Pool Live Pro: 8-Ball 9-Ball MODDED 2022


Play awesome 8-ball and 9-ball with perfect graphics and authentic physics!
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Awesome free cue sports app with 8 Ball, 9 Ball and Blackball modes. Challenge opponents from all over the world. Incredible graphics, easy control, custom cues, great community and unprecedented realism, Pool Live Pro is waiting for YOU!

“Why should I try it?” you may say
• Realistic physics – it’s all about skills and physics baby
• Beautiful display, smooth in 60 FPS – because it’s nice to look at pretty things
• Variety is the death of boredom – 8-Ball, 9-Ball and Blackball in the same game!
• Every player is unique – choose from over 100 specialty cues and win with style
• Never a dull moment – millions of players worldwide 🌎 means the action never sleeps!
• Mini-games, scratch cards, power ups and more goodies to keep up the excitement
• Intuitive controls – because it is good to play comfortably everywhere
• Free to Play, rather than Pay to Win – its free 💲! Do you need anything more 😃 ?

Pool Live Pro is a mobile billiards application appreciated by millions of players worldwide

Become part of an exciting community of pool players as you choose your favorite pool cue, compete in tournaments and win big 🏆 prizes! Play the 8 ball classic, experience the 9 ball style or choose from multiple pool game modes. With eye-catching graphics and progressive billiards game features, millions of pool players around the world are waiting for your ⚔ challenge.

Practice your game and play Pool Against Friends or Compete in Worldwide Pool Tournaments

Play pool at your own pace! Get started with practice shots at the practice table. Build your way up to 1-on-1 matches and intense pool tournaments. Gradually improve your pool skills to win competition trophies, a massive collection of pool cues or go for the Jackpot! If you’re learning how to play pool, Pool Live Pro allows you to build up confidence and dramatically improve your game. If you are a seasoned pool player, shoot to beat the pool pros.

Play Pool and Show Off Your Skills

Practice precision aiming and surprise your opponent with exciting new tricks. Start off with a power shot or execute a difficult super spin to send your pool ball to the corner pocket! Explore a variety of different billiards game modes such as: 8 ball pool, 9 ball or blackball. Become a pool game master or even champion master of experts Masters Super CHAMPION!!

Pool Live Pro – Faster Technology with New Graphic Standards

The intriguing visuals and high-quality detail will enhance your pool game experience. Pool Live Pro combines captivating graphics to deliver a real-world billiards game experience. The app promises true physics in every shot at the pool table, with the feel of an authentic pool hall. The game is rendered at 60 frames per second – two times faster than other mobile games! This is Perfectly matching the display’s own refresh rate. The faster frame rate translates into quicker on-screen action! Thanks to precise controls you can play even during the journeys. Play Pool Live Pro wherever you want, whenever you want!

So play and RELAX!


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Thank you for playing!
This version of the game is better than ever.


40 comentarios en "Pool Live Pro: 8-Ball 9-Ball MODDED 2022"

  1. This was almost a great game. Graphics are decent. Motion is smooth and realistic. Physics seem spot on. Game tries to stimulate obstacles in the way, like the rail of the table. Which is cool and not horrible, but does not take the angle into consideration. The only reason for low rating is the controls. Extremely touchy to the point it’s difficult to use. Trying to re-aim will reset your aim to wherever you place your finger. So much so it interfered with game play. Otherwise great game.

  2. Keep getting locked out. Sucks I have really enjoyed this game for several years, but now it seems it is no longer supported. Not sure what is going on but, for the past few weeks, the game just locks up and I either have to forfeit, or completely close all apps. I’ve restarted several times, and even uninstalled and reinstalled, but no difference. I’ve lost over 37k “points” over the past couple of days because of the glitches that keep coming up. Sad!

  3. Has potential but many frustrating quirks! Time per shot-ridiculously fast! Except for your opponent, who just tapped his bank to buy cues with more time. A GOOD game here is NOT FREE. Hard to hone in aim-when you try to change path with cue end, it flips the direction! After aiming, if you lift your finger/stylus & try to aim better, it resets your aim! And the only place to aim where it doesn’t spin out is at the tip, but you can’t see thru your effin finger to aim properly!!!

  4. This game sucks donkey poles. It looks so good, it should be so good, but gameplay is horrible because of the glitches like the timer that suddenly takes you shot away even when you still have time. When given ball in hand, the stupid display stays up and blocks your view of the ball’s so long that when you can finally see you only have seconds to place the cue ball and shoot. Lost turn 90% of the time. Kept trying to tough it out because the play can be so good at times, but frustration with the glitches got me fed up. Then, the cost of everything in real money is so prohibitive its just not worth having on my device! Uninstalled

  5. 1. I start the game and am forced to manually log into an account or play as a guest – rather than remaining logged into a google game. 2. Everytime the game starts, I am forced to watch a 30 second commercial before even getting to try the game. This is very invasive. 3. The aim feature overlays the shoot feature, so when I am ready to shoot, it adjusts the aim instead, consumimg time and making gameplay difficult and unappealing. Very problematic. 4. After making a shot, almost every single shot places the cue ball into a position that not only makes a followup shot possible, but very probable. This is unrealistic in real billards or pool games. These issues make the game unappealing and reduces enjoyment of the game. THIS GAME CHEATS BADLY!! Very IMPOSSIBLE combos being successful. Nowhere near a realist game

  6. Trash game, don’t bother. It crashes whenever it wants. There’s about 9 people online (probably because how terrible it is). It generally doesn’t matter what skill level you are or knowledge of the game. 9 out of 10 games will go solely on luck. Garbage.

  7. I shoot light out till last ball then I can’t make sitting right next to the pocket with opponent all ball on table and I loose when you pocket white ball it should be next person turn five times my opponent scratch and I still didn’t get a turn do u like to lose like that when I break I can’t seem to get a ball in pocket on break but everyone I played gets two or three balls in pocket if you don’t spend money the game is rigged to be as difficult as possible I don’t like watching someone else p

  8. A lot of fun, but… aims are deceiving. Just because they are lined up perfectly, doesn’t mean they are going to go in. Game is extremely slow. Nobody playing.

  9. Hi to all out there, i play many of games here on my lap top. However in my many of different incounters with the games and alos different social apps i just so happen to like this in my top 5 its always been poppin to me rather the new or old upgrades.

  10. Nibortap dice:

    I hate golf but I play it Prefer billiard but I’m not good at I still have fun playing pool online with a bunch of other people around the world this game’s site siskel and Ebert would say two thumbs up!!!

  11. I’m gonna try it,One thing I don’t understand why when playing 8 ball if someone scratches the other player gets ball in hand,like yall don’t understand that line that goes across the table is for? I’ve been playing 8 ball for over 50yrs,I’ve watched Mn fats play at Gentleman Jim’s and got to talk to him,he talked me threw the different type of games and trick shooting,after someone scratches in 8 ball the cue gets put behind the white line its called the Kitchen,No ball in hand!isthis SLOP pooL

  12. Only fun until the dirty tricks start. Cheats you in all sorts of ways from disconnects at key moments, messages on screen blocking your view, difficulty selecting pocket, touch to aim sensitivity too close to fine aim slider bar, opponent receives extra time to shoot, Scratches too frequently, extra cue roll out to make sure you’re blocked from next shot. I have even seen balls curve and English when I didn’t add any. No intregity in gaming, Sad!! Wish they would just let us play.

  13. Not worth the time. Right out of the gate you get matched against people way higher than you giving you know chance to advance. Then the cue is so herky jerky you run out of time before getting a shot off. Better games out there. Deleted after 3 games. Useless. No stars.

  14. This game to be legit, but now it’s a waste of time with pop up ads starting right before a match and gives me a loss for having to reconnect. This app went from stud to dud, big time. Major disappointment. Seems only to cater to those who spend money to play a free game.

  15. I dont usually write reviews because they’re just games, but I’m tired of playing a tournament and making it to the next round only for the game to lock up and not let me play the round. I sit there watching the screen and it never switches over to the table and I end up with a loss without ever even getting to play. Plead fix this. And what is taking so long for the 9 ball tournament to be available?

  16. Why is it that when you already sink the ball and it goes back to rewind and you run out of time then your opponent takes the shot instead and caused you the game? This is ridiculous. The usual problem with this game is that you don’t realise that your opponent is already playing while you are still stuck waiting for the game to begin. Before you know it you already lost unless you reset your phone immediately to return to the game to catch up unless it’s not yet over.

  17. I like the game you can control the cue stick pretty good but when it comes to putting some English to control the cue ball to draw it back control could be a little better but overall pretty good game just haven’t played no tournaments cuz I was trying to control the coupon before I get in there and start dominating I would recommend it and if they fixed that problem I’ll be on top

  18. Mine is trying to reconnect since last night. I used to be able to uninstall the game then install it to continue playing. not any longer. I lost a custom cue I won one Halloween and over 8 million in points when Facebook stopped using Adobe. I was back up to almost 2 million points, I’ll miss the game.

  19. This game has so many problems. Glitches and touch sensitivity sucks! You shouldn’t have to press a button 10 times before it registers. Also a 10 second shot clock that starts while there pop ups block your screen. Complete garbage!

  20. So I’m NOT hallucinating! I’ve seen ALL of these happen and almost always at the same sort of circumstance. These “debuffs” happen when I had 1 or 2 balls left, and opponents had 5 of more balls left. They’d have another shot even they’d blatantly missed their original shot. Or, my shot bar will lock up on the black preventing me from shooting at all. I’m level 8 now, and have been tearing it up from level 1. This is VERY disturbing. What do you say to this, devs?

  21. i played 4 games. on the fourth game the eight ball the would not move for two shots i quit the game. started new game the same thing happened again. every other shot worked fine. lost two games because cue would work on eight ball. this game is third party manipulated. probably by pool live pro.

  22. WOW! Where do I start criticising this rigged rubbish ? Is it really fair to match beginners with less than 4 games with those of 10,000 + ? . Obviously favoured players only have to hit the ball “near” the pocket for it to go in. Perfect position every time with no action on the cue ball. Enough !!! UNINSTALLED! !!!!!!!!!!. Forget the 1 star it’s -5 from me.

  23. Such a shame. It,was basic. 9 ball and 8 ball. Just what air was looking for to bad it is WILDLY over sensative when aiming. Even the fine tuning acts more like normal. I wasted all my time trying to figure out how to aim the stick that FLEW from side to side with a meer touch.

  24. No problems as a guest, accumulated points,etc. Changed to Facebook and now it connects but the wheel of wait gets stuck. Real bummer. Other mini gripe is that when playing blitz the info banners totally ruin your shot time. Come on guys…

  25. Horrible game. The angles of the wall are totally bad. Worst of all, the spin never works. What’s the point of trying to back spin when it doesn’t even work. The power is way too out of wack. All dynamics are so bad. Sorry really horrible .

  26. Great game, been playing for a few years now and so far this one has had the best physics of any that I’ve played. My only complaint is that it was taken off of Facebook where I could play it on my PC and actually see the game better. (I’m turning 50 in a few months and unfortunately my eyes are constantly reminding me of this sad fact)

  27. Worst app on the net, nothing works properly at all, I’ve lost many games for freezing up to timed out etc. Gets you depressed when you have an 8 ball straight in then freeze up and lose, this game sucks big time

  28. If you just want to try the game for free forget about it the beginner sticks are so jittery you can’t even aime you can’t even see where you’re aiming because you have to put your finger on the end of the line where it’s going it’s simply awful I wonder what it’s like if I you buy their virtual cheater sticks I bet you could shoot like Jackie Gleason. LOL

  29. I don’t recomend it. Everyone i versed was cheating and hitting impossible shots. I wish i never come across a game like this again. I played against someone that 6-9 down the pot on break. And it accuses me of hitting the wrong ball when it wasn’t my turn. The amount you win isn’t accurate either. I uninstalled the came because of all the cheats. At least add a report function. Im not installing the game again for a while. Just a poor quality game.

  30. Great table’s , stick’s. Very nice graphics in & around the table !

  31. not good. tried to search for friends and couldn’t find that option. I don’t know if there is a difference between playing on your phone against someone playing on a computer!!!!!

  32. The cue stick they start you with are programmed to miss. If you want to start winning you pretty much have to buy one of theirs. What you win compared to what they cost will guarantee THEM an actual cash flow if you’re desperate for their approval. I am an actual pool player and an online player for almost 10 years. I wanted to delete this game almost immediately but waited until I could give this review.

  33. It’s entertaining until the moment you realize that this is not all physics based. Basically it randomly favours some, especially those that purchase cheats, plain and simple. The bottom line is, even though you play other people, you are NOT on the same playground. Find a better 1:1 on line game, which is fair.

  34. I thought I try another pool game and my thoughts is it gets quite frustrating when every time you play 9 ball 8 ball whatever you dont break and the opponent is level 60 is it because theres not enough players online which I seen it’s like a cheap version of 8 ball pool miniclip without a doubt I might try it later see if there is more than 100 opponents online otherwise back to the drawing board

  35. tim horn dice:

    It is ok great to practice with but in a game the aiming part should be turned off and ghost ball it should be just the cue should have a shot clock so you can see how much time you have but nothing comes close to this game I love it I think these small changes it would be great

  36. whoa thia game ia sweet..as im force fed advertisements immediately. money… the stuff people will do to earn little peices of green special paper worth only what we as people make it worth.. how much money do you have to make for this game to be successful? did it take an entire triple A staff to create? again i like the gameplay.. best playing imo.. only got one game in and 3 ads..never heard of ya

  37. Very Difficult, Play’s just as a real pool hall dose….I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!

  38. this is the best online pool game I have ever played & I’ve played more than my share. only a couple of things would make it better…….#1 more chats & #2 ability to use either game coins or gold coins to wager each game with up to a certain amount that would make it even more realistic but by far the best pool game online.

  39. I was enjoying this game but it recently started freezing a lot, so I have to force stop and reload. Tried reinstalling but no use, keeps happening. Too much trouble.

  40. These controls are horrible. Connection issues and game freezes up for no reason. Spins dont work correctly and this game needs some serious help development wise. Good luck and I’m not very happy with it.

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