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■One of the most exciting golf games
Bored with other free golf games?
Clash against other golf players and enjoy the ultimate 1:1 PvP and golf tour.
Dynamic ball trajectory due to in-game weather!
Beautiful and realistic graphics and golf courses.
Championships where great prizes await! Become the top player!
The most realistic mobile golf game! One of the best free golf games ever!

■The easiest and most realistic way to play golf.
Drag the golf ball back, and let go!
Intricacy vs. Power, which one do you choose?
One of the ultimate ball games that are easy to play with realistic controls!
Putting made easy for everyone.
Play golf with friends on mini-golf courses that you may have seen in PGA or WGT.

■Experience the most beautiful courses tour and exciting way to play in golf tour!
New York, Paris, Maldives, and Dubai!
Beautiful golf courses themed after famous landmarks.
Amazing 3D graphics and various weather effects create varying putting conditions.
Have fun playing with one of the real golf ball games on your mobile device!

■Various golf game modes.
Improve your skills and go on a World Tour!
Prepare yourself to have a blitz in Championships. See who will be your ultimate rival!
Challenge yourself and make it to the top!
In the thrilling long-distance mode, be the best at hitting long shots!

■Train and become better.
With a training system, train your gear in your own style.
Birdie, Eagle, Albatross, Hole in One!
Clash against the best players of users all over the world just like in PGA or WGT.
Anyone can hit a perfect shot on a mini-golf course!

If you are looking for new sports games or ball games,
Golf Impact is the perfect one for you!


- Attempt challenging courses with the new "Shot Guide" feature.
- Checking info has become more easy and convenient with the improved Clan UI.
- After joining a clan, you will be able to participate in the Clan Match from the next round.
- Clan Matches have been improved so that you can face more diverse opponents.


40 comentarios en "Golf Impact – World Tour MOD 2022"

  1. I really like this game and play everyday. Lots of good features and rewards. I have a couple of critiques tho. First, the wind effect for short chip shots is way too dramatic. It is easier to make a chip shot in real life. Second, the swimg meter will glitch just a tiny bit at the exact moment of release. Not all the time, but often enough to make me come write about it. Besides those things, i love this game. Thanks!

  2. A lot of potential. But too glitchy. Arrow jumps a lot. They will say it’s your network (I have gb speed, and no other games have this problem). And it’s obvious when you play a computer opponent. They can hit a bad shot, but turns out to be a perfect shot. Maybe they will continue to improve the game??

  3. Joe Loy dice:

    I like Impact Golf. The game would be much better if you added certain things to the game. 1) Have a free play option for courses that have been unlocked or completed. 2)Take away the charges on the driving and putting contest. 3)Have the timer start when the ball is teed up not when selecting the ball or making aiming adjustments. 4) Add a driving range so that we can practice our shots without wasting balls. 5) Make club selctions optional just like the balls are. 6) Make the wind consistent.

  4. Does anyone else experience the slow!, slow! buffering and loading time in between rounds? It’s not my devices causing the problem. The game app is the problem. When opponents are taking their turn, the app goes through a reconnection period and you don’t get to see their shot, a big problem. It not my devices. I tried it on two devices and the same result on both devices. Would be 5 stars if the problem was fixed. 😬

  5. ern w dice:

    Fun but glitchy. It seemed like the deeper I got into the game the harder it was to control my shots, even though I was upgrading my clubs. Then as I’d be taking my shots it would freeze for a split second & my shot would be way off. On the early tours I always had “perfect” or “great” shots, but by the time I got to the Maldives & Dubai I was consistently getting “good” shots at best & often slicing or hooking. It makes it frustrating & I’ve lost my desire to play.

  6. A lot of potential and when working is fun and I’m not a golfer. However, many glitches (like I’m dealing with right now). When you lose because it freezes or has a glitch on your turn, it’s a huge frustration. I’ve complained numerous times and only received is bs lip service. This app is apparently foreign based as is apparent from the response web addresses.

  7. Great game… Can’t stop playing. Controls are the best. It’s fluid. It makes sense! And it’s fun. The one thing I do not like about it, like with many others is the bag slot limitation… It keeps you from advancing and really makes it so you can’t fully enjoy it. Almost feel cheated because of it. Also the epic and legendary clubs you receive early on… And rather quickly thereafter, make the other clubs obsolete. I kinda wonder why they’re in there because of that. You’ll enjoy for sure.

  8. Have a lot of fun! Only major complaint is the crashing sometimes, and there is a little pay to win, but overall been a great experience! Update… Had a 4 star rating for me but had to change. Even after spending money on this game it goes downhill sooo fast. You can aim as perfect as you want it the game still insures you miss while yiur opponent can hit the worst shot imaginable and then magically make it. Dont know what happened but everytime i get on it is not fun anymore:(

  9. Update. Uninstalling!!! Done with your game!!! Glitches increase as you rise in tours. Glitches and connectivity… I have lost several matches due to the arrow being smooth until I hit and it sporadically moves faster (saw this happen a few times to oppents as well), connectivity with servers and the screen going black during play (only to restart the game and see that you have been penalized for time expiring). Please fix these issues…

  10. TBone dice:

    I first reviewed this and said it was yhe best game ever. After I got to the third stage, I would keep getting disconnected at start of matches, it would count as a loss and take 1,000 from me. I have full wifi bars, so I shouldnt have any problem staying connected. When I had 1 free pass for long drive, the graphics were messed up and I couldnt read anything, kinda blurry. I want this game to be a success and see it as the next big game. Hopefully some updates / fixes come out.

  11. Peter J. dice:

    Really fun game! Good graphics & physics. Tons of clubs & balls & the chance to win pretty much every club, including Legendary, for free! Upgrades are available for the clubs, including slowing down the arrow for lining up the shot. Only one putter, it would appear, but you can do “training” to slow down that arrow too. I emailed a suggestion for something I would love to see added to the game. I’ll update when I hear something. Wish it had a single player “campaign” mode. I have ideas for it.

  12. The gameplay is the best of several golf games I’ve tried. Then why the low rating? Two main reasons: (1) connectivity issues and (2) worthless rewards. Many games are interrupted before they are complete because of connection issues with unpredictable results. You may be sent back to the main screen. Or the game restarts itself. It’s very frustrating and after today’s patch, the game is unusable. If the game works and you win a game, you are get a “golf bag”. 90+% of its content is useless.

  13. se va dice:

    Its a pay to win game. You start off great and get good clubs and then as you advance higher. Everything becomes scarce. Wins are hard to come by unless you use really good balls which you have to buy. A lot of times, your opponent gets more time and makes very lucky shots when you can clearly see the shot should of never went in but the computer generates it so you lose and have to try again and spend money. Fair warning to all. Contacted customer support and got no help.

  14. Fun game, for a while. Easy to win and progress in the beginning but gets to the point where you basically have to spend money to even be competitive. Connectivity issues are very frequent. The gameplay is pretty good. Rewards system is pretty terrible. Hardly ever get anything worth anything so you end up having to play with lesser clubs and balls unless you spend money so you end up losing more and more frequently.

  15. Has a lot of potential, but there’s some kinks to work out. I think first, they need to learn the definition of perfect. Even though my shot says “Perfect”, and it’s in the red zone, it will deviate right or left if not exactly in the middle, and sometimes a pretty good bit off course. This is a very annoying flaw. Also, once you have all legendary clubs, the bags are basically meaningless.

  16. Horrible!! 😡😡 the thing is, I freaking love the game. The graphics are really good the game play is good. I couldn’t stop playing it. But I’m deleting it. If I could give it no stars I would. Because not once or twice but several times I would be going really well in the game. No glitches, no slowing down. Nothing, but right at the end of the game it says that you are reconnecting to internet. When I have great internet. But it boots me of takes my coins everything, and I’m done. So disappoint

  17. Jay Jones dice:

    Something seems off. Game was great. With or without special clubs, you could use skills and win. All of a sudden, when you advance in rank (or if you buy clubs, balls), the game seems to ‘set you up’ to lose. 1 or 2 Ls in a row? Fine. But since the update, *no* wins. Line the shot up correctly? Doesn’t even matter. Starting to believe what other reviewers are saying: …..Bots.

  18. So many problems with this game. First, the lag can be terrible. Lift your finger to swing and the arrow travels back and forth before deciding to stop where it wants. Second, the connection is bad. That is, when I’m able to connect. Too many times I’m sitting on the connection screen for a few minutes before I have to force close the game. Third, the crashes. I’ve been kicked out more than I can count. Start a 1-on-1 game, I crash. Open a golf bag, I crash. Uninstalled. No more crashes.

  19. Paul Cote dice:

    When I first started playing this I thought it was a lot of fun. Then you noticed that you are not as good as other players because they buy stuff or have the pass. Then I got the pass had some good clubs and balls, then I started to notice no matter how hard I tried when playing the ball would not go as it shows when setting up the shot. I checked wind straight line up etc. But it would no go as I placed it the game seems to be a little off when playing. I’m done with it.

  20. New to the app but a veteran to golfing apps. Here we go. So far so good! Graphics could be better, even when adjusted to high. Plus it slowes down gameplay. Impact to impact, (drive&landing) the ball/hit accuracy is pretty damn accurate. Prices are reasonable and they give you a good amount of stuff to be consistently competitive. Again, iv only had the app for a few days

  21. Alicia m dice:

    There is too little actual game play. 1)During opponent’s turn, you see the same graphics as during your turn, except you can’t interact with them. It’s boring to spend a half of each game watching the opponent aim their shot. The game would be more fun without an opponent. Just track scores if it needs to be a competition. 2) Cut scenes are too long. All the golf ball does is fly through the air. I don’t care about seeing that; just show me where it landed so I can keep playing.

  22. Mark B dice:

    Up to stage 3 it’s fine. Then things get weird, perfectly lined up shots with weather, roll out, terrain considered, miss wide, opponents which seems to be more than half are just replays and not really there, get lucky bounces, and the weather, rain and snow??? are so unpredictable it’s better to force close and start over. Then you crushed by ppl that buy clubs. Overall not a bad game at the low level but needs work from there out. Finger crossed that it gets some improvements. #Matchmakingsux

  23. I played this game a few years ago. I figured I’d try it again to see if the bugs got fixed. For some reason the same thing happens. The higher you level up the worse the connectivity issues become to the point of unplayable. Doesn’t make much sense to play this game if it’s going to keep saying you or your opponent are reconnecting. Not fun after level 5. Going to uninstall just like I did before. Good game if you want something to do for 3 or 4 days. BTW every review is about connectivity 🤯

  24. This is great. So far it hasn’t looked to be Pau to play like others. I give 3 ☆ because I have a few issues with it. When loading for match the app boots me out and restarts. I seethe last update was back in November 2021 it is long overdue for an update. Lastly when the timer has 1 or 2 seconds left it counts as if time ran out and I lose my turn. This game is sooo much better than the rest of the golf games I’ve played, by far.

  25. Every time it goes to a different course it makes me wait forever and then when the screen appears it says I lost when I haven’t even played! The recent one was for a $3000 entry fee and it deducted it as several before! I’ve redownloaded it AGAIN and it still takes forever to get to the course and then when it starts working I’ve already lost the hole and I never got a chance to even see it let alone play it!

  26. Needs a single player option or practice or both, but it’s a good game that gives lots of chances to play and advance without spending a lot of money… though you can do that easily too… great graphics… annoying music that can’t be shut off on the menus… but other than that, it’s a fun way to spend time…. do yourself a favor and watch the tutorial on the wind and hit surface first… it’ll help

  27. Thought this was an incredible game when I first started playing. Then it got to a point where I just can’t win anymore. Upgrades to clubs have no visible difference. You get a ton of free worthless blue bags. Never any upgrades for the clubs I picked. The arrow meter is pretty herky jerky also. Where are the 18 hole courses? It is annoying the way you guys run events. The last one I thought I shot pretty well. Was 8 or 9 under par. Still didn’t make the cut. And of course, your prices, way too$

  28. Very fun to play. Different courses for each shot. Unfortunately it seems as if the game has a lot of glitches and the servers can’t handle the amount of people playing at one time. When in the middle of a shot there is suddenly a message that the game can’t connect to the server and restarts. In another instance the opponent is supposedly reconnecting and the screen finally removes that message and the hole has ended and the opponent who was reconnecting has won without my turn being taken.

  29. I’m giving this 3 stars. It’s not a bad game. Pretty simple to play and a great time killer. The only reason it gets 3 stars is because I’ve lost so much gold and trophies because people back out of the game as soon as they see that you have beat them and you do not get the trophies or the gold. That’s a major buzz kill of the game. It just looses connection because the other player has left and it boots you out and reloads the game. If this would get fixed I’d give it 4 or 5 stars.

  30. It can be addicting at times but altogether a great game for past time. There isn’t really a whole lot of ads at all which is awesome, but also they provide incentives such as a chance to get legendary clubs without paying out of your own pocket. I recommend this game to anyone who enjoys having something to pass the time if you are bored and also you don’t get bothered by having an ad pop up every time you play. Good job to those who created it!!!!

  31. I played Golf Clash for years and had fun, got burnt out. Decided to try this game after a year off and it’s fun, but you miss putts from far away even if you hit “perfect.” Drives and every other club are the same way, even though you hit perfect, there’s still left, right and center of perfect and maybe I’m used to Golf Clash, but perfect is perfect. I shouldn’t miss a shot that I know is lined up right, and hit perfect and miss.

  32. Kyle Last dice:

    This game is horrible. I’ve played a lot of finger golf games and this is the worst. Glitches constantly, unrealistic ball control, everything is chunky and awkward, and the opponent match-ups are usually lopsided. Pay2Play is the only way to succeed at this game. The free stuff doesn’t even come close to performing like the p2p clubs and balls. Don’t waste your time.

  33. If it gives me 2 shots while it says “opponent Reconnecting” again I’ll find a different golf game. Does this to me all the time. I have a par 3, land inches from the pin. Get that damn message and when my shot comes around I’m putting for a boogie. I’ve been loseing more matches this way then by playing. Tired of it. Aug 2 2021. Updated the game. Now the arrow moves so fast it’s impossible to take a power hit, it hard to take a precise hit. Fix it or by

  34. This gameplay and graphics of this game are awesome. However, the server seems sketchy af. I have had a number of disconnects, and one match recently was awarded to my opponent without ever even getting to match play. The entry amount is ALWAYS deducted from my total. It would be 5 star 100% if that was fixed. So, while the game is fun to play and watch, think twice before spending any real money on this app.

  35. I would give it more but when you go and pull back to shoot the ball as your getting ready it launches before your even ready and you slice the ball. I lost so many games because of this issue. The game is fun other than this so far. They want pictures to prove it uhhhh no way can you predict when it happens especially when you lose 1 million in coins. I think I might delete the game because of this is lost at least 100 million credits. They want video of this it’s hard to do a video.

  36. I really liked this game at first and played it everyday and still TRY to play but I am constantly being kicked off in the middle of my games making me lose my matches, which happens just about every match. I just lost 13,000 points on 2 matches because I was kicked off and not reconnected. It’s annoying to invest that much time into a game in order to advance to the highest level just to have it taken away. I’m going to give it about another week and if it still continues I’m unistalling!

  37. So I very much loved this game when I first installed it about 3 months ago. It was perfect, no ads no glitches.. smooth. I cannot say that now, as it CONSTANTLY interrupts my game telling me “you are re-connecting” or “your opponent is reconnecting” or that my signal has been lost and it will kick me out of my game and restart itself.. it’s SO SO annoying and makes me sad that it was great in the beginning. And it doesn’t matter if I’m on the wifi or on my network it constantly does this.

  38. When I first started playing, the game was great. Its more on the realistic side. Its challenging to say the least. Im no stranger to the game golf or games based on it. Where things go south is the shot aiming. Not much explanation on it (tutorial doesnt go in much detail). But it is not consistent on that part. Chip ins should not be affected by a 3mph wind. I think that this game is set up for you to lose a majority of your matches in hopes you’ll buy something.

  39. Everytime I play, every hole i get network error (with perfect Wi-Fi signal) and lose strokes due to time. I would really like to play, but it won’t let me. And don’t tell me to check my connection, like you have every other person that has left a comment similar to this. CHECK YOUR SYSTEM. ALL THESE PEOPLE CAN’T BE WRONG.

  40. Bob Ryan dice:

    Much better and simpler than the flash and greed that is Golf Rival. You dont need all the fancy clubs and balls to get ahead, I won 1 tournament and lead the second by 200,000+ points with only the Beginner clubs and basic balls. Only left the game due to boredom, I get that way sometimes. I’ll probably be back at some point. The only thing I didnt like was the long periods of loading, or the lost signal if the “opponent” was losing or had lost the match. Other than that, it’s a decent game.

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