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CBS Sports is your source for top sports news, scores, videos and more! Stream live sports from CBS, Paramount+ and CBS Sports Network, all on one app. The CBS Sports app gives you front-row access to games from the NFL, UEFA Champions and Europa Leagues, SEC Football, select Concacaf events featuring the USWNT and USMNT, the Masters, the PGA Championship, SEC Football, NCAA Basketball including March Madness, Serie A, PGA Tour events, the National Women’s Soccer League, WNBA and more!

With the CBS Sports app, you’ll get all this for FREE:

• Select live events and games, including SEC football, The Masters, PGA Championship & PGA Tour, NCAA basketball, and much more
• Personalized sports news and video highlights from your favorite teams, leagues and athletes
• Breaking news from around the sports world, so you’re always up to date and never miss a moment
• 24/7 live news, highlights and betting advice with CBS Sports HQ
• Detailed pregame and postgame coverage of your favorite teams and the top games from CBS Sports
• Daily fantasy shows including Fantasy Football Today, so you can get the edge in your league this season
• Expert betting advice from Vegas SportsLine insiders
• On-demand highlights of top moments from your favorite leagues

Want more? You can use your verified TV provider and/or Paramount+ login to access even more exciting sports content, like:

• CBS Sports & Paramount+ events including NFL, UEFA Champions & Europa Leagues, Serie A, Concacaf World Cup Qualifiers, NWSL, PGA Tour and more
• CBS Sports Network live games including NCAA football & basketball, Scottish Premier League, Professional Bull Riding, and daily shows like Maggie & Perloff, Jim Rome and Time to Schein
•Your favorite studio shows like the NFL Today, College Football Today, Inside College Basketball, Champions League Today, The Golazo Show, Monday QB, That Other Pregame Show and more
• The fastest news, scores and stats, so you can hear about the latest big plays and events before your friends
• Coverage of every major sport: NFL & NCAA football, MLB baseball, NBA, WNBA & NCAA basketball, global soccer & MLS soccer, NHL hockey, PGA Tour golf, tennis, NASCAR, MMA, UFC, WWE and more
• Sports news, live games, events and analysis all year long

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40 comentarios en "CBS Sports App: Scores & News FULL"

  1. Pretty good App. I like the stories and the ability to open a game to drill down to statistics. I like it for football, basketball and hockey scores. Please consider adding NCAA Volleyball to the App. Division I is attracting larger crowds every year. I would live to see tournament bracket and scores, at the very least, but regular season matches would be nice as well.

  2. 3 Smacks dice:

    I had this app for 5 years until About a year ago when it updated. It totally sucks. I downloaded it today to see if they fixed it, but instead is even worse. You have to Manually go to each sport to look at scores. The tiny little scores below the video just don’t cut it! You use to have everything on one page and it was easy, now i need a doctrate to figure it out! Its all because of sports betting. Fire your online designer immediately. I’ll never be back, you lost me forever

  3. The app works fine if you don’t touch it. But if you pause it or do anything, it lags and buffers so much that I have to restart it. That’s really frustrating when you’re in the middle of watching a game (or anything, for that matter). Also, it’s not readily obvious how to minimize the screen if you need to do other things while keeping the app open. I figured it out by accident, but it doesn’t have the universal minimize button we’re all familiar with. Hopefully they’ll see this and fix it.

  4. Every time the ad at the bottom of the pick ems page changes, the page resizes as the ad goes away, then resizes back when the next ad appears. This moves what I’m looking at and trying to click. Not exactly great when it’s causing me to keep picking the wrong team. Extremely poor UI design. We’re only using CBS because it was the only pick ems that let us select all of two conferences for the same group. But so many games don’t have spreads, and I have to manually pick every week…

  5. J___ S___ dice:

    This big so-called upgrade just about killed this app! Update: I stopped using this app for a while and came back to it recently and I’m glad I did. I’ve changed my rating from one star to five. The app is perfect now for my needs. Very easily customized. I can follow sports and teams that I want to and weed out the rest. It gives me all the schedules, the scores, and all the news I can swallow in a very intuitive package. If you left this app alone for the next few years, I’d be a happy fan.

  6. This is my favorite of all the sports apps (love the UI, news curation). Raising my rating to 4 stars as battery drain has become acceptable. Game tracker UI across the differing sports (but especially for NFL) can be a bit glitchy and slow at times (relative trip other apps), thus 4 stars instead of 5. Still, this is my #1 app as I really like your news curation and the ability to customize alerts.

  7. Used to be a real good sports reporting app. Within sometime in August / September 2018, some update has now made the app drain the batteries on both an iPhone & Android phone that I have. And it seems that the app is always pulling a lot of data constantly, even during a 5 minute read of an article. The power drain was so great that both phones got quite warm all around in about a 10 – 15 minute period. I do not know what what done, but I had to uninstall the app from both phones, which are two different operating systems. Please fix!!!

  8. Completely sucks. I downloaded to watch the Army-Navy game. Video kept freezing up. Then it would start playing again but a big box would cover the screen that says ‘unable to play video’. Tons of commercials. Every time I would restart, I would have to watch 3 or 4 commercials (which strangely played just fine every time ) but then when the game came back on, it would freeze up again. This app sucks … no other word for it.

  9. Always experiencing technical difficulties to watch live TV. Tried to use the app to watch live TV with my cable provider account many times over the past 2 weeks and still doesn’t work. Every single time it’s experiencing technical difficulties. I didn’t want to review this app badly, but it truly deserves it. Funny thing, I had a friend create a temporary new account and everything worked fine. I guess when you pay for it, that’s when it struggles.

  10. Great content and layout, but accessing the content always a challenge, regardless if I an using the Wifi or cellular. The transition from the notification to the actual content is always clunky at best. I don’t have this issue with other apps. Sometimes, I will get a notification from this app on a story, but then get so tired of waiting for the content to load that I will research the story on another app.

  11. Streaming video works for about a minute before buffering, stuttering, then stopping completely. Nine months ago it was a problem, and it has only gotten worse. College football, then March Madness, and now the Masters. Hardly ever worked right, no matter the connection and updates and reboots. I know live streams are tricky, and many apps have issues from time to time, but this is maddening!

  12. John Wahl dice:

    1-14-21: I think the new app design is really good for the most part. When you adjust the settings for the order of the scores of the sports leagues you see, it will still show it in alphabetical order. So, the NBA appears as the first sport unless you delete the NBA or any other league scores entirely based on alphabetical order. The previous version allowed you to adjust the leagues you see in the order you prefer to see them. There is still no sports scores widget! I used to recommend

  13. Most of the time the app is loading. It will cut away from a game even on 3rd or 4th down, no matter the situation to show an add. The games are almost impossible to watch bc, even with 5g full service, you get about 5 to 7 seconds of video and 10 to 15 seconds of buffering. It’s funny however that none of the endless adds ever have a buffering problem. If you try to close the video and open it again to fix the problem you have to sit through adds before it will load the game.

  14. The update for stats in the game is horrible. You have to scroll side ways to see the stats and it’s hard to use that way. Half the screen is now dominated by the header. You had the best app layout for stats and completely screwed it up. Unusable for details. Update: didn’t fix a thing and made it worse. Scrolling is completely unusable. Get to the bottom and can’t go back up without exiting and coming back in!

  15. Legitimately impressed with how well it’s layed out! It has the best UI out of every sports news app I’ve tried so far, and it makes it very easy to keep up with many scores from many different sports. Everything is very intuitive. It provides ample stats for every team from every sport imaginable. It does have one persistent banner ad at the bottom which can get in the way. (but with a little dns magic, its totally gone!) Overall: I love it, great job guys.

  16. First time using the app for football picks. It’s hard to get to that spot in the app. Also, the ads (reloading every 10 seconds) causes the text size to change and then reset every time the ad updates. This makes it really challenging to scroll through the list as the positioning keeps changing. It’s nearly unusable.

  17. Using it for the football pool is a complete pain in the neck now. I have to click on 5 different things just to get to my pool, then much if the screen is filled with the header and ads. I liked it much better a few years ago, it opened right up to my football pool and it was easier to use Other than that, it does give me a good opportunity to follow other teams or sports, so that’s worth something, I guess

  18. Anthony dice:

    This app is pure unadulterated garbage. If you’re in a football pool, like I am, you’re better off checking scores on a web browser. The headers, coupled with insanely annoying ads popping up every 5 seconds, makes it a frustrating experience. Everything is condensed to the point where you can only see 1 result at a time. The app deserves ZRRO stars.

  19. I absolutely loved the CBS widget for the Google pixel. I could see all of the scores for any sport and it would put my preferred teams scores at the top of the list. After this last update, it no longer displays the scores, only news. This feature is terrible and I will be unistalling. I will no longer recommend this app to anyone.

  20. h guerra dice:

    Can’t manage the pool from the app, you can only use a browser, which means logging in to a computer if you have to conduct commissioner’s duties. The app will not open directly to the pick em pool anymore, you have to navigate a few menus to get there. Can’t post to the message board via the app. Other than that, the app makes it easy to make picks, look at injuries, and do other matchup analysis.

  21. When the app works, everything is wonderful. When it doesn’t work, the app is terrible. Most of the time it works. Sometimes your scores take multiple minutes to load, and sometimes they don’t load at all. Sometimes the NFL gamecast refreshes automatically as it’s supposed to, sometimes it doesn’t.

  22. This app is biased towards showing NBA and NFL news. I wanted it to keep up with Men’s NCAA basketball, but even with March Madness approaching, most of the front page coverage is NFL and NBA news and videos. And man are there a lot of videos. I guess I’m old-school, but I would much rather read an in-depth article about something than watch a video of the “highlights” of a game. And if you select more than a couple of teams as favorites you will be inundated with notifications on your phone. I turned off notifications two days after I installed this app, it was just so annoying getting notifications 8-10 times a day, especially for news I wasn’t interested in, such as for teams/players which were not in my favorites.

  23. Idk what’s going on with this app but I’m fixing to delete it if this issue isn’t fixed. Every time I open the scores page and then open up the game tracker. Sounds start being played from the app and I have no idea where they’re coming from or how to mute them. I have to keep my sound up for work reasons so turning my volume down isn’t an option. Also every other feature outside the scores is absolutely useless to me but that’s more a matter of preference I guess

  24. it’s a very good app and easy to use, navigate, & personalize. Lots of interesting articles and up-to-date news. But… (and this is probably more on CBS Sports themselves and not the app, but YESS!! It really bugs me)… Reading some of these articles, does nobody at CBS Sports proofread the articles before they are published?? Over the last 3 years, all varieties, I have encountered massive typos, or just incorrect facts… Aside from that, yes, I like the app.

  25. I love the notification part of the app. Shows scores and news notifications in a timely and concise manner. However, when I go to view a story, I can read some of it and then the horrible programming of their ads blacks out my screen on my tablet forcing me to exit without reading the story or seeing the ad. So the worst of both worlds essentially. Don’t get so fancy that the bulk of your audience can’t view the content somehow. Therefore, uninstalling the app.

  26. This is the app I always turn to for scores and other information, but it does some things that make me crazy. 1) Since I log in with a name and password, why doesn’t the app configuration get saved in the login instead of on each device? 2) Doesn’t work that well on a Chromebook. It is full screen all the time. 3) On some screens, pressing the back key/icon takes me completely out of the application. 4) I have found no way to turn off video autoplay.

  27. Very accurate, entertaining sports app. Easy to navigate, convenient on/off notifications, if so desired by the user. The college football rankings, as well as some other misc. sports news, stats, etc etc, are sometimes updated later than sooner. (just tryin to be accurate with my review,ya kno?! I kno that nothin in life is perfect!!) But other than that, it’s an overall solid & reliable app.

  28. I cannot believe it!!!! This app has to be the worst I have ever used!!!! All I am getting now is oops try again or having technical issues try again at a later time. How much later?? This is the second day and still can’t get on!! When I discus the problem, which the tech team is very quick with help, I get the same answer.. turn off modem uninstall app then install app. I have other apps with no difficulty at all. Even the free apps are great. I’m paying 5.99 a month for an app I can’t use!!

  29. Jen Hagen dice:

    I use this app mainly for my football pick’em league. I have to restart the app frequently due to errors. Also, it often displays inaccurate/old data which is quite unhelpful when one is trying to pick game winners based, in large part, on said data. Also, as a side note: It is unfortunate when a business starts charging a fee for what they used to provide for free. If it was in exchange for say, less advertisements, that would be understandable…

  30. This app is terrible. Push notifications almost always have the wrong score. Articles load, then the next one won’t. I have to restart the app to view the article. Videos won’t play. I have a galaxy s8…. So it’s definitely not my phone. I like the setup of the app, but until the big things get fixed…. One star. How can a powerhouse like cbs have such a crappy app. Very disappointing.

  31. I don’t what to say about this app I like how my teams are at the top of the app and I can keep track of the scores but however sometimes it’s hit or miss as to it’s loading and seems to be very slow at times. Seems like it got worse after the update. That’s it i had enough I uninstalled it and went back to the ESPN app I suggest you do the same!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Dave A dice:

    Way too many notifications, and it ignores my notification settings. For example, I have had notifications for fantasy sports turned off for as long as I can remember, but somehow I get a notification for everything fantasy football related. Also, the hockey notifications are awful. Never received a notification that the Boston Bruins fired their head coach, yet I’m signed up for notifications. I think I’m finally giving up, and going back to bleacher report.

  33. I really dislike the new version. Combining scores seems OK. However you hide many sports like tennis behind another menu. While you can add it I see nothing in news or scores. I much prefer the old system where you can pick your sport and see specific news or scores. This is a crowded interface now. The only plus is the interface looks nicer in dark mode.

  34. When the app works… It’s great, but the last couple of times trying to watch a game has not worked out at all. Game won’t load or when it does load will play for a couple of minutes and then window pops up saying there is a problem with the video playing and please check back later….. I want to watch the game now… If I check back later the game will be over…. Absolutely unacceptable.

  35. App used to be great, as pool manager you could make changes for players on Android phone. This was critical when I was not at home and changes were needed.This is no longer the case and you have to have access to a computer to make a change. Ridiculous, especially when dealing with a season of uncertainty due to covid protocols.

  36. Simple app that has everything you want until today, when they added a nearly full-screen casino ad that plays a slot machine sound you can’t turn off. I use the app to check scores. If I can’t do that without advertising making me regret I opened the app, I’ll find something else.

  37. Decent sports app that has two major problems. The first is the amount of advertising that break up articles, it definitely is a distraction, multiple ads for a short article is ridiculous. The second is editing, or complete lack there of, rare to find an article that has no typos or mistakes in it. I will change review if ads are curtailed…i know ads are the payment for the app but i feel im paying too much!

  38. Good on ever aspect of sports coverage. One problem is during live games, updating information is slow. Example, it’s third down and the next play doesn’t show up until after the team did not make 4th down and it’s punted away. You are still waiting to hear what’s happening on third down. Needs to update quicker.

  39. Best sports app out there in my opinion. I’ve tried using theScore and ESPN and they are both loaded with unnecessary info that makes it hard to find what you need. This app organizes everything so well and always has the things I’m looking for as soon as I open the app. Bonus points on the NFL Draft board. I’m super impressed by it and it’s the reason I decided to finally review the app. Overall very impressed and I’m glad I found it.

  40. Doesn’t work properly. I was trying to stream a live game and the app will cut in and out of commercials without warning. At one point, I finished a series of commercials that were all incomplete ads, only to have the game video stream stop after four seconds and cut back to a 30 second bipolar commercial feed again. I couldn’t watch the game. I’m removing the app.

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