Touchdowners 2 – Mad Football FULL


Get ready for the wildest American Football game experience ever!
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Take on opponents in this 2D, 3v3 physics-based American Football madness:

– Play against fierce opponents in 9 unique stadiums

– More than 90 Players to collect and upgrade

– Over 250 gear items and logos to unlock!

– Rise to the top of our worldwide league system

– Practise your skills and plays to become the best!

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40 comentarios en "Touchdowners 2 – Mad Football FULL"

  1. fun as hell. but we need more to this game than its offering. maybe story mode and or up to 2 real players each team. some options for friends and playing them. a way to edit uniform items somewhat in there hmu if you need more things to improve your game and really attractive its title for yall. otherwise its solid and funny and fun. just falling 5* Short

  2. This game is fun, but playing a football game for 100 coins is just rigged. Plus, if you want to buy 2000 coins you need to pay 100 dollars. Then you have the other games to play. It’s just something to get frustrated at. Once somebody on the other team tried to pass the ball it got stuck in the goalpost. It caused a very bad lag and I had play something else until the glitch disappeared. Anyways other then that, things are cool. You can play better games than this. I know you know that. Thanks!

  3. Juv Temp dice:

    The game would be great but is plagued with bugs and some that keep you from playing. Multiple times I’ve been double hit for coins in a matchup. Playing for 2000 but getting hit for 4000 when you only have 2400. Leaves you at -1600. That’s 4 days of no playing if you collect the free coins to get to 0. Can’t have fun if you can’t play. Also. Don’t waste 500 coins for the stack of gold. It gives you the bonus kick game but never gives you the kick in the game. And it’s double hit me 2

  4. Aggravating as heLL at times but I love it no matter. Nice little game that doesn’t take itself too seriously in which picking your teams color and identity scheme is varied and moving them up the charts to reach the pinnacle LOL is sweet fun. There is even a draft live! It has its frustrations like every last game in app but not that big a deal

  5. It’s not as good as I thought. Can’t choose which character. Once ur character is past them it’s impossible to come back because it constantly switches between the characters. Throwing takes way too long. And jumping rarely ever works.

  6. Joshua dice:

    Terrible payment model. Would be a great, funny game if I could play a single game without spending $80 or waiting 3 days to get enought coins to play again. Huge paywall just to play a single round of the game. Basically gambling because the mechanics are so glitchy. Also, very offended by the fact the game used the name of Holy God as a curse word every single sentence. Creators should repent after breaking a multitude of the 10 commandments with this terrible game.

  7. Like 8 ball pool but with gridiron. Terrible controls, very laggy. Good players are hard to get, there is such a jump between leagues it’s impossible to move up. 99% luck, 1% opponents fault and 0% skill is required to play this game. Player control seems to depend on who is closest to the ball, but the ball moves to often to anticipate/plan moves or plays. Ignore this game and move on

  8. J Edw dice:

    Somethings wrong with app, gets stuck loading when opening packs and trying to level up players, also made a purchase and when opened pack it froze again and I never got contents. Other than that love the game New update, still freezing during opening packs, also now cash be just disappearing, if I have 200 and open a pack for 48 how do I only have 20 left? It jumps around d like that everyday

  9. This is a very good game but getting packs can glitch out and you won’t get it or it disappears but that no big deal. The is a problem with the random generated packs you get after a game, there will be time where I keep getting yellow packs I’m not saying it’s bad but it just a werid thing and the players seem like bots I manage to glitch the game out many times where I get the ball stuck for the whole game and I notice all my attempts of glitching it I notice the ai’s do the same thing

  10. Its a cool game could be a lot of fun. But I’m getting really frustrated with the random and janky player switching mechanic. If there was some way to switch to a player manually instead of having the game do it for you in a terrible fashion automatically, that would be sweet. Other than that I think it could be a really fun game

  11. Shawn G dice:

    I had previously reviewed this and I gave it 2 stars primarily because of janky AI teammates and kicking the ball back to the team that just scored. After spending more time then I care to admit (106-17 in current league rankings at the time of writing) I honestly feel like this is one of the best football arcade games in the app store. Easy to understand, easy to play, and you get used to the flow as you go along. Hard to put down because to me this game is damn fun and needs more attention.

  12. I like the game overall but my main issue is half the time you don’t get your extra reward when you watch extra ads. And the daily rewards menu doesn’t work all the time and if you don’t claim your daily reward you have to start over. Why not make that automatic like the field goal kick for rewards everyday? And I can’t find a message center or tech support to relay any of these issues. Please fix.

  13. The game won’t load. When I was playing I tried to collect my touchdown pack and I didn’t receive it. Then the game restarted the pack. I also ran out of money because it bought a item that I didnt intend to purchase. Maybe add a way to watch ads for money? Cause the daily deals, log in prizes and the ad prizes won’t refresh. They are stuck a 00:00:00.

  14. A rage game to say the least. You pull of something cool, funny ragdoll, etc. Overall good things that a 5 star game got. But after playing for 10 min I’m raging at my incompetent team who stand there while a guy runs past them. I can’t carry teammates I can’t change to. Make the AI less retarded and maybe you’ll get 4 stars but I just don’t see this game getting to be a 5 star game. Another issue is the coins to play. There should definitely be a free to play gamemode. Sucky game!

  15. Nate dice:

    Tried it out and most of the bad reviews are accurate. AI is trash, controls are janky and difficult to manage, can’t switch between players and auto-switching is pretty bad. The games got potential but it’s not fun with all the issues.

  16. Very cool concept, I’ll give you that. But it’s also just football. The biggest problem is either delay or no response to input. I sat there tapping for 5 minutes in a tutorial and I didn’t progress once. 1 star

  17. This game is garage it doesn’t matter how much you upgrade your players lower level players just run right over higher ranking players. There is obviously a reason they have no spot to reach out to the creators of the game because its trash. On top of that the controls are just awful there are no positives to this game. Would highly not recommend wasting your time on this game.

  18. This game sucks the game switch’s my characters for me but always at the wrong moments when I’m about to tackle someone I get swapped to the guy whose guarding he endzone and the ballcarrier just breezes by and the kickoff is horrendous they either snipe the goalpost causing it to bounce and make it difficult to pick up with ur narrow radius causing them to pick up the ball in the endzone and score or kick it to themselves and score off of that and if you lose they take your coins so u cant play

  19. Glitchy game. I can win a game, but the screen will never progess and I will lose all winnings. Game often disconnects midgame, causing me to lose when I was previously winning. Game is good in concept, but needs work to be functional.

  20. Basically zero control over players. Serious game mechanics problems. It’s a good idea, but 3v3 may be too ambitious for how quickly the game moves with the auto select constantly picking a different player.

  21. Wast of your time you need a lot of money to win im over here with a 60 overall team when my opponent is with 80 with a 99 overall player. how do you win let me tell you how deleting it its impossible to win never get this game you need to be in your mid 30-40 to tell me this game is good. It’s a waste of your storage. 🗑🗑🗑

  22. This was a great game….until the update. Now it’s highly unresponsive, it lags during game setup, and I’ve lost multiple game player packs to this garbage. Please fix so it can be fun again.

  23. IZ dice:

    Fun game, controlls were easy to learn. I played for 30 minutes and didn’t have any ads. I read all of the old reviews and thought I’d try the game out. The Devs must have updated the game because I didn’t find anything wrong with it.

  24. Jvonster dice:

    GREAT GAME good time killer but theres a few things one there is no felid goal it would be better after a touchdown you can try to kick a feild goal while the defensive try’s to stop you and the 2nd when its supposed to be snowing it’s not at all I love the weather and I would like to see touchdowns celebrating emojis or something

  25. This game is super bad because they the controls are bad there’s some glitches when you start the game you can’t see anything and the AI is just done the keep and keep and keep and keep just tackling United even trying to score

  26. It is a great game I love everything about it but there’s a big problem every game I play it starts me off with a screen that goes on top of the whole game so I do not know where I’m walking so now they score a goal sorry I meant a touchdown can you please fix it.

  27. This game fun when you have nothing to do but some time the lags and your players don’t move and sometimes it just lag when you are trying to get on to the game

  28. It’s really fun but there can be a few adjustments like a game entry fee 25 for 50 because I never have enough coins for games

  29. This game has many problems 1 i have been stuck on practice games for 10 games, 2 I dont have any options to upgrade or change uniforms not even icons, 3 i have 1000/150 xp and i am still level 1… gameplay is fun but it has so many buggs

  30. Ben Monk dice:

    It’s just luck there’s no strategy. The controls are terrible and lag really bad.

  31. It’s fun, but it would be nicer if there was an option to play against computer. Just not into online multiplayer only games. I’m the same way with my PS4. Would rate higher otherwise.

  32. Game is fun but I’m not leveling up from level one even though I have more than enough xp. And I win games and it doesn’t give me my pack from them. I wish I could reset progress but I can’t.

  33. riner red dice:

    If i had to say i would say that it’s a good game I feel like you should just add a season mode within a week’s and can go against teams and is probably better than touchdown honors the original game because this game you can pass that mug jump up and catch it everything hit people actually this game is going to be the number one game for football so thank you for making it

  34. Poorly executed. Can’t choose which player you control. Alot of potential if they take the time to make the UI a little more user friendly

  35. After the update game is trash can’t load into games keeps kicking me out of games. Also keeps saying it need to be updated when it is up to date. Was perfectly fine before the update

  36. I like the game because when you play it you get the house one and the most thing is just to have fun but all the other stuff y’all was talking about I don’t know but mine is working for me and everytime I open up hack it really works and I don’t run out of money cuz I have much of the money so I can I have 10K and I can buy anything I want and plus the game is really fun so why don’t is it because y’all can get your packs

  37. Player switching needs to be changed. Good game play but terrible when your can’t pick who you are controlling.

  38. This game is unplayable at first I thought why wifi connection was terrible but when I changed over to my 5g I quickly noticed that it was the game and the glitch affects the game and it delays your movements .

  39. This game is terrible..I was doing 1 match and lost it with 15000 coins. I went back to the lobby with -700 COINS. Like what THE HELL. Game needs to fix things..

  40. You basically have to pay first just to play one damn game!Plus,why is it that when they score,you have to kick it back to the other team!The developer’s of this game have a lot to correct in my opinion.

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