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Just tap into the NFL App to get the latest NFL news, highlights, stats & more.

Brand new for 2022: Fans can access NFL+ content within the NFL App (NFL+ subscription required).

NFL+ Features:
• Live out-of-market Preseason games across devices
• Live local and primetime Regular Season games on your phone and tablet
• Live Playoffs & Super Bowl LVII on your phone and tablet
• Live game audio (home, away & national calls) for every game of the season
• NFL library programming on-demand, ad-free
• Full and condensed game replays with an NFL+ Premium subscription

NFL app Phone and Tablet Features:
• Game Center with up-to-the-minute scoring, in-game highlights and drive charts
• Articles and video highlights featuring the latest stories and breaking news from all around the NFL
• Stay up to date with the latest trending news and highlights on the NFL Channel.
• NFL Combine and Draft coverage
• NFL Network 24/7/365 and NFL RedZone are available for eligible subscribers of Charter, Cox, DirecTV, Hulu + Live TV, Optimum, Verizon FiOS, YouTube TV and many more providers.

NFL app Android TV Features:
• Select your favorite team to watch videos directly from that team.
• NFL Network 24/7/365 and NFL RedZone are available for eligible subscribers of Charter, Cox, DirecTV, Hulu + Live TV, Optimum, Verizon FiOS, YouTube TV and many more providers.

NFL+ is a subscription product; content and features vary based on location and device. Learn more at

Learn more about the NFL’s digital offerings:,, and

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The NFL app allows use of AirPlay and Chromecast when viewing all video-on-demand and select live content. However, the NFL app does not permit outputs from phones or tablets of live games, NFL RedZone or NFL Network to external displays via HDMI, Chromecast, AirPlay, Miracast or other similar streaming functionality due to rights restrictions.

The Services may feature Nielsen proprietary measurement software, which will allow users to contribute to market research, such as Nielsen TV Ratings. Nielsen believes that you should have a choice about whether to contribute to our research and insights. To opt out of Nielsen measurement, you need only to activate the “Opt out of Ads Personalization” (for Android devices) option in your devices settings. For web, please visit: to learn more about the Nielsen digital measurement products and your choices in regard to them.

Data usage applies for app download and use.

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40 comentarios en "NFL MODDED"

  1. Crashes constantly, or prompts you with a “not responding” notification while it seems to be running normally. Every time you leave the app, even for a few seconds, it defaults back to the first game in the list. Has several places to “save your favorite team” but none of them actually save it. Should show scores on the nfl plus tab so you don’t have to cycle through to see them. Just poorly designed and poorly run across the board.

  2. Really bad experience using the app. Radio broadcast are at least 40 seconds behind TV broadcast, so unless you have the ability to sink up TV, you will have games constantly spoiled. Very frequent crashes, and wastes a lot of time trying to automatically start playing whatever local game is on. Also, there needs to be a way to go to the score page without turning off game audio. It shouldn’t be that hard. Especially for a paid service.

  3. There’s no (easily visible anyway) way to ask for help; it just directs you to what others have asked. It starts playing video by default, so if you have it on by accident you can get screwed if you don’t have unlimited wi-fi; you could burn thru some signal/time by accident. Also, I want it on my PC, but only shows availability for my phone where it’s already installed, and an old phone. I’ve got 2 more days on the trial, but right now this doesn’t seem ready for prime time. Video & sound OK.

  4. This app is garbage. It was tolerable when the games were free, but now that it requires a subscription to watch the games it really should work better. The video freezes constantly, the audio jumps around a bunch, and it will randomly jump forward enough that you miss several plays out of the drive. Those are just my biggest issues with the app, as others have stated there are a ton of other problems with it though.

  5. This app is by far the most dysfunctional one on my phone, and has been for years. I’ve owned iPhones, galaxies, and pixels. Half the time, the app crashes while opening. Sometimes it overheats the phone. If I get a notification about an article I’m interested in, I click it, it opens the app, and God knows where that article is located, I can never find it. Often, streaming games/RedZone thru the app causes severe crashes, and it can take between 5-15 mins for the app to be able to open again.

  6. The app is really quite bad to watch games on. When watching games, multiple times a quarter, the app crashes. Then when I restart the app, the video feed doesn’t start up. After multiple tries and and after missing 5 minutes of the game, I’ll be able to get back to the game. Then it happens all over again. The worst part was that the app crashes right on the last drive of the game and I missed the winning drive of the game. It like I spent all that time trying to watch for nothing.

  7. App is still buggy. It won’t let me even change my favorite team. I accidentally picked the Dolphins and I have tried to change it to the Raiders and it just won’t save. Not sure what I can do. But paid for the 80 for the year. Get to see games on my phone while I’m able to see the replay games later which is nice. All games seem smooth so far.

  8. The app is decent when it works but it only seldom works. It is constantly glitching and reloading itself at random intervals, it’s, it takes so much power from the phone to run even as poorly as it does that it’s always a risk of overheating. For a multi million dollar company like the NFL, no, one would think that they would create a higher quality product

  9. Ive always used this app. This year is the worst of all. They use to stream free local games, now you have to pay for it. I paid for the subscription, but the quality is horrible. It freezes up all the time. It will crash mid game and just kick you out of the app. I use to be able to use an HDMI cord to watch the games from my laptop to my tv. Now, its gives you a partial screed. Dont touch the mouse or it will freeze up. It just really pisses me off that you to pay for a glitchy app.

  10. This app is pretty much garbage. For as much money as the NFL makes you would they they would have a better app. It’s super buggy, randomly crashes, not smooth at all. I paid for the NFL plus and it makes me sign out and back in before it will let me cast to my TV every single time. Wish it was better, I guess it’s still better than paying for cable… maybe.

  11. NFL+ is garbage. It keeps crashing is the main issue, it’s unwatchable. Quality of life wise, I also can’t run it in the background like I can YouTube. It’s cheap though, that’s why it gets 2 stars instead of 1. I can sometimes at least see a part of what’s happening live. But it needs work. I’m asking for a refund. Edit: they won’t give me a refund despite it not working. Some games won’t even play, you can only listen. My experience has only gotten worse. Now even 1 star.

  12. No offline functioning. Every time you switch apps or close/reopen your phone, it loads the article. If your internet cuts for a minute, the article is gone. This also means it consumes way more data than necessary. Edit: since the previous seasons, the app has removed the player stats. Now there are only team statistics, which show random and inaccurate numbers.

  13. This app crashes constantly. If it’s not crashing the video will play the same loop like 2-3 times then fast forward to where you miss what actually goes on. If the app crashes and you go back, sometimes the audio stops working. You have to manually adjust audio on phone before it comes back on. Last year you could watch games for FREE on the Yahoo Sports App and I never had an issue with the quality. Now the NFL decides to charge us and the app doesn’t even work! Stop being greedy NFL

  14. Paul dice:

    If I could give it no stars I would. After reading the reviews and seeing how many people have the same problems (crashing, closes itself, etc.) I can’t believe this has not been fixed. I bought NFL+ so I could watch my team without having to buy another premium service like Amazon Prime for Thursday Night Football. My team kicks a field goal, it’s up, going left, just before ref’s signal it freezes. I haven’t swore like that in years. Totally sucks.

  15. T Nave dice:

    The NFL app has always been atrocious. It rarely opens correctly and crashes often. It seems like as the years go on, they charge for more to make more money, but the app continuously gets worse. There’s no stats during games now, the play by play is so off, and the score screen for all games doesn’t show who has the ball anymore. Definitely moving to a different sports app for NFL.

  16. The app is barely functional. The ONLY reason I have it is because It’s the best choice to have access to multiple games. However, often times the live video will just drop, wether on wifi or data. While watching, sometimes the app will pop up that it’s not responding, when the app is working. This forces me to restart the app and dance with it to get the game going again. And God forbid you have to switch off the app for any reason at all, you’re better off closing the app and relaunching it.

  17. 500 characters isn’t enough to describe the multitude of problems with this app. The most frustrating issue is that none of the apps on any platform (iOS, Android, Roku, etc) is capable of remembering that my NFL+ account is valid once the app is shutdown, and I can’t just log back in again. I need to uninstall the app, reinstall it, then go through all of the login routines before it will recognize my NFL+ account again. Everytime the app is closed…or whenever it crashes, which is often.

  18. Kara Brown dice:

    It used to be a fun, decent working (though with some lag) app. But it’s been anything but since they did major updates this year. When (if) it works it’s slow. And now to watch the advertised “free” games on NFL Network you have to do so using data not wifi or sign in with cable. Totally undermines the usefulness of the app and advertising of free to watch games. Not good for those of us who don’t have good cell signal (or anyone with limited data). EDIT 2022: it’s even worse, NFL+ doesn’t work

  19. Pam S dice:

    Not as advertised. I purchase +premium because it said watch any game live. I could during trial period but once that was over, I now have to wait for the live game to finish in order to watch. The app gives you a message (during live game time) that the game can only be watched on a mobile device….duh…i try all mobile devices and it doesn’t work. It’s the only entertainment app I have that doesn’t allow you to cast to your tv… It’s football, for Pete’s sake. You want to watch on a TV!!

  20. Matt Smith dice:

    Edit: you can’t listen to audio in the background again, crashes constantly. Edit: you can listen to radio in the background now, although it still is in video format. Original review: Awful. You pay $100 for game pass and the app won’t even let you listen to radio broadcasts in the background either with another app active or with the screen sleeping. I would say that it couldn’t be worse but they’ve made it worse before.

  21. Garbage – utter garbage. You can barely watch a single play. Screen freezes, audio cuts back 15 seconds and once the audio catches back up to the moment the screen froze it starts playing again. If you’re lucky you’ll get 30 solid seconds of streaming and the whole process repeats. You’ll have absolutely no idea what’s going on during the game.

  22. Adam DePoy dice:

    Broken app. I sign up for the NFL+ service, and all I get is an endless loop directing me back to the ‘subscribe’ section even though I already have the subscription. When I hit ‘restore in-app purchases’ I get the ‘you’re all set’ message and hit the button ‘take me to the gridiron’ but when I click on any game, it just redirects me back to the subscription set up screen and the whole process repeats. Nearly a trillion dollar organization can’t get a freaking app to work. Unreal

  23. Pretty much useless. Only local or primetime games can be watched, even with the $30 paid subscription. And the app crashes constantly while listening to games, with endless popups to start a “free” NFL+ trial, after I’ve already paid for the annual subscription. It takes 5-10 minutes to restart the app only to crash again 15 minutes later. Absolute garbage.

  24. Ben Bauer dice:

    Streaming is so glitchy it is unbearable to watch. The app skips back a few seconds, then does it again, and then skips forward to catch up and you miss what happened. This has been a recurring issue over multiple games. I switched over to Amazon for the Thursday game just to finish watching my home team.

  25. App keeps crashing during the games. Makes me sign in over and over even though I’m an annual member. I click on a game and it sends me to the log in screen again. If by chance it decides to actually load a game for me, it crashes after 20 minutes and sends me to my home screen of my S22. I’ve deleted the app and then installed again to no avail, still the same issues. $30 for nothing! Come on NFL+, we expect better! So frustrating on game day!

  26. This is a update. I payed the 79.99 yearly deal, and should be able to watch any game on this app. Nope. All the games that are playing now, I can only listen to them. Also there are frequent crashes when I am watching a game. It crashes about 3 to 4 times in one game till it stops. Lucky I canceled the subscription. I thought they would step it up a notch. What a disappointment from a billion dollar company. Straight trash 🗑.

  27. This app no longer gives individual game stat info. It just shows a few bar graph symbols that are not labeled and are not accurate. Please fix this. The stat page worked last season. Why was it changed? Also you can’t see the scores well on the games page on mobile phones. This app seems to have turned into just a big ad to try to get us to subscribe to the useless nfl+ streaming service that only allows us to watch a replayed game.

  28. NFL+ is definitely worth the money. The app, however, is TERRIBLE. It force closes randomly. Every 5 minutes, it lowers the volume on my devices to half. It really struggles when changing between portrait and landscape. It somehow “lags” behind the broadcast and will just suddenly catch up and it’s jarring and confusing. It also somehow loses the stream of the game at crucial moments, leading me to believe that it is failing to accommodate the load of it’s users. Bad app.

  29. kate a dice:

    Scratch that, not even local games can be watched without a paid account. So this app doesn’t offer anything you can get elsewhere (scores, highlights,etc). And it’s still slow and random ads in the middle of plays. Zero stars Lags or crashes everytime. And even after I turn all notifications off, I’m still bombarded with push notifications 🤷‍♀️. I do appreciate being able to watch local games on my phone for free, so 2 stars.

  30. App shuts down a lot while trying to watch games. It’s incredibly slow at times. Even when I have a good signal or on Wi-Fi. I have to log out then back in every time I want to watch a game on the NFL+ premium. If I don’t logout and then login all games are locked and I can’t watch anything. Incredibly frustrating app. I expect A lot more from the NFL. I’ve done everything the support team told me to do but NFL+ still doesn’t work very well.

  31. Spend $9.99/ month to not be able to watch games because the app constantly closes itself or won’t even open and load. Have to constantly restart the app to get it to actually open, then you try to select the game you want to watch and it won’t play. Playback feature doesn’t work at all, and I have yet to be able to even listen to the audio broadcast of a game because it just simply never buffers. Contacted customer service for no resolution. App still broken and paid $9.99. Don’t waste your $$$

  32. Really bad app. Crashes constantly which is particularly annoying when trying to listen to a game while driving and you have to pull over to relaunch and reconnect. I paid for this app so I could listen to my out of market team in the car. App is also very sluggish and defaults to playing the video feed of whatever game is playing locally which adds more time to navigate out of which you have to do often because it CRASHES every 10 minutes. NFL doesn’t care cause where else are you going to go?

  33. The app is not great. I’ve had it on my phone for quite a while. When clicking on, it sometimes takes forever to load. Also it receives a not responding notification. It needs to be updated to improve the quality. The NFL+ subscription sucks. It often buffers and crashes when watching a game. Whoever is in charge of the streaming service should read the reviews. Most of them are negative. You should take action and make significant improvements to the app so you can satisfy your customers.

  34. Garbage! New addition of NFL+ doesn’t integrate well and ruined a great app. Now very slow. Used to be able to easily start or resume a game, not possible with NFL+. I subscribe annually, I have to logout/login everytime I use it or it just keeps landing on Pick Your Subscription. Closes randomly mid-game, you have to repeat the process of logging out/logging in again. Same problems on every device. Also, might seem petty but they USED to offer discount for Veterans, that’s gone in NFL+ premium.

  35. This app is incredibly poorly made. Not only does it take at least a couple of minutes for a game to begin playing when you hit “watch now”, but it crashes all the time. Especially at the very end of games. I’ve missed the end of 4 games in 2 weeks because it crashed with less than 30seconds remaining to play.

  36. This app crashes, it has problems loading, problems playing the game (live and recorded), and even if you try and change settings, they will stay the exact same. I could forgive all that for just being able to watch football, but why in the hell is the final score alert on by default?! For your favorite team?! Who is that for? I’m either watching the game or I’m going to so it’ll just spoil the whole thing

  37. I downloaded this app specifically for NFL+. The app is atrocious, it crashes constantly, most of the videos take 2-3 times of selecting, then backing out, then selecting it again before they even give streaming options. The radio broadcasts work slightly better than the video but NFL has not set that bar high. I wish Yahoo Sports still had the deal with NFL, that was a better app experience and generally better app.

  38. Trash….. I have never experienced a more sophisticated app that is incapable of doing its job. One minute I’m watching redzone games and everything is fine, the next minute I’m getting the 403 forbidden error and no one can explain why it’s happening nor can the fix it. We shouldn’t have to pay for something that only works sometimes. With all the money you have NFL, you should be able to do better.

  39. When I try and watch games or even Good Morning Football or even anything else for that matter. I get a message “Error playing content errors code: 403 Forbidden” It’s getting very annoying. Sometimes I can, sometimes I can’t. This happens while watching on the tv. Updated: app is still trash and more of a scam. How many platforms do we need to subscribe to, to watch games. Can watch on my phone, but hardly do. Why watch on my phone when I’m have a 65 inch to watch games on. Doesn’t work on tv!

  40. I think this app is BS… seriously they make you purchase it but you can only watch it on one single phone. You can’t stream it to a TV and I couldn’t even stream the sound to my car. That’s not even the worse part. The worst is mid Play the whole system cuts out and you have to reboot the app. Waste of time, money and frustration.

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