My Fishing World MOD 2022


Catch fish around the world, enjoy great graphics and the amount of catch
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– Realistic locations with lively graphics
– Well-designed visual effects
– Change of time of day and weather conditions
– Intuitive game interface
– Thoughtful gameplay will not let you get bored
– Online chat for communication with fishermen
– A huge selection of fishing tackle of different types and purposes
– The most beautiful places around the world are available for you
– A large number of freshwater and tropical fish
– You can catch rare and very valuable monsters.
– A variety of types of tasks for bonuses (daily, collections, epic)
– An album to store all your trophies and view detailed information about where, when and what he was caught
– Real information about all the fish in the game
– Leaderboard to fight for first places in the tops
– You can play without the Internet


40 comentarios en "My Fishing World MOD 2022"

  1. El Pepe dice:

    By FAR, at least for me, this is the best fishing game there is on the app store. The bait system, how certain baits work better for different fish, etc. It’s relaxing, and as a fisherman, I find it to be the closest thing i can get to feeling that escape in a mobile game. The environment sounds are relaxing, and i really like the menu soundtrack. The only thing I’d say, i wish the menu music would be constant instead only playing every few minutes, but that’s all

  2. John Ross dice:

    Fun game, the rod and reel are a bit too basic and that cost a star. But there are some fun nuances, with monster fish that will tear up your expensive equipment. You can build up coins by spending a lot of time fishing, which isn’t a bad thing right? The scenes are great and with the right background music, it’s not a bad way to pass the time. All in all a good addictive fishing game.

  3. 8ad W0l44 dice:

    I’m an extremely avid fisherman, and on the days I can’t go fishing when life gets in the way, this is where I go. Big variety of tackle and locations, as well as tons of species. Xp gain for levels feels well balanced, and in app purchases are the most generous I’ve ever seen in any game. It starts out slow, with few, small fish and species, but ramps up quickly over a few locations. If you love fishing in real life, and are looking for a realistic fishing experience, this can’t be beat. Cheers

  4. Kelly P dice:

    I LOVE this game. I was looking for something nature-related, casual, relaxing, offline-able, and not taking half a gig of space on my tablet. This meets all my criteria. I love the realistic looking settings and the soothing sounds of the environment. I love discovering new fish and unlocking new sites. I truly lose myself in this game.

  5. Good game, but it could be great! The fish could be worth a bit more money, at least in the beginning, or on the first lake, or make the fish bite more often because right now it’s too sparse with lots of very heavy fish/items with weak gear. The challenges and rewards chould also be worth a bit more if they are going to take that long to complete. We (the players) know you want to make money too, and that’s cool, just don’t make it look like it’s so “pay-to-advance”. !!!!People will invest!!!!

  6. This game is awesome and so addicting.. You have to try it.. You’ll love the graphics and its pretty realistic looking.. The further the levels the better fishing gear you are able to buy with the coins you get from selling fish and other items you happen to catch.. I play this game a little too much.. But once you try it out for a while you’ll understand why..

  7. Shane dice:

    This game is fun and there are intense moments, like reeling in a trophy winning fish, and enough content to keep one very interested. The graphics are both great and not so great. I love the fact that it is not one of those big pay to play games, and would recommend it to anybody that doesn’t mind dabbling in a bit of fishy bizness!

  8. It’s super fun, it’s almost like real rishing. The only thing lacking is the ability to see the daily fishing challenges, and all of the fish available to the area from the fishing screen. I forget what the fish are sometimes and have to keep backing out to review the daily fishes, then I have to pay to get back into the area again. Otherwise this game is bad ass!

  9. Great addicting game. Graphics are good and believable. Game play is smooth and seamless. A great variety of places to fish. Huge selection of bait and lures. A large variety of fish. The daily tasks make game play exciting. I would like to see a patch to allow the exchange of, pretty much useless silver coins in higher level play, to gold coins.

  10. One of my favorite fishing Sims besides fishing planet. Liking the new Christmas update with floating packages and minor bug fixes! Would like to see update with new ambient sounds for different locations the same one is annoying! And second more realism when reeling in fish and a fishnet button added? These things would make the game top of the list! Happy holidays dev great work!

  11. Love the fact you have to change casting areas, bait etc to catch fish. It’s realistic because different baits catch different fish. You actually have to wait to catch a fish which is great unlike other apps. I think this game has a lot of potential. I love this game. Best fishing game in my opinion.

  12. Tim Lewis dice:

    Fun, if you could choose to fish on bottom, or with a bobber, and make it to where you can set your drag more+ or less-, need to give a little more time when you buy a enhancer, instead of 10 min, should be 20 min, Have bass, cat fish, and carp , tournaments , different types of ponds and lakes, boat fishing and on land fishing, Then It would be a 5 star, 110% game,

  13. Great game! Needs more chance to get bigger fish . Not so many options hooks, bait, line, hook, floater, reel, rod ect, like the game overall and I have tryed many good job

  14. Most realistic fishing sim I’ve played in a while. If you are into fishing, this is great when you can’t actually go fishing.

  15. Used to spend cold winter day’s playing this game and thort that the only way to make the game better would be a rod rest for when you are trying to catch target fish. But in the land of day time think that they should have a pound in the ocean that you can stock with fish think this game has taken a big dive into the grap game list unity have already.

  16. I have put a bunch of games on my phone fishing hunting different things and there’s been a few that have occupied me and kept me interested for a little while but for me this one has kept me interested more than any others I’ve caught myself spending money which is something I never did LOL on these games but it works for me I love it I just got a new phone though and I’m trying to figure out how to pick up where I left off my old phone LOL

  17. The game is great!… Its one of the most accurate fishing games ive played… It is challenging but if u put the effort in its rewarding….

  18. Brilliant game so far….3 days in and im very impressed with this game….lots to do on how to catch certain fish….only downside is that once i catch the fish…the reel takes 0.5 seconds to activate in order to be able to pull fish in…..but other than that… Top game….. Beats fishing hook hands down….the treasures are amazing….takes long to reach gold coins but its the game dynamics thats waay too advanced for simple minds….i love this game…. wish there was a sequel to it

  19. Been playing for a few months. It’s a cool kicked back fishing game. Would refer to others who like fishing games.

  20. An enjoyable fishing game. Easy controls, plenty of various baits and stuff, different locations with background noises. Love how the fish struggles and then gets tired – I don’t fish IRL, but I imagine it’s quite realistic.

  21. This game is so great it’s like I’m actually fishing in real the graphics are great and there are no adds thanks creator for this game I’m actually fan of fishing

  22. Boring The graphics on this game are great, but it is boring as hell, I don’t know if it gets better as the game goes further along and I’ll never know because this is not fun. I wasn’t, as a new player even taken to a tutorial, nor did I see an option to go to one so I have no idea how to advance or what I am doing beside catching fish

  23. This is the absolute best fishing game that I’ve ever played. The graphics are awesome. If you love to fish, but it’s just too hot outside, this is the perfect app for you. You won’t be disappointed or bored. Great job guys! The only problem I’m having is I cannot get my cash app to work. I would appreciate free coins. I wanted to buy some but my card won’t work Thank you

  24. Great game! Takes a little while getting use to the controls. Other than that, an awesome game!

  25. This is a great game, it inspired me to love fishing and it can also inspire others! It has a realistic fishing experience and a 2d perspective with a 3d style i recommend this to everyone who loves and doesnt love fishing.

  26. Love this game, I even bought the permanent V.I.P. for this game, great way to relax and fish when you have some down time but can’t go fishing. I wish they would add more fishing locations especially to North America, and Africa, or maybe add Australia. Love the game regardless have been playing for a handful of years now

  27. This is one of my favorite games. I’ve installed it many times because of the inpatient mistakes I’ve made. Really Obvious that Someone has Taken the Time to make this in my opinion. The Best Fishing Simulation Experience I’ve had the pleasure of playing! Thanks!

  28. Amazing details . Life like experiences . Relaxing and easy to play .

  29. It’s pretty fun game just need to be able to make more coin

  30. Really enjoyable fishing game especially one where your not only having to catch bass.A great selection of course fishing with float fishing,spinning etc…

  31. This game is very good and help to delete the stress . It is very real game. The nature sound do not talk it is very and very good

  32. Good game, but descriptions could use work. Like the goldfish, labeled as the carassius gibelio, is actually a Prussian Carp or Gibel Carp. The goldfish is actually known as the Carassius Carassius. Other description are grammatically hard to read at times but most people probably dont care.

  33. Its the best game ever. Sorry that To many games must be open with goldcoins and the equipment is to expensive wirh goldcoins. But further more its the most enjoyable game ever.🙏🙏🙏

  34. Rice Cake dice:

    Good game, just need to add fish resisting animation while capturing it. Over all your game are the only good fishing game offline.

  35. Good game but could improve the casting, graphics don’t look good when casting sideways , verses casting it overhead , otherwise fun game .

  36. More of authentic fishing simulator than the other fishing games out there. Great mechanics and very relaxing.

  37. Good fishing game, considering I’ve tried them all. Likes: Excellent graphics; Great float dynamics; most realistic fish battles of all mobile fishing games (Inadequate equipment or brief loss of concentration always loses the fish); Variable time of day and weather (Although the day/night transitions could have been more gradual). Achievable quests to win game currency. Dislikes: Static locations (although it is accepted that this is more of a game than a simulator, where moving around in a given location is essential); Static fish distributions – Irrespective of casting angle, in a specific location, the same specific set of fish species are always present at a given distance from the shoreline, Dynamic fish locations would add significant challenge and enjoyment; Given the presence of a certain species at a certain distance, all size possibilities for the species exist in the location or any other location home to the same species. (to improve realism, it could be considered for example that European carp are generally smaller/bigger than their North American counterparts. In other words size variation within a location) Nonsensical fish/equipment value differential. How can a single hook, or piece of bait cost 1000 times a fish value? There is certainly room for improvement, although I still find the present state of the game fairly enjoyable. A question to the developers: Is the anaconda present in the African lake the one that escaped from the zoo? I always wondered what happened to that critter…

  38. RFD Rob dice:

    Great game. Improvements that would make me give it 5 stars is an improved english translation (everything is understandable, but is worded poorly in many cases) and the ability to choose your fishing location in each area like some other games allow you to do. Highly recommend as a time killer!

  39. I come to this game alot to pass the time. There are some fish that are super hard to reel in and others that are super easy. There’s a huge variety of fish and treasure/trash that you can catch. The pictures of the scenery are beautiful. I do with that the cast distance graphics were a bit better(you can cast the full 15m but the bobber won’t change size at all). The closest you can cast is 3m and the furthest is 15m. The tools(rods, reels, etc) are a bit expensive in my opinion.

  40. Good all around game. Wish it had some other bait options and maybe more fishing destinations.

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