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IT IS FINALLY HERE! Let us present the wildest Touchgrind game so far, TOUCHGRIND SCOOTER, brought to you by the creators of Touchgrind BMX 2 and Touchgrind Skate 2. We took the core of the Touchgrind brand, listened closely to OUR PLAYERS suggestions and feedback and created the most advanced and stunning Touchgrind game yet.


* Same revolutionary TWO FINGER CONTROLS as seen in Touchgrind BMX 2
* Customizable SCOOTERS: standard, epic and legendary with loads of gear and color combinations
* FEATURES realistic 3D graphics, an amazing original soundtrack accompanied by heavy sound effects
* Countless amount of UNLOCKABLE scooters and gear
* VARIOUS GAME MODES: tricky, freestyle & versus
* Heaps of CHALLENGES and TROPHIES on each location
* Full-blown RANKING SYSTEM on each location – world, country, city and among friends
* EPIC and LEGENDARY scooters that will make your jaw drop
* Gmail and Apple connectivity to SAVE & SYNC PROGRESS between devices

TAKE CONTROL AND RULE YOUR CITY when beating local rivals in your own region. Will you be the dominating rider and for how long? Compete on a big or small scale: globally, in your country or even in your OWN HOMETOWN.

BECOME A LEGEND and prove your dominance whilst exploring urban locations in a large city. BE TOUGH and keep up with the best scooter competitors globally when racing on multiple tracks on each location. Grind escalators and rails, boost off huge jumps, ramps and ledges, score insane fakie trick combos and you may be just one step closer to becoming the best rider in the world.

DESIGN, CHANGE GEAR and assemble your customizable Scooter with hundreds of colors to choose from. Earn and unlock additional gear, epic and legendary scooters and much more.

CHALLENGE YOURSELF IN VARIOUS GAME MODES and rank up! Secure shiny trophies and compare your best scores with other players around the globe or in your own region. Learn and improve your skills by checking out other players’ runs. Glory awaits those skilled enough to master fakie riding, backflips, rider flips, grinds and many other tricks. So what are you waiting for?

REALISTIC GRAPHICS AND ORIGINAL MUSIC make Touchgrind Scooter a truly breathtaking gaming experience. Once you break the rules of gravity, get the hang of speed, style and precision and watch your Scooter soar in this adrenaline-fueled Scooter game nothing will stop you from becoming THE Legend!

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Players can now take part of premium content, such as locations and cosmetics, by watching rewarded videos.


40 comentarios en "Touchgrind Scooter MODDED 2022"

  1. The game itself is okay, but pretty bad compared to BMX 2. It has the same base gameplay, but something just feels off. It feels like a lot less care went into this game. The graphics are blurry, even on ultra, (I didn’t have any crashes, though) and the controls just don’t feel as good as the other games. I swipe up and hold to do a rider flip, but nothing happens, then I do nothing and it starts doing flips onItsOwn. I swipe in opposite directions to do a scooter flip but do a barspin instead.

  2. The game starts good but after a while you realise the challenges are way to outlandish and hard to complete plus it makes it harder when the scooter doesn’t steer properly even the smallest movement of my finger and its off the track please fix this it’s really annoying and i can’t land anything because the scooter just has a mind of its own, very poorly made game

  3. Unique game, feels great to play since I’ve always been your BMX 2 fan, I absolutely love that you added grinding, backwards riding and more to the scooter version. The first thing, the controls are a little to responsive. The second thing the graphics on ultra are blurry, I get it that ur trying to go for modern mobile graphics design, but the old sharper ones felt a lot better for your type of games, in my opinion. Summing-up it’s a great concept, and probs will make a outstanding game.

  4. Good start to a game, but needs a lot of improvement. 1. The touch is not responsive enough. 2. Needs a lot of optimization, I am running the game on a decently powerful device, but still am getting very regular lag spikes. 3. The textures could use some work. I would also like a game mode where you can just ride a round a park instead of having to follow a given route, just like touchgrind skate.

  5. There’s not any free maps some people can’t or your a kid and don’t have enough money so if you have money than its a perfect game

  6. This game was ok but sometimes it got really glitchy (●’◡’●)ノ and I now can’t even get into it because well…. Idk y it won’t let me in but all and all its an alright game 凸( •̀_•́ )凸

  7. That Man dice:

    Honest review (personal honesty), Physics: 0/10 Graphics: 3/10 Gameplay: 4/10 Enjoyability: 0/10 Challenges: 2/10 Overall: 1/10

  8. It really does not work and the graphics are kinda bad and it took my a bit to download and somthing off about this game

  9. reece guy dice:

    The game itself is really good when I’ve played it on ios phones, and I was really excited to be able to play it on my samsung a31. Unfortunately even on the ‘fast’ graphics setting the game runs at very low frames and low quality. I haven’t had this issue in any other games I’ve played on this phone. Even the previous ones such as bmx 1 and 2 ran very smooth at higher quality. Aside from that the mechanics are really good and I love that you can fakie.

  10. Good game but one time I was 8 ranked it kinda glitch like the emblem that appeared and it was unlocked but it said its locked the emblem was the guy was looking like meh just like this :/

  11. Tricerz dice:

    Very, very bugged. When I load up the game it starts to become white and stutters with black bits. UNPLAYABLE

  12. I’ve recently left a post on your BMX game. It used to be incredible as did this one. Then I switched to android and they’re terrible on android. Sad part is I paid for BMX. They’re so laggy and choppy you can’t play which is unfortunate cause they were great games at one point. If you don’t have the newest iPhone with the the latest version of IOS then i wouldn’t bother.

  13. Ok so first I load in the game and basically it says “do a barspin” and then I can control the scooter pls fix this and on it there’s a blurry background.I think this game should be fixed and its probably one of the MOST glitchest games ever on the play store I thought this game would be good 😓 and when you load in all I can see is the scooter and a white screen it’s the worst game ever.

  14. This game is absolutely brilliant the only issue I have with it is the scooter sometimes locks and randomly veres off and crashes and I don’t no about you but that’s annoying if you had only one challenge left other that 10/10

  15. Chris R dice:

    Great controls, but awful graphics, even on ultra, and equally awful lag on a phone that is more than capable of running this. Badly needs optimizing ASAP. It also hasn’t been updated in 8 months, I would say it’s abandoned at this point…also you aren’t fooling anyone; $15 for 4 dlc levels is daylight robbery.

  16. This game is nothing like the other games made by this company and the graphics are terrible it’s also very laggy.

  17. Cxmplex dice:

    Touch unresponsive, keeps doing rider flips which I didn’t initiate and I am currently doing an impossible challenge that requires me to finish with less than 6000 score

  18. Hi I love this game its just there’s only 3 free levels and all of the other ones cost money and so can you guys make more free levels God bless you

  19. It keeps freezing my phone but I feel same with the others that it would be a great game if it did not freeze (I’m on Android Nord n100)

  20. It’s really poorly optimized. All the previous games ran fine but this one chugs at about 20 fps or 15 with the cone challenges, which are lame anyway. Also, it’s 2022; ever heard of a control sensitivity slider? This iteration has reverse movement and grinding which were sorely lacking from the BMX games, but it backpedals on still more of what worked in TGS: a free roaming environment with goals to be completed at leisure. This on-rails downhill stuff sucks so hard. Such missed potential.

  21. Fix your game. From a studio like Illusion Labs I was expecting much MUCH more. For starters it is extremely low quality. And the touch sensing is weak, most of the time is doesn’t even sense my fingers on the damn screen. And it is very glitchy. For a game that you guys spent nearly a year on it is utterly infuriating that you couldn’t even detect these bugs in beta testing. Such a good idea, just really poorly executed. Fix the game.

  22. Great game. Probably one of the most fun mobile games I have ever played. Although there are glitches and bugs, it is an overall great game, and has way more opportunities than Touchgrind BMX. Including grinding and fakie-ing. Although it doesn’t have as many maps, it is a great game and I recommend it to anyone.

  23. Chill x dice:

    Its good and I play it a lot, BUT…. so many of my touches/swipes aren’t even inputing… like I wiped my screen and everything incase some dust or whatever could render as a finger but now that I think of it, why would that be the case? Please, please do something, I have good scores already but if inputs worked I could do so much better. I know how to get copious amounts of points but its mearly impossible and just outright frustrating because I can’t. This is you illusion labs, sort it out!

  24. Warmy dice:

    Disappointing! I actually thought this will be an exciting game as TouchGring BMX was. Doesn’t catch all clicks. I’ve got a good device, still – lagging more than an ultra realistic game. Very bad optimization, You cannot just play and do tricks for points and fun, You can only do challenges. The gameplay looks the same the whole time… Maybe tell me if that game gets fixed, because now it is very disappointing.

  25. Extremely fun game and addicting and satisfying physics but there are a couple problems. Number one, the game crashes at random times. Two, Very bad lagging in the game and Three, the graphics arent that good but overall awesome game but fix these problems above.

  26. As of right now it’s pretty difficult to get things to work. I try to do a tailwhip and it won’t register at all. Barspins don’t register. Scooter flips do but not much else. Sometimes the game lags. It definitely has potential so I’m not deleting the game. Every complaint will most likely get fixed in an update.

  27. Awesome game love all the features and textures. You guys definitely have to add a new mode called free ride when it’s at a skate park and you can just free ride around at it instead of a course but don’t get rid of the courses like touch grind skate 2

  28. I usually love the touch grind series and I couldn’t wait for this game to be published.The problem is that I think that the game isn’t made for low end devices and lags most of the time making it unplayable.Unless they fix that problem I personally don’t recommend downloading it right away and waiting for them to improve it in a way that everyone can enjoy it like the other games of this series.

  29. I really enjoy the game but there is a big problem. Every time i load into the game I’m forced to do the tutorial again although i have my Google account connect when i leave the game. The progress it there but the game just reset after closing and i have to do the tutorial and connect the Google account again after every start. Please fix the problem and 5 stars are granted

  30. CMaster dice:

    Game is great only issue is it randomly crashes. No problem, but recently I haven’t been able to open it up, it just instantly closes. I would love to see this game actually work and it could be pretty popular

  31. Game is very fun to play, but physics are not very real, when trying to do an advanced trick on a ramp. If going to one side, scooter ends up at the other one and crashes, please fix those physics issues.

  32. I was excited for this but the game is pretty disappointing. Touchgrind bmx was much better. Instead of doing tricks for points, in this game, all the “challenges” consist of knocking down cones and basketballs or balancing on wooden planks. That’s absurdly boring. When you’re actually doing tricks, the game is kinda fun. Another issue, though, is that unlike the bmx game, you can’t change out scooter parts. You just have scooters and paint colors. Also “legendary” unlocks are like mopeds 👎

  33. It keeps crashing on me before I’m even loaded in. I just recently got a new phone so it can’t be that the phone is messing up. But, after a few tries it loads in. It’s just a bit irritating that I have to try 4 times just for the game to load in

  34. Really needed some fix on the graphics my phone ram is 6 gb and yet at the start of the game i got like 3 fps, the finger touch recognition really needs to be fixed too because of how slow it is. If this is fixed i will maybe pull 2 more stars, but overall this is a good game

  35. really good easy challenges but just its a really good game for players

  36. This game is very bad, the camera angle is horrible. Like you can’t see where you’re going.

  37. At first the game was so fun to play but then i discovered you cant do any tricks beside whip bar and hell thats why im givin 2 stars

  38. The reason why I give this five stars is because this feels like it changed my skills and I got better at it.thank you for creating this game

  39. Awfull game. Touchgrind bmx 2 was amazing, you could control the bikes very well and leveling up was hard but not too hard. This game however is the complete opposite. Controlling the scooter is very hard not allowing the tricks that you could do in bmx 2. The lag is also awfull. Would not recommend this game at all

  40. This game in general has potential but is so laggy and keeps messing up. Controls are horrible especially when it’s so jumpy. Downlands and redownloaded to check it wasn’t my phone but irs the actual game, seen alot of comments like this… the other bmx ganes are fine hopefully will see an update soon ti fix the way the game loads etc. Other than that looked good

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