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The first FREE offline 8 ball pool game! Play 8 ball without network!
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The World’s most addictive FREE offline 8 ball pool game for single player,
‘Pool 2022 Free’ is out on app store!!!
Check it out and enjoy the challenging pool single game now.

Free from unstable Wi-fi network or data
Play offline in anytime and anywhere.

Choose challenging mission
Pick one game you like and start to challenge each stage.

Play for Prize
Complete the single stages and get the amount of game rewards.

Perfect challenge
Get the perfect stars of each stage, becoming a perfect pool star.

Combo Shot
Make successful shots in a row for huge prizes. You know you deserve the cheering.

Multi Shot
Succeed in making the multi shots with one hit, get the surprised bonus.

— Download ‘Pool 2020 Free : Play FREE Offline game’ by Andromeda Games NOW! —


Minor bug fixed


40 comentarios en "Pool 2022 : Play offline game FULL"

  1. Experience was great. Controls are easy going and alot of time spent in game play. I have only 2 suggestions…. First being, adding perks… For example, say chalk.. Chalk improves accuracy for that turn ect… Second being, add more levels… I was a little dissapointed when i got to the last table and couldnt continue forward… Overall, great game and i have been looking for another like it since and havent found one yet…

  2. Enjoyable game to play but a few adjustments are needed. The background sounds are boring. A choice between music and sounds would be awesome. The power setting on the cue could be better and same for the white ball. Putting bottom or top spin on the white doesn’t seem to be the same from shot to shot. The instructions are lacking in information or I just cant find them. It could be because I play on a smart TV but its still good fun to play.

  3. it would be better playing if there was an option to adjust the control on the white arrow to line up the cue ball with the others if u know what it mean. trying to line the cue up is very difficult at times and cant make the shot as pricisely as i would like. other than that game ok. sometimes it is next to imposssible to control the cue stick but if u can get the hang of it the game is good. the regular 8 ball pool has an option to control the cue and it’s nice but this is very difficult .

  4. him self dice:

    Getting to aim is very slow and at times when I pull the power it tends to re-aim and change my alignment I checked the settings so that I can change the sensitivity but there was no option for that so I have uninstalled it

  5. Played online version for months. This used to be linked to the online version where u could use cues there. Also now it simply stops at the end of lvl7. I have all perfect scores with maximum stars and yet nothing cant go to 500. Also game help featurea are useless except hammer which u get 1-2 for whole game. It coild be the best pool game if management would think this through

  6. This program is all eye candy and setup for people that either are little children or aren’t very smart. I don’t need a hand pointing to “Start challenge”. I’ve tried a lot of programs hoping to find a sweet single player against CPU. But almost all, including this one are insulting to intelligence and indicators of fake confidence building. Not perfect but then..perfection doesn’t exist.

  7. Dan Clare dice:

    3 stars because. 1.Embarassing easy 2.Unrealistic in so many ways 3.Where’s the challenge, I can’t find it But, that’s just me. I don’t know where to start to make improvements. The game as a whole says it for itself. If you like a game with all of the above then this is the one for you.

  8. Don’t tell me I have a free chest to open, but then play a forced ad that tells me I forfeit my reward if I end the ad early. That’s not what free means. Free means nothing must be done to earn a given item. Watching a 30 second ad counts as me having to do something. Other than that, I can close the other ads, so not bad overall.

  9. Consistent advertisements wreck the game. It would be fun if it were not for that. I understand that for those of us that do not pay anything they help earn money and it is needed, but it seems like every 3 shots I have to watch a 30 second ad. I do not normally write reviews, but this one frustrated me.

  10. I love this game of pool shot challenges, Ive reached the last level twice. Now im losing some interest, the creators say there are more levels on the way but not saying when. Untill then only 4 stars. thank you.

  11. Fun and challenging. However, the cue stick has a mind of its own. Too many times, it just freezes and I can’t get it to move. Other times I can’t get it to be still to make a shot. I’ve lost numbers of shots because of its fickleness.

  12. It’s fun an all but I downloaded this game cuz it didn’t need wifi/internet so I could keep on playing and I can only play for a.bit.then wait an wait. It would be alot better I we didn’t have to watch a video an get 2 plays… I like that it’s challenging in all control is good but the having to wait for turns sucks

  13. There are a couple of pool balls and a table that does not move or rotate. There is no way to escape the forced “practice” rounds. After playing 12 forced practice “rounds”, I have come to the conclusion that there are no pool games here. No 8 Ball, no 9 ball. If you are looking to play an actual game of pool you are wasting your time with this app.

  14. soo i downloaded it, played it for a few weeks. got all the stages cleared 3 stars, unlocked all the cues except the last one… and theres no way i can unlock it until i get more levels to beat. ill give 5 stars once i can achieve everything thats shown.

  15. Its a cool game but we know that in a real game its not possible that only one ball- at a time- makes a single pocket. It’s a plus that the white doesn’t follow every ball pocketed though. I’m curious why accurate shots fired don’t hit a target.🤔 At Level 8/79 the player is given only one target to shoot indicated by a flashing ball. When there are about 3 balls left, no balls are given!!!? Whichever ball you target is a foul!!!!!😯 PLEASE FIX ASAP

  16. Months of game play progress lost after update. Was easily a 5 star game and played every day. Since the update, I’m back to the start. Pointless playing if progress is wiped after each update.

  17. Rick dice:

    I was looking for a new game of straight pool, well this is nothing like it. I don’t know what it is just a game to practice shooting different shots. I’ll play I it for a while and see if there is anything else comes up. If you are looking for 8 ball, 9 ball or anything else this is not the place.

  18. Been playing for one day and cannot refill by watching videos as every single time it says ‘Video playback failed’ Also cannot open the chests as I get the same message. Enjoyable game but this is annoying so will no doubt delete it very soon.

  19. The game is cool. But it has a few glitches. First is the cue ball rolls way too much after a shot. There also seems to be an issue on the corner pocket where you hit the ball in, but it comes back out. This is true for soft and harder shots.

  20. I like the game but need information. Why is it sometimes my shot is taken for me when I am just starting to line it up? Am I doing something wrong that I don’t know about…have been given no instruction on this… At this time I still feel short of information…dropped in the middle of some scoring and finessing system totally in the dark???

  21. Nice game for practice shots. Would be better if you could actually play a game. Also, needs to have scoring information that pops up on the screen stay there for a longer time so that it can be read and understood.

  22. I can’t believe this company terminated the service on 4/20/2022 for the other version that people actually play…all you had to do is make an actual update that makes the gameplay more fun, and not have the same old tired “bug fixes and improvements” BS everytime the company wants to grace us with a random update and ((switching the position of one log-in option and just changing the year)) is not considered an actual in-game “update” but, they keep this P.O.S game smfh!!!

  23. Free chests only give free ball and the really useless extended line off the cushion. Is the hammer even in there?? I have 50something extended lines 30something free move ball and NO hammer breaks. Complete total bs. They cant be bought, which is the only reason i can think that they would make tbem so rare. So what gives?? Idiotic senselessness at its finest. Uninstalling this dud in 10, 9, 8,…

  24. I actually am good with this game, and im a terrible billards player. This game makes me so keen on the game that i have uninstalled all the other gamespf like nature. Enjoyable, skilled-oriented, and just plain FUN. RECOMMENDED for those with billiard skills or novice either one.

  25. Got to level 10-200 and completed this level several times but the next level locks up and won’t let me start so its back to the level before again,very annoying, but enjoyable so far but looks like I’ll have to uninstall.

  26. Just want to play 8 ball.. No actual pool games to be had, only challenges… Edit.. After more play, there is no advancing past level 10.. Challenges get real old real fast.. Don’t waste your time on this game…

  27. Not a bad game, pockets are a bit tight,, you need to be perfect in order to pocket a ball. I like the variet of starting positions, keeps it interesting.

  28. Ability to save at what ever level you were at when departing site would be nice. Everything I did on my first play session,the levels was fun.

  29. Dear Dubai, in real pool I have no natural ability. So, I Love playing online with real people. In Pool 2020 you play against the table. Normally it’s not a game for me. 2020 makes you think and learn! Now, if u think u won’t like it- think again and try it. It has improved my online game 30-40%! I AM A GAMER! And rarely leave reviews. Just reach Level 2 and u won’t stop! The bad thing is you can’t save. That just means you have to breeze thru the EZ parts again! LOVE THIS GAME THANK U DUBAI*

  30. BEST of all pool games. Only problem I have is that I have over 4 billion coins and over 120,000 gems and there is nothing you can do with them. What’s with that? And one more thing… What’s with the 3 kings that you can “add a character” for BUT you can’t get the kings. WHEN??

  31. The pool cue could use a little bit more control. I also don’t really see much in the way of options 8-ball 9-ball 4 ball. It’s enjoyable but it just seems like a bunch of trick shots.

  32. I’m very happy with this game. It’s fun, helps to focus and relax, and I get to learn new skills to use in real life pool shots. Great graphics, and it’s pretty addicting. Very cool overall. Thanks!

  33. Be a really fun game if you could adjust the spin n had better control of the stick…its sorta hard to line a shot with how the stick control is…..

  34. this app sucks. its impossible to line up shots. the guideline snaps away as soon as you remove your finger to shoot. i emailed the developer about this with no response. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS APP!!!!

  35. It’s a great game to pass time, but the control is terrible. Often so frustrating missed the shot due to so tedious to aim to the pockets.

  36. Good game to play solo. Drives me nuts trying to line up shots on my tablet though, it needs fine tuning. fun time killer and the physics are good. 4.3 stars. would happily give a 5 if they improve aiming

  37. Ive downloaded this game several times to restart this game not because it glitchy because its a amazing game but i 3 star every level and still cant get past 300 points ive been waiting for ages for new levels i can not get enough point to get the last cue ill and extra three star on this review if uou could fix this please

  38. Love the app, Runs pretty smooth, Needs to be a little more precise on what it’s wonting you to do on some of the shoots it’s wonting you to make. Yes can play off-line.😀😀😀

  39. controls too touchy and will pass point of aim taking multiple times to cue up on ball. the rest of the game is good and would have gotten a better rating but for this problem.

  40. First- has absolutely nothing to do with 8 ball, not even remotely kissing cousins to 8 ball, like nada, nyet, nein.. Second- its stupid. Third- it has absolutely nothing in common with 8 ball other than played on a table with a cue, cue ball and balls. Gets very boring, very very quickly.

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