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Catch the MLB All-Star game with your favorite players live from Los Angeles. Coverage starts July 19th at 7:30PM ET on FOX Sports—it’ll be a lot more than just peanuts and cracker jacks.

The all-new FOX Sports App, built for the modern sports fan. Stories. Live TV. Favorite Teams, Players and Leagues. Scores. Odds. And much more. Download the FOX Sports app and visit the new

Introducing the newest FOX Sports App featuring personalization:
• Follow your favorite teams, leagues, and players.
• Keep up to date with news and highlights in one personalized feed with stories, scores, and more.
• Get updates from your favorite FOX Sports shows and on-air personalities.

Other Key FOX Sports App features include:
• STORIES: Swipe into the most important topics of the day, featuring multimedia perspective and analysis from the most important voices in sports.
• LIVE TV: Every FOX Sports game and studio show is available to TV subscribers with the tap of a button.
• SCORES: Easy-to-navigate score pages that are elevated within the experience.
• ODDS: View today’s top sports betting odds and analysis spanning prop bets, futures, game lines, game spreads, moneylines and more powered by FOX Bet.

The 2022 FIFA World Cup takes place in Qatar starting on November 21st. The best men’s national soccer teams come together and face off to decide who is the best in the world in this prestigious tournament that happens only every 4 years. This year, the tournament will feature players such as Lionel Messi, Christiano Ronaldo, Christian Pulisic, and many more. Stream matches live, follow scores, and much more on the FOX Sports App.

Live Sports:
• Watch all your favorite sports: MLB, USFL, NASCAR, PBC Pay-Per-View (boxing), Soccer (MLS, EPL, Bundesliga), College Sports (football, basketball, baseball, softball, and more), NFL, Big Ten, Big 12, Big East, Pac 12, WWE SmackDown, NHRA Formula E and ARCA motor sports, PBA (bowling), Liga MX Soccer, Tennis, Rugby, and other must-see live events.

Trending Stories:
• Easily discover the top stories of the day – with regular updates on the home tab from the best analysts in the game.

Real-Time Game Alerts and Scores:
• Never miss the news or scores you care about with personalized updates from your favorite teams and leagues.

Live Games and Events:
• Stream all FOX Sports events with live stats, recaps, and highlights of every big moment.
• Also get live news and access to games playing right now on other networks.

Studio Shows:
• Enjoy opinion and debate with top personalities on FS1 Studio Shows when you sign in with your TV Provider credentials: Skip & Shannon: Undisputed, The Herd with Colin Cowherd, First Things First, Speak For Yourself, Lock It In, MLB Whiparound, and several FOX Deportes shows.

Big Ten Network:
• BTN is available on the FOX Sports app and is the premier network for coverage of America’s legendary collegiate athletic conference.
• Watch live BTN-televised games and events, as well as original BTN shows (The Journey, B1G Story, and Campus Eats) when you log in with your TV Provider credentials.
• Follow your favorite B1G schools on the FOX Sports app: Illinois Fighting Illini, Indiana Hoosiers, Iowa Hawkeyes, Maryland Terrapins, Michigan Wolverines, Michigan State Spartans, Minnesota Golden Gophers, Nebraska Cornhuskers, Northwestern Wildcats, Ohio State Buckeyes, Penn State Nittany Lions, Purdue Boilermakers, Rutgers Scarlet Knights, Wisconsin Badgers.


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Numerous bug fixes and enhancements for odds, scoreboards and game event pages.


40 comentarios en "FOX Sports: Watch Live MODDED 2022"

  1. This app just sucks. The menus and interface are by far the worst of any major sports app. The Chromecast feature crashes the app. Streaming loads inconsistently and refreshes for no reason sometimes. The content is useless and uninformative. Get your sports elsewhere if you can. Fox needs to step it up because they suck

  2. Easily the worst app for streaming sports. Every time I start it, it has to restart due to an error, the picture quality is always jittery, you can’t rewind during live games like other apps, and it can’t stay connected on Wi-Fi even with the router being in the same room as the TV. Unfortunately i have no choice since the big ten games are almost always on here.

  3. Very Good content that can easily be geared toward your likes as a fan of specific teams, cities, players, or individual sports. It’s super simple to set up and the journalism is accomplished and respectable. Although, not as atrocious as some sports apps. My only minor gripe would be that the headline stories of the day can be a little too force-fed to you. Beating a dead horse journalism. So to speak. All in all. A very good app that will meet your needs as an avid sports fan. Recommended.

  4. Major bugs with the app when trying to watch the games. It glitches and won’t allow me to sign in to my provider. It often says “playback failed” and won’t show the games. it has also told me a game has ended even though it is only a few minutes into the 2nd half. If the bugs would get fixed it would be way better because when it decides to work it is awesome.

  5. This app is a MAJOR step backwards from the FS Go app. FS Go was by far the best sports streaming platform out there, clearly superior to competition (NBC, ESPN, TNT, B/R) due to the extra features and high quality. This app takes away the best features like ability to jump forwards or backwards by 10 seconds, and ability to watch a replay spoiler- free. Why would you actively take away the most useful features? On top of that now I’m getting “playback failed” when trying to stream a replay.

  6. They have made everything worse since switching from the Fox Sports Go app. You can’t cast to TV, FF/RW through shows you restarted from the beginning, the video clips always get an error and won’t let me watch, and the live sports news shows that I watch often don’t even appear in the TV show listings. I’ve turned to watching ESPN and the NBA app because this app sucks so much. Also, i don’t care that much about the World Cup. why does it have to fill up everything?

  7. The app works fine until you try to watch it on full screen or cast it to a TV. Literally every single time I hit the fullscreen or cast button, it says “Uh oh, looks like we’re having a problem” It makes the app useless because no one wants to watch football on a small portion of a tiny screen. This app is garbage, just like most of the other reviews say…

  8. This is the second consecutive week that this has been in complete failure mode. App doesn’t ever get past the loading screen. The few times I can finally make it to a live game, half of the screen is covered with a semi-transparent overlay. I’m on a Note8 so I know I’m not on a “newer device” but still… Signing in through my provider, AT&T, often returns an error followed by the app crashing. The real bummer is when an empire controls viewing abilities and can’t create a viewing solution 🤨

  9. It is truly mind boggling to me that this app has no obvious way to search for particular sports or events. This wouldn’t be as much of a problem if the pick my teams section actually included all sports and teams. I’m trying to watch Formula E, a racing series, but there is no way to add it or any of the teams to profile. Truly asinine. Also the chromecast streaming is buggy and awful. The app frequently disconnects from the chromecast.

  10. Fox Sports was one of my favorite apps. I could watch replays of some of my favorite shows during my lunch break, like first things first and undisputed. Now you need two apps to even find content, then when you do find it you only get clips. Then I saw the podcast on the fox sports app only to find that the episodes are 3 months behind. I’ll just DVR the shows and delete both apps complete waste of space.

  11. grïff dice:

    This app has so many fundamental issues compared to other sports streaming apps. Fails to load video more than half the time, cannot watch replays ever, resets to portrait mode and gets stuck there at the top of every hour, etc. Fox really needs to pay some higher quality developers to get this straightened out. Fox has a good product, but it is a waste if it cannot be seen. Streaming is the present as much as it is the future.

  12. Using this app to watch the Women’s World Cup while at work. When the app works it’s great but I keep having to uninstall and reinstall every time I want to use the app otherwise it tells me that “playback failed.” An irritating issue that I hope is resolved soon. Until then, if you are also experiencing difficulties with playback, try uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

  13. On installation the app does nothing but crash and refuses to let me log in with my provider. It is completely useless until you force quit, clear the cache, restart your device and then repeat that process until it finally works. Yes, I was offered the help line, but I don’t think I did anything differently than they would have told me to do. App needs fixing so people don’t need to jump through a thousand hoops on install. Once you get it working, it mostly runs fine until it randomly crashes.

  14. For the purpose of actually watching anything on this app, you’re better off finding a stream online. It takes forever to actually load. Any time you switch apps, the video breaks and you need to back out to the main menu and hope it decides to load again. Sometimes it will but when it’s a critical moment in the game, it probably won’t. Actually selecting the game you want to watch won’t work sometimes. Terrible app. I watch the streams online more often than get this piece of trash to work.

  15. The no spoilers mode is not as comprehensive as it should be. The app showed me only one match from the first day of the world cup (today is quarterfinals), I went over to the schedule to try and watch the US match, and it showed the score plain as day, defeating the point of no spoilers. Also, the fact that this app doesn’t have Chromecast support, but Fox Sports Go does, is pretty inexcusable.

  16. One of the worst streaming apps available. Logins will say they’ve timed out or have been attempted too many times, when they work in other streaming apps. The lag and jitter is so bad sometimes that I just give up entirely when I am able to watch. I don’t know enough technical/programming stuff to say why, or to feel comfortable saying it would be an easy fix, but every other top tier content provider (from sports to movies to TV shows) seems to have an exponentially better platform.

  17. If I could give it 0 stars I would. Has not worked since the knockout round began for the Women’s WC. When it does work it stops and never works again, get playback failed message. I haven’t been able to watch a full game using the app. For a major broadcasting company to be broadcasting a major sport maybe they would get their stuff working properly. Beyond disappointed.

  18. Truely awful. I absolutely despise this app. Problems almost every time I use it to watch games. I’ve used both on roku and Pixel, it’s constantly crashing and/or freezing. I watched all of the men’s world cup games with no problems….women’s world cup there are problems at every turn. “no spoilers” is fantastic but it would be more helpful if it was applied app wide. “?” -“?” ‘click to see score’ for games in play/over. If you are going to say games are viewable on the app, they should be.

  19. Had to install and uninstall this app several times for it to work, would always give an error saying service provider sign in was unavailable. I turned on the no spoiler alert for the Women’s World Cup, but when you click on “watch replay” for JPN vs NED, it takes you to the match summary page….guess what?? that’s a spoiler!!! I saw the final score before I can even click on the video!!! Maybe, just maybe, when I click on the “watch replay” button, just start the damn video. App is trash.

  20. This app is pointless and useless. Since one of the FIFA Women’s World Cup game is on FS1, I had to download this app in order to watch it. The worst part is that you cannot cast this to Chromecast because there is no such option available. The previous app, Fox Sports Go, allowed me to connect to a Chromecast device. But streaming FS1 isn’t available any more. What good is having all these apps that don’t let you cast to Chromecast? Worthless. Pointless. Useless.

  21. Fix your app! Especially on Xbox! Multiple times, the app will cease up and then restart what I am watching. I was watching SmackDown, I started late, so I restarted the episode and watched from the beginning. Maybe, 20 minutes in, the video stalls and kicks me out to the home page. And when the app resets to the home page, the episode is finishing and ruined the match! Now, I don’t even want to watch what I started.

  22. This is a good app. I need it for scores, but I have come to appreciate the other tabs too for social media, odds, and stories. My one complaint is that I wish it opened up to the scores tab by default, rather than the stories. I also don’t care for the shuffling effect of the story covers when the app launches, which kind of messes with my eyes.

  23. Terrible. First had to go through the data mining setup process. Then, on a fast wifi, had to wait while it loaded all the extraneous junk. Finally got to the list of videos. Just wanted to see Cooper’s game-winning catch against Philly. Wouldn’t play. After 3 tries and a phone restart, uninstalled the app. Don’t waste your time.

  24. The app crashes frequently when trying to watch any content. My tablet is set to auto-rotate the screen, but the app seems to always get stuck in portrait mode. The Fox Sports Go app had worked great for years. Being forced to switch to this app to watch content seems like a step backwards and is really frustrating.

  25. Wow what an absolute disaster. Fox Sports never fails to amaze me at how bad they are with streaming. The old app was terrible and now they force a move to the new one that is even worse. They literally forgot about the casting feature. So have fun trying to watch on your phone, there is no “cast to another device” option. These guys are an absolute joke.

  26. This app not supporting chromecast is a huge disappointment. I don’t want to watch world-class sports (like the world cup, starting today) on my small phone screen. Support for casting is a must! EDIT: in response to advice to contact support. I contacted support and was told that chromecast support is not and will not be available. There are no current plans to implement this feature, which, again, is the only reason that I would use it at all.

  27. Constantly buffering, video slow to load. Updated and it’s less functional than before. How am I supposed to watch the ALCS????? Updated 9/18/21: More of the same. Randomly cutting out all the time. Seems baffled by the concept of trying to switch games while I’m on Chromecast, and I have to disconnect, select a new game, and then reconnect. Updated 9/25/21: Still more of the same. I missed several big plays and the end of a football game because the app likes to cut out at opportune moments.

  28. This app is the worst. I hate it when the teams on want to watch are on Fox instead of ESPN. Logging in to the cable provider is always a hassle, never works on the first try. You can’t cast to a Chromecast from the app, you have to cast the screen, which means you can’t do anything else on the phone while you are watching. This is also a huge drain on the battery. The picture quality is then usually pretty bad. Don’t have these problems with ESPN. Just saying.

  29. I used to use the Fox Sports Go app and it always worked well for me. I downloaded this app since the FSGo app instructed me that I had to in order to watch the World Cup. It now appears that the Chromecast option has been removed, which is a big bummer. Video playback seemed fine otherwise but losing the option to Cast is unfortunate. Will you be adding that back in soon? I’ll be deleting both apps if not an option.

  30. Some events can be played through the fox sports Go app, but most of the major nationwide events redirect to this app. They have removed the cast function on the app, so you can only watch on your phone or tablet and not your TV. I guess I will plug my computer into my TV to watch on a big screen. Consulted Fox tech support, and they said they no longer support Chromecast. What’s the point of having a Chromecast then???

  31. Directed to this app to watch the replay of a basketball game & the link on the website was broken. When it sent me to this app, it sent me to the box score, so I immediately saw the final score, which essentially ruins watching the replay. What a joke. I then played around with the app some and still can’t figure out how to watch a replay without seeing the score, a basic feature in sports apps for years. Bush league & baffling. Maybe hire some developers who actually watch sports?

  32. Just terrible. I can’t stream entire shows anymore, I can’t skip forward in live broadcasts if I had to pause and want to go ahead a few minutes. All they have is clips. I liked the old FSGo a lot, but now I’ll just move over to ESPN because they have the full broadcasts of First Take and other shows, with full functionality of fast forward and rewind.

  33. The new redesign is a huge downgrade from the previous versions. No more UFC support and the biggest flaw is that you can’t customize or reorder your sports. The default sports scores and news layout is completely unchangeable. All these features were in the previous versions. CBS sports has a nice app which I would recommend if you want to customize the sports that your interested in.

  34. Worst App Ever!! I’m not sure why you would switch away from Fox Sports Go that worked perfectly fine, right before a major sporting event! The Live videos never stream, just says playback failed. Anything you click on in the app says error, try back later! Very annoying when you just want to watch a sporting event you used to be able to watch!

  35. AVOID AT ALL COST! Garbage App. Hope you dont plan to actually watch your game. Better off listening on the radio. Have to log in EVERY TIME with my cable provider. Cant stream to Chromecast. Stupid wheel keeps spinning even when the game is actually playing. That’s super-great. I’ve seen about 6 seconds of Each play before it stops to buffer. 90% of the game is in Standard-To-Low def. What a flaming pile of garbage for one of the “big names” in sports. AVOID AT ALL COST!

  36. Stream quality is horrendous on Android TV. Live sporting events are terribly pixelated and look to cap out at 480p. User interface is fairly straightforward and clean, but that doesn’t matter when all the programming looks like the camera was smeared with lotion. It’s not my network either, I don’t have trouble with any other service and can stream other video at 4k quality with no problem.

  37. Chromecast option seems to have been removed….Why?! That’s basically the only reason to install this app at all. Then you get bombarded with notifications that are parsed to an amazing degree such that it takes 10 minutes just to turn them all off, and even then you’re guranteed to miss a couple. It’s bad guys.

  38. When the app works, it does well streaming. But that’s a major if. The FSGO app used to work perfect everytime, however, when they switched to this garbage app, almost none of the games on FS1 or Fox load (I’m currently writing during the NEDvSWE semifinal match and its not even showing that i can access it to watch it). It’s a real crapshoot on whether the game is available or not, which sucks when you actually pay for the programming. Oh well, maybe they’ll bring back FSGO.

  39. Only 2/5 of the matches I’ve tried to stream have actually loaded. The rest just say playback failed. On top of this, Chromecasting isn’t supported. FSGo did allow Chromecasting, but since this app’s update I’m forced into using this one instead of just using FSGo. That means that since I don’t have a smart TV, I can’t watch games on a big screen. Overall very disappointing. Edit: I found out that they have FOX NOW app which is where I can Chromecast live sports, which is good. Unfortunately, that doesn’t change the fact that this app is then obsolete for casting, so my review is unchanged.

  40. They advertise you being able to watch stuff for free but it’s a lie. You’re still required to pay 100$ a month for a TV subscription. Really there is no reason to use this app if you have a TV. I would recommend the NFL app or other apps specifically dedicated to sports cause they are truly free without subscription or needing a TV. Fox is apparently garbage.

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