Head Ball 2 – Online Soccer MODDED 2022


Challenging 1vs1 online matches! Strike, score, and be a soccer champion!
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Head Ball 2 is a thrilling and fast-paced multiplayer football game where you can challenge your opponents!. Take place in 1v1 online football matches against real opponents from all around the world.

Join millions of football players to prove yourself to the online football community and your friends.

Play 90-seconds of action-packed football matches; whoever scores more goals, wins!

Challenge your friends in real-time!
Get social by connecting your Facebook account and playing exciting football matches with your friends, show them who is the best! You can also join a football team or create your own team and gain different rewards as you win matches! Represent your team and face-off, different teams, to show which football team is superior. Contribute to your teams’ overall progress.

Rumble Through Competitive Soccer Leagues with your team!
Compete in 5 different football leagues and do your best to make it to the very top of the ladder. Join a team or create your own, either way, you’re much powerful with your team! Join the competition each week where you have a chance to challenge other teams all around the world. The more teams you beat, the more chances to rise from Bronze League to Diamond League! Fight your way through real opponents and challenging soccer matches. You can’t know who the winner before the match will be is over.

Unique Gameplay
Football is all about kicking the ball and scoring goals, right?

Kick, strike and score using your hero. Use your feet, head, and superpowers to score goals. Head Ball 2 offers simplistic gameplay that can be quickly transformed into action-packed and exciting games. Hit the ball, hit your opponent, use headers, superpowers or outwit your opponent by juking them. Everything is permitted, as long as you win!

Take Control of Your Soccer Career
Progress through the unique career mode to unlock special bonuses, characters, and accessories. As you progress, rewards become increasingly challenging to obtain, do you have what it takes?

Stand out from the crowd!
Pick the best character out of 125 unique upgradeable characters, unlock new accessories to improve your football hero, and create your dream football player! As you progress, you will unlock different stadiums and gain fans to support you. The more the merrier!
Become the ultimate soccer hero and show who’s got more style and skill!

Upgrade Your Character
Upgrade your character to unlock your full potential. Progress through the career mode to unlock unique bonuses, accessories, and even heroes. As you progress, the rewards will get better but so will the challenge. Are you up to it?

No match will be the same as the previous one in this football game!


-Play football against real opponents from all across the world in real-time!
– Thrilling moments with the voice of the legendary commentator, John Motson!
-Facebook connection to play with your friends!
-Dynamic and exciting gameplay with dashy graphics.
-125 unique characters to unlock.
-5 unique competitive soccer leagues with 15 brackets to play through.
-Hundreds of accessories to improve your football hero!
-Plan out your strategy on the field with 18 upgradable powers.
-Card packs that contain characters and items.
-Gain supporters to unlock new stadiums.
-Daily Missions to get more fun and rewards!

Download Head Ball 2 to experience the thrill of challenging soccer matches against millions of players across the world!

Head Ball 2 is a free-to-play game. However, there are some in-game items that can be purchased for real money. You can disable in-app purchases in your device’s settings if you don’t want this feature.

A network connection is required to play.


Bug fixes and performance improvements.


40 comentarios en "Head Ball 2 – Online Soccer MODDED 2022"

  1. Amazing game. Gameplay is really good. I would say less ads, and a suggestion is to have customizable controls location, along side of having controls on screen and not on the bottom, but with half opacity so you can see what’s behind it. If you do that it would be easier to play. After you implement less ads, easily 5 stars, but 4 stars for now.

  2. Great game but it freezes after every ad. forcing you to close the app and reopen again. super annoying and takes away the fun factor. Other than that its wonderful. Edit: originally gave this game a higher rating. But after the fix of the ad freezing. I quickly realized this is a total pay to win. You can be the best player there, but you won’t win if you dont have a high ranking player. And the likelihood of you getting lucky and getting a high ranking player is not goodDont spend money on it!

  3. The gameplay is fast paced and fun, but the game is riddled with annoyances. The tiring factor slows your speed and jumping abilities. It also forces you to change characters often. There’s also WAY too many ads, and you can’t skip them. After every 90 second match theres a 60 second ad, and that’s a wildly annoying ratio which makes me want to uninstall the game. Also, its pretty much pay to win. If you buy characters you unlock bigger characters which are way harder to score against because they’re huge. Theres little to no way you’re going to unlock these same characters without buying them.

  4. When I first started this game it was really cool. But as I keep playing it I noticed more and more bugs and glitches that are needing to be fixed but are obviously being neglected. this game officially gets a poor rating which is a crying shame because it is fun when working properly. the servers keep crashing and I keep finding that the ball is starting to go through my characters when they make clean shots. The energy and tickets are drained even when the opponent fails to connect. Fix it.

  5. Gameplay is set up so that many players will jump up/down over and over again in front of their goal the entire match. This is very annoying, requires little-to-no skill, but is effective with legendary characters who already just about fill up the space of the entire goal. At level 40+ winners will be decided by whoever uses superpowers(costs real money if used every match) to get a couple points ahead, and then retreat back into their goal to jump up and down rapidly for the rest of the match.

  6. This game has so much potential to be good. Issues: 1. Too much cruft outside of the core game loop. Stop making me open card packs, moves, etc. Just let the player play the game. It’s fun without the mess. 2. Every 2-3 games, I lose connection to the server. 3. Multiple occasions of the ball simply going through my character while standing on the ground. Don’t know if this is supposed to be an ability opponents can use, but there is no VFX to represent it.

  7. The actual gameplay is wonderful. The menu and all the confusion that comes along with it is unbearable. All the cards, the characters, the other cards, the unlocked cards, the even more cards, the events, the other events that aren’t really events. Stop trying to make the menu so extravagant and focus on the game. If i could find a way to only play the game i would. But every time i have to go back to your maze of a homescreen i get lost. Fix it and you get 5

  8. I gave it 2 stars because, it has too many connection issues. If I use a ticket and it drops the opponent I lose my ticket, that’s BS. It will stop in the middle of the game with connection issues and cost me a goal or allow the other player to score. I’ve lost superpowers due to these constant issues. It’s a fun game they shouldn’t have made a second d one with so many bugs.

  9. still fairly buggy. If your opponent has poor internet connection it will buffer and can also cause lag which will cause a disadvantage to you at times. Also, if waiting for a match for too long it will take you back to the home screen but won’t replenish the items used to start a match. otherwise fairly addicting and fun. edit: Event characters are OP. The game is directed mostly to Pay to Win. At first it is easy but it suddenly becomes nearly impossible. Buggy WiFi, unbalanced play.

  10. The matchmaking sometimes seems to pair me a bit unfairly, but I think that it’s league based and I am WAY above my head in that regard so it seems to make sense. Beyond that, I’ve had a few times where my opponent has has connection troubles, and the timer runs down to 0: after which, it sits and sits and sits until the other person reconnects and the game continues. Seems just a bit unfair since I’ve been dropped before, but beyond that i really can’t stop playing it!

  11. It’s a blast! I ended up purchasing something to remove some ads, but the video ads for the “2xs reward or prize” gets frustrating. There also needs to be a system where the opponent that isn’t connecting after the time limit is over to be disqualified. I lose too many tickets and points because of this. As a paying customer, there shouldn’t be ads, just added rewards and prizes.

  12. I love the concept and the gameplay is great. But then the ads start hitting after almost every match. And if your opponent has crappy internet then you have to suffer to even if yours is good, and it gets pretty annoying fast. And it’s constantly loosing connection to the sever and it’ll kick you in the middle of a match without warning, counting as a loss on your end thus ruining your streak. When is an update coming out?

  13. I absolutely love this game as a whole, when you are mat hed with a player of equal skill and the servers will cooperate it makes for a riveting match… but this is where I begin to draw issues… as a player still in the first league it is not uncommon for me to face players in the super and professional leagues with much more talented characters making it nearly/completely possible for me to win. The other major issue I have with this game is the connection issue, it’s rare that I can complete a game without losing a point to drops in ping. All in all I love the game but if matchmaking isn’t fixed soon I’ll have to quit.

  14. Disappointing… Way to many Ads keep popping up. especially right after a match and the video doesn’t ever load. Then I have to restart the whole game. and there has been a few times my ball goes into the goal but doesn’t count. And it takes way to much and time to unlock things. Push way to much for me to spend real money. Makes playing the game almost unenjoyable.

  15. The game is very fun and addictive but the reason why I’m giving 2 stars is because you could challenge a friend in a friendly match but before the match could even start, the game would get disconnected due to other player’s connection. My friends and I would try with different wifi networks or just alone with our phones data and yet still could not play a single match with friends. We enjoy playing the game but really hope that the developers would fix that bug.

  16. It’s extremely fun at the level of using only the basic characters. You can use strategies to win. However, strategy goes out the window if you face a higher level player who has a more powerful character with better size, jump, speed or whatever else, with their unfair advantages. It can become almost impossible to score when their character is so big that it blocks more that half the goal post by just standing there. Ruins the experience. Pay-to-win nonsense. It sucks once you realize this.

  17. Charlie dice:

    This an extremely fun and addictive game. Unfortunately, you are forced to watch ads before and after Every match, Every bonus, pretty much any time you’re not playing an actual match! Obviously this is extremely frustrating. Also, some players choose to jump up and down constantly, this “strategy” is easy enough to overcome with some practice, but it’s still extremely annoying! I’d definitely give it a higher rating if it wasn’t for the constant bombardment of ads, too bad.

  18. I love PvP games and this would have been one of them. My major complaints are just two things. The game automatically deems a loss if you lose connection in the game even for a second. I had a perfect score and two losses were to that knowing me out of top ranking. The second is that if you are paired with a character than yours you are practically given a loss. Unless you have a multitude of super powers and stay continuously in front of your goal attempting to block every over head kick.

  19. This game is ridiculous! The match making is terrible, I go against people way stronger then me, or they have a horrible lag problem which makes the game unplayable even if you could get someone your same level. I’ve tried playing this game multiple times. Sometimes it’s good, but I’d say 80% of the time the game is unplayable. Also if you don’t get in the game and it spits you back into the menu it takes your energy and tickets anyway and you didn’t match with anyone!

  20. It’s a very fun and funny game. Specially the emojis. I can’t stop laughing everytime that happens The only issue is that it has a lot of glitches. For example; when you are watching an ad to get a prize, the ad stops a lot but when you finally done watching the ad the games kicks you out, restarts and you get no price. Sometimes it losses connections right at the end of the game for no reason, so you loose even when you already won the game. At times the ball just goes right through you.

  21. It was going good but it was always bugging me with the controls. Sometimes they wouldn’t work or the would move in the wrong way (not while the reverse control power was used), sometimes my jump would kick and my kick would jump. It’s the only game I have that’s ever done something like that. I know it’s not my phone bc it happens on my other phone and my tablet. Another thing is the ability to jump however many times you want and players doing that because it’s harder to score and less fun.

  22. Terrible. I would write so many things but the most irksome is the last 2 days 65% of the games I play don’t even work. The ball just stays in the middle and nothing happens, leading to a tie as we’re waiting for the timer to run out. Then tell me why it actually does work when I go against someone with 10x the level/fans/items/etc and they school me 15-0. Leaderboard, matchmaking, ads, so many things wrong with this game.

  23. Superfun game and great idea. Cons: Too many ads (way too many) Also, when you are in a match, the player with connectivity issues, after recovering the connectivity, all of a sudden the player has advantage. I don’t know why…but I have experienced this, every single time. Reduce ads and fix this problems and you will get a great game.

  24. A lot of connectivity issues lately. If the other player disconnects from the game you get kicked back to the main screen and the energy and ticket are still drained!! Also, sometimes the player matching in events is not fair. The difference in power can be significant and you don’t stand a chance to beat someone with almost double power. I initially gave 5 stars, but until these issues are fixed I’m sticking with 1 since the whole gameplay is ruined because of these problems.

  25. nice game, however; it has some bad things some of which have recently surfaced. The most annoying thing is the repeated ads after each single match, and even if I chose to skip the ad I have to wait at least 30 seconds after the match before I can play again, which is totally annoying and unfair ! what if I chose to buy a card that only lasts for 15 mins ?! in this case i will lose a lot of time and a lot of its benifit because of that 30 sec waiting time after each match !

  26. This game would be 5 stars. If it didn’t have ads. Wastes so much time. I want to play a quick 3 games and I have to wait to play. I’m a busy person. And only play games when I need to kill a couple of minutes. The ads to double your rewards or to unlock powers are understandable. But just to play or after you finish a match it’s such a waste of time. Seriously.

  27. Tired of the network issues causing disconnects in the middle of games, hate the lag that happens in almost every game. I have a great WiFi network at home and this game slows down to a crawl when I start having a winning streak, what a coincidence!! What’s the point of having 15 or 30 minute boosts when half of the time is spent trying to connect to another player. You need to fix your platform, I will not be spending any more money until these issues are fixed!

  28. it started off good when I first downloaded this game. very fun and entertaining. Now it takes forever to find a game. once it finds a match it buffers and says the player is unable to connect which also uses one of my turns on that player. When I do get to play it has a delay in the game. the player will hit the ball and it lags out of nowhere then the ball ends up in my goal.. very frustrating for a game with potential. I’m going to end this and delete app! not worth it anymore.

  29. game is a good game but the developers need to patch some things. one being the lagging issue which gives someone else a advantage. second, the timing with anything should not be used against you during ads. people are paying for diamonds to play this game and getting charged seconds to watch ads. also, when an opponent leaves before match starts and the computer does not pick up a new opponent, you lose not only energy, but tickets as well many more problems that need to be addressed

  30. Hassan B dice:

    UPDATE: Connection issues have been fixed. PREVIOUS REVIEW: Game play is a lot of fun but since the last update, constant connection issues on LTE & WiFi. Randomly disconnects while leading in a game & get saddled with a loss! And then there are the ads, I get it, that’s revenue but this far exceeds other free games. Even “free” gifts aren’t free, you have to watch ads! Many ads don’t have an option to skip so you’re stuck watching for 30 seconds constantly, extremely frustrating.

  31. They ruined what could’ve been an amazing game by bombarding you with all those 30 second ads left and right. I enjoyed it and played a lot but at a certain point it just becomes too annoying. The annoyance outweighs the fun. Also the controls oh my god, I kept jumping instead of hitting the ball and vice versa. I wish they had an option to fix the controls.

  32. I have been playing this awhile now and it is constantly glitchy to where the ball is in one place one second and then all of a sudden in a different place. Even sometimes the ball will go straight through your character and allow the other person to score.. this has made me lose on more then one occasion and is extremely annoying especially since it makes you lose points and fans which is the entire point of the game… please fix this asap

  33. So let me make this clear.. This is a great game as far as graphics and gameplay, I have no issues there. However if you can pay to play you’ll have fun beating better players because you paid for a character that shoots twice as fast, runs circles around others, and is double height on top of jumping incredibly higher. it’s very frustrating to lose continuously because of getting matched with insanely superior characters that are obviously bought…

  34. The Definition of a pay-to-win Game. I have played Head Soccer 1 for a long time and so I’ve gotten good at shooting and blocking and all that but in this game, it doesnt even matter because you could go against someone with double your characters shooting power or jump height which gives such an advantage to bad players that you have to be so much better than them to even have a chance of winning.

  35. This game is OK, but there are some bad things about it. For example, when I used my freeze goal power it still went in, and when the opponent used his double goal power, it ran out and he scored three seconds later and it still counted as two points. There are also many glitches in the game I think are really annoying, and the game makes you watch an ad after every game! So that’s why I stopped playing, maybe until they fix this issue.

  36. The game itself is pretty fun. However, the frequency of ads is way too annoying. You already got in-apps purchases and occasional ads are fine to get ‘free’ stuff, but please dont spam ads every single match. It is too annoying. I’m gonna delete it if no changes are made. I understand the industry, but please dont be over-greedy and ruin the experience. You need to balance it.

  37. I reaaaally like this game. Super simple and Fast paced. Challenging enough to be fun but the learning curve isn’t steep. My issue with it and why I rated it 3 stars and not five are the fact that they play 15-30 second video adds after every game. I get it you want to make money (hence the freemium, pay to win model). But the adds are really starting to take away from the game itself. I would be happy if you could skip the add if you won and losers had to watch the 30 secs. Also, my league is half afk people which kills the competition a bit cus there’s no risk of relegation or even staying in the same league after the season. I’m sure it changes when you climb leagues though. Keep working on the game! It’s great.

  38. Do not reccomend. I really like the layout and the concept of Head Ball 2 and overall, the game is designed well and provides lots of fun. Unfortunately, it has one major flaw. Me and my boyfriend have been trying for MONTHS to be able to play each other with no success. At first we were completely unable to add each other by username as friends- now, as friends who are in a team together, we can’t even play together as the match invitation will pop up for both of us but then disappear. 🙁

  39. I would give 5 stars if You reduce the ads which seriously waste too much time. Also change the winning criteria to a score like 10 or 20 and the player who scores first the required point will win. Timer method is boring and not enjoyable. Also stop the provision of super powers and freezing of player during the game. It kills the fun. Already it is challenging and fun to score a goal. Most important thing is your ticket concept. It should be removed. Make match finding free.

  40. I will give it 5 starts. A very interesting game. One of the best games I’ve ever played. But it has some bugs which needs to removed/solved. 1) Game restarts every time when an internet connection is lost for some seconds or game is minimized. 2) Sometimes it gets stuck at 77% loading. Hope you will fix it. Have a nice day. May you face more success in your life.

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