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Score as a Super Star in Football Strike: Action Multiplayer Online Soccer Game!
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Take on your friends in multiplayer free-kick face-offs, or make a name for yourself in the Career Mode!

Customise your striker and goalkeeper with tons of unlockable items! Show off your style or represent your team’s colours!

Take on Career mode, travelling through different stadiums around the globe and taking on unique soccer challenges to unlock medals!

With simple and fast gameplay, Football Strike is easy to play and offers endless competitive football fun!


• Take your shot and make amazing saves, all with the flick of the finger!
• Play against friends or challenge players from across the world!
• Represent your favourite team! Play as FC Barcelona, Liverpool FC, Borussia Dortmund, and more!
• Conquer an extensive Career Mode to earn medals!
• Upgrade your player and equipment and take on the world’s best!
• Fast-paced gameplay means there’s always action!

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This game needs an internet connection to play

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• Get warmed up and prepare to outsmart your opponents in the Winter Champions Season! Exclusive rewards and tons of Valuable Prizes await!
• The Winter magic continues with the Winter Champions Cup, featuring a VIP Pass that grants you Special Benefits and Valuable Rewards!
• Bug fixes, general optimizations, and a few more polishes.


40 comentarios en "Football Strike: Online Soccer MODDED 2022"

  1. It’s a decent, but repetitive game. I would have kept it but the CONSTANT multiple “replays” of my shots got too annoying. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and sometimes 7 times watching my kick before seeing what it actually did. I looked at the settings and there’s no way to turn that off, it happens at least 3 times per game. That was enough for me to uninstall it, well that and the same thing over and over again.

  2. I’ve kept coming back to this game hoping it gets better. It never does. I’ve lost millions of coins after being matched up with an opponent, and then it never goes to the game just stays on the matchup screen. As other players have noted, it feels incredibly rigged when you’re movements don’t match what the players do at all. Sometimes it’s in your favor, but that’s still messed up – shows that the game is rigged and doing what it wants picking its own winners. Done for good. AVOID.

  3. Very fun game, but there are definitely some bugs that need to be fixed. In practice mode, the game is smooth and responsive, but when you are on an online match with another player there are some serious lag issues regarding shooting and also goalie response. Very frustrating. Not a phone or network issue, my other games work fine.

  4. You guys should bring the shooting race back. It was fun. Also, the ads can be intrusive. They come at times when opponents want to play again but can’t because an ad came up. It disconnects a lot as well. It’s a fun game tho. I would love to be able to have more diverse characters and more bag options and background / scenery options as well.

  5. Chris G dice:

    Fun game but glitches too often. It’s a good fast paced game, can play a round fairly quick. The connection issues are brutal. You can start a round, it’ll have connection issue and exit the round but with a loss, and you lose coins and energy. There’s no tech support either. If they aren’t going to fix the connection issues, then they shouldn’t penalize you for their technical problems and instead at the very least return your coins.

  6. I have been having problems. Whether on cell data or wifi, the game will get stuck on the loading screen after pairing for a match. My opponent is selected, the coins go to the pot, and then it sits there.. the game doesn’t freeze, because I can see the slight swaying of the players.. but this has happened over the last 12 hours and has been pretty much every other game I try and play. I’ve lost close to 10k in coins because of this. About to delete if it continues.

  7. This game is literally rigged. I know that sounds ridiculous for a multiplayer game, but it is. If I shoot (swipe) really fast, I can shoot up to 158kph. The thing is though, that you can notice the difference in actual speed between the games. Also, I’ll sometimes swipe the completely wrong way, and the game still magically saves the ball for me. Like how does that even work? Sometimes it’s super easy to win a bunch of games in a row and then othr times it is literally impossible to win games.

  8. All around very a good app. There are no intrusive adds, nothing important is locked behind a pay wall, and the game play is exactly as advertised. The club and rank system are fun to play around with and I can see how people would really enjoy them. My only complaints are that there is no practice mode as goalie and wish there where a couple more game mode. I would like to see something like what’s in the career mode but you try to get a high score or something.

  9. Clo dice:

    No game is perfect, users will always find something to nit pick about. Sure sometimes there are connectivity issues and you may end up forfeiting a game, but overall you do not need to spend money to win/play. The ads come every once in a while and you can click after 5 seconds (compared to others that are 30-60secs).

  10. Overall a decent game however there are a lot of disadvantages to this game. When you are playing and especially when risking more coins, it sometimes cuts you out and you lose your coins which you worked hard for and there’s no way to get them back without having to face difficult opponents who are very skilled. Also there is a glitch in the game where you take a shot and sometimes it keeps repeating it for ages until either you or your opponent leaves. I’ve lost about 80,000 coins from this

  11. This game is just another one that you shouldn’t waste your time with. It provides too much weight to those players with higher levels and squashes all form of fair competition. Even someone with as little as 2 levels above you will consistently beat you because of this algorithm. It gives them the ability to shoot exponentially faster than you. It’s quite possible they’re all bots. Don’t even bother with this game or you’ll find yourself unnecessarily frustrated with this bs game.

  12. I’ve really been enjoying this game. One drawback is that if one wants to get better stats for VIP balls, or even attain VIP balls, it shouldn’t be so costly. If one doesn’t want to have to play for a year to level up a VIP ball to level 5 or 6, they seriously need to pay some decent cash. To get numerous VIP ball upgrades, $100’s of dollars need to be spent to get better stats to compete with the best. This really could be changed. This game does provide hours of enjoyment though.

  13. Game is fun until you realize that you can’t do anything when the game has decided who’s going to win (I’m assuming who has paid more money). For example, you dive left, the person jumps up or is a quarter of a second too late. Another example, you kick the ball as fast as possible with a 4/5 speed ball and the ball goes less than half the top speed allowing the other opponent to have an easy prediction. 3/5 stars

  14. Fun and addicting, almost rated 3 stars because the bugs are FREQUENT. Fix the bugs and it’s an easy 5. PVP is hit or miss, when opponent loses connection you win the round. But sometimes right after your opponent is picked the screen freezes with no way to return home. You lose that money. Sometimes as goalie your swipe doesn’t register at all (esp when it’s a fast shot) which is incredibly infuriating when it’s a decisive shot and money is on the line. Bag items won sometimes vanish. FIX IT

  15. When playing in career mode. I’m the goal keeper and I’ve got to block Either the red or the blue ball. I’ve tried multiple times now it keeps ripping me off. I wasn’t Even given the opportunity to Finish. it asked me if I wanted 2 more shots for $9. I’d click on it. then he’d go to shoot and I go to block it and it wouldn’t give me my 2 shots. So I want conference aided either that or you can refund my purchases back in my account. Thank you.

  16. Fun game. I’ve been playing it for months.. unfortunately I’m starting to get really tired of the game stealing coins from me and stealing money from me (game money) because of its constant crashes and features that don’t work. It’s really a shame. It would be a five-star game if not for all these technical difficulties. I would guess the game’s probably stolen about $150,000 coins from me and A few $100 in game money. Really a shame. I see updates but they don’t seem to fix the problems.

  17. Worst competetive gaming app ive ever played. Seems as though every match is predetermined. Cant control what your goalkeeper does at all. Half the time he doesnt react at all; just stands there stuck on stupid. The other half of the time is completely random. Guide him to dive left and he goes right. Guide him to go right and he falls straight down. Guide him up and he goes left and so on. Shooting race has issues too. Most notably is when time is up your opponent gets another shot or two off.

  18. AR GAMING dice:

    Want to try out some free kicks while laying at your cozy bed? If yes then it’s made for you this game is completely based on free kicks. The graphics and stability of this game is awesome. We get a wide range of customization which makes your avatar more cool It’s an endless fun as it keeps getting challenging. You must give it a try and trust me you won’t regret it

  19. Really good, I just have 1 problem, I don’t know if it Happens to anyone else but When I’m in goals, I try save it so I swipe the screen and it goes the other way. But it’s a good app. I do reccomend it if you were looking for a good game, and there is ads, just not every minute. So that’s all I’ve got. It really deserves 5 stars though. Not trying to force it because some people think differently.

  20. It’s all good fun but I’ve been cheated out of thousands of points,for example when the amount is $10.000 and the prize is $20.000 they only give me half and this has been happening more and more! Now everything is getting worse control’s fail,wrong moves late etc,now I can’t even get started it won’t work at all! Fun while it lasted! This game is to glitchy and unfair and wrong! It has a lot of bugs please fix

  21. Now I have played this game I can say its should the award for the most inconsistent game ever I could be o you side one game and screw you over the next. Some of the sense goes out the window, if you watch football no keeper could save a shot that goes 135kph from 10 yards out no-one. However, this is where the inconsistencies begin because besides that you have a really well put together game with ok graphics good systems. So if you see this review try the game see if you like it.

  22. LOVE this game. There are different game modes which are amazing. Career, match and practice. Even practice is fun. There aren’t even that much ads which makes it better. Lots of features as well. Though there is a tiny bug which barely happens is that when I swipe to the top left or right when I’m in net e.g I swipe to the top left it goes to the top right. Sometimes it helps me save the shot though 😎. Overall an awesome game though. Definitely recommend it and I think it deserves 5 stars😁💫.

  23. There’s no option of giving zero star rating else I would give that definitely… The game is horrible, control doesn’t work many of the times, when the match is starting thay take our money but during the match it lags and the game doesn’t respond at all !!!! Horrible game !!!!!!!!!!!

  24. The game is great! the good thing is we can challenge friends but the problem is you need to login facbook to challenge your friends but you can play a lot of modes and win coins and cashs you can change the player into woman or men,so the game is super fun!!

  25. Tried to complain about goals registered as out !!! Sent them screen recordings to prove it… They said they would look into it to see if the opponent was cheating !! Not possible, it’s a flaw in their program.. I can no longer record video of game.. that’s thier idea of fixing it… total crappie service. Basically they stop you from proving the program is flawed. Be prepared to get really passed of with the game !!!

  26. Supratim dice:

    Good for a while. Then the minor problems become major issues playing in higher tiers. Connectivity issues are just the top of the ice berg. Soo many bugs in this game. I made a lot of progress but the bugs are just unbearable. Wont Recommend.

  27. Inconsistent match pairing. Easy to destroy or get destroyed when playing others with much higher skill sets (or lower). Shouldnt be paired in 20k matches with a player 10 levels above you. Also, lose coin if connection is dropped before match starts (after fee is collected). Updated 2022, the server is still dropping games left and right. I’ve lost 3 out of every 10 matches because of opponents losing connection. And occasionally I lose connection. Game reloads and all coin is lost and match

  28. This game is actually trash. I always get paired up with better players that can be way more than my level! I wouldn’t reccomend for people that like calm games. I still think it’s bad. And finally, one more thing. The career mode absolutely sucks! Why do you need to pay for the career mode!? (In-game currency of course) I don’t think that this is a good game.

  29. Poorest game.. most of the time game tries to reconnect (connecting…..) Even I’m connected to a stable Wi-Fi connection. Making us lose the game and even lose a winning chance and streak in a championship. Sometimes it says opponent disconnected, you won.. after returning to home screen our coins will be lost. I know Miniclip will not take any action, I have already faced a bugs and hackers in another game (8 ball pool) they are asking video capture of the incident, who will record all gam

  30. Super fun game but non stop bug issues. Spend hours trying to get couple 100k coins so I can do the career and then do a 50k free kicks and it will glitch and take money. Another glitch that happens you kick and it highlights your kick and gets stuck on a loop and never finish and you have to back out of the game and lose the coins. There is no way to contact support. I have lost like 300k coins because of glitches . Needs to be fixed for 5star review

  31. Was fun at first, but the constant freezing of the game when starting a match and losing your money is extremely frustrating. Also, lost “money” in career mode while trying to extend my time on a stage. Took the money and sent me to the home screen

  32. Worst Gaming App. Gets hanged automatically after certain level and the coins used for the match never gets refunded. Also most of the players or bots in the game are using cheat code to hit the ball very powerfully which is impossible to save as a goalkeeper. The management of this game never looks into this matter which is making the gaming experience very much worse for genuine players. Uninstalling the app right away!

  33. F. C. dice:

    Pay to play, literally. Don’t waste your time or money. Matches are rigged so you win 50% of the time, which incentivizes you to buy credits, and when you do buy you magically hit a win streak. Game freezes a lot, causing you to lose credits, which support doesn’t replace.

  34. great game. addicting, fun, and football related. only issue is the packs that take forever to unlock unless u watch ads or pay in game dollars, which I don’t mind, but I don’t like how long it takes otherwise.

  35. Great game but sometimes it crashes and I didn’t see it connecting again so user loses the match anyway. There might be a connection problem but the money deducted must be reimbursed in that case. Regards I like it.

  36. A worst game made by Miniclip. Other games of Miniclip like carrom,8 ball are much better. But this game is a scammer. When I win a game it says that I have won but do not give no prize that is money. And also when I start a game it lacks and stopped afterall when I restart it, it takes the money but do not enter the match. A bad game in my words but it’s quite good. I am requesting to improve the scams. Thanks

  37. Winter championship edition is so buggy that I won two matches and once I got connection lost (which never happened to me in 1000+ games!) and the other go frozen at winning screen. Both times I didn’t progress.

  38. Only been playing for an hour and loving it.This game really knows how to keep the game as fun as possible. It’s not world class and setting the world alite. But it is really enjoyable and all add’s are down to you to watch them to receive your daily bonuses. Which many games force it and you end up watching more adds then playing the game. and as a result never get enjoyment out of. I think this game also done a golf game which is also a fun melo game. And handled adds the exact same.

  39. Fair to middling experience. All was good until last match. No way (no easy way) to contact customer support. Just got mod’ed by opponent and no way to address. Overall, fun but rather mundane, unless you love playing goalie and nothing else

  40. This game is a masterpiece 👏 Give a round of applause for the developers they did a great job.. I could give it a 5 stars if you guys just fix this problem, OK when I go in to choose a match and all my money has been in the match I get stuck in the game screen when match making. PLIS FIX THIS.

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