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Just tap into the NFL App to get the latest NFL news, highlights, stats & more.

Brand new for 2022: Fans can access NFL+ content within the NFL App (NFL+ subscription required).

NFL+ Features:
• Live out-of-market Preseason games across devices
• Live local and primetime Regular Season games on your phone and tablet
• Live Playoffs & Super Bowl LVII on your phone and tablet
• Live game audio (home, away & national calls) for every game of the season
• NFL library programming on-demand, ad-free
• Full and condensed game replays with an NFL+ Premium subscription

NFL app Phone and Tablet Features:
• Game Center with up-to-the-minute scoring, in-game highlights and drive charts
• Articles and video highlights featuring the latest stories and breaking news from all around the NFL
• Stay up to date with the latest trending news and highlights on the NFL Channel.
• NFL Combine and Draft coverage
• NFL Network 24/7/365 and NFL RedZone are available for eligible subscribers of Charter, Cox, DirecTV, Hulu + Live TV, Optimum, Verizon FiOS, YouTube TV and many more providers.

NFL app Android TV Features:
• Select your favorite team to watch videos directly from that team.
• NFL Network 24/7/365 and NFL RedZone are available for eligible subscribers of Charter, Cox, DirecTV, Hulu + Live TV, Optimum, Verizon FiOS, YouTube TV and many more providers.

NFL+ is a subscription product; content and features vary based on location and device. Learn more at

Learn more about the NFL’s digital offerings:,, and

The NFL app allows use of AirPlay and Chromecast when viewing all video-on-demand and select live content. However, the NFL app does not permit outputs from phones or tablets of live games, NFL RedZone or NFL Network to external displays via HDMI, Chromecast, AirPlay, Miracast or other similar streaming functionality due to rights restrictions.

The Services may feature Nielsen proprietary measurement software, which will allow users to contribute to market research, such as Nielsen TV Ratings. Nielsen believes that you should have a choice about whether to contribute to our research and insights. To opt out of Nielsen measurement, you need only to activate the “Opt out of Ads Personalization” (for Android devices) option in your devices settings. For web, please visit: to learn more about the Nielsen digital measurement products and your choices in regard to them.

Data usage applies for app download and use.

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40 comentarios en "NFL MODDED"

  1. A truly terrible app and it has been horrible for years. It crashes, freezes, lags badly, jumps ahead. And that’s if you can get the videos to load in the first place! Most of the time you can enjoy reading the very cute and unhelpful message “Fumble! There was a problem with your video” over and over and over instead of watching games. Such a frustrating and useless app developed and supported by people who are not good at what they do.

  2. App is garbage. It was a complete waste of money. Have not been able to watch one complete NFL game with it all season. The traffic is congested which means you get stuttering screens. At the times when there’s an important play on the field is when you are almost certain that the app will lock up. It’ll come out of it when they’re showing everything on the sidelines and talking about the great play that you just missed. My network connection is 5G and excellent. Not on my end is the issue.

  3. After last year the NFL deleted the app from XBOX so I can’t watch it on the TV and they won’t allow casting either so I am forced to watch on my phone. Now however the playback is so buggy and choppy it will restart the game about every twenty seconds or so so in the span of a year I went from watching games on my TV for $10 a month to not having anything at all for $10! Great job NFL!

  4. The app routinely crashes during live games and the replays are usually low quality despite the push for 4k. The biggest issues though are twofold. First, the app always forgets that I purchased an annual subscription and I have to restore it. This happens every time I open it. Second, the app refuses to let you watch ANY game that isn’t on your local station which defeats the entire purpose. At the start of the year I was at least able to watch all the games but not anymore.

  5. It’s fine but has several seemingly new big problems. It keeps trying to sell me on some kind of NFL+ service. It has multiple full screen ads pop up every single time I open the app, and no matter how many times I say no it keeps happening. Stupid. Also, clicking on games doesn’t show box stats anymore, like you’d expect. So the app is quickly becoming an obnoxious waste of time that doesn’t even serve its minimum viable function. Articles are still available, which are of variable quality.

  6. This app sucks. It takes about a minute to connect, and then in a few minutes it freezes up or suddenly disconnects. Tap the speaker icon and maybe you’ll get sound, but usually you tap it over and over again with no response. It burns gobs of data, enough to tank my “unlimited” plan after just a few games. Last season Yahoo sports showed games for free with none of these problems. Who can we thank for this ripoff?

  7. Not a great app for your phone. It shows all the games but it won’t let you cast to your TV without a TV provider. So, if you normally mirror the apps you prefer on TV, you’ll still have to watch this on your phone, tablet, or other device – BUT it doesn’t minimize when necessary to use your phone while you listen (PIP.) If you select “this time only” when you allow it to use your location (the app requires it) expect to have to go to your settings when you resume using it. No link is provided.

  8. For a network with as much money as NFL, you would think they could throw a little bit of money at their App development and streaming capabilities. This app still functions the same way it did 3 years ago with all of the same problems. It will randomly close the whole app easily 10+ times during any given day. If you click on a notification, it never loads. And even subscribing to NFL+ doesn’t seem to have any improvement in performance. Overall I think they need to scrap the app altogether

  9. Ever since they launched NFL+, not only can no one watch anything at all without specially paying for yet another subscription service, but they also completely overhauled the app. It’s confusing, and it doesn’t work properly. If I press a notification to watch highlights or a replay (both pre-recorded by definition), there’s no reason it should require my location. Even when I allow the location permission, it doesn’t show the promised replay/highlight

  10. I have a 2Gbps fiber connection to my home and I’m on WiFi and I’m lucky if the app will load most of the time. Lately, I get huge stutters and time skips that go back and forth. It’s WILDLY frustrating to pay to see the games using the app, and have it barely work. It seems maybe overloaded, but I can’t see how that’s our fault, and not ESPN’S for not anticipating and reacting to demand. Even when it works it isn’t that good. It’s redundant and lacks innovation of any kind.

  11. Even after restarting my phone twice with all the apps closed, the live video does nothing but skip. Even this would be tolerable, I have low standards. However, it also proceeds to fall further and further behind real life. Atrocious. How does a brand so wealthy turn out a product so pathetic? You can’t even adjust the resolution to try and compensate. Unreal. And yet, somehow, it’s the only way to watch primetime nfl without cable. We live in a dark timeline.

  12. It’s great to have access to the games anywhere, if it would actually stream without buffering. I have Verizon and live in a metro city a with plenty of 5GLTE service on the newest Samsung. It will eventually load but the second you want to exit out of the app it’s almost a 60 second reboot process for the games to reload. Doesntwork well with multi screen windows on androids. you are pretty much stuck watching the app and if you get a text or need to do anything else then it’s back to waiting

  13. App can’t handle it’s own traffic, it lags so bad during the stream it’s almost unwatchable. And you only get the games that are televised in your area only. You get “access to every game” by the radio broadcast on Sundays. I’ve tried to express my displeasure to them through the support but there is no option for that, there is only FAQ. I was really excited to get NFL+ and it has been nothing but disappointment. Especially to find out NFL+is just an entry level subscription. I want a refund!

  14. Takes close to a full minute just to open every time. I have never had another app as slow as this (and through multiple iterations over the years). The only reason I have it is because I have always had Samsung phones and it’s preloaded as app bloat. Sucks battery and just a poor, awful experience for years. It’s obvious the NFL views this product as a requirement instead of an enhancement of the fan experience. There’s no way anyone of any importance at the league has ever used it.

  15. Glad to pay for an app that shows the same games on your local TV station. Gets stuck in landscape have to completely reboot the app to get back into portrait. Always 2-3 plays behind on the app compared to local cable. Literally completely useless. If you have cable don’t bother with this app.

  16. I wait all week to watch my Eagles games. I paid $80 through my Roku account for an annual subscription. I bought a new Samsung smart TV and I’d like to continue watching the games on my TV. The NFL app has the worst most inaccessible customer service of any organization. I just got charged $10 for a one month subscription on my phone on top of my annual subscription and I still can’t get the game to show on my mew TV. So frustrated. Please put in a customer service phone number for next year.

  17. Thom Ross dice:

    Absolutely horrible!!! If you try and watch a live game it will freeze every times a big part happens guaranteed!! It will replay the same play over and over then freeze then start playing again after the next play is over!! And if you try and watch the game replays it will constantly start over at the beginning of the game and still freeze even on the replay games!! And just to mention i have full wifi and connection bars! Absolutely terrible app i can’t believe it’s this bad and it’s $80

  18. Karl Perl dice:

    Same as just about everyone else. Constant freezes, not able to load, and lots of no video availability during the final 2 minutes of a game. And that’s with the plus purchase. So definitely feeling this was a waste of money. And so far they won’t be getting anymore from me for next season. Too bad from the reviews I’ve read I prolly can’t get my money back for this season.

  19. Chris dice:

    The Nfl+ feature was a good thought then you start to miss touchdowns and big plays because they play so many ads even when the game is live.and if that’s not enough the streaming quality is terrible. It cuts in and out in between the ads. You only get to see about 30 seconds of the game after all the skipping around before it goes back to another ad. If you end up getting it anyway expect to miss parts of your games. I wish that I had not purchased the whole year so I could Uninstall

  20. The screen mirroring option from my phone to my TV doesn’t work with this app. I have no choice but to watch the game on my phone instead of placing it on my TV like I did via Peacock during the World Cup. The subscription only allows to watch certain games and the other games to listen via audio. If anyone spends money for a subscription, they should be allowed to choose whichever games they want, including out of market games. Otherwise, it’s a waste of money.

  21. You would think a sport that makes billions of dollars every year would put more into their streaming app…and you would be wrong. Slow to load. Buggy audio. Randomly closes in the middle of streaming a game even when using WiFi. Plus they constrict it to mobile unless you upgrade to the next tier and you still only get nationally televised or your regional broadcasts. You’d think they’d figure out that a comprehensive a la carte style streaming app with every game would be the goal. Nope.

  22. Pablo J dice:

    Update: still having issues but exactly a week later, I get a resolution email indicating they reset my password. 😑 Very disappointing. I paid for the redzone mobile annual access and I am not able to access the live feed. I’ve tried restarting the app, clearing the cache, reinstalling the app, just about everything and it does not work. I believe the last app update was focused on pushing NFL+ that it messed up the RedZone access. Very disappointed. I’m waiting to hear back from support.

  23. I’ve never been so disappointed with an apps and ability to function at a basic level. When it is able to connect and stream games it will buffer, skip ahead and back randomly, and then lose connection repeatedly. I’ve uninstalled it and reinstalled it from both my Samsung s21 ultra and my Samsung S7 tab and it crashes on both so often that I’m rarely able to watch for more than 10 or 15 minutes without having issues. Paying for the NFL plus package and not being able to to watch is a rip-off.

  24. This app is a terrible app. It freezes and crashes constantly during games. It is often unresponsive when clicking pretty much anything. The app charges you for live games but the catch is, the only games you can watch are the ones available to you elsewhere. Great idea for an app, poor execution. If the app wasn’t so filled with glitches then I would be more understanding towards the extra charges.

  25. Cumbersome app. Had to reload the app 8 times to get the video started for the only live game at the moment. Video doesn’t minimize for texting, etc. Awful experience, through and through. Not worth the time to write a more in-depth review. NFL lost views from a diehard NFL fan due to their insistence on using NFL+ and it’s lackluster complementary product. 🗑 🚮

  26. Katelyn dice:

    I guess the App itself is fine, but the NFL+ subscription’s “cancel any time” is a joke. I’ve cancelled it and we’re still being charged, now it says I have to use a desktop to cancel? I don’t have a computer, this is a MOBILE app. We’re not even able to see most of the games we want. And customer service should be more accessible. Don’t give these crooks your credit card information! Exact same issue we had with CBS years ago. As if they don’t make enough money from willing participants!

  27. Jeri M dice:

    I subscribed to NFL+ Premium in Aug 2022. To date I have not been able to access my subscription. I’ve contacted NFL support several times with no response. I requested a refund from Google Play and it was declined. I have uninstalled/reinstalled on multiple devices, cleared cache and tried different browsers. It’s stuck on sign up for the free trial. I can’t access my subscription. Click restore purchase returns nothing to restore. Don’t waste your money!!!!

  28. AJ Loefer dice:

    Very poor quality/video consistency for a paid app. I would give it a 3 star if it was free, but for $5 a month I expected a lot better. The video will always get cut out and then keep repeating the last 10 seconds. Last year the yahoo sports app had games on it for free and I never had any issue with the video quality.

  29. As everyone else, this app no longer works properly. That first and second year was great, last 2 it’s gotten worse and now it’s just unwatchable, lags all the time, back plays every 5 seconds, then your hearing something repeat 5 times before it picks up where it was. This app sucks now. Bring back the old version please! I pay for a subscription and I can’t even watch a dang thing properly. 100 thumbs down

  30. Signed up for 7 day trial of NFL plus. Glad I didn’t have to pay to find out how awful the app is. During Monday night football it crashed a dozen times. Also, the volume doesn’t come on with the picture for 15-30 seconds and sometimes not at all, so you have to restart it. Also login problems. Disappointing.

  31. Paid for NFL+ for no reason apparently. Not once have I been able to watch an entire game without issues. Always stopping, reloading, skipping back ten seconds, etc. Not one game has played in its entirety since I downloaded the app 10 years ago regardless of location, wireless type, or, currently, subscription status. Try to call the number and it’s a circular message telling you to go online because God forbid they have to talk to someone on the phone. It’s one thing for free games, not paid.

  32. Fed up with this app. Takes forever to open and now is flickering constantly. This app sucks the big one. All you see in the scores is the first number. If the score is 28, all you see is 2. Another problem is the play in progress, you can have a tie score with 3 mins left. The next thing you know is the team that you thought had the ball lost. You don’t know what happened.

  33. Dustin D dice:

    If I could give this app a lower rating, I Would. They never play the Games you want to see. It always glitches. It’s always buffering. When you try and cancle your subscription, they make it nearly impossible. In my case, I have been trying to cancel for over 2 months. Do not get this app. It’s pretty much criminal; on how they make it to view your favorite team.

  34. I get my local games but watching them is absolutely terrible!! All of the 1 star reviews and we’re getting NO improvements! I watch 10 seconds of game, then it freezes for 7 seconds while replaying the audio and buffering. When it catches up Im 7 seconds into the next play and often miss more plays than Im able to watch. Most of the time I get so frustrated I just stop watching the game. Pretty sure I’ll be unsubscribed sooner than later as I see many others are having issues with no resolution

  35. Max Nouna dice:

    The app really just sucks. It’s been like that for a while and I keep thinking they’ll update it and it’ll get better, faster, more efficient but nope its been like that for years Lol and seems like it got even worse. Its sooooo slow and thats if it even opens the app in the first place. Recently its doesn’t even open the app, just keeps loading forever and nothing happens. Please fix the app and make it faster and more efficient, thank you!

  36. Jeremiah dice:

    When it works it’s fine, but if I’m paying any amount of money for this monthly (NFL plus), I expect it to work the majority of the time and not ask me to sign into my TV provider when I’m using my android or my iPad (which it says does not require a TV sign in). Half the time I have to go and restart it multiple times just for it to load a game without a “this device is not authorized” message appearing. A nice perk is that it is nice to be able to listen to the game radio for every game.

  37. Constantly does not work. Have NFL+ subscription, but it hardly ever seems to work. Takes forever to load the game. Constantly freezes, cuts out, or switches to a different game in the middle of watching another one. Never been able to watch a full game without problems.

  38. Worked great until it didn’t. I used the app for weeks to watch replays of my out of market team. Then one weekend the app started crashing when playback started. I have tried everything- logging out and in, clearing caches, deleting and reinstalling, updating everything… nothing seems to work. I’m left with no means of watching my Browns beat themselves each week. SAD.

  39. I wish I could give this zero stars. I have had very little issue with the app itself however even after subscribing to NFL+, I have only been able to watch ONE game all season. Only works on my mobile, no longer works on PC or my Xbox. So while at home, on the couch, I have to watch it on my mobile phone while my kids play Xbox on the big TV.

  40. Very disappointing app. Can’t handle traffic. Constantly stops while streaming. Gives continuous error message for audio only. Doesn’t remember speaker enabled from previous usage. Doesn’t show scores on the watch/listen screen. And all of this after charging for live content. Many other apps handle NFL games better than this one.

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