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Follow the excitement of the NASCAR season with the Official App of NASCAR and stay up to date on your favorite drivers with news, video and live race features.

Free Features Include:

– Race Center
• Leaderboard – Live Race, Qualifying and Practice Leaderboards for all NASCAR Series
• Drive – Live On-Track and In-Car Driver Cameras for NASCAR Cup and Xfinity Series
• Scanner – Live race broadcast radio for all NASCAR Series
• Timeline – Access to lap by lap information and in-race highlights for all NASCAR Series
• Compare – Compare driver live data including position, speed, and time data

– Exclusive news and video content

– Schedule, driver, manufacturer, and owner standings

– Customized notifications including series specific alerts and live event reminders

Premium Features Include (Subscription Required):

– No Ads or Commercials

– Scanner (Premium)
• Listen to the strategy between drivers, crew chiefs and spotters for all NASCAR Series races
• NASCAR officials radio is available for all NASCAR Series races
• Live real-time data, for every driver, including speed, RPM, and throttle for NASCAR Cup and Xfinity Series

**Certain restrictions apply as some Premium Features are not available for all NASCAR series events.**

Premium Subscription Options Include:

• Seasonal purchase of $29.99 for the NASCAR Season (One-Time)
• Monthly recurring subscription of $4.99 (Auto-Renewable)

**Your $4.99 monthly subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Your Play account will automatically be charged at the same price for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current monthly period unless you change your subscription preferences in your account settings.

For your convenience, here are links to our terms of use and privacy policy:

Terms of Use

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What's New
• Facebook login fixed
• Picture in Picture improvements


40 comentarios en "NASCAR MOBILE MODDED"

  1. The app is a continuous disappointment. I don’t have TV so I rely on the app, but how can I rely on it when it won’t even show the proper running order, and how far the drivers are behind the leader. Anytime I watch a small highlight, the video won’t even play fully. It’ll back out where I have to play it again and EVERYTIME I play it again, the shove an ad down your throat before the plays. Good job on a great app, NASCAR. You really know how keep all the fans entertained.

  2. I have a paid monthly subscription to the app. Every week when listening to the scanner portion of the app it continually stops working especially when the surveys pop up. I have to close the app completely and reopen it and restart the scanner for it to start working correctly and this happens multiple times during the race. Its frustrating when you have to pay a monthly subscription for something and it doesn’t work properly every week. My app is up to date so the problem isn’t there.

  3. B. Rocket dice:

    Edit 7/9/22 Again they responded quickly. I recommed. Edit: Last 2 weeks they stopped allowing me to listen to Truck series radio. I can’t recommend this app of they won’t keep their word. Edit: They responded quickly and fixed the problem. It works great now and would highly recommend. Crashes when trying to listen to scanner. Happens on both my phones.

  4. Pay 30 bucks per year for radio scanner but it only works about 60% of the time. Frustrating, especially since there doesnt seem to be a “help” page. New day, lost connection with radio 3 times already just in first stage. Totally irritating. Not to mention the live leaderboard is NEVER timely. The way this app works, they shouldn’t be charging for it. Not happy at all. And they don’t care.

  5. Tj dice:

    Videos don’t play but the ads do. It says the next race coming up is actually the past race from last week. The screen times out while watching a video (if I can get one to play) Driver stats dont line up correctly (laps led in a race 3, wins for the season 249) These aren’t new issues just issues that never get fixed over the years. Also there are more ad’s then actual race content. I wish there was a better app for Nascar news.

  6. Junk. I have had this app for three years now. I pay for the premium package. First 2 years I loved it. No issues. So far this season sucks. I mainly use it for the scanner. It won’t work. Constantly freezes up. Have to stop and restart. If I am on the go I like to watch it but the battle cam and aerial cam are gone. Only 5 in car cams to choose from. Can’t listen to it either since the scanner doesn’t work. So it’s pretty much useless. I won’t renew unless the app greatly improves.

  7. This app was better last year. Ever time I turn on the app it gives me the terms and another option. It doesn’t go into the app I have to click on one of the bottom options.and then it gives you a page with words you have to choose from. Use to it went straight into the news segment. And if you are in live mode you have to look up scanner option use to it was at the bottom you could click on it and choose your driver. In summary was much better user friendly in 2021 thanks

  8. Update; they did fix the below issues, Thanks guys, great job!! Original post; After the last update, I try to play the videos – the commercials play just fine, then one of three things happen. #1 the audio of the video starts before the ad ends and when the ad ends there is no video, just audio. Or #2. After the ad, the video plays for about 10 seconds and freezes and stops. Or #3, after the ad the video just doesn’t play. I have yet to see a video in it’s entirety

  9. Great concept. Couldn’t wait for app like this after losing scanner and a company at tracks where bought another went out of bus. Wanted it for watching on TV and listening to scanners too though. Agree Needs ability to delay the scanner since iS always a lap or several ahead of TV depending on track. Also the All Scan feature should have a visual update of the number of the car whose channel is being broadcast. Those 2 features would make it indispensable. Probably won’t keep it without them.

  10. Gerardo R dice:

    I love the sport. I follow it ever week. Been to two races this year already. This app hurts. It has the right idea but the execution is disappointing. Please fix the driver telemetry. Please fix the standings , they glitch all the time. The scanner and in car cameras are definitely worth the money though . Please fix it and Ill pay whatever you want.

  11. jeff F dice:

    Won’t load after initial start up on my android. Hard to find results of races without going through other headlines. The best version is always the first one…simple, you open the app, hit menu, choose news, results, tv & radio schedule. That’s it. Now it’s all ads.

  12. Videos hardly ever play after the ad. Just black screen. Have to close out and restart the app several times to get it to play, even then it doesn’t help. I’m on an Android now, but it did the same thing on the apple version too when I had an iPhone. Also, fantasy section is pretty lousy too at times because it keeps scrolling through to the next pick before you’ve settled on the current one and then you mess up your lineup without noticing. Sometimes have trouble loading reg articles as well

  13. The premises of the app is great. Very similar to Sprints app back in the day when they sponsored Nascar. The only thing is, Sprint executed it, and Nascar of course, did not. Went to race and tried to gain access to scanner, and it did not work. Not only did the scanner not work, but the tracking of the actual race did not work either. Tried with different phones and different networks. I guess the actual sport isn’t the only thing Nascar can mess up.

  14. Nuke Life dice:

    I was going to buy the premium version, but right off the bat, ADS are definitely slowing down the app, video is 30+ seconds behind & a lot of pixelation with live video. Mainly if the ADS weren’t so abrasive, every time I clicked on a different camera view, I would have taken a shot at the premium version, but unfortunately it turned me off immediately, I compare it to a high pressure salesman, if you annoy me, I walk away without even giving you a chance. So, it annoyed me…..uninstalling.

  15. I love this app, but I had to reset my moto z play and I lost the mobile app. When I try to reinstall it, it tells me that my device isn’t compatible. Also, I’ve purchased a new Samsung tablet and I get the same message when trying to install the mobile app. This is making me crazy!!!!!!! Please help!!!! I do have a monthly subscription to listen to the radios of the drivers, officials and mrn. I watch the races on TV with my app open as well!!!! Or at least I used to. Lol

  16. The app is great. The only issue I’m having is when I’m listening to the live audio feed of a driver and watching the RPM gauge and Speedometer the app will automatically slide down and hide all the info. It still continues to play the audio and I have to slide back to it, but then it does it again randomly. And sometimes the gauges just aren’t working. OnePlus 7 Pro Android 10

  17. The Scanner audio keeps throwing a ‘Time Out’ error message and I have to keep stopping then restarting the app. Incredibly annoying that an expensive app like this is a total failure during the Daytona 500. Please test and make sure your updates work before rolling them out. Getting tired of having an expensive app that only works half the time. Spent most of the race restarting the app. This is running on a Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ so it’s not the phone.

  18. Ads play, Videos don’t ! I missed the end of the race yesterday and wanted to view the video of the winner. Well the ad played fine but no video on winner. I tried every video on that page with the same results. I understand about making money but if this keeps up I will just delete the app. I am hanging by a thread with NASCAR. To many changes.

  19. Russell C dice:

    On my phone, I’d actually give it 5 stars, it works fine there. I recently purchased an Acer Chromebook (which is what I’m using to post this review), I knocked 2 stars off because the app is useless on here. I’ve even gone to the point of deleting and re-downloading it. But as soon as I open the app, it stays open maybe 3 seconds and crashes. I subscribe to the in-car features/driver audio, and I’d like to use it on this machine…but I can’t, currently.

  20. Mr Black dice:

    I cant believe that they could have possibly made this worse than it was last year, but some how they managed & raised the price! Navigating the app is a nightmare, there is no way to see your drivers telemetry while watching his or her car. You can only watch “live” (lags are horrible and never sync with audio) video of what ever cars the televising network decide are worthy of a camera for each race. I’d have the older animated version that used telemetry to place every car on a track

  21. You took away the convenient Results screen for in progress race weekends, it was nice to see practice and qualifying results easily. Ruined the app for me, now all it does is show the times things are scheduled. Update – What a piece of junk, if I click on something, a video ad pops up. If I don’t click on something, a video ad pops up.

  22. PLEASE FIX THIS APP!!!!!! Ever since you changed the app last time, nothing works right. It’s almost impossible to get to load. It just keeps timing out. Then, on race weekends, the practice and qualifying is never updated until almost race time, if at all, which kind of defeats the purpose. The old version worked just fine. NASCAR, PLEASE LEAVE WELL ENOGH ALONE AND STOP TRYING TO REINVENT THE WHEEL!!!!! Thank you.

  23. Good app for a one stop way to get nascar news and knowing when races start. The fact that each and every video has an ad to watch, even for a 1 min interview gets annoying to the point where I’d rather just go to YouTube for the clips. Also there is no way to mute audio for ads that play above articles which is really intrusive and annoying.

  24. Overall, the app works well and functions. the biggest complaint I have is they took the pause function away from the audio of the in car. this prevents you from synchronizing the in car audio from the driver with the video broadcast. It would also be nice to get actual lap times, not differentials.

  25. Really only useful to me for live leader board during a race or streaming the MRN broadcast. Too much video content that requires viewing a commercial first, practice speeds aren’t listed from yesterday yet (a common occurrence lately). Faster to Google the results! Thought maybe the update would improve, but just added useless gadgetry. Will probably delete and just save the mobile website to my home screen.

  26. As a fan of nascar, this really helps me stay on top of the action, especially when im out and about, i can listen to the race while im going around, and it has a real nice portal to the fantasy leagues. My only issue is the video doesnt have audio during the race and the audio doesnt sync with the video, otherwise its a great app.

  27. I paid $30 for the season pass! The app is always freezing, and when it’s ‘supposed’ to be working half of the features don’t work! The scanner is always full of static I understand that may not be an issue with the app. but it is rather annoying! Example even I try to load the top 10 in the crew chief it NEVER WORKS!! It always says connection issue – reconnecting!! PLEASE FIX THE APP OR REFUND MY MONEY!!

  28. Constant problems with subscription. Even though I’m paying, every Sunday when I go to use the premium services, it tells me I need to purchase a subscription. So I do, just so I can use it for the race. Then the following Wednesday the new subscription always gets automatically canceled. I’ve emailed developer and got no response.

  29. The new update took away the dashboard with the track view and telemetry. One of my favorite features. The new update features really are useless. The sound is also terrible, can barely hear the scanner radios at full volume. Last years setup for live tracking was fine, this new update is complete garbage.

  30. Edit: initially it was 4 stars until I paid for the subscription. Now the scanner function of the app stops working consistently within 10-20 seconds of turning it on. Very annoying. It would be nice to have this companion in my lap to listen to my favorite driver during the race! Edit: from 1 star to 5, I reviewed earlier today that there was an issue with scanner function not working. Fixed soon after now works perfectly. 5 stars for support and speed.

  31. I wish you could have some settings for the live scanner it works great for if you’re live at the track but if you watch it on TV you are anywhere from 1 to 3 laps behind, also would love a way to listen to multiple radios they have a way to make a list of favorite drivers, it would be nice to be able to listen to every radio from your favorite driver list, right now it’s all or one when it comes to listening to radios

  32. I follow a lot of different racing series along with NASCAR and I will have to say this app is the most annoying one. It’s the only app out of the other eight racing series apps I follow that has constant advertising for every single thing you click on IndyCar,IMSA, and Formula 1 don’t have that. And when the app notifies you of breaking news and you go to click on it it sends you to the app and sends you to an article that has nothing to do with what you just clicked on.

  33. Rick M dice:

    This app was great until recently. The in car camera view no longer works on my Galaxy S10+. It is not worth the price of the app for just a driver scanner. All the other data I can get on-line for free. The in car live view feature was awesome and was the reason for purchasing this app. I will end my subscription at the end of the month.

  34. Really good app all around, I love that it continues to adapt and update. I wish the app also included ARCA series or some Whelen modified information as well along side the other series though. Would be cool to see Pinty’s, Peak, or the Euro series have some recognition as well. I like that there is alot more to NASCAR than just the top 3 series and I think it would be cool for more people to learn about them as well.

  35. Glenn K dice:

    Good intentions, horrible execution. The video, scanners and leaderboard are all out of sync and as the race goes on it gets worse. By the end of the race, the driver scanners are out of sync by over a lap and the leaderboard updates maybe every 2 laps the entire race. This shouldn’t be hard to fox and the leaderboard should be real time. Bring back Raceview please.

  36. Really an unacceptable level of problems with the video for me. Not only is the video rarely caught up to the MRN radio (it’s generally 30+seconds behind), it also is constantly stopping to load. When it stops loading, it jumps forward or backwards by some number of seconds. It really makes the video nearly unwatchable, even with the paid version and thus no ads.

  37. Bobby B dice:

    Cannot access fantasy live on my Samsung s10e whatsoever. Mobile app, desktop site, anything. On literally any device, computer, etc. It opens and works flawlessly but only my phone. Which sucks when I’m trying to keep up with my fantasy stuff on my phone as I regularly only have my phone available. Other than that stuff and stuff loading slow the app works perfectly, but fantasy’s a big dealbreaker for me.

  38. Buyers beware.. Big issues with app you’ll pay for it and they’ll try and get more $ from ya before you can even use app. I’ve been a subscriber with them since 2003 and they keep doing same thing. Even in November through January they will still take money from your account if you don’t cancel subscription after last race of the year. I paid several times for full year and still got shaft with issues. Each time emailed them with no reply. There already losing money in the grandstands now apps!

  39. Sheila F dice:

    Horrible all season. Was hoping after the 10 week hiatus they would have it fixed. Only for it to be WORSE. Lap #’s update but the leader board hasn’t updated since beginning of the race. Took away a lot of the stats that you could see on leader board (and yes I have changed the screen orientation, still nothing. PLEASE fix this!!

  40. Great app, I’ve had this app for as many years as it was offered and I only have one complaint about it. During the race it stays from one to two laps behind the actual race if you are watching the race on tv and following your favorite driver on your tablet or smart phone, so the actual race is over before it shows on your tablet or smart phone if your just following on them. Like I said, other then that great app!!

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