s most authentic golf battle game!
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Play with friends. Play with Legends! Play 1-on-1 golf game in the most exciting multiplayer Golf ever! Play on gorgeous courses against golfers all over the world in real-time online matches! Sink birdies and ace the greens in the world’s #1 multiplayer golf game now!

Golf Master Features:
– Compete in real-time stroke play golf games against other players
– Smooth, simple controls for easy-to-learn gameplay
– Progress through more challenging courses as you raise the stakes
– Conquer special tournament rounds, take mega prizes and be the golf champion
– Play with your friends: Golf together with your friends anytime anywhere!
– Customize your golfer and pack your bag with all sorts of power ups
– Beautiful 3D graphics and realistic 3D physics


Bug fixes and performance improvements.


40 comentarios en "Golf Master 3D MOD 2022"

  1. T C dice:

    If it were easier to make friends, chat it would be nice, also if you could play in tournaments or 3,6,9,18 hole matches, so every interaction didn’t come down to a draw (who’s lucky today) situation. I stand by my initial evaluation. This IS a good game, as is, but it needs to be further developed. My stars for it went from 4 to 1 to 3. So, introduction to new players is nice, it could have more options for the retention of players, and more for long term interaction for more stars.

  2. I do like playing the game. There are things that made me give only 3 stars. The 1st, how ridiculous it is when putting that if you aren’t 100% absolutely perfect, it misses. The biggest thing is the amount you make in matches compared to the cost of upgrading clubs. Beginners is $40 for a win. The cost of golf ball is steep as well. Basically if you want to get more good stuff you want people to pay.

  3. This is an okay game, could use some revamped holes for lower practice areas! Unfortunately the game hangs up when starting! I’ve written the developers over and over about this! NEVER heard back from them! I play on an Android and I’ve had to uninstall it and reinstall it time and time again and again! Only to have the game hang up! I play 3 different games, the other two have never given me a problem, but this one does all the time!

  4. Great game, tried several other golf games, this is at the top of my list! I have so,e additional comments as I have now played more. The ai computer players are impossible to beat as you might expect. Nothing on your introduction to the game talks about this. I never play games against a computer generated players because as good as you play, you can,t beat a computer. People should be able to play other people if they want.

  5. Great graphics and process. Seems to be much more truer to the shots than the other golf games. Just get rid of that repetitive bird song. While doing an upgrade, Google decides it does not need to download the upgrade when [ I ] want it. But instead it will get downloaded when they think it should. Soooo. Have it your way. I Uninstalled it and that’s that.

  6. While l have not played all of the online golf games, (but then who has) l have played many. I have stuck with this one the longest. It does not have the magic clubs or balls that are found in many of the free games. You have to watch ads if want free tokens for equipment upgrades. But if you outplay your opponent you win his entry fee. So it’s possible to play ad free for hours. The only bug l have found is that some times when you chip in, or get a hole in one it will say “out of bounds”.

  7. I love the viewing of the course. And it’s so much believable, when you can see your Challenger. The courses are fantastic looking. Awesome to see real and not cartoon views on the courses . So much easier to take your shots, then to guess, what do do. Their more baliveable . More of what you expect. It’s a great awesome game. With fantastic scenery’s. With challenges, that are believable, easy to pick up on. This is the greatest yet. I’d recommend this one to family and friends.🤔😻

  8. Carl Zaas dice:

    Good game, but terrible bugs. I’ve had numerous times were I take a shot with plenty of time. It will hit roll and then start to switch to the other player and pop up a time out from no where. I’ve also had times were nothing is there and it’s like it hit a tree. The ball will just stop and ricochet. New update causes your shot to be way off. You hit a perfect shot with no wind and the landing of the ball is no where near the location. How is that possible????

  9. The game has one major flaw that I just can’t look past because it’s completely illogical and really makes no sense. That flaw is this; when you unlock and play a new stage the speed of the aiming arrow starts moving much faster. This makes the game extremely inconsistent, unrealistic and impossible to get a good feel for. Who’s idea was that anyway? Why should a change of scenery make aiming exponentially harder? Makes no sense. Also achievements don’t always register upon completion. 3 Stars.

  10. This is a great game. I have run into some lag and another glitch, but overall it’s been very challenging without stealing the fun. I do think the touch should be a little off to the side when shooting the ball as my thumb completely covers the “shot box” and I agree with others that ob should be penalized as per the rules in golf. Also it would be great to cut the shot clock to 45 sec. And the disconnect count down to 30. I dont like waiting for one minute at the end because of a rage quitter

  11. Great and feels real in nearly aspect, with the exception of players have to zero in their shots with a guidence, (for lack of a better description), that has some players using it making up to 100 yard holes in one whenever they wish. They don’t even have to set the strength of their swing because the computer does it for the player. It would seem so much more realistic when playing if that aspect was not in place. I’m not saying to drop the that part of the app, just not used in all matches.

  12. The game components are well designed. The shot interface is simple but still allows for errors. The clubs are numerous and very detailed. The reason I can’t rate it any higher is because they give you all of the detailed equipment and courses to master but the only time you can play with them is against a live opponent in a money match with a 1 minute shot timer! So you can never learn to use a club or ball effectively. Too bad because the game has potential.

  13. The ability to allow a ball to land in the hole on the fly from great distances is unrealistic and takes away from the competiveness of the game. Also tried the novice tournament and had to compete against players many levels above my skill. Like most apps that are “free” you cant compete and enjoy the game unless you are willing to buy your way up.

  14. Chris D dice:

    I originally gave this low marks because of freezing on loading. But, after contacting customer support, the game loads fine (knock on wood). The game play is solid, fun and fair to your abilities. It not an easy game (for me) so I find it challenging and I haven’t gotten bored with it in 2+ years playing it. If I have one suggestion, it is that it should have a practice mode so you can hone you *perfect drive* driving skills. Otherwise great game.

  15. I really enjoyed this game whenever everything is working properly. But every other 2 days or so, it seem to be crashes a lot, and it doesn’t matter what I do, deleting it and doing the training section sometimes used to work. Now it’s incredibly annoying when it just crashes everytime I try to play. Can someone give me some advice or any solution on how to solve this issue.

  16. The game is good for the most part, with the exception of the dynamics. You have to hit a perfect shot for the wind to be a factor. If you hit a GREAT shot and not perfect, The wind is non existent and your ball will go straight towards the hook or slice depending on where the needle stops. You can’t choose a different club or type of shot either…. There are better games on the market that will allow you to choose different clubs or types of shots.

  17. Your opponent is allowed to choose clubs/ balls & make modifications that you cannot. You can still win but it would be nice if it was on a level playing field. 🤭 UNINSTALL !! (Example: you finish w/a birdie, your opponent [the computer] finishes w/a double bogey. Guess who wins……NOT YOU 🖕. Too Bad because the design concept is better than most others. No attention to actual game quality is what makes it the piece of 💩 that it is. Did I say UNINSTALL? It cannot be said enough. UNINSTALL!

  18. so far iam impressed with the game. Good graphics and its awesome to have realistic looks. Keep up the good work and I’ll keep playing. Good job on the developers on this. It was 5 states but now 3 because of 2 things. 1 is it has to be a perfect to put in hole and any thing else than perfect moves it 10 ft away. 2 when the ball is rolling to the hole at a good speed somehow it stops b4 it even starts to slow down. Fix these 2 issues and I will play more and spend money…….

  19. Better game physics than other golf games out there. Can be played competitively without having to spend money on in-game upgrades, which is nice. Fairly realistic golf game with the exception of being able to chip in, and many cases drive the ball into the cup from great distances. Also wish it had option to upgrade the putter like the other clubs.

  20. at Tomasi dice:

    One thing that games do poorly is have long shot clocks. If I really am playing a real person, then it shouldn’t take them 75 seconds to take a shot. Next while the graphics are acceptable, I don’t want to see a close up of a ball bouncing down the fairway and then slowly coming to a roll. Give me the option to bypass that. Learning curve is medium and would be good if your playing another game on another device as a time distraction.

  21. Games graphics are great , game controls are fairly easy too use . but playing somebody who had more than double the amount of trophies won (not fair). I was out clubed , had no chance , and since you need the tokens for play and upgrades Well basically I threw them away , I can handle loosing , but come on . I couldn’t even get half way ,and there done .

  22. Pete Urso dice:

    It’s ok. App is jerky at times and also has excessive arrow travel making it inconsistent. If your opponent reaches the hole first it’s hard to line up your shot before the time runs out because it is blocked by their icon. Constantly upgrades clubs you don’t need rather than the ones you do. Matches you up with opponents that are levels above you that you cannot compete with unless you spend alot of money to have the equipment they do.

  23. This game would be much better if the designers would quit changing the settings. Instead of being able to hone your skills, you have to hope lady luck smiles on you favorably. The price of golf club upgrades go up but the upgrades themselves do little to reflect it. Another glitch in this app is the player golfing second has the added obstacle of the first player ball marker. In which, makes it much more difficult to make precise shots.

  24. Great game, but I don’t like the fact that you are allowing people to Zoom in to setup for a perfect shot. What makes the game fun to me is seeing how you can calculate your distance without zooming in. Moving the circle around on where you want to shoot is great , but zooming in “SUCKS”. Zooming in is just a cheap way of playing the game. Not fun at all.

  25. Little bit learning curve but still fun. Not really a golf game. Out of bounds is not does not cost stroke distance. Just a stroke. I understand reasoning. One mistake but you can still salvage a tie. rating was acouple years ago. Today I had match against a player with more firepower than I had. I lost. Was going to play again but was matched against same player. Is it normal to play same player back to back. Don’t bother to ask the help desk any questions. They never respond.

  26. This is by far the worst golf game I’ve ever played. I quit for 2 years and came back, and it’s worse. You have 5 clubs in your bag but they force you to use two of THEIR choice. They show you a ball trajectory to aim with but it is soooo far off. The biggest killer is when you draw. Instead of replaying the hole you go to a par 3 where there’s zero chance of landing on the green to win. Save your money, upgrades don’t help you.

  27. So this game is reasonably fun to play. The physics are decent. You get the random ball that won’t stop rolling on the green. The big reason I’m giving it two stars is because of the tournament mode. I’m trying to play my very first tournament and I’m up against people with fully upgraded clubs and purchased balls. The difference in ball control, distance and accuracy is enough to make it completely unfair. Maybe were able to grind those upgrades, maybe it’s just pay to win. Either way is no fun

  28. Lunamrath dice:

    Great at first, but as you progress you get paired with increasingly higher level players, most of which having obviously spent real money on the game. I couldn’t upgrade my equipment because I would then be unable to make cost of entry for the course, despite having maxed trophies on the previous stages. The upgrade curve is completely predatory, no amount of grinding could salvage it. Aiming shots became worse as the game went on as well. Shots behaved erratically where they wouldn’t before.

  29. I can live with all its faults, except one: The putting…its just atrocious. There’s no sense in playing a game that doesn’t account for its own stupidity. You can level up and change (all) clubs, cept the putter. You can not putt past a certain distance, changing to a pitch, not an option. Then watch as someone from the fairway lines shot up for a slam dunk…and makes it. That’s just overboard. Shame, woulda put more money into it but its not worth it. Fix those 2 things and ill be back.

  30. Mismatched opponents, perk advantages kill the game, too many cheaters I’ve come to realize that after you lose a couple matches in a row you play a bot instead of a human. They also introduce a human when you win too many games in a row. You can tell by closing out of the app while your opponent is setting up their shot. Start the app back up real quick. If they start to swing you can see that they are a bot. If you see they are still setting up their shot then they are human!

  31. Wow. What an awful game. Graphics are bad. Driving the ball is ok. I didn’t even get past the first match upon opening game. Putting is just trash. 3 times within feet of the hole, lined up perfect shots and each time misses by several inches to one side or the other. Seriously. Thanks for wasting my time on this one. Don’t recommend you do.

  32. Fun and addictive Like the commercial -free play 😁 Update: VERY unhappy with the course selection at the $300,000 level. About 90% of the time the hole is a par 3, once in a while you’ll get a par 4 or 5. Most holes end in a draw, so you get enough of par threes on the tie-breakers. Gets really old playing the same 3 or 4 holes over and over. All of the previous levels had an even mixof 3, 4 and 5 par holes. 🤬

  33. Best of the golf games I’ve played, but would like more club choices and player avatars. Also why is it an opponent can sink a chip from a bunker a mile away but if I’m a hair off on a putt the ball rolls a foot past hole? (And there is such a thing as a 2-putt, so stop with always sinking ridiculously long putts) Need to fix that. The entry fees are too high. Makes me unsure to move to next level when one game can wipe out over half my bank!

  34. Good game play and graphics but the tutorials are limited and figuring out how to get equipment upgrades was next to impossible. The opponent matching always put me against players who had higher ranking and better equipment so I lost all my earnings and couldn’t even play without paying money. I suspect AI opponents were used just to make me lose and get me to pay.

  35. Like the game but there are issues. Should limit shots to 45 seconds in lieu of 60, 90 or 115 seconds. To many hacks. Can be playing a hole and each person takes a shot then game ends with the other person winning. Need to be able to putt further. I’m not saying you should be able to make every long putt, but you should be able to make it at least the distance if the hole in 2 putts.

  36. So far one of the best golf games I have played. My only suggestion would be to allow a selection of any club in bag before each shot instead of limiting which club you’re allowed to use. Would also like to see an option to play an entire course (9 or 18 holes) instead of just a single random hole in regular play. The matching system also needs improvement as it tends to match me with people that are at a much lower or higher level which can suck when spending 5k coins to join a match.

  37. I’m playing a good game of golf.. Though something’s need to be changed. Like contrast different shades of color.. being 61 hard to see lighter shades of the arrow.. Folks if you’re not paying 100% attention to the game it will blow right by you.. also when putting you need to have a recant button.. for example when you pull back on the ball and then let go to Quick or accidentally.. We should be able to stop and start over.. providing we have enough time. Game is great recommend to my friends.

  38. M. L. dice:

    There should be just a real practice option were you can actually practice using every club in your bag in all weather or climate conditions without competing against an opponent for the $20 entry fee. Also, there should be a $600, 800, $1000, $1200, or lower entry fees per play. Finally, there should never be a situation were a Beginner should be matched up versus a Expert. Golfers should always be matched up versus their level of competition. Other than that this game is great.

  39. A lower version of Golf Clash. Ridiculous that out of bounds shots aren’t penalties. I played a game where my opponent hit the ball into the water 3 times and never lost a shot. No way to mute chat so idiot’s that like to spam it while you’re getting ready to shoot have a field day. Missing dead center on the meter a tad left or right it still says perfect but the ball goes way off line. 1 opponent ran the shot clock to 0 and still got to make the putt. Not worth your time or money

  40. I’m editing my review. I have found without a doubt and through experience with this game that if you go along as a non purchaser slowly certain things go away like the bounce travel line when shooting for the green. Also I found just experienced what looked like a real opponent ended up being a computer manned opponent. You don’t see 3 “hole in ones” and two long off the fairway drops in a row like I just did on higher digit field. Im done with this. Player beware. Its a set up.

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