Master Bass: Fishing Games MODDED 2022


An Arcade Bass Fishing Game with Daily Tournaments and Head-to-Head Play
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If you are looking for an action-packed Bass Fishing game, then Master Bass Angler is for you!

Master Bass Angler is an arcade Bass fishing game that was created BY Bass Fishermen, FOR Bass Fishermen. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be catching bass faster than you can say, “Fish On!”. No other fishing game offers exclusive bass fishing at this pace, we guarantee it!

You won’t catch bluegill or perch here… this game is for Bass Fisherman only! Catch Largemouth, Smallmouth, Spotted, Redeye, Peacock, and the always-elusive Shoal Bass on 7 of the hottest fishing lakes of 2023!

Master Bass Angler is NOT a fishing simulation, it is an action/arcade game with tons of excitement. You won’t slowly tap the lure on the screen waiting for a fish to bite here! This is called power fishing, you’ll catch bass after bass after bass…

Genre-Leading Features:

• Free Daily Bass Tournaments
• Multiplayer Head-to-Head Play
• Exciting Bonus Rounds
• Level Up and Choose Your Fishing Talents
• Intuitive “Swipe-to-Cast” Controls
• Fishing Lure & Electronics Upgrades
• NO Registration, Just a Nickname
• Free to Play (In-App purchase for removing Ads)

*** Internet Connection Required

Master Bass Angler features simple “Swipe-to-Cast” controls that are not only easy to learn, they make you feel like you are actually fishing! You will catch bass right away, and a lot of them!

Each day you head out fishing, you are automatically entered into the free Daily Bass Tournament! There is no fee and no registration, so getting in to win prizes is as simple as a flick of the finger. Bracketed play for the ultimate challenge.

Compete with fisherman around the world in Head-to-Head mode! Players are matched up by skill level to ensure fun and fair competition for all. Load the boat with 10 pounders and show your opponent who the REAL fisherman is!

Level up and gain valuable fishing talents that will help you catch more fish. Will you become a Reel Expert? Do you want Lightning Reflexes? Or will you upgrade to Master Angler, the choice is yours!

Upgrade your lures to increase the chances of catching that monster Bass. You’ll fish with crankbaits, spinnerbaits, spoons, and plastics!

• Electronics: Use the latest technology to locate the biggest fish in the Lake!
• Fish Attractant: Lure more fish into your area with fish attractant so potent that the fish won’t be able to resist!

Play exciting Bonus Rounds as you level up!

• Kentucky Lake, Kentucky
You’ll get your feet wet on Kentucky Lake, where Bass are in the 2-5 pound range, you gotta start small before you go big!

• Lake Erie, New York
After Kentucky Lake, you’ll boat over to Lake Erie where you will catch the elusive Smallmouth Bass!

• Lake Okeechobee, Florida
Progressing to Lake Okeechobee is no small feat, where you will have the opportunity to catch fish over 10 pounds, but don’t tip the boat because there are gators down there!

• Lake Guntersville, Alabama
Only the best anglers boat on Lake Guntersville. When you get there you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the 13-16 pound Bass you’ll catch. Shoal and Redeye Bass are prized here.

• Clear Lake, California
With some of the best fishing in the USA, Clear Lake holds black bass up to 20 pounds! But you better have your talents and fishing lures upgraded or it will be quite a challenge!

• Lake Fork Reservoir, Texas
Welcome to Texas, where bass grow all year long! It’s time to get your bass on!

• Lake Martin, Alabama
Lake Martin is known to hold huge bass in all areas of the lake! BASS ON!

And More!

Other free fishing games can’t compete with our boatload of features, what are you waiting for? Download one of the best bass fishing games in the store and become the Master Bass Angler today!


Thanks for Your Support! This Update Includes:
• Updated Unity Ads to 4.0.1
• Maintenance Fixes

Questions/Comments? Email Us: [email protected]


40 comentarios en "Master Bass: Fishing Games MODDED 2022"

  1. Very fun and interesting game. Instructions are clear, gameplay is smooth, graphics are awesome and controls are simple. I especially love that you can get multiple hearts (casts) just from watching one ad. The only thing I would request to be added is the ability for the player to customize the color of their slider when you reel in the fish because, as much as I like the green, it often blends in momentarily when the fish is thrashing around. Otherwise the game is flawless! Kudos developers!

  2. Challenging enough to keep it interesting; relaxing enough to play as a wind down. Great graphics. Could spend money, but leveling up happens at a reasonable pace without it. Only recommendation would be to have ability to turn the volume of music down. Like having it so I don’t want to turn it off, but wouldn’t mind having it a little quieter.

  3. This is a game which seems not to be a pay to win game, If you play it you can get your stuff in time. You can purchase a pack which don’t cost much compared to other games which would help you move up in the leaderboards faster. You are not bombarded with ads, I’m one that ads to get stuff does not bother me. However I did purchase one pack almost right away which was $3.99 (I believe) this gives you unlimited casts which mostly takes out all ads in the game.

  4. this app is fun and everything looks realistic too. all the down in the water to. weeds and other fish aswell. i like how the bass jump out of the water. make even more real. one thing missing setting the drag. should add in yellow and red bars on each side. yellow line to tight or to lose and needs to have drag set and red the line breaks if not loosened up.

  5. Awesome & very realistic graphics. Lure selection is very up to date with great color schemes but would love to have the ability to choose more coloration like at a Tackle Shop has available. Different reel selections would be really great to have to choose from. But other than that, this is an exciting & very evolving game. Very hard for this avid Bass fisherman to stop playing due to bedtime…

  6. I really love this game but I’m taking off 2 stars for 2 reasons. I really wish there was just a button to cast rather then having to flick on the screen to simulate casting. Make it so people can choose between the flick or a button. Sometimes my phone misinterprets the motion and moves me over a tad before casting, making me miss the mark. My hands shake so I cannot help it. I’d also like more natural ambience over all the over the top sound effects.

  7. One of the best mobile games I’ve ever played. No freezes. Fair ads. Fair ability to play for free. Doesn’t drain the battery. It’s what mobile games should be. I’ve only had it a couple days and if any changes I’ll update, but as of right now I highly recommend it. I play it on a $40 moto e6 I got from the dollar store, so it’s cheap phone friendly too.

  8. Sue P dice:

    Pretty good, but I’ve played another game – that I can’t find – in which the fish behaved more realistically. You had to play with the lure, watching the fish underwater. Some were very skittish (by species), some found only in the foliage, some aggressive, etc. In this game all fish behave the same and you have no control over the lure, plus you can only cast at bubbles. Graphics pretty good. Controls great for phone use.

  9. Not a bad running app. Every thing works and runs like it should. Fun to play. Good time burnner. But i also feel with as many other fishing apps out there that i have played, it does or could use some more… … Mabe be able to move around the lakes freely? So it gives less of the feel of fishing off a dock. Im not going to get ride of the app just yet im still playing threw it. But i wouldnt mind some sort of mobility. Just a thought. Works great keep up the good work. I know what it takes

  10. This is a very fun and challenging game! It has the daily tournament which you are automatically entered once you catch a fish. It has okay upgrades and the ads aren’t too overwhelming. I think it’s downfall is limited scenery. The graphics are great but you can only look left and right.

  11. Fun and addictive game. Great game play and graphics. No ads to interrupt game play. Option to watch videos to gain perks, but not forced as with other apps. Coins needed to upgrade perks in game are achievable through game play and price points for upgrades are not ridiculous. As with most apps you can pay for upgrades if you choose, prices for upgrades on this game seem very reasonable. All in all a great game and hours of entertainment.

  12. The gameplay/mechanics of the game is fine. The rest isn’t good. Here catch this same fish 150 times(the species do change, but shows the same graphics each time) just to level up 10 levels and go to a new map to do the same thing. I have been fishing for 30 years, this game just doesn’t cut it.

  13. I originally tried this game since a coworker suggested it. This is the best arcade fishing game I have tried. Easy to learn, surprisingly addictive with the right amount of action. I had a small problem when I purchased the unlimited cast package. So, I emailed the developers. Wow! They responded in under six hours with a correction and gave me some goodies for my trouble. Bottom line is it’s a fun arcade game, but i would like to see the music vary more according to the size of the fish.👍

  14. I’ve got to say, of all the fishing games(and there have been MANY)this one is of the best!!! The most important part of any game would have to be the support factor!! We are all only human, and as such we make mistakes! However, it isn’t in the mistakes we make, but in how these mistakes are rectified!!! This is the reason that I gave it the 5 star rating. It is the 2nd best fishing game I’ve ever played, but the support team is the best in dealing with any of the mistakes I’ve run into!!!

  15. Not a game for people who fish. The game controls the lure and if you throw on the splash, you will catch a fish every time. Playing the fish is easy and consists of keeping a mark in the green area. Noring. No skill or knowlege of fishing needed. You have an amount of cast per day and the game prompts you to pay to win. If you like using one motion to cast and one button to land fish and want to buy coins to upgrade everything to stay in the game, this one is for you.

  16. Very enjoyable game. Pretty simple to learn & play. Also you’re not constantly bombarded by ads all the time. I like that you can watch adds for extra a turns and stuff.

  17. Didn’t believe there could be a fishing game this entertaining on Android … but you guys proved me wrong … BTW the graphics are exceptional & 2nd to none for this type of device. I love the realistic animation when the fish leaps out of the water to try shake off the hook … GREAT JOB!!!

  18. It’s a 10. I’m from Arkansas and Bass is not the only fish we have. Can you add bream, crappie, and catfish in a game? Awesome game, I have asked friends to play. The first thing they ask is. We want a game that you can catch bream, crappie and catfish. Please let me know.

  19. Fun , addicting , not hard to learn how to catch. Definitely recommend!!

  20. This is a very good free game. Minimal adds.

  21. This game is vlery Fun and is realistic great graphics lovee it So let’s go fishing

  22. I like the game over all the in app purchases are reasonably cheap my only thing that made me give it 4 stars is, in the game it should only cost you a cast(heart) if you miss the fish. As to where you charge your player a heart wether you catch it or not. I recommend fixing it would make it so much better and worth a game to constantly stay hooked to. Also need a way to have like 5 friends or more in a fishing club to better find certain friends without remembering the player id

  23. Really fun game! I got super board during lockdown and was looking for something to help kill the time. This game has me hooked (pun intended). Its simple to play with decent graphics, not overly flashy, easy to understand. Give it a shot if you want something different that doesen’t constently shove ads in your face. I did and now I can’t stop

  24. This game is exciting and very addictive. I have a 15% chance of a frenzy spawn when catching a fish, and they come at the worst time. Like when I have to force myself to take a break. 😶 Devs… The game is a wee bit outdated, so If you’re out there and you read this, we need a minor change. I think we should have daily goals (Tournaments don’t apply) If the weather can change, why can’t the daylight? #Fishkins_0 #DailyPlayer

  25. Extremely boring. It’s the exact same thing, over and over again. There’s no difference in difficulty when catching a 2lb fish and catching a 15lb fish. It’s incredibly repetitive, and I can’t believe people actually play it longer than a month. I played for less than a week, and was over it.

  26. Great game I’m older can’t go fishing like I would like to so I fish on here

  27. It constantly keeps me challenged when I play. Most games start pushing you to spend money in order to upgrade early into the game. This app let’s you build your experience level and isn’t quick to make you spend money. Excellent graphics and play.

  28. Good game. Keeps you occupied. There are quite a few things that will make play better but you have to have enough emeralds or points to purchase. I still recommend it because I literally love fishing. It could be described as unrealistic because you can’t take your eye off the reel without losing the fish.

  29. I really like this game, actually. I’ve been downloading it on every new phone I get. Now that its got a user ID so you don’t lose your progress it’s frickin awesome. It’s a good game to just sit and waste a little time throughout the day. Even if I don’t get ranked very high on the daily tournament it’s still entertaining.

  30. I give this game 4 stars. It is a good fun game, challenging but not impossible. Not to many ads. Only thing I don’t care for is that it takes so many diamonds to upgrade any & everything!!! It takes so long to earn a few diamonds & it takes hundreds of diamonds to upgrade once u get to higher levels. Its a bit much. AND the extra hearts you upgrade for cast,”lets say you upgrade your cast to 9 hearts why is it when you watch a video you only get 5 cast? That doesn’t make seance. But decent game

  31. Pretty fun and addictive. I have to watch a lot of demo vids to continue playing but it’s not too bad!!!! Upgrades are a little expensive and it takes a while to get them done…but the best part is that I have had absolutely no problems loading or running the game, so that gets it a BIG thumbs up!!!

  32. I really like this game. The only issue I have is the mere fact that you get limited amount of casts (hearts) before having to wait. My hearts are upgrading which shouldnt even be an option in fishing games period. That is this games downfall. I’m off to find another, without a limit of casts. Change that and I will be back.

  33. John Cash dice:

    This is one of the better fishing games I have played. I really enjoy it and I think one thing that would make it better would be if it was harder to hit the target when the fish splash. It would add a little challenge to the gameplay if they disappeared quickly or you had to cast and compensate for wind speed/direction. The only time I miss is when I get distracted while reeling in a fish. Other than that, it’s really good.

  34. Very absorbing game, great fun catching various species of freshwater bass. Would have given 5 stars but for the crafty scheme to get you to spend money. This involves needing green gems to upgrade talents and equipment. You can pick up a few gems in bonus rounds or when you reach the next level but the amount of gems required to upgrade etc is extortionate and is basically bordering on a scam to get you to spend money. Reducing the amounts of gems needed would make the game ace!!!

  35. It is a very good game to play just needs to be a easier way of leveling up. Plus, it shouldn’t cost so much to upgrade ams have a better selection of lures. Great graphics though just needs to be a way of moving around om the lakes also.

  36. This is a good fishing app! It is very simple and easy to use and understand. Things may be a lil costly to upgrade rt off the bat. The controls are very user friendly and easy to understand. As long as U hit the marks U will catch a fish every time. I made it to level 7 in just 30 mins or so. But it’s not the fishing game Im looking for. They did a good job with the game and thanks for the chance to play. I will continue looking for the kinda fishing game I want. I wld encourage everyone to at least try this game. If it’s not what U want then uninstall and move on. But it’s definitely worth the chance just to see. Thanks again and Happy Holiday’s

  37. Very repetitive game. For 3 days now, nothing changes. Level goes up but not enough to unlock a new lake. Ok then. You get a hot streak bonus, but only until you miss. And once you get that bonus, you can cast at a newly formed splash only to have it disapear while you lure is in the air. And that counts as a miss. Your bonus gone. Streak gone. Why? Because it vanished during a computer generated repetative scene.

  38. Not bad. NEVER any forced ads. Simple game play. Progression is a bit of a grind, but ithe intrigue is there if you give it a chance. It’s no scenic safari adventure. More like a trip to the local perk-pond with the kiddos. The Tech Support has been top-tier; very responsive and 100% success rate [3/3] in solving my account recovery issues So far, overall –[ IMHO ]– it has been the most appealing fishing simulator on the Android market. Something about this one keeps me coming back

  39. Marvin dice:

    Good fun anytime you have a few minutes. I really like the way they have integrated the ads. You can choose if you would watch a short ad. Then you are rewarded with gems. I hope other games learn something here.

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