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The final instalment of the smash hit #1 rated BMX game is here!
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The final installment of the smash hit #1 rated BMX game is here!

Following on from the insane success of Pumped BMX 2, Pumped 3 is back with more riders, more bikes, more stunts, more levels and more challenges!

Ride through sets of jumps pulling off crazy stunts in order to complete challenges and beat high scores. Combine 24 awesome BMX tricks with flips, spins and grinds to rack up huge high scores, or just relax and flow through the levels – it’s up to you!

Try your hand at over 720 challenges and achievements – a totally redesigned challenge system means there’s something different to try around every corner.

60 all new levels across 6 amazing environments. From the relaxed to the totally insane, from the foothills and woods to the wetlands and mountains.

Featuring 15 of the world’s top dirt jumpers! From style gurus like Chase Hawk to tech wizards like Dennis Enarson, pick your pro and go shred!

Customize your bike – pick your favourite pro’s signature or create your own fully custom ride!

60 levels, over 720 challenges and achievements.
15 of the world’s top BMX dirt jumpers.
24 legit tricks from the stylish to the insane.

Get ready. Get Pumped.


Bug fixes and performance improvements.


40 comentarios en "Pumped BMX 3 MODDED"

  1. Logan B dice:

    Awesome game, very fun! Some of the challenges are darn near impossible and some of the tracks are extremely difficult but that just makes it more fun in my opinion. Some people are saying that the tilt controls are annoying and buttons would be better but i dont think they understand that to have buttons for tilt you would need to have 3 thumbs to complete some of the combos. The current control config is fine once you get used to it. Button tilt controls would break the game.

  2. Developer replied and fixed the issue with it not running on my 2019 phone. This game is great! It’s easy to learn yet challenging at the same time. The graphics are good and it runs smooth. One of my favorite games. Also, check out their other game Trail Boss, it’s even better (in my opinion) than Pumped. I hope there will be a follow-up to Trail Boss. Thank you, developers, for fixing the issue with this game so I can finish it. 👍

  3. I very much enjoyed this game (when it worked). I thought the tutorials at the beginning of each map were a little clunky and heavy-handed, but the controls are intuitive and performing tricks is fun. Unfortunately, the game no longer works on my Galaxy Note 10+ after upgrading to Android 10.

  4. I don’t usually rate games. I usually get frustrated with games like this because they’re either too simple and boring, or they’re impossible to get comfortable controlling. This is great. I don’t get pissed when I crash because restarting is fast and easy. Controls are plenty but easy to navigate. A+.

  5. I love the pumped series. But after Android 10, on my pixel 2, the game crashes. Considering I paid for it, I wish the developers would focus on correcting the issue. I do love trail boss, which works fine, but sometimes I just like to play the classic pumped style. Please fix the issue.

  6. Unfortunately and stupidly pop-ups appear in the moments one is supposed to complete an action during the tutorial. One is forced over and over again to restart the tutorial and all the pop-ups. An option to disable the reappearing pop-ups is not available. All levels are locked. Shame because I wanted to play this game but can’t get past the first jump because a pop-up appears telling me what to do exactly when I’m supposed to do it. I guess I’m an idiot. Thanks for showing me that. Gladly paid

  7. This game has one of the worst tutorials I’ve ever experienced in 30+ years of gaming. I wanted to throw my phone against the wall after going through it again and again. Controls are gimmicky and the game seems to really dislike you, the player. Can’t fault music, graphics or sound. Not recommended.

  8. It’s ok. First level is frustrating because it gives you the instructions in the middle of riding, and breaking the flow, causing mistakes and failure. After, it starts to open up a bit, but the game feels very “ok” and not more than that. The music is extremely boring, and that might be a part of it. I’m not sure if more music comes as the game progresses, but I’ll be uninstalling the game as I just don’t feel it’s compelling enough for me. I admit I didn’t play it long, so take it as you will.

  9. Smooth lines nice trick variations challenges kind of get really un realistic but its that much better when you finaly complete the challeng.. I have to say that its the best pumped bmx yet athough they should have made it so you csn link your fbook accout or gmail account so if something happens to you phone, gets broken,stolen or virus it doesnt save anything you have to go back and start all over losing everything super lame going back to first level and redoi g everthing you completed….

  10. pxelprime dice:

    I have played this game for years, and it is a great value for a game with a lot of playability. I had problems starting the game recently but Noodlecake responded, and released an update that fixed that issue. My only problem is that all my progress has been reset, but that is most likely due to an update and anyone getting this game now should not be affected.

  11. The game is quite fun and well made. Lots of tricks that look great, too. The later few biomes are completely annoying and impossible to enjoy, however. Flipping and controlling the rider while not in a standing position is also quite impossible, making the game feel very much not thought out in that regard. The score requirements in the later 2-3 biomes need to be tweaked down or the tricks need to be quicker in animation.

  12. Same as all the Android users I see. I have a galaxy and won’t load after title screen. Glad I have the Trailboss and Pumped 2 because they are complete different aspects/controls for bmx. By far the best bmx games on anything including gaming platforms but a fix on Pumped 3 as soon as possible would be great!!

  13. Great game, awesome gameplay and overall feel of the game is good,but after 3 days of playing the tilt function on the game stopped working. I tried clearing the cache and reinstalled the game but nothing worked. Finally i figured out that opening the recent apps menu then going back into the game helps. get that fixed and you have my five stars.

  14. Updating to three stars. Game now runs on Android 10 but that unfortunately doesn’t improve gameplay. Entire game consists of desperately trying to build and maintain speed for jumps, leaving almost no time for tricks which is where the enjoyment would be. Game is simply not fun.

  15. love the game, but I do agree with some others, very minor fixes could make this game perfect (IMO)!, and one to me that I havnt seen is, listening to music while in the game, it could just be a problem for me, but as soon as I enter the game it stops my music from playing in the background

  16. Graphics anf psychics are a nice upgrade from v2. The only problem is that when i launch it, the screen goes black and it takes 30-45 seconds before the splash screen comes on. After that it’s fine.

  17. I wish there was a way to change the way the rider is controlled because tilt controls always have and will forever be the worst way to control anything. Tilt controls make the game unplayable for me after the level goals start including complex combos that require you to perform multiple tricks (e.g. double barspin + tailwhip + 360°) while performing a 1x or 2x backflip/frontflip. If there was the option to use [<] [>] instead of tilt I’d rate ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ no questions asked. ADD BUTTONS PLEASE

  18. The tilt keeps making me crash because it is unresponsive almost every time I open the game. Occasionally it works right. Not sure what the issue is, but other than that the game is sweet and has been super fun.

  19. j brown dice:

    Awesome game. Learning curve is no bigger than playing Tony hawk back in the old days. Super fun, very challenging at some levels. 2/2021 I’m hooked again and almost completed the game, getting there. So much fun. Buy this game, all skill based. No extra purchases either

  20. Can’t tilt. I try to tilt and the rider stays in the same position and it’s impossible to land. This needs a calibration feature or something. The fact I can’t control it kills it.

  21. Super clean and seems it’s going to be very fun. But, it always glitches and won’t let me angle the bike so I loose. It’s very annoying especially since I payed 4 bucks for a game to have the basic controls mess up.

  22. Its a great time killer game and it is very challenging to do some of the objectives, I will find myself staying up for hours and hours each night trying to make it to the next unlock. Thanks NoodleCake Games!

  23. Unable to complete tutorial. Rider flips like crazy in air causing the tutorial to reset. Major bug. Uninstalled.

  24. I’ve always loved the pumped series. Matter of fact this is my 3rd time downloading this game as I get new phones. Since android 10 i am not able to play the game. It crashes before the title screen. Please fix or give me my money back

  25. Fantastic and well designed game but as soon as I updated to Android 10 the game will no longer load. Tried reinstalling but it won’t make it to the menu screen. Please fix!

  26. just gets frustrating. courses are really tough sometimes. harder than needed. also, the challenges get incredibly diffucult to complete when you cant make each jump.

  27. Crash on startup every time, assume has something to do with Android 10. Shame that this is included in the Google Play Subscription and such a massive problem is still active.

  28. On Poxel 4xl it doesn’t work properly. The game is cropped and takes up only a part of the screen. Can you please adapt it to taller phones. But the gamd is very fun

  29. I bought this game a while back when it was new and for some reason unfair reason I had it for a long time until i got a new phone and was told I needed to buy it all over again. Since I liked it so much I’m going to pay for it again and say this just in case it happens again. It is Sunday November 21st at 6:25 p.m. and I am buying pumped BMX 3 for the second time so please don’t force me to pay for it again

  30. Doesn’t run on my Pixel 3a. Unfortunately crashes upon opening. This seems to be the biggest issue among users, hopefully it eventually gets fixed.

  31. For some odd reason, app is crashing after launching app. Hope there’s a fix coming soon. Update* App working again after new update. Thank you.

  32. Really good game. Never stops getting more challenging. Though I wish you were able to do 180’s and halfcabs. Riding backwards would be cool.

  33. Grade A game. Super fun to play through and progress. Plus fun just to catch a quick flowy line when you’ve got a couple minutes to kill.

  34. Crashes on start up. I just got a brand new S10 and it won’t run. How do refunds work? Update: Bug is fixed, can finally pay the game I paid for. It’s ok

  35. this is probably the most enjoyable game I’ve ever played. super smooth and it’s realistic (for the most part). the only thing I dislike is this game has rails in it. this is a dirt jump game and there is no rails in dirt jumping. other than that this game is so sick.

  36. Liked this game but got a new Pixel 4 and the game won’t even load. Crashes before splash screen. Not sure it works with Android 10

  37. Playpass version won’t even start. I see the logo screen and then it crashes every time. (Pixel 3XL, fully updated)

  38. Best mobile game out by far! The riders style looks insane, and everything about this game is rad!! The only problem is my iPhone broke so I went to android and couldn’t get my same pumped acc back. Don’t know if there is a way or not? Either way this game is sick!

  39. Could’ve been good.. but the controls 👎🏻☹️ ..I feel I’m writing the same review for every Noodlecake game.. guys, you definitely need to work on your controls, otherwise you make good games..sadly, that’s wasted potential ☹️

  40. Absolutely amazing game, kinda difficult to learn but very fun and addictive. Graphics are wonderful, sounds are great too. Totally worth the money 💰

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