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Sports fans shop at Fanatics. Buy NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB & NCAA sports gear, officially licensed by the teams you love.

Super Bowl and Winter Olympics fans can find all the sports gear they need to show support for the Patriots, Eagles or Team USA among more than 250,000 sports merch products from 700+ teams. From college football team jerseys to MLB baseball bats & NCAA basketballs, we’ve got the hottest team gear for you and all the sports fans in your life.

Any Sport. Any Team.
Buy the merch, whatever the sport. From NFL football to NBA basketball, NHL hockey to MLB baseball, find your game, your league and your team.
Back your squad.
Shop vintage college football team jerseys and buy NFL, NHL & NCAA team gear autographed by the legends of sport.
Get your head in the game.
Support the Eagles or the Patriots this Super Bowl season. Cheer Team USA as they go for glory and gold in the Winter Olympics. Buy the team gear, step off the sidelines, and make your mark.

Shop sports gear around the clock: order college football team jerseys or basketball merch at any time of day or night. Personalize the app with your favorite teams or just browse for fun- there’s no store big enough to hold our selection.

Gear up for the Super Bowl, support Team USA in the Winter Olympics, or prepare for the NBA basketball playoffs. Go back to the glory days, show your pride and stand with your sporting heroes.

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We live for the fans, because we are fans. Don’t drop the ball. Download now.

Currently available in only USA and Canada


40 comentarios en "Fanatics: Shop NFL, NBA, NHL & MODDED 2022"

  1. Good deals and quality options. Have been pleased with everything so far. They usually ship items quickly and haven’t needed to return anything or use customer service at all. My only recommendation is make the golf section a little easier to navigate. I figured it out eventually, but it’s a little harder to find just clearance/sale on just golf items, across all event branding. Otherwise it’s been top notch.

  2. Ever since the app was updated there have been a few bugs in system. App will not pull up favorites anymore, and when click on colleges and then a specific team it goes right back to home. I have been forced to use website to make a purchase, and I even unistalled and reinstalled with same issues. I may reinstall at a later date to see if bug fixes have been completed.

  3. The app keeps making me sign in whenever I go to a different page. Like if I try to look at my orders it makes me sign in. Then if I look at the tracking information for a that package it makes me sign in again. As well as making me sign in between any other page for information tied to my account. I see no options that would even make that possible so I’m assuming it’s a bug. It didn’t do this when ordered the product yesterday. Very confusing and annoying.

  4. awesome place to shop for the sports fan. i love there sales . They are 2 things what i dont like that always holds me back from ordering alot more is that the still charge for shipping. That really defeats the purpose on the sale. Example : I bought something for 25% off which took off like 10 dollars. but ,then i get charged 4.99 for shipping. 1 star off for that. The other 1 is that customer service is kind hard to get hold off in case of return . Customer service is only web based. no phone

  5. The only thing i dont like is the navigation. For example, if i want to change players to view their jerseys, when i click the back arrow it brings me back to the home page, not the player list. When i click X next to the player name, it brings me back to the home page. Wish it was more intuitive.

  6. Horrible customer service. I was sent the wrong item and returned it. They sent me the item, but it got held up in Memphis, TN, still there. Not their fault I understand. But I wanted to get the item I paid for, they can only resend once, again understand that. So I try and reorder for the same price as I was getting, no luck. I call and get the run around and will never use them again. Awful customer service. Thanks for nothing.

  7. Lord Riot dice:

    My Go To Sports apparel App! Never to many ads smooth interface easy navigation and checkout!! Always the best selection and price, plus earning Fancash makes it that much better! They always ship authentic gear, top quality, fast shipping never damaged. I trust this app 110%!!!!!

  8. Selection great, app not so. Keep going back to home screen so I had to restart several times. Then as I was going through the cart to delete an item it deleted the wrong one. So I had to go back and find the item add to cart. By the time I checked out it was after midnight and cost me 10.00 more dollars. Placed order but isn’t fair.

  9. Clicked the checkout button and it would take me to a blank screen or timeout completely. Unable to complete purchase through the app. Finally had to use a Chromebook to purchase items. (Super slow site)

  10. Adam w dice:

    The more I use the site, the more frustrated I get. Their licensing is pretty weak, a lot of colleges only have flags and Keychains for sale. Their items are a bit overpriced. Ideally, the sales they run would be great, but they work it out so that a particular promo won’t count towards discounted items. Their designs are generic. Their shirts are typically not pre-shrunk, and if they are 100 cotton, they become unwearable. I’ve had some luck. But never a purchase I said “oh I love this!”

  11. Love the app, love the products… Two issues though. It would be nice to have the ability to take something that’s in the cart and save it for later, also at this time of year I would think that shipping would be free it is everywhere else. My purchases would be a lot larger if that were the case. Thank you.

  12. I really like Fanatics and get Scores and Highlights all over the world 24 hours a day. It’s my 1st time sending Feedback and telling others what I think as well as the late Games on the West Coast. I’m reviewing the App as a 5 and they do a good job reviewing the App and Google Play Store. It was interrupted and all Games were cancelled because of Covid-19 Pandemic. Now they’ll have to show classic sports if you haven’t done so yet. I’ll be fixing the bug so it won’t get damaged. Thank you. Bye

  13. Good app. Only complaint I have is the emails they are supposed to send rarely go through it seems. Ones about your order or refund never go through. But emails about returning an item go through every time

  14. I just downloaded the app and all I get is the homescreen, search or tap all that comes up is the homescreen. I tried to contact the developer and get a message saying I am not allowed to contact them. My suggestion is if they don’t care about the app enough to put real contact info just use the website.

  15. One of the least user-friendly shopping apps I use. Interface is horrible. Back on your phone takes you to the home screen, so good luck with your searching. Search for a “flex fit” hat and get some results. Go through the entire list of teams’ hats, find many more hats. It’s a shame this company has a lock on so many sports’ items because they are horrible. 3 day shipping has NEVER been 3 days. Last purchase took 10 days to get from Florida to Virginia.

  16. To be honest, I haven’t used the app yet. I just wanted to say that I love Fanatics. They have great products and great deals. This year, my packages were accidentally delivered to a wrong address and their customer service was absolutely impeccable. I’m always very satisfied with my shopping experience through this company. I would definitely highly recommend.

  17. Awesome selection of multiple sports and awesome merchandise. But whenever I flip my phone sideways, it brings me back to the menu. And when i try to sign in, it closes the app. Just some minor inconveniences, but nothing ground breaking

  18. I like the products but the app itself is totally annoying. I am updating my review – here is what I said last time, not sure if it is better.. “After I searched my teams products – if I click on something to look at it and then hit the back button, it brought me all the way back and I had to search my team again. Again, annoying. Other apps I shop at don’t do that.” This time, I just spent the last 20 minutes trying to update my password – used an absolutely new one – took 4 times to work.

  19. Don’t know why this is rated so high. The navigation is so off it rarely takes me to the right place, if at all. I press to go see certain merchandise and it takes me back to the home screen, from the home screen!! Ridiculous.

  20. Terrible 1st shopping experience. Bought a Bulls jersey 2 weeks ago and recieved an email stating my order was canceled due to “licensing violations.” After speaking to a rep, they said it was actually because the item was sold out. During that convo, I placed another order on the same exact item. It went through and it said “3 left in stock.” Really annoyed by the mixed messages and the time it took to notify me and the time I spent looking for accurate information. Official partners? Ugh, pls.

  21. Every time I’ve ordered from Fanatics I’ve never been disappointed, beginning with their merchandise all the way up to their Customer Service. I made a very large purchase in Nov 2019 and I missed the deadline date for some items that needed to be returned to the Manufacturer direct. The associate went above and beyond and I was able to return what I no longer needed. It’s Awesome to know that I can count on the employees to “do the right thing” especially now with this Pandemic

  22. App/store has always been great. Biggest selection, lowest price and huge variety of teams, no matter what the sport. Never had an issue with any purchase but I am sure it would be handled professionally if one occurred.

  23. This app is very good. It has daily deals and on top of that you have free shipping or 65% off select items everyday. And the variety of sports you can pick from is amazing. You can also pick through alot of categories such as sale items, jerseys, sweatshirts, and many more. I HIGHLY suggest you get this app.

  24. App Sucks now! It freezes all the time. I add items to my cart and it automatically adds two to my quantity when all I wanted was one unit. it does not allow me to edit my order. Very annoying and frustrating.

  25. Everything works great and great selection of gear. They use FedEx to ship so my last order took over a month to arrive and updates were falsified so for a month I had no idea if I was robbed or if my purchase would eventually arrive. This app would be 5 stars if FedEx wasn’t part of your equation. Why is FedEx SO MUCH WORSE than ups and even USPS?!?! Have had NO ISSUES with any curriers but keep hearing how FedEx has been screwed by covid…. As if their situation is that much different!? Nope.

  26. Mr Mr dice:

    QC is absent, terrible navigation on mobile. Links are inconsistent, aspect ratio is incorrect leaving endless blank space on FRONT PAGE. Click NFL get something entirely different. Pretty much useless as it is just a route to desktop website anyways.

  27. The selection and shop itself is amazing. The app is absolute garbage though. It’s slow, and as a result it often lags behind and clicks on things i don’t want to click

  28. It is very cumbersome. I entered all of my shipping address info the looked up my fancash card & it changed all of that. Annoying. Also, the page often loses what you were looking at. if my phone goes to landscape & then back what i was looking at is gone. Next Your manufacturer since it does not ship to a po box made me miss the 65% off because i had to wait to get a mailing address. Not happy. Oh yeah one more thing why ask save this computer or device when that does not work.

  29. Great app for searching for your favorite sports gear but I was a little irritated when I picked out the hat that I wanted and set up the order but forgot to add the codes for 65% off and free shipping. The order went from $25 to $40. Why aren’t the codes added automatically?

  30. The app is really disappointing. When you order something & it doesn’t fit or you ordered the wrong size, there’s no option for an exchange & when you’re refunded ur 💵 u don’t even get a full refund, only about half of wht u paid & to me thts disappointing but the main thing is not an option for an exchange….

  31. Chris dice:

    Complete deceptive Rip-off. Was in the process of returning 2nd defective shirt from this “company”. I got only $14 of the $23 I spent for the shirt refunded. The reason? They charged me $9 to email me a black & white label that I have to print, so it’s not costing them ANYTHING. This the definition of theft by deception. Can only get a full refund if the amount you spent on the item is put on a Fanatics gift card. Really? Bought a lot from this place in the past. Never again.

  32. Service and Quality have always been excellent. Love this company and would like it to continue growing! I would like request that the company improve the app by allowing you to favorite or save for later items for quick reference so you don’t have to scour the massive inventory to find what you are looking for.

  33. Horrible service and they lie about shipping. They charge 4.99 for standard shipping (3 to 7 business days) according to their site. Yet the email I get after ordering has a shipping and delivery date of 10 bussiness days or longer…well then shipping should be free and not an extra charge. I contacted them and they said that I paid 4.99 (and 1.99 for handling) and that shipping date just means when they ship it out. Thats 7 bucks to put a few shirts in a box in 2 weeks, Aka … shipping. Lol

  34. This app used to be good but now it doesn’t work, after trying to email the developer I was unseccessful so I contacted customer service and they couldn’t help either, I was told to access the site from a laptop and this was after I placed an order and received the wrong item 2x and was told the item was and adult size which it clearly was a youth size, so I’ll be uninstalling the app and spending my money elsewhere…thanks for nothing!!!

  35. J H dice:

    Terrible shipping times for the price you pay. Terrible exchange policy, because there is none. You must return items and buy a whole new order spending even more money. Nice selection of gear.

  36. Ever since the update the app is just frustrating, no more favorite teams on the home screen is annoying, and being redirected to the cart every. single. time is just silly i hope it gets updated soon.

  37. Terrible. I placed an order, I got an email that said it was delivered, I didn’t get it. When I go to check the tracking it says that order doesn’t match the email and the zip code, BUT YOU SENT ME THE EMAIL TO THAT ADDRESS! Worst experience of my life!

  38. Placed an order back in May of 2018, received 2 of the 3 items. Had to track down a way to contact the company to even begin to understand what was going on with my order 4 months later. Never heard anything from the site about how late my order was and still is. Msged the live chat with no help. I will never order from them again. After spending hundreds of dollars on this site I Told everyone about the horrible experience and they to will not be ordering from this deceptive merch stand site. Find another sucker.

  39. They have the real stuff here but what I truly hate about fanatics is they make you think you’re getting a discount they show. 65% off site wide(which is B.S.) but only certain stuff BUT the stuff you DO get that discount on is not 65%. $99.99 – 65%= $34.99 not $75 see B.S. After all that it takes almost or longer than a month to get anything from them but in fact your stuff shows it’ll ship in 1-3 days, that sounds wrong to me, I’ve got stuff from N.Y. faster. Best thing 365day return policy👏

  40. Decent App, Filter resets when you turn the page. Its frustrating when the size selection disappears every time you go to a different page. Hard to shop through the app.

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