Fishing Season :River To Ocean MODDED 2022


Realistic 3D! fishing experience!
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◎ The realistic 3D fishing game.
Have the realistic fishing experience in Fishing Season.
You can learn to catch fish in one minute!

☞ From fishing in the Amazon River, to the Pacific Ocean!
– You can have various fishing experiences, from the famous rivers in the world to the Pacific Ocean.

☞ Realistic fishes
– Fighting with realistic 3D fishes, including from beautiful tropical fishes to sharks!
– More than 200 kinds of fishes including Giant Bass! Piraruku! Piranha! Mako Shark! Giant White Shark! Small Humpback Whale!

☞One-button play that can be easily enjoyed
– Fighting in a lot of tension!
– Enjoy fishing like a professional.

☞ Realistic aquarium!
Put Giant Bass! Piraruku! Piranha! Mako Shark! In your aquarium!
– Unattended gold acquisition system that automatically builds without having to run apps!

☞ Strong fishing equipments!
– Dynamically bending fishing rod! Tight fishing line!
– Strengthen many types of equipment (fishing rod, line, reel) and items to challenge yourself to bigger fishes.

☞ It’s always the ‘fishing season’ with
– Fishing Season that can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere.
– Realistic fishing simulation game

☞ From famous lakes and rivers, to faraway Pacific Ocean
– Realistic fishing game that have exactly replicated famous fishing grounds from all over the world.
– Have a pleasant fishing experience in beautiful fishing grounds.

☞ You don’t need to have access to the internet.
– Fishing simulator that can be enjoyed even without network connection
– Fishing hobby that can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere

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1. Deleting or switching mobile device will reset the app data
2. The product contains in-app purchase feature. If you agree to make a purchase, you will be billed.

◎ Support for languages: Korean, English, German, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Indonesian, Thai, Vietnamese, Taiwan, Chinese, Turkish, Japanese


- Some bug fix
- Update the core system


40 comentarios en "Fishing Season :River To Ocean MODDED 2022"

  1. Fun game but I can’t watch any ads. Every time I choose to watch an ad for gems,or an ad pops up automatically,the game freezes and I have to force close. Which makes me lose my rewards and the fish I just caught. I’d like to play,but I’ll be uninstalling in 7 days if the problem isn’t fixed. Edit:Problem fixed in less than24hrs. Not sure if it fixed itself,or the developers fixed it. Either way,Kudos! Great game!The only thing I would like to see is more interaction with the aquarium. Thanks!

  2. Very enjoyable even without spending cash. The way ads are set up can actually help you improve with playing the game and no real issue when in offline mode.Daily tournament is a good feature though rewards are a little lame and the frequency of catching target fish can be a little frustrating. Should you need to cast for the same fish 100 to 150 times only to catch one smaller fish??? Mostly enjoyable except for that aspect. 4 stars because of that.

  3. Fun game to play, the slide (power move thing) doesn’t respond well on my phone. May just be mine, but only works when it wants. Deleting though, mainly for the fact that progressing is almost impossible without spending rubies. You are given quite a few at first, and made to believe it’s not going to be that hard to obtain them. Quickly you realize though, spending real money is the only way to keep playing and not doing the same thing over and over. Or you can watch ads more than you play

  4. Started off strong, not too realistic! After I got interested in the game and using the ads to help advance, the ads quit playing and the game freezes if I try to play the ads. Any fish or other items I have on the screen at the time disappear when I close the game so I can play more……Good idea but it needs to be fixed or I’m moving on!

  5. It’s a nice relaxing game. It helps relieve the stress of our situation, right now. The only real intense thing in the game is the fight that the fish put up. It’s fun and exciting. It’s more exciting than funny.

  6. I think its a great game i just have 1 problem when i cast the reel on perfect or great . the rod only lands at about 30yards 9 out of 10 timws and occasionally it apears where it should be where there is better fish so you guys need to fix that. but otherwise its great

  7. Could you please fix this issue I can not watch ads to get extra rubies and and extra coins Need to fix videos just started game and already no videos for extra coins and rubies

  8. Pretty good If u make the graphics a bit better I That would be awesome and Remove some Lag , But Overall Pretty Awesome 😁

  9. This is way better than Monster Fishing! It has more realistic background/environtment and more realistic fishes. Smooth graphics and performance. It’s not so easy to catch a fish but it’s not that hard either. And i liked how you implemented the mission system, never get bored with that, easy to completed that means more rewards for players. This game and Fishing Life are two of your games that i constantly play right now. Nice work! Suggestion, how about adding more play games achievements?

  10. Kid graphics, can only upgrade so far before you have to spend real money. Ads stop after certain point to get free upgrades

  11. 1) too much unnecessary ads in game like claiming the rewards for lvling up, claiming gems from the fish book, at the bottom of the screen when fishing, etc. 2) pay-to-win. 3) white screen at the bottom of the screen when upgrading gears, cant see the price for upgrades. 4) not movable, cant change spot when fishing. 5) lot of things need improvement. the variety of the fish is ok no complain.

  12. Snotty dice:

    What a joke couldn’t tell you because the game won’t even open.Tried uninstalling & reinstalled & still a peice of garbage & won’t even load. I give it negative five stars, & I feel that’s more than generous.

  13. As a sportsman I love playing this game , and the graphics and how the game reacts were just outstanding 😀 thank you very much .

  14. the swipe mechanic does not work. this is game breaking. the casting mechanic is horrible. the fighting mechanic is too touchy.

  15. It’s exciting but it sure has a hard time working right at times I can’t even get it to come on has too many bugs in it I think

  16. Fake, just tried to take over my phone, doesn’t start just closes and all owner controll is removed while it automatically tries to search horrible things on Google. Never installing dev games of this company and reporting company to the federal agents

  17. Game has way too many bugs. I try to play it but in the middle of the game it pop’s up error has occurred and I have to restart. I watch ad’s to get bait but it always gives me blue worms. If it keeps on I will be uninstalling. Waited 2 weeks no change. WOULD NOT RECOMMEND INSTALLING THIS GAME. UNINSTALLING

  18. This is a very good game with kid graphics

  19. Good so far. my only complaint, which may or may not have to do with the game, is that I click on the Watch Ad, but no ads play. only on level 6, but I’ve lost out on Rubies because ads won’t play… it may be the game, or it may be something on my end. either way, it’s pretty cool so far

  20. Well…graphics are great. Gold is nearly useless. Cant upgrade without paying real money… gaining rubies is minimal in comparison to the amout of ads you have to watch. you cant upgrade anything with treasure…all rods, reels, and line can only be purchased with rubies. Really? One star. Change so i can buy stuff with treasure earned and my rating will go up to 5 stars. You make people watch to many ads, even with ruby purchases. And no, i do not mind ads. Make treasure useful!!

  21. I’ll rate this 3 stars since it’s a game and probably the creator is in lack of funds so it needs ads… I have few feedbacks to improve this game. 1. Please extend the slots for aquarium or an additional aquarium since players, like me, loves to collect beautiful fishes. 2. Sometimes there is a bug when the meter is playing 3. Improve more on the graphics. 4. Side games 5. I suggest there is a separate aquarium for players to make the aquatic animals into pets.

  22. The game is superb, the fish looks very real, it’s easy to get coins and gems, one thing that I’m not satisfied is the information of fishes. The reason I installed this game is because I wanted to learn about different species of fish while having fun. I want detailed information on fishes, overall very very nice game.

  23. This is a fun and exciting game. I encountered no issues. The graphics and audio are phenomenal. Gameplay is smooth and instructions are clear. Ads are helpful in gaining many coins, rubies and exp. Kudos developers!

  24. Best fishing game out there great graphics a lot of fish options. I hope this game plans to expand i need more levels i feel I’m on this everyday and im finishing up the last few places. Or maybe some new twist. Not sure what but needs more. Pay for the adds to go away to enjoy the game more. Plus your supporting a really fun game with potential.

  25. I liked the game until it stoped letting me continue the missions that tell you to watch 1 ad.without the ads! This game wouldnt be able to be the ads are the only way to get upgrades,gold,or ruby’ on level 51 and cant play anymore cause the game wont play ads.the responce of controls is not good either.doesnt let you swipe the swipe directions while fighting fish.

  26. Not bad overall, the ads are a bit much, but using those ads, I have earned enough rubies to buy the best rod, reel and line without spending anything. I have one more zone to finish all the areas. Will be waiting for updates.

  27. I just want to say this is one if the more worse fishing games I’ve played. Barely works to real in, always losing fish at the end, cost are way too high. Can go anywhere on the map until certain points. I wouldn’t recommend this one. Pretty bad

  28. Good graphics, easy operations, and exciting family fun.

  29. Josh Lord dice:

    Fun game could use a few changes like you can catch all the fish in a spot but 98% of the time your catching the same fish which gets annoying and maybe more bait or better variety. Spent hours trying to get one fish still hasent happened yet..

  30. I really love the game but locks up sometimes especially when you get a good fish both in your catalog and in your map can’t get no money can’t do nothing game lock up got to turn it off besides that’s good game I’m dropping you down to four stars should be three and a half I drop you down to three game keeps locking up after about three throws game was fantastic until last update unreal man can’t even enjoy myself can I get a response also

  31. I would like to speak to the developer because I want to play but every time I try it does not work it great game but it does not let me play

  32. Pretty fun. Better than the other 100 games I’ve downloaded

  33. Just downloaded. So far this is the most fun I’ve had on a fishing game. Controls are easy to grasp and I like the mission design. Great job devs! I might re-post after playing a while.

  34. It’s a good game to start off with for fishing for first timers to the game it’s pretty exciting after a while kids kind of boring maybe it’s just my age showing or just the game loses the hype after a couple go rounds overall I gave it a three because I really think the graphics could be better and interactive could be a bit more. Jerry l Bryant

  35. Its a good game, the fish give you a fight and the animation is great, but it is anoying that you have to buy bate every time you run out and if you run out of money you have to wait untell you get some money. Its not to easy and not to hard.

  36. Loving the game, only problem is the mission “watch a video for rewards” every time I try it tells me that there are no morr videos to watch?? I don’t always have data so it also makes it very hard for me. Thanks

  37. Its fun enough… lots of cool different fish,lots of ways to get gems and coins. Butttttttt…. It gets boring quick because every level starts the same and you get a bite every single cast. Its hard to catch the most desirable fish….last bookoooklko9ok0out not least it freezes up and stops so you can do nothing but shut it off and restart the phone. Thats a HUGE DRAW BACK.ifthat wasnt the case i’d continue to stay but im going to dump it..and find a new game sorry yall suck so much.

  38. wonderful great graphics and sound effects easy game play very beautiful and totally amazingly realistic. devs dont like when i catch a fish and a add pops up taken me out of game please fix leave adds to bottom of screen or for getting jems.

  39. ron lake dice:

    I paid for the no ads and still got ads…that’s fraud and false advertising.

  40. Fix the game it doesn’t even let me play it it takes me back to the appstore or home screen

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