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Tired of playing the same old mobile golf games?

Then welcome to Crypto Golf Impact!
A new generation of play-to-earn mobile golf game! Powered by NEOPIN Blockchain, players can tee off in real time with players all across the world to earn Crystals which can be swapped with native game token!

COMPETE, WIN and EARN tokens!

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From New York, Maldives, Dubai, and even Paris! Immerse yourself by traveling across dazzling destinations worldwide to tee off with the best of the best!

With the integration of a dynamic weather system that affects the ball trajectory, overcome the challenges by honing your skills and train your clubs for dead aim shots.

Account for the weather conditions that affect your ball trajectory and be ace on the green.

Want to up your game? Train your clubs to improve their impact levels for easier control on the putting meter. Higher the level, the easier the control.

Other available modes and features

Compete in the Long Drive event to see who can smash and drive the ball out the farthest to receive awesome prizes.

Do you really want to show off your putting skills? Compete in a single-hole course and show who the master of the terrain really is.

Join and compete with other Clans to rise above the global Clan rankings.

This is what sets Crypto Golf Impact from your average golf game. Compete and complete your tour missions to earn free Crystals. The crystals can be later swapped and tokenized on NEOPIN’s platform.

Make sure to save your hard earned Crystals which can be swapped for S2 Tokens to purchase NFTs in the future update!

Download, and play now to earn your Crystals and swap them for tokens!

A network connection is required to access the game.

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- Server stability improved


40 comentarios en "Crypto Golf Impact MOD"

  1. Dave Upp dice:

    I am having a problem hitting some of my shots! There is a glitch that when you pull the icon back to take your shot it instantly hits the ball without giving you the chance to line up the impact meter. I have lost several matches do to this glitch making my shot slice. Please fix and I will give 5 stars like it should be! It has gotten better but this version is much more expensive than the other version. Gems are 10x more expensive but have the same purchasing power as in the other game.

  2. Don Clark dice:

    It’s a fun game but the mechanics of the game are simply brutal. I mean that it’s butt whipping time. Once you reach level 37 on the trophy their is no more and not enough or none at all any premium clubs, balls, when will the clans show up. You have to work on the server issues and better and more fair match ups with the bots. It would be nice to play humans, they make mistakes unlike the bots.

  3. Game is in some ways a decent clone of something like Golf Clash with an added crypto gimmick(which I didn’t care to figure out). The graphics are sub par, but mechanics are solid. Biggest disappointment though is Facebook is the only option for account recovery. It’s not 2005 anymore it’s time to at least give an option to use email or otherwise and not force someone to have a FB account to recover game.

  4. John Muir dice:

    I still can’t get crypto golf impact on my tablet, and they’ve never given me any help whatsoever. It constantly steals my gems when I watch a advertisement and it constantly is glitching. Makes me lose games and they don’t give enough gems to even play the game with any kind of progress. I have begun to hate this game. I do you like the regular golf impact which is very awesome but this crypto golf impact sucks. Anyone who plays it is going to regret it, don’t put no money on it. You won’t like

  5. I’m annoyed..don’t invest money.. gameplay itself is fun (golfing), but there’s 100% some b.s. cheating going on!! I’ll give one example: I was doing well in the weekly ranking and went all out (over 10hrs of gameplay) to reach 1st place.. with 12 minutes left I was well ahead of the person in 2nd, then I played one more hole, and in that time the player won $8.6million (this particular amount is LITERALLY impossible to win within the 9 minutes the player gained these “winnings!!). Scam bots!!!

  6. J. Bloom dice:

    You could put more into rewarding those who pay for Premiums and play everyday. I’ve bought the impact pass 1 and completed it all in the first week, I think rewards shouldn’t be limited. It doesn’t feel like you have value for your money when it’s used up in the first few days of the month. Regards At the end of the day if you want more people playing take about 90% off the cost of everything! once you have a min of 100,000 players loging in everyday then you can charge as demand rises.

  7. Wonderful way to pass time. App works as it should. The pay to play is a little annoying but, it is expected. No real complaints very enjoyable. When I switched phones this was one of the first apps I made aure to download. If you like golf you should like this. See you on the green.👍

  8. Hughs Ng dice:

    Initially a 4 star but the more I play, I’m downgrading it to 2. I’m in tour 9 and I’ve fluctuated from 1750 to 1950 points. It is very hard to come back from a shot into the rough for par 4s and 5s given the distance advantage of the AI which forces me to make higher risk shots. I have to sink birdies and eagles from 100 yards and out to have a chance. I also haven’t obtained a legendary from a drop so it’s even more apparent that it’s pay to win. I’ve nothing against distance advantage but it should be ‘high risk high reward’ (like the island landing spot in Tour 8). Really poor course design in that respect.

  9. So far so good, I do like this game better than golf clash, just my opinion! Placed first in my league and got nothing of value. It’s impossible to achieve legendary clubs even through point pass without paying big money!

  10. It’s a too much annoying experience —————–++++—— Ridiculous feeling after too much mailing to get my fb account backup this game will always freeze when i want to connecting with fb. My money under serious denger my 370 rs purchase also in gutter.. So much painfull i will never ever play it again. So guyz i can’t recommend… 😡😡😡😡😡

  11. John Muir dice:

    It’s not letting me sign the game up on my new larger tablet. It should have better payoff with coins and awards and gems because it doesn’t allow enough to get anything worthwhile for what it seems to be a very long time.

  12. Downloads, installs but no access to play. I’ve been playing it for a while now. problems. Now that I’ve sunk a couple bucks in equipment I can’t play it.

  13. One of the better golf games. In the others I tried you need too much time and money. Would be 5 star if I did not have to wait for other player but that is a minor thing.

  14. Love everything about this game ,,only problem i have ,,and its very small is that the game jumps other than that it.. 5 stars ..great job guys..

  15. Game stop all the time , lose money on restart , unless hatch seem to be when winning…. makers don’t care as well …. not recommended 😕 don’t load …….lose money!!!!!!!!

  16. Now I have played game I can give review stars drop to 1 and it’s getting deleted to clitchy and it’s all about pay to win tournaments you have to pay three times to play instead of once so so far not so good

  17. I don’t know how they get away with claiming that you can earn crypto at this game. There is a coin you can earn and has limited use within the game but you have to pay $5/month for the wallet. All that aside it is the most realistic gold game I’ve ever seen and lots of fun to play. Would rate 5 stars if not for the bogus claim of earning crypto to play. Don’t know why they feel compelled lie like that

  18. Fun game but it has trouble loading the game and trouble loading matches. It freeze then you have to closet and open it get it to work before it freezes.

  19. Fun game, but requiring payment in order to have a chance of winning crypto is a questionable and often untrustworthy business practice, leaves me hesitant to trust this developer. 3 stars until this greedy business tactic is resolved!

  20. Great game until you hit lvl 7 or so then the bots come out. If you don’t pay to win it a good game for just casual play.

  21. If you’ve played other golf games before then you’ll love this. It’s very challenging and you get rewarded with crypto!

  22. Fun game! Very similar to the original from what I remember. Yes there are pay to win players you’ll come across that no matter if you max your swing and hit perfects you’ll still lose but that’s just mobile gaming. Game feels a bit clunky and laggy at times but overall I’d say it’s a cool concept. I’d highly suggest at least getting the monthly pass because as I said before there are players out there spending the big bucks to have the advantage but it’ll give you a fighting chance sometimes.

  23. Good stuff. Wish there was more of a course and mode choice. But overall. Addictive and fun

  24. Games super easy if ya ask me it’s downright boring.. but charging me to play… I’m not about the subscription life..

  25. Mac Kiri dice:

    Terrible only seems to glitch out when a crucial shot is coming up. You NEED to fix your servers properly this game is rigged don’t download

  26. It is lots of fun 😀 lerning detailed accurate destination of the ball hand and eye coordination so you get the best results. But I think it would be better to be able to talk with your aponates and be able to become friends and have much better understanding of the game and other people strategies. Make it so you can see the leaders progress and learn from them

  27. Good game and good concept. If you’re looking for a free game that gives you crypto, this isn’t it. You need to buy a monthly pass in order to get crystals that allow you to earn crypto and other perks. If you’re coming over from original Golf Impact, the game is exactly the same, so you’re basically starting from scratch. If you don’t buy the monthly crypto pass, there is nothing different about the game. The server seems a bit unstable. Kicked me out a few times. Needle is very glitchy.

  28. Worse than the original, exactly the same rigged golf game with the addition of paying to use the so called crypto! To those thinking it’s P2W your wrong, it’s just the game dictating who wins and loses. You’ll be matched with players who don’t aim or adjust the ball and land within a foot or two, you hit the same shot with same stuff and spin to stop the ball and it goes 5 foot past the hole…yep it’s not rigged at all. Add cheats and Lag also like the original and fun is gone.

  29. For those who plays it with pure FREE, let see how you handle the game to win. Everytime you win streak and get higher rank, the harder to control the ball even if you do those useless training. You have to buy something, thats how you win it. Not with those FREE items you get from event or in the game. So, its not p2e, its Buy things to win…

  30. Lewis D dice:

    Terrible compared to Golf Impact – very shameful. Very few gems given now, even with the Impact Pass. For instance GI IP2 gives 28,000 gems & two legendaries for £40.49; CGI IP2 gives 1425 gems & one legendary for £72.99! What the hell!? Decreased trophies acquired per tour so everything takes much longer to do & they’ve removed the ability to move the aiming circle beyond the red line & lock it which is quite frankly ridiculous. Utter rubbish! No new content either. Going back to Golf Impact.

  31. Money hungry game. Once you get to tour 6 it is impossible to win without using a special ball. When buying any ball normally when you increase amount bought its cheaper per ball not here. Keep having an issue where it won’t let me take a shot I reach out to support about it n their only response is take a screen shot if it happens again. Okay 1st I would have to take a video to show what is happening and 2nd im not downloading another app just to be able to take video n prove what I just said

  32. Let me start by saying I love the game the gameplay and graphics and everything are all top notch my issue is that almost every time I try to watch an add for a reward after the add plays the game resets itself and I have to watch the add all over again for the the same reward and that usually happens twice before I get the reward so I have to watch 3 ads to get rewarded for 1 it does the reset thing every couple of holes as well

  33. Everytime I try and play this game. I am never ever to see course. I hear the voice say your turn. But you can’t even see the course or take the shot button. Super glytchy or this game would be a good play. I even uninstalled and reinstalled. But still nothing. This glytch needs to be fixed by developer.

  34. Adriana dice:

    Pretty decent golf, but…need to update putting to pole accuracy. It’s way off.

  35. It’s fun up to the point when you reach higher tours. Then all the players against you make the most incredible shots & you lose almost every time. Does not matter how good you are, they are always better. No fun at all anymore.

  36. Exactly the same as the original except you get less. Will not link to my Facebook account. Have tried numerous times just freezes up. Think I will stick to the original until the many problems are sorted out

  37. Reconnecting happens always in the middle of a game with opponent. I have a good internet connection, tell me why it always reconnecting. I’m automatically lose the game after reconnect with my opponent. This is absurd.

  38. Good game, but I have one issue…why can’t we choose what club to hit when it’s our turn? We should be able to go to our bag before each shot, because when I’m in the bunker from 250 yds out I don’t want to hit a damn sand wedge…that makes no sense! I should have the option to grab a fairway iron or wood and smack it outta there, not pitch it 30 yds.

  39. Awful Lag on loading half the time you can’t even take your shot because the take shot button wouldn’t work. Sent to messages on the issue. They responded with we’re sorry you’re having issues purchasing Crystal blah blah blah. Nothing to do with the game play issue I was having. But has happened enough to ruin my game Stats. In the low 70% percent every time I play I risk losing due to game not working right and I can’t even take my shot. Very sad was excited to play too.

  40. When I tried to play the game. The first thing it required was a massive update. Who knows how it plays because the massive update was to large for my phone which is a good quality phone. I would have to delete most of my apps including factory apps to load the update. Somebody wasn’t thinking when they created this update.

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