MLB Perfect Inning: Ultimate MODDED 2022


The next level of baseball is here with MLB Perfect Inning: Ultimate
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Official MLB-licensed mobile baseball game!
Bring the excitement of the ballpark anywhere you go with MLB Perfect Inning: Ultimate.

[Game Introduction]
■ An Officially Licensed MLB Mobile Game
– Features the latest team logos, uniforms, rosters, and ballparks from the 2022 season.
– Replicated the batting and pitching forms of star players.
– Train your star-studded team to build your MLB dynasty.

■ Revamped 3D Graphics and Gameplay
– A brand-new game engine which delivers cutting-edge graphics on a mobile device.
– Highly detailed player models implemented in full 3D.
– Upgraded controls let you choose how you want to and play.

■ Thrilling Real-Time PvP Battles
– Battle against players from all around the world.
– Crush the competition on all levels, from pitching to batting.
– Build up your team to prove that you are the best in the world with strategy and ball-control.

■ Feel The Thrill of Baseball Wherever You Go
– Upgraded simulations keep you on the edge of your seat.
– Take in the excitement of the game as you listen to fully voiced color commentary.

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This game is available in English, 한국어, 日本語, 中文繁體, Español
** MLB Perfect Inning: Ultimate includes in-game purchases. Please note that some items require
additional payments.

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* Com2uS Holdings Customer Support:

Major League Baseball trademarks and copyrights are used with the permission of Major League
Baseball. Visit for more details. Officially Licensed Product of MLB Players, Inc. MLBPA
trademarks, copyrighted works, and other intellectual property rights are owned and/or held by
MLBPA and may not be used without the written consent of MLBPA or MLB Players, Inc. Visit, the Players Choice on the web.

Minimum Requirements: Android 5.1 and 3 GB RAM

▶ We do not request permissions while you are using this app


[Update Details]
Added New Player Card
Improved Player Boost System
New Splash Screen
Various bug fixes


40 comentarios en "MLB Perfect Inning: Ultimate MODDED 2022"

  1. Ive enjoyed the game, but since the updates have been going on for the last couple of weeks, every single time I try to play it gives me a disconnection warning from the server and totally stops my gameplay. What was once fun has now come to the point where I’m about to delete it! Updated: Deleted this morning. Can’t even enjoy the game, every two minutes I get an error code, disconnected from the server and reloading… it’s been happening for two weeks, I’ve had enough.

  2. Donnie D dice:

    Brutal gameplay! Visually this game looks amazing, however the developers have dropped the ball on gameplay! Pitching is just stupid! Manual or AI! The batter interface is atrocious! No matter how good your timing is, you will always miss certain pitches in certain locations. Whether it’s completely in the strike zone or borderline. Inordinate amount of double plays after you get hits. You can have 15 hits a game and only score 1-4 runs. The player combine will always give you the lowest card

  3. Great graphics. The dynamics need work. Defensive throws are way too fast. My biggest gripe is that the manual batters aim becomes unusable. It’ll register my touch but can’t aim at all. Have to close out the game and restart. Sometimes it’ll happen after a couple innings sometimes after a couple pitches. Really annoying. I’d play more if it weren’t for this issue. Also now, the swing button isn’t registering on some pitches. What’s going on?? Will update review if issues are fixed.

  4. It’s not horrible. It has all of the annoying “collect card packs” etc. facets of every other game. The actual gameplay is pretty, but it’s so hard to see the ball out of the pitcher’s hand, and the timing required to hit the ball is really funky. Expect a lot of popups. The pitching interface is nice, and it takes a lot of skill to throw good pitches when your pitcher is tired. As far as baseball games go, this one is among the better offerings.

  5. Very disappointed in the game impossible to level up cards. If you miss you lose all your levels. old game lost one level and the cost 30 stars. No training booster. Batting very off compared to old game. Most cards tradeable in market. Graphics slightly better but not worth all you lose. Game a big ripoff. Bring more of the old game make thing little easier more affordable in the end you will make all of us happy and you will make money.

  6. Absolutely incredible game for a mobile phone! Still unbelievable that it’s FREE. I only wish that the Zone Indicator wasn’t the picture of a bat and then the “where-to-hit” zone marker issued inside of the ZONE indicator. I wish it was optional to choose a few different PCI indicators and or choose to have none whatsoever. I know “contact hit” button selection removes all indicators, but AI batting is nowhere near as good and fluent as human zone control. Still a great game 🎮!!

  7. Easily the best mlb game on the market. Only a few chairs I’d like to see in updates: Turn Battles. In PI turn battles were a quick fun way to play without to much time. Would love to see that come back. And second, it’s way to hard to earn coins. I’ve played over 200 games already and have only earned enough coins to get 2 new players. In 200 games.

  8. The best: the graphics and movements of the players, and UI*. The stadiums should have more life, especially the grass. The controls are not friendly. Batting is almost impossible to connect, even with auto-contact on. It is difficult to get a good pitch, perfect pitches end up being balls. Let’s hope for better gameplay, because it’s the weakest part of the game right now.

  9. So far so good graphics are amazing new cards and animation look great, stadium’s look amazing, crowd needs to be louder to quiet, less repetitive announcers. Also bring back some modes from the old perfect inning game like turn battle. Game is new still and things will keep getting better. Game no longer crashes works like a charm. I like to just play games, no 150 oa cards for once I like the system for upgrading make a coach to help with level boost.Keep it up gamevil.

  10. The most frustrating on this game are the controls although it is good but the problem is sometimes when you decided to swing the incoming ball the buttons doesn’t counter react It ends strike. Pls fixed this just give as players options on how visible the buttons and the sensitivity of it. Also the manual swing are useless sometimes to use during high level opponents the movements are slow but the ball is fast

  11. Nice game overall just a few thoughts. Why are home runs only able to be hit to center? There’s a glitch where you hit a obvious HR but the center fielder just plays it off the wall. Not every shallow pop fly needs to be an out. That song in the main menu “High hopes” is also stuck in my head but not in a good way.

  12. Roy Green dice:

    Updated review: Batting/pitching practice option does help! Infielders/outfielders still move way fast (e.g., my 3d baseman bumbled the ball away from him scrambled to get it while it rolled, and still threw an avg runner out). Upgrading players is difficult. Getting player packs is difficult. Suggest perhaps making getting/buying packs like the orig PI?

  13. BEST MLB GAME ON MOBILE! 🔥 The graphics, the gameplay, the presentation, and just so much more!! It’s such an upgrade over the past few installments! I have MLB The Show on the Switch and prefer playing this game on my phone! Any baseball fan looking for an authentic experience for sure download this game!!!

  14. Pretty good but hitting is nigh on impossible. This ai has never met a cutoff it doesn’t love. Short center field? Don’t throw home! Gotta hit the freaking cutoff! There are many cheaters in pvp making it pathetic. No way to easily tell A fastball from curveball. Also doing weekly updates for 4 hours at 9pm est is ridiculous.

  15. Fun game when it doesn’t kick you in the bottom of the 8th and you need to start the game over again. Other issues such as every outfielder being prime Bo Jackson on defense and AI pitchers getting pulled after only 30 or so pitches really detract from the realism. Also the fact that it can take up to 10 attempts to get the first tier of successful training is pretty ridiculous.

  16. What is going on with the players lobbing the ball to the bases and allowing the runner to literally go from home to home on a bunt play. The players trying to lead the teammate to the bag with a lab toss I have lost so many PVP games this way it’s literally killing me This needs to be addressed quickly

  17. Really amazing games, the graphics and the controls to play are very easy. But this game is missing something very important, they need to add an exibition mode to play with different teams at different stadiums, if you really could ad that to the game it would be awesome.

  18. My biggest complaint is that there is no balance. Pitching is very easy and hitting is significantly harder. This leads to long, BORING, low-scoring games. I’ve played a 1-0 29 inning game against the CPU. I’ve played multiple scoreless PvP games that took over 9 real innings to complete. Maybe I’m just really good at pitching and bad at hitting, but at least for me this has led to a very boring and grindy game. It has a lot of potential, but it needs a lot of tweaks.

  19. It was cool for a minute now you have to buy $$$$ everthing if you like to pay to win this is the game for you $$$$ now it sucks y an visto que ahora no puedas comprar con damanties solo con $$$

  20. Game is really disappointing. I haven’t gotten any good cards in all the packs I have opened. Would not recommend. Install 9 innings instead. U will have more fun than this junky game.

  21. Is this game for High end devices? I know my Phone is A Mid-Range One with just a Helio G85 processor and a 6gb ram spec. I’m Experiencing Frame Drops even in Low Graphic Setting. Please Optimize The Game More. I really like this game.

  22. The game is great! Graphics are beautiful and gameplay runs very smoothly. My only issue is that I’m trying to play it but there was an update for it so I downloaded it but it still pops up indicating for me to update it. It’s really frustrating, anybody else having this same problem

  23. UPDATE: IT’S THE MOST BORING BASEBALL GAME I’VE EVER PLAYED. Some areas of the game has improved, but now I truly believe the developers don’t play enough PVP action to improve that department, Action is the worst. Practice were added, but it’s useless unless you add difficulty levels to it. Boosting cards is nearly imposible. Again it has a really bad gameplay it is just looks.

  24. Denis J dice:

    No ads! Pretty hard to get the hang of but you can get the hang of it. Once you do its pretty addictive. After the update graphics look smoother and clearer. Well done.

  25. after the latest update, the game has became too heavy and laggy. it used to work well (exept in the first few days of launch), so, it should be solvable(probably too much animations even on low graphic setting.)

  26. jason nix dice:

    Needing some game adjustments.. really needs to be fixed where you can hit the ball easier …game is getting real boring

  27. GREAT GAME I SUGGEST YOU GIVE IT A TRY it might be confusing at first but once you get the hang of it👍 Season mode is way better tho

  28. Had high hopes.. Same review as your last game. Guess you don’t listen. You CANNOT put a song as your menu music! One song on repeat… Easily enough to ruin the game…and has done. Uninstall forever.

  29. I like the game. But I give 2 stars because I know I got at the perfect timing and it don’t hit the ball at all And the self aim is wayyyy to hard to hit the ball. Nothing like the actual game on a system or PC. Had to uninstall unfortunately.

  30. cshope 06 dice:

    Ball has a lot of airtime when hitting to eventually get you out but otherwise, phenomenal game. Better then MLB 9 innings. Models are better looking as well

  31. Quenton K dice:

    From here on out I’m ranking all sports games that lock you into playing one team as trash it makes no sense I would even pay a fee to have free exhibition mode all these ads and you trying to sell me something every two seconds and I can’t even play an exhibition

  32. Fun game, I prefer this over the other mlb games. But the only thing holding it back from a 5 star is a glitch where I can’t move the batting cursor after a couple innings. It cost me a couple of games. Nevermind everything I only played the live season. Terrible matchmaking for action pvp. And combining is a complete scam as you will always get the lowest overall player out of the 5

  33. It’s really fun but it’s hard to pick your team I personally ThinkThat the jays are the best team in the game but I’m just saying that it’s a really fun game

  34. Just updated the game and game does not let me back in… gives me an error saying that it cannot connect to server.

  35. Plz update the card stats when I sim in regular season somehow the pitchers stat (stuff) doesn’t matter when going against scrubs that have 77 contact/power/eye they still hit off of me also the RP PITCHER seems to get more wins then my starting pitcher even tho my SP pitched more innings

  36. I like this game but it can be leggy and transitions are bad also if I I hit a ball perfectly sometimes it won’t even hit that ball

  37. Game mechanics seem pretty solid and I enjoyed playing on both sides of the ball, but I can’t bring myself to rate any higher on account of this game having the most GOD AWFUL commentary. It’s the worst I’ve ever heard and utterly takes away the fun.

  38. This was my favorite baseball game since the update I can’t get pass the connecting to server page please fix ASAP so I can give it 5 stars again I play this game for hours a day please fix

  39. I love the game, one player I think should be added is trevor bauer. I get the whole controversy thing but he would be a fun pitcher to have.

  40. Could be fun but it disconnects a lot and takes the fun out of it.. fix your game!!!! I’ve never had this many problems with a game ever on my phone.

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