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Play Tie Break Tens official tournaments in Tennis Arena — an exciting free modern tennis game, featuring online PvP competitions, fast action, and a large choice of tennis players and stadiums. Tennis Arena is the place where fans of sports games from all over the world clash in league and tournament tennis matches.

Do you prefer to serve and volley or stick to the baseline and smash powerful forehands? Whatever your style, hit tennis courts and enjoy tactical tennis gameplay while honing your sport skills. Clash with other players, play in diverse locations of our tennis game tournaments, climb leaderboards, and become an ultimate tennis champion!

🎉 A brand new 2021 action tennis game.
🎾 Realistic 3D tennis play with true motion ball and shot physics.
📱 Full support for both portrait and landscape screen orientation.
🎮 Sport game swipe and touch controls for precise movements and shots.
🏆 Official Tie Break Tens (TB10) multiplayer online tournaments featuring 10-point tie break tennis games.
🧢 Advice and guidance from the tennis coach to help you improve performance in your sports games.
🌍 Online leagues and international sport games inspired by Grand Slam tennis tournaments.
⚙️ Fully customizable tennis player profiles.


Added "Boosts" feature.


40 comentarios en "Tennis Arena FULL"

  1. Great app. Fun. Realistic as it can be. Way better than Tennis Clash!!! The Tennis Clash algorithm seems to not reward you for getting better. As a matter of fact, it seems to make it more difficult for you if you get better so that way you have to spend money in order to be competitive. This app on the other hand allows you to get better and continue to play competitively. You can spend money in order , if you want, to improve your skills and your equipment but it doesn’t seem to be necessary

  2. Julie dice:

    This tennis game is a fun one. Try it out. It’s a good idea to level up some if your skills like precision shots to get more accurate close to line hit at times so you don’t accidently get out of bounds, I’ve done this early part of learning the game. And it helps to take the tutorials when hinted too if your new too online games here. If you like tennis you’ll have fun with this one. I’ve noticed ads only come to you if you want a too double your match earnings which is a plus! Have fun.

  3. After playing the highly annoying Tennis Clash this is like a breath of fresh air. So far I think it’s the best tennis game out for mobile. No “pop ups” whatsoever only ads for rewards , your choice. Very smooth and great tutorial. They aren’t constantly tweaking the algorithm either. It’s just up to you and your skill level. Bots play occasionally but also real opponents. Great work people.

  4. Some of the automated elements of play can be unpredictable, but on the whole this game balances easy play mechanics and skill well. I really appreciated the training modules, as I like to practice without pressure at times. Ads are mostly voluntary, and while it’s possible to buy your way to easier wins, I think it’s possible to continue improving without spending a lot. Overall a satisfying game.

  5. Gameplay is fun, but I have a few issues. Gold progress is too slow even with season pass and the double gold for watching ads every single match (very annoying). Serve returns are very difficult and the game actually punishes hard hit returns because you have no time to get back to the court. 1st serve should have reduced accuracy and 2nd serve reduced power to give returner a better chance. Please remove grass courts. It’s so hard to see the ball and perfect indicator.

  6. There aren’t any random pop up ads during the game which is a breath of fresh air but this game’s feedback is way too slow for this “fast-paced” game. I tell my player to move to a spot on the court immediately after I return the ball and he will either walk there or just simply doesn’t move causing me to lose the point. It’s very frustrating and something a game like this should have under control.

  7. Love this tennis game! It is fairly realistic, probably as much as it can be, and it does take some skills to do well. It takes time to get the hang of how things work and what you cannot control but I did the tutorial or some lessons which have comments to understand how it works. I am still a beginner but hoping that there will be more challenging matches once I improve enough!

  8. Top many ads for the amount of gameplay. Uses “unnatural” means to increase difficulty (fatigue-> decrease precision, ok, but that means that I can perform the exact same motion and get different results… WHICH IS WEIRD). The gameplay itself is pretty slow (too much time in-between points. Moving around is unreliable (returning to center of court after a shot seems random despite following instructions). Positive: the ui is no worse than others

  9. Best tennis game of them all! Most generous and let’s you play as much as you want without having to wait for boxes on timers. Also, the most realistic swiping system for aiming your swings. Much better than the other games. Also, most customizable character options, especially like the unlimited color pallette that let’s you design a unique look so you don’t look exactly the same as everyone else like the other games. This game is far ahead in their technology overall. Great job!

  10. Realistic tennis game w/ smooth gameplay & simple controls. Not only is it better than most tennis games, but also more fun. Instead of criticism, I can only think of ways to improve or add on to certain things. Ex: the coin/upgrade system takes forever to actually get enough coins to be able to upgrade any attributes or equipment passed level2.) If you’re tired of allthe unrealistic arcade type games & want a more genuine style approach in a tennis game, this is definitely the game for you!!

  11. Best tennis game I’ve played; I’d actually given up on finding one actually “playable”. At first it’s very difficult to get used to. All I can say is the more you play, the better you get…sorta organically. I haven’t spent a penny. It takes patience, but it’s well worth all of the beatings I took in the beginning. UPDATE: 1) I HATE the 30 sec ads…if you win a match, why not 10-15 sec ads? 2) Why not reward a win with a Free match? 3) No real incentives 4) Coins are SLOW earned

  12. Tom Lett dice:

    A great tennis simulation. If you play tennis for real, this actually is pretty decent. It has just enough in it to allow for some game strategy & psychology. The buy options are really pricey, but if you’re patient you can play for free. I don’t know how paid for stuff will affect play later on, also, whether you’re playing against bots sometimes. If would be good if you could make friends. Also, have slow time for lobing, that’s really tricky in normal speed.

  13. Boosts break game. What a shame. This was actually really well designed and a game which you’d want to pay for. However the boosts in the game are ridiculous. For example, if you have enough money you can buy a “no outs” boost which does exactly what it says. No shots go out. Skill out of the window. So it has simply become a game where if you are rich enough you can soup yourself up enough to be almost unbeatable. Still worth playing. Not worth playing for unless you’re going to pay huge.

  14. Game seriously needs over-hauling. Everytime you achieve the highest levels it knocks you back down, which is why I no longer would spend any money on it. It’s a shame because the game play is good and the tie break format is perfect. Before I maxed out the levels I would have given you 5 stars but the constant down-grading of your progress means it’s 2 stars max from me.

  15. Great graphs and realistic controls for people that do play tennis. The most amazing is the fact that we CAN CHOOSE whether to have ads or not. If you don’t want extra coins etc you just don’t get any ads. Never found it on another app. Ever. Playing it for two weeks non stop. Not a single ad. 🔥🙏 Only downside. Very difficult to net a ball. It should be easier to make that mistake. Also, one-handed backhand or two-handed backhand from the same player in the same match? A bit unrealistic.

  16. Warren dice:

    If the game didn’t just decide when you can take a shot, and when you can’t, that would be great. Expect to miss shots that you could hit, but nothing can be done about it. 🤷‍♂️ The opposition certainly has no issue hitting hard shots with little to no stamina. I always wonder if they are actual players or AI 🤔 There are some annoying imbalances in the game…and the camera panning out and in overhead while in play doesn’t help 🤦‍♂️

  17. I moved from a different tennis game to Tennis Arena because it was way more realistic. It has however become just as unrealistic as the previous one. It is impossible in tennis to chase down a ball that has been firmly hit from behind, run around it and hit it for a winner. I get the feeling that I am playing against a computer that decides who wins and who loses.

  18. The developers of the game you really don’t want you to win , I got to a rating I’m 55 then it started going downwards Don’t know if it was a glitch in the board My ratings down like 27 every shot seemed like it go out of bounds , this game got to be pretty good as at first, The double tab don’t work All the other functions they are helpful at times when it’s too late can the game be revised where we all have a chance to win many times I try to delete the game

  19. Game Trap dice:

    The game is pretty good but the rewarding system is very poor, the developers must learn from clash royale. Even if you are not a pass subscribers still you can earn epic rewards where as this game only offer normal rewards. Moreove the winning coins are very less and upgrade cost is very high I do understand you want ppl to purchase royale pass but still the rewards must be little better then current rewards

  20. Best tennis game I’ve found so far. The introduction of buyable boosts has taken a lot of the fun out of the game. Like so many other games, players who are willing to pay lots of money can buy their way to victory without putting in the effort to develop their player. Stars rating reduced.

  21. It’s a really great tennis game, currently my 2nd favorite after virtua tennis by Sega, great gameplay and easy to play. What I didn’t like about this game it drained my battery so fast even though I played it like only 10 minutes and also it produced so much heat to my phone if I didn’t close after playing it. Fix these bugs and I’ll give it 5 stars. Edit: I have this bug that always annoyed me while playing the game, it makes the game run didn’t smooth sometime in the match. Fix that.

  22. Daniel S dice:

    First of all I have to say that I have been playing the game for quite a bit for the last 3 months. I have maxed out all the skills and equipment and had great fun in the process. The reason for only one star is that the game has lost all it’s charm because the serves have become way too powerful. The game needs to be balanced as currently it just a serves contest and that is really boring. There is no skill in just hitting very fast serves. I have zero incentive to continue to play the game.

  23. john c dice:

    HAVE NOT BEEN ABLE TO WATCH ADS FOR 3 DAYS. PLEASE FIX THIS the GOOD: the graphics and play are outstanding. it’s the most realistic tennis app out there. the BAD: multi-player is an outright lie. the vast majority of the time you are playing AI with the winner predetermined. and that’s no fun

  24. Definitely THE best tennis game I have played. Only thing I would like to see change is make it 3 sets for each opponent played, not just 1. So it seems my other phone simply hasnt enough ram to connect properly. Other phone works perfectly with data or wifi.

  25. Great game. No doubt. I just want to mention develople parts. -Players are too controlled in even most last moment touches. Sometimes they should simply touch up to save, and other party can smatch. -I didn’t understand if we can do drop shot with backwards spin. If possible should be formulized.

  26. Only tie break games. Then 30-45 second ads between every single game. Good game but a very poor market offering by this company. Rather find a better tennis game that’s not focused on ad revenue,it is very,very frustrating to play this game. They basically sell ads with very little tennis.

  27. Fun game with tournaments and a league to play with some tricky opponents. Only complaint is the graphics aren’t anything special and some of the gameplay can be odd like the player being single and double backhand. But all round it is addictive and enjoyable

  28. So far it’s really good. Please don’t change and fu#k everything up. That’s usually what happens the devs do an update and then you get ads every five seconds or it starts to glitch. Please devs don’t get greedy or stupid. Fingers crossed. I like that they let you change uniform colors and shoes also.

  29. This is the absolute wonderful experience… The game is well design … You need to have right choice and accuracy to win.. Where in other tennis game timing is not required.. But this is something else.. Next level

  30. Probably the best tennis game out there. Great implementation of all the skills and techniques required. Also probably the best implementation of in game ads I have ever seen. Wish everything was like this. No forced ads and they are optional to view. Big fan of this. Only thing lacking for the game to be 5 star, is a ‘friends multiplayer’ system. Maybe they can add the option to have in game friends and also implement playing against them and/or doubles modes!

  31. I love this game, the game is good and there are ways to make this better, I suggest you change the home screen since it seems too simple and more importantly add emojis and short messages for us, players, to use during the game.

  32. G Gloria dice:

    Great tennis game 👍👍👍 A couple of ideas as well as tennis: – Create a ranking list of people in real tennis where a tennis player has the opportunity to win a better position – Add a camera line call at suspicious out points – Replace the current point from 1 to 7 system with a real one from 0 to 40. Insert games (say up to three) then set etc… – Add children as ball collectors

  33. The AI is so awful and constantly runs in the wrong direction–the developers should allow manual instructions to disable the AI. The controls are very inconsistent. Half the time it doesn’t respond when I try to smash the ball and ends up feeding a softball to the opponent who in turn smashes it. It is such a frustrating and poorly implemented excuse for a tennis game.

  34. Advertised as multiplayer, however you are only playing against bots. Had super fun playing for a week and destroying everyone, but knowing I am playing against an AI only ruins the experience.

  35. Addictive. I wish it was based on lives so if you win a match, you get to keep playing until all lives have been used. Otherwise, quite enjoyable.

  36. I’ve been playing this game a lot, it is a fun way to pass the time however there’s a point where it becomes impossible by just playing to upgrade, any epic gear will be impossible to get your hands on and if you do save up gems to buy the item when it shows up in store you’ll only get 1/4 of what you need to level up as low as level 2, the gem cost for those items are also a joke as 150-200 is time consuming to get hold of. I feel instead of playing people you play accounts controlled by CPU.

  37. Best tennis game I’ve played for mobile yet… smooth experience and easy to play and level up! Customizations are perfect for a mobile game, freedom of use characters is 👌 not too cash grabish, and not as Arcadish as Tennis Clash but with a similar feel in gameplay. Almost like a very simulated and advanced version of Clash. Don’t sleep on this app!

  38. Love the game ..gameplay is amazing..shot making is intuitive. One issue is that the rewards are too tiny…also Why does the opponent k|eps getting serves continuously? Its like 4 5 points continuous to them and I get 1 serve in between. Frustrating. Especially when we play in Tournaments and opponent keeps getting Serve for no apparent reason.

  39. Great game!! No ads to interrupt the play, you have option to watch ads instead being forced on you, of course if you want to upgrade your player, it costs $$ but not alot, just a great game to pass the time, also in tournament mode, you play against others so enjoy!

  40. Tina dice:

    Games got major potential when one of y’all makes the decision to upgrade y’all’s graphics for sure! Those gotta be thee worst graphics I’ve ever seen on here on a game c’mon now letd bring it up to par then u got something esp the options & features much more depth than rest I’ve played nice job! I’d also look at ur green red indicators they don’t seem all that accurate maybe just me but

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