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Online multiplayer golf game. Play online golf tournaments with your friends
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Ultimate Golf by Miniclip is a multiplayer golf game where you can challenge other players and rivals in real-time tournaments, golf games, real-time duels, golf courses, and our special Golf Royale battle mode! ⛳🏌️

Have you ever dreamed of being a professional golfer? With Ultimate Golf you can make that dream come true, play our golf game, and become a real golf player, where you can compete against thousands of rivals and prove that you are the best golf game player ever.

Ultimate Golf by Miniclip is a multiplayer game and an online game where you can practice your golf abilities like if you were playing in a real golf game or tournament. Our game has been developed by golfers and golf enthusiasts for golf lovers like you. Now you can play golf games on your mobile phone and feel like you are playing at your local golf course.

Main features:

✓ Get rewards with every victory, get golf clubs, bags, and golf balls. No matter what your golf club preference is when playing online golf tournaments against real-time opponents, with our golf game you can choose from hundreds of golf clubs such as: Driver club, Wood club, Short iron club, Long iron club etc. 🏌️

✓ Select the bag or golf ball you prefer the most in the golf game, no matter if you are going to play a golf duel against your friend, or you are competing in a real-time online golf tournament in a Pro League. You can choose the elements that suit you best for each golf game. 🥇

✓ Make sure to upgrade your golf clubs and play with the best golf ball like in a real golf master race in this online multiplayer simulator game. Play every day to move up in the leaderboards and rank up from Amateur to the Pro Leagues and enjoy the sport like never before in our online golf simulator tournaments!
In Ultimate Golf you can feel like you are playing in a real tournament.

✓ Play on famous golf courses in the world. Try our real golf multiplayer courses from Wolf Creek Golf Club, Fairmont Banff Springs, Close House, Abu Dhabi Golf Course, and Harbour Town Golf Links for a world golf tour simulator game! Start as an amateur golfer, train your swing and golf shots to work your way up, and become a real pro master of golfing with the online golf game simulator to become a real master of this amazing sport. ⛳

Do not wait for the opponent to tee off, drive and hit the ball. With our amazing golf courses, you can refine and improve your swing, drive, chip, and putt from an endless variety of lies on the fairway and greens and become a golf master. You have to avoid the rough and bunkers in this real-time 3D golf simulator game if you want to be the best golfer in the game.

Our golf game has realistic 3D physics for a perfect golf simulation, moreover we have real-time battles and tournaments where you can play against other golf players. Also, we have unique modes like Golf Royale, VIP golf events, and real golf courses where you can play online tournaments.

A network connection is required to play this 3D online golf simulator game.
Realistic games are here!

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40 comentarios en "Ultimate Golf! 2022"

  1. Kevin dice:

    Love this game! It has the best golf graphics ever! I like the Royals and the competition. The tournaments are good for earning some fast cash, and I love 💕 the ultimate cup rewards. BUT I have a few complaints. It is super frustrating when the match starts but you are still on the loading screen. Also,the putt meter is a little glitchy. And last of all,even when you put backspin on the ball, it bounces on the green like crazy.

  2. I think the wind percentage should be looked into. The only complaint I have. At different times wind for ex. If it’s to the right and at 8.7. if I position the where I want the ball to go. One time it’s okay, but another at the position it goes all the way over by five yds. I don’t understand how it’s different from one time to the next. Another thing, the putting slips when you release. It moves and makes you miss if I don’t adjust. Outside of that, great game…. Thnx

  3. Hands down the most satisfying golf game I’ve ever played. The learning curve is not so arduous that it takes all the fun out of the game. Plenty of variety! I love the game. Amendment A: Still the best golf game I’ve ever played. Although just like all games in this day and age in order to progress and become competitive you must commitment to spending $ on a regular basis. Given that, my only real frustration is in the fact that as of late a whole lot of my $ are wasted on glitchy sessions

  4. Great game with fantastic graphics and realistic play! My biggest complaint is that you are required to buy way to much in order to be able to play your best golf. I can see charging for upgrades that improve your game and give you an edge but the prices and cost to do so are WAY to much! I’m sure that with the popularity of this game they are making a killing! It’s a bit to much and I know I’d spend more if I got more for my money!

  5. Nevermind. After a few weeks of playing it, I have officially deleted the game. The wind is absolutely unrealistic, the putting is horrible, and you can just tell when this game does not want you to win. I tried to give it a fair shot, but at times it’s just hilarious how horrible the shot versus the actual landing of the ball is. Got to be better golf games out there.

  6. Good graphics! Be forwarned, the game is a money grab like no other! I was ranked on the highest tour for a year and now I can’t win a game, not even the head to heads for 100 coins; prior I was regularly playing in the million coin games and winning a fair 50% of the time. Unbelievable. I refuse to spend $ on the game which hasn’t been fun lately so I’ll uninstall – not the only golf game on the block! 😂🤣

  7. Most of the time I love this game but there have been instances recently that I have been cheated by the game. I was charged a forfeit due to “poor connection” which was not true. I tried several times to hit the back button as well and it still charged me a forfeit. There was also an instance a couple of days ago that magically my opponent hit 4 shots by the time I hit one. I took no more time to swing than he did. I also had a shot going in the hole and literally stopped and went right.

  8. My account got suspended for some reason and it won’t let me contact support to try and get it fixed. Everytime I tap to contact support the app restarts and gets back to the same place and does the same thing. You can only chat with preset words and they have to approve names and photos. I’m really not sure what I could have done.

  9. Love the graphics and some of the game play. Although the controls are pretty straight forward and easy, I think the putting controls could use a little tweaking. Sometimes it’s difficult to see your aimed shot past the flag, making it unknown as to how hard you’re actually putting the ball. Other than that….it’s a really great game! Adding to review. How about adding a World chat option? Make more friends and promote your club.

  10. As much as i don’t like the parameters of this “game”, Best is the Awesome graphics. It has a very very unrealistic bounce of ball around the greens. Ive lost 6 games in head to head in a row due to the eratic and unrealistic bounce, but I am new to game and will learn how to adjust. Super game and very addictive. Be ready to spend some money!! Over year later and I’m good at this one. 5 stars.

  11. Typical stuff… As long as you don’t get into spending (throwing away) cash, this isn’t a bad game. I play nearly every golf game available and this is, actually, one of the better ones. A lot of stuff is unclear so I just play the best I can and try to enjoy it. I’m 72, with little money to waste on games, so I buy NOTHING! I just have fun. When I lose, I watch the videos to re-supply my coin count and that’s the most of anything that I’ll spend. Worth the download.

  12. It started out good a year ago, but now? They seem too interested in making money and making the game bigger. The wind inconsistently effects the ball, sometimes moves the ball twice as far as it should or doesn’t move it at all. The meter skips when hitting the ball. You would think they would want make the game more accurate and better, but they prefer more money and bigger. Don’t waste your time or especially your money.

  13. Play visual is really good. The problem I find with it is that there is no tutorial that tells you how to use all of the clubs that you’ve accumulated, how to put back spin on the ball, how to use all of the other equipment that you accumulate, just poorly designed as far as learning the game goes.

  14. Decided to try this one because Golf Clash is pay to play after a certain level amd have been experiencing some of the issues that I had before. I don’t pay and have been winning. Now the needle drag and skip is starting and “perfect” putts miss by a foot. Set yourself apart and you will get players. Love the tourney where you play at your speed.

  15. I’ve played another competing golf game for years şo I gave this a try on the advice of a dear friend… game play is smooth, the experience feels more realistic to actual golf shots… and the tournament play is both fun and challenging. I’m enjoying h2h as well but I’m sure I’ll like that better as I learn the courses. Overall, it has been a good experience… but it will take some time and practice … just like real golf.

  16. After playing for a few days and getting past amateur level, the game changes, and the putting becomes impossible to aim and judge. The game is forcing you to spend money to upgrade equipment. I went from being top 10 in tournaments to places in the hundreds. The one on one tournament matches go from free to $1.99. I had some fun playing the game however I cannot give a better than a one star review for a game that forces you to spend money to upgrade equipment.

  17. Rick L dice:

    The game itself is great. Fun, lots of options to choose from for clubs, etc. Lots of rewards you can earn. What is keeping this from from 4 or 5 star review is the oversaturation of ads in the game to purchase things. It is a constant bombardment of multiple ads almost every time you get to a screen. Maybe around the perimeter would be fine, but when they are pop-ups it is very annoying. After reading more reviews I’ve decided to uninstall the game. Too much of pay to play for too high a cost

  18. Whomever said you can’t control the direction of your shot is just wrong. You can move the target of your shot anywhere you want; and use backspin, topspin, draw & fade on every shot. Even basic balls can be shot with side-spin if you know what you’re doing. A skilled player can place the ball anywhere they want when properly accounting for wind speed & direction. I’ll admit I’m slightly addicted to this very well-developed game, and everyone should try it if they want a challenge.

  19. Rough. 4 stars as of now because you all make the golf game genre better then most. I find it very irritating how, if you don’t aim the ball in the green or lower (when you are giving power for your shot) it NOT going to make it. I mean, I’ve literally gone the closet I can from the “green” area just above it and the shot was so far off it wasn’t even worth trying it. Needs to be tweaked, no sense in precise shots. That and the aim cone, if you get “great shot” your shot is just way off course

  20. Great graphics, to bad it’s all about the money. If you don’t buy you can’t compete, got to the third stage and found out that without paying money its impossible to compete. Spin on the ball doesn’t help at all. Perfect puts don’t go in the cup. Great shots end up in the sand. The cost to upgrade your clubs is ridiculous. To bad. But should have known, it’s the same for all the games……

  21. Nicely done graphics and game play. I only find it just silly though when the slightest of change in a shot will put you out so far with your score. But over all fair play. Inlf I could change one thing it would be the ability to select clubs better suited for a shot. “No putters on the fringe” that’s just not golf. However to truly advance at a pace you’d like be prepared to spend a bit of money. I don’t think it’s crazy expensive but it is a game designed to profit it’s makers. Great job!

  22. August S dice:

    This is the best golf sim app I have found. It is not perfect and there are a few quirks or bugs that you will need to learn to deal with or they will drive you crazy and cost you rounds. One example is that when you are presented a shot, the game suggests a club to use and a target. Most times you can move the target without changing the club. However occasionally you will find that, once you touch the target, the club will change and you can no longer select the previous club at that position

  23. I enjoy this game. I’m learning and adapting. One difficulty is with the shooting method, because it feels to me like a catapult rather than a golf stroke, and I’m having difficulty judging direction and power…, but as I said:…learn and adapt…, or leave it…no reason to aggravate a/o frustrate. Would be nicer with more variety of course too, of course . . . let’s see what the future has in store…

  24. This app has alot good things I like. Graphics are great. Fun to play with others. The biggest problem it has is connecting and staying connected to it’s own server. You can start a tournment play a few holes. Then the suddenly the next hole there is a loss of graphics. The course is blacked out. Some parts of the vidio are there, but not the full vidio. It frustrates the player. If you close the program. Then restart the program. You get the ballon; unable to connect to the server.

  25. I like the game…and it’s really well done. The reason I am rating 4 stars and likewise uninstalling is because I experience constant issues in regards to putting. I know I am not the only one, but when you let go after aiming, it does nothing and resets itself. It’s a persistent issue and not related to my device. I lose shots due to it, and I’m simply tired of it.

  26. Very fun game. Graphics are exceptional. The only negatives are that the wind isn’t always consistent on the hole. I get it that the wind shifts but not that drastically. I also think the wind seems to unrealistically impactof shots. Other than that, it’s a great app. Enjoyable and frustrating, just as golf should be. Maybe add a driving range to let players test out the different clubs and balls.

  27. I despise inconsistency.. and this is the most inconsistent game I’m ever played.. forget about wind and/or club “accuracy” The game will glitch to make you miss your shot. And even if you have an “ultimate” shot.. the “random” algorithm will force you to lose regardless. If there’s anything positive to say, it’s that the courses are accurately depicted, and the graphics are above average for a “free” (golf) app.

  28. Of all the golf games I’ve played over the years, this one by far has the best graphics, easiest controls and awesome prizes and incentives to keep you playing for free, not getting stuck in corners set up to force you to pay to play on. I’ve probably spent $15 or $20 here and there but because I wanted something, not needed it to play on or get an unfair advantage. And I love the temperamental adjustments you have to make just like real play, if they’re on, you’re rewarded, off, you’ll pay!👍

  29. B Powell dice:

    Game itself is good overall. It’s hard to compete without upgrades. Should be able to change out clubs not just be stuck with the preselected one for different situations(wind,water or sand traps). Also would be nice to be able to turn off other players indicators/ ball location. It gets in the way of you aiming & I really don’t care where their ball is.

  30. First off I love the game and it’s features. Graphics are great and it’s easy to play. However it seems every time I play head to head as soon as my opponent is chosen and entry fee is paid I suddenly lose connection. Time I get back to the I have forfeited and lost my money. I think it is done on purpose because it doesn’t do it to me during tournament rounds or when I am shopping in the store spending real money. Just seems pretty odd to me and I am about to uninstall this game.

  31. I like the realism. It definitely gives you the feel of playing golf. I do wish there was the opportunity to play an actual round of golf, whether that be 9 or 18 holes–that is, the actual holes of a course in order–rather than the cherry-picked holes of the tournament setup. (Maybe that happens at higher levels? I only have Rookie ranking so far.) I also wish I was able to override the automatic club selection, especially for the ability to decide to putt the ball from the fringe.

  32. Worst game I’ve played, absolutely no consistency in game play. Can’t win the tournaments unless you’re shooting eagle (-2) on every hole or better, and it’s obvious that the players who win are game operators, they win every time. It’s easy to get to the highest level but then you are basically done. They make no advances in the game and your rewards max out. They offer equipment upgrades to equipment that is already maxed, what’s the point in that. It’s fun to start but that ends fast.

  33. Most of the time this game is good; what makes it bad is when you enter the game…… and wait for opponent….and wait, and wait; then opponent pops up, and you’ve already been assessed a stroke before you show up. Destined to lose the round because of your incompetence. No good! Update: It’s happened again! Please fix this problem. Update: this same problem is still happening! FIX IT! Again, this happens!

  34. Good game. I love that you don’t need to take turns, you play at the same time as your opponent. But it has 1 major issue: if the timer gets below 10 you’re basically screwed because the animation is too slow. If you’re not already lined up to take your shot, forget it. You need to tap the Shoot button, which then takes 3 seconds to bring you to the next screen, then you need to time your shot. That needs to be fixed.

  35. It’s definitely challenging & fun to play!!! But that being said, what little tutorial there is may as well not be there. It’s very misleading and due to variables of the game hasn’t worked the way they show it. Maybe there’s instructions, definitions and tutorials regarding the different balls and clubs & how and when it’s best to use each one, but I’ve not found it the game anywhere. And for me personally, I feel the worst aspect of the game is it doesn’t let you play by yourself & practice ):

  36. Jeff Fite dice:

    I like the game, but have a challenge with a couple things. First, during the timed Royale events, because they’re timed, once the ball stops we should immediately be able to take the next shot. I notice quite a lag time. I’m also turned off when, after missing a few yds short with a little bit of backspin the ball rolled back down the hill for 20-30 secs on a timed game! If you’re sensitive to profanity you wouldn’t want to be in a room with me when that happened twice in 1 round!!!!!🤬🤬🤬🤬

  37. Jody Snow dice:

    I love the challenge of the game. But the game is apparently rigged, for instance: while playing a tied game round, I noticed that the opponent had a club that was 15 yards less than mine in distance. I had a head wind to shoot against, so I pulled it all the way back past normal and didn’t make it to the green. Opponent won by getting well onto green! That should not happen!!!

  38. This app needs a little more work. As with most golf apps, you have to pay to get ahead. Otherwise, you are stuck at a mediocre level with little chance of getting ahead. Also, you are almost guaranteed to lose shootouts for tied holes. Most matches end in ties so why bother. Get rid of the playoffs, just end it. The game will throttle you back if you start playing too well by making the ball release unsteady or despite your perfect shot, put you in the rough or bunker.

  39. This game is based on the timing of a needle as it goes back and forth, to dictate the direction of the ball. That being said, if the game didnt lag as much as it does, I could see a 5 star rating in its future. Sadly, all events are multiplayer and the more players on, the more it lags, making the balls direction and then direction ya meant it to go, seldomly the same. If they fish the lag, making left and right of the meter more fluid, I’d spend money in it. Head to head mode is smooth. 🙂

  40. van gogh dice:

    The game itself is okay for a golf game. The problem I have with this game are the constant disconnects from their servers. It’s frustrating because when this happens during a match, it causes you to lose automatically, even if you were winning the match. I’d avoid downloading until they have the dreaded “Waiting on Servers” stability issues resolved. Download WGT golf. It’s a much better game with better graphics, and more importantly it DOESN’T HAVE SERVER ISSUES!!!

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