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The new king of bowling games! Free 3D arcade game — bowl with friends!
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Challenge your friends or play 1v1 matches with worthy opponents from all over the world. Bowling Crew is an excellent choice for bowling fans and a top-rated bowling game!

Switch between fascinating bowling balls to knock down all ten pins and get a strike! Win epic PvP-battles to gain rewards. Level up to win even more bowling matches and climb to the top of this free, fun multiplayer game.

Wargaming brings you legendary online multiplayer games to play with your like-minded friends.

Bowling Crew features:

We will quickly find you a skill-appropriate opponent. Every match lasts no longer than 3 minutes. No more waiting – play online anytime, anywhere.

Test your skills on alleys with nonstandard rules every day. Show everyone how you’re rolling!

Every two weeks, you have an opportunity to participate in a competitive season with unique prizes. Win matches, gather tokens and collect season rewards!

We take special care of graphics. Our breathtaking alleys will dive you into a fascinating atmosphere of one of the iconic world epochs (often, not confirmed).

-revolutionary gameplay, which is easy to learn and difficult to master;
-millions of players, who are waiting for a challenge;
-12 unique 3D bowling alleys and 83 striking balls;
-weekly leagues, where you can advance and unlock new bowling balls;
-hidden easter eggs in every bowling lane – try to find them all;
-quick-fire real-time PvP multiplayer, which allows you to compete with the best bowling players;

Welcome to Bowling Crew! Compete with your friends for the ‘KING OF BOWLING’ title. It is the first sports game from World of Tanks Blitz and World of Warships Blitz creators.

In case you’ve faced any issues or have some questions, do not hesitate to contact us:
E-mail [email protected]

The game requires an Internet connection.


"Mission improvements: We have added new tasks—test your skills and obtain awesome rewards!

We are celebrating Chinese New Year with special events—Wheel of Fortune and a themed Gold Rush!

New Seasons, Tournaments, Challenges, and Skill Shots are coming—keep the festive spirit!"


40 comentarios en "Bowling Crew — 3D bowling game MODDED 2022"

  1. There is away to much visual movement of things in the game that it keeps freezing up and its not supposed to do that. In 2021 I played had no problems. Now there’s a ton of issues like lag , freezing , to many things happening at once and etc. I am currently disappointed in the game that I like very much. Devs please fix your game if you have to remove new or old features then do it. I’ll keep the game installed but only to check if it’s updated or not. I’ll play when bugs are fixed.

  2. Fun, but it is rigged. Once you reach a certain level, you don’t advance without spending $$. The opponents selected for you are far superior and the pins just don’t fall the way they are supposed to. It’s great in the beginning, but frustrating once you actually master it, but refuse to be spend money. The ad revenue should be sufficient, but it doesn’t appear the developers agree. I’ll be deleting this soon in spite of how fun it is/was.

  3. I have this app. At first it was great. Now it lags and freezes up in the middle of a game. If the balls dont come out to use you wind up with a miss because your timer never seems to freeze!!! Just your ball. It has cost me several matches and tournament placements. I’m about ready to uninstall this game because of how disappointing it is lately. It started after the darn update.

  4. I really liked this game in the beginning; it had lot of potential. But if you want to advance beyond alley 5 then you’ll pretty much need to purchase upgrades. It doesn’t reward skill so much as it does purchasing higher level bowling balls. I’m beginning to believe it’s a money pit. I don’t want to be stuck bowling lower skill alleys to try to save up enough chips to play where I was.

  5. The graphics are amazing! The 1st time that spider dropped I thought it was a real spider on my screen scared the heck out of me! I wish skill shot was every week instead of every other. I do not like the “T-shirt” concept I feel it is a waste of money since you have to pay so much every time you bowl. I do enjoy the game very much, but each ball I use is either rare or epic. Hard and expensive to upgrade. You have to purchase hundreds of dollars worth of gold. Do not know how others do it🤔

  6. Ok until you can’t play, the start of the game is cool nice graphics easy game play but once you hit a certain level they make it to where you can’t play without paying. I’m not the type to spend real money on a fake game so I can’t play again until the coins stack up, it also seems as though the game makes you lose so you’re forced to spend more coins on levels and with them increasing the cost of things it makes it harder to play.

  7. Love the game the only drawback is the ads, I should not have to close the same ad 4 to 5 times to get back to playing the game , I understand advertising but to have to close the same ad 4 or 5 times to get back to bowling is getting out of hand. I guess soon we’ll have to watch 15 minutes of commercials before you get to take your turn..!!!

  8. Would be more stars if they would go back to having the challenges on a daily basis and not cost to play challenges. Makes me want to stop playing the game. It’s not worth it anymore. It was fun until the new upgrade. I am unstalling this game cause it is no longer fun to play when you are forcing people to pay for coins just to play the game. Very dissatisfied with the development

  9. Hybrid dice:

    I love this game to pass the time. Amazing graphics for a bowling game and pretty addictive. I have 1 gripe and thats that I have noticed that even if u make the exact same shot the next time u roll it won’t have the same effect. Also I tested against another player and mirrored them and again random outcomes. Needs to be fixed because I have lost matches and stuff for no reason. Update 1/23/23 It’s gotten worse lol. More pop-ups and btw appreciate the txt back but u can shoot the same shot JS.

  10. There’s parts of this game that really get to me. Like for one thing the bowling courses don’t rotate good enough. There can be 4 differentypes of courses on one set. I end up playing one of those courses like 10 times more than all the others put together. Something is wrong with the randomizer. I noticed another major problem with this game, You could bowl the same spot and the same ball and the same throw a 100 times and you’ll never get the same way they or outcome. When it should be tha sa

  11. Played this game for a long time. I absolutely loved it. However, I agree with many others who have said that it has become ridiculously expensive. Listen, I have no problem with you guys making some money. And you’ve gotten LOTS of mine! But the shirts, ball costs, lousy amount of rewards as winnings, almost impossible to advance w/o paying tons of money to buy coins to play, etc., caused me to finally remove it. No bowling game matches your quality but cost is now absurd!

  12. The game is great. However there are some glitches during play which messes up the game play. Also don’t think it’s fair for opponent to have perfect games almost all of time which we get sloppy score. My shocking experience here is that I lost 8 games back to back to back with opponents score perfect games using less level balls then the highest ones. Overall the game is great with graphics and can’t wait to see the next level coming soon.

  13. This is a very good bowling game, with great graphics and a lot of realistic feel. Downside; is very expensive upgrades for little benefit. If you don’t buy the upgrades, you’re in for a very long haul attaining a competitive level of play. P.S. you deserve to be making money for an excellent product like this, but average people can’t afford these upgrades.

  14. I love the game but some of the mechanics are a little off. The matches are ok, but the way we have to acquire the balls, even the cost of each upgrade – for a person who just wants to bowl a game, waste some time on their cell phones- the cost is to much. I would love to get some of the premium stuff to play your game with. I can’t afford it in 2 ways-. Both by points and putting money on the app. I just wanted to play a game on my cell. I didn’t think I would go broke doing it.

  15. CJ Davis dice:

    On several occasions the app freezes while playing on my tablet. I have contacted my internet provider & everything is fine on that end. It’s frustrating to lose a game especially when you’ve paid for upgrades etc. I also want to mention it there’s a problem connecting to the server & the download takes forever (when it doesn’t freeze).

  16. S Mark dice:

    I have a love/hate relationship with this game. I’ve been playing for awhile. The graphics and game play are super. *They’ve added shirts that coincide with the balls and must be constantly upgraded along with the balls, which eats up the chips that you must try to maintain, by winning matches or watching video’s to obtain, or of course buying them. It’s super frustrating. Obviously it’s a pay to win game. They charge ridiculous amounts for tournaments now, they didn’t use to. It’s sad 😔

  17. It’s to bad. This game has huge potential. And could be awesome! It’s kind of ironic how I lose 7 or 8 in a row, then I spend a little money, and go off on 6 or 7 game winning streak. Def playing against bots. How are you supposed to upgrade balls with trying to get insane amount of chips. I dont even mind the ads, as its free to play. I get that. I played this before, then quit cuz of same issues. Tried it again, now I’m done for good.

  18. Not just a typical bowling game. Has a few twists like the different pin configurations. Pretty decent game overall. You tend to win a lot and advance quickly when you first start playing. As you advance you win less and advance slower because you get in matches with people who have bowling balls ranked 25-50% higher than you. I really wish you would change the ball unlock feature. When all trophies are collected for an alley, all the bowling balls for that level should unlock.

  19. I’ve only been playing for 3 days and it’s really fun. The physics aren’t 100% realistic but that’s fine. I bowl competitively in real life so this more chaotic version of bowling entertains me. The only issue I have with this is that sometimes, the frame rate gets so bad that it freezes causing me to lose my match. Otherwise, great game.

  20. Kevin Lee dice:

    I’ve been playing this for a a few years. It was more fun to play in the past as there were more rewards and it was less costly. They recently took away the daily challenges and now they have increased the price of unlocking cases. I have spent money before but due to the increase in price and removing features and fun, I can’t afford to pay and be competitive anymore. I will look for something else.

  21. I have been playing for awhile and enjoyed moving up in levels but it is insane prices to join tournaments now. The shirts are a waste of time and money if you don’t have the bowling balls for it. I’m giving it a low score based on the in app purchases. because it’s become very costly just to play now. This is still a great bowling game !!!!!!

  22. Challenges and tournaments are fun, but BE VERY CAREFUL when it comes to spending money, especially when it comes to the weekly tournament. During the 2nd round, I got booted from the app and made it impossible for me to make it to the final round. I tried contacting technical support and payment issues, but everytime I click on any of the “customer service” links, I get booted from the app again! It’s a scam and it’s B.S. Developer should be refunding me my entry fee for the tournament.

  23. I love this game its a blast. BUT! I have just discovered that it takes away things you save. I have been saving the gold I win and I was at 331 on September 2nd. Checked back on September 4th and I now only have 310. I am going to see if they also take coins from me too. I hope they fix this problem or I will delete it. I was even considering spending real $ on it I play so much.

  24. Crystal dice:

    I have been playing this game for a while and got very very far but now it’s glitching. I’ve been playing the same way like I’ve always been playing. Im not liking this game anymore it keeps freezing up and then the other opponent wins!!!! But I didn’t even get my chance to play the last round if freezes up then i lost all the money!!!!! I’m ready to just delete this game!!!

  25. Games like these purposely frustrate you to try to get you to pay to compete. That’s why they match you up with higher ranking players. I can just about predict how the game will end by 2nd frame. When you start seeing crazy stuff happening like someone rolls a ball off the mark and the ball hits one pin and that pin bounces off the wall and comes back to hit the other pins for a strike you know you have gone as far as they want you to go unless you pay. Longer you play worse it gets.

  26. Was a 5, now a 2 and headed lower. The inventory.deck.widget keeps crashing when I click it. I have earned several of the power balls but can only access level 3 Thor. The higher the levels need the power balls. I’m done if this doesn’t get fixed soon. Oh, and I did report it to the tech support with pics and steps. Tired of losing more advanced matches with beginner bowling balls.

  27. Ai Ilano dice:

    My review is the same for a lot of other reviews. I will say that the graphics are good. I was on alley 6 one time and I had all level 7 balls, kept getting spares. The opponent (which is probably a bot) had BEGINNER balls and level 3-5 balls but made ALL strikes. I find that BS because when I use level balls like that, it just bounces out into the gutter. I also don’t like that I barely get any new balls and that I have to resort to paying, which I don’t want to do. Was fun for the time being.

  28. Generally a fun game. Been playing a few yrs. I gave up trying to advance levels because it’s not skill based just time consuming. You’d need to play as if it’s a full time job to level up. New bowling shirt feature is confusing and expensive. Focus on the ball upgrades

  29. It feels rigged! Too many lost games in a row and I watched one opponent still be able to throw after the timer hit zero. Yup, they won the match, lol. Plus, a couple times during a match, I had to come back into the app (ie. It literally took a couple seconds to do) and it already tallied the score up when the game hadn’t finished yet. How would they know what was going to tally in the end without finishing, unless it really is set up who will win before a match. Deleted.

  30. I enjoy this game very much, graphics are great, etc. But on several occasions, just after starting a match, (and, one time, on the last ball of the third frame), I would be kicked out of the system, prevented from re-signing back in “due to a match being in progress”, then arriving just in time to see me LOSE without throwing a single ball (except for the third frame dump described above.) Can cost you dearly in Protectors and/or chips. What if you’re in the 3rd game of the weekend Challenges?

  31. I enjoyed this game for a little while but once you get past the 10th level you have to pay to upgrade your equipment so that you can compete with others. I had built a sizable coin bank and in one day it all was lost because of losing games to the pay for play gamers. It didn’t matter how well I placed the ball in the pocket all I was getting was splits and spares while the other player could get a strike with a sloppy throw. Don’t waste your time.

  32. I love playing the game. I have been at 5334 forever it doesn’t matter how many times I win I don’t move past that number. I have way too many coins and I can’t upgrade my bowling balls nor am I getting any new ones. It doesn’t matter what frame you are on if you get a perfect score you get the lowest case and that sucks when you should get a high case. There should be more newer bowling balls that come out. And you should be able to upgrade things way more easier.

  33. I love bowling. But you can advance quickly if you keep buying better balls. Granted if you can get a strike everytime or a spare, you have it made. I was doing a great the first month. I was always in the TOP 10(4). THIS LAST TIME I WAS IN 2ND Place. I just deleted it because I started to lose all my winnings because I refuse to keep upgrading my bowing balls or buying season passes in ordered to get special bowling cases and more coins. I was below promotion level this time.

  34. Game is unplayable and not very enjoyable. The constant updates has made it worse. Swastika looking pin set up, in the the every other week skill shot, is highly offensive. Sent messages about it, but it’s still there. No reason to play matches once you’ve reached Master Level 1 as it’s a safe zone. The game has gone backwards with the changes.

  35. the game is excellent, no ads, good graphics, and the controls are easy to use! the only things I would have would be: 1. it would be cool if they would add some type of emoticons with words that you can say to your opponent, trash talkin or encouragement things of that nature. 2. different bowling alleys that you can bowl in outside of the obstacles. I don’t think anybody really wants to gamble their earnings on a bowling alley that has obstacles in the way. 3. the jump from 2K to 7K is a lot.

  36. Good start, needs some work. The three frame concept is good, makes for quick games and enough to avoid a lot of ties. What I don’t like is the way ball selection works, the game randomly chooses 3 balls out of your arsenal, which you can then choose from. I would rather see it set up so that you could choose three balls before the game and then you could pick from them for the whole game. In addition pin reaction is not consistent.

  37. The gameplay is awesome! The different alleys are so unique and really challenging. Everything is great in this game except for one thing: The amount of coins you have to have to play. YES, I know you can lower the fee, but then you don’t progress and you’d have to play dozens of games, (and win them all!) just to get back to the lvl you were at, and the bags don’t pay out enough to sustain you, so you’d have to buy a TON just to play.

  38. It’s a fun game but could use some improvements. It crashes from time to time and sometimes will not load and just stay on the load screen, also maybe extend the shot clock to 20-25 seconds maybe. 15 just isn’t enough. I think you should add a few things like emoji reactions to select during the game and maybe the ability to earn different avatars that each have their own special skills. Keep up the good work. This is my all time favorite bowling game. Fix the few glitches and I’ll rate 5 stars

  39. Really enjoying this game! The lanes changing as you advance in skill was strange at first, but became very cool as the win/loss stakes became greater. My only gripe is that if the game can’t find you an opponent…you lose that game. It wasn’t too annoying at first, but now that it’s 7k to play a ranked game, it’s a hard pill to swallow. And no, the “Back” button does not work in this situation. Not only did I just lose 7k, but my trophy points are now under 200. Do you know how hard it is to get to 200? It’s crazy hard!

  40. Too Pricey. The sound continues to go in an out, and if you don’t click the ad close on time, the game refreshes and you loose whatever you were aiming to get, including starting a match. Last but definitely not least, the ingame purchases are way to expensive for a phone game. I think we should be able to purchase a lot more with the green coins and gold bars. The ones that can be purchased that way only dispenses one item (SMH). But the game is really interesting and fun. 🤷🏽‍♀️

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