Fairyland: Merge & Magic MODDED 2022


Merge magic on a fairy island!
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Welcome to the merge island full of the most amazing pieces that you will ever merge! It looks nothing like your ordinary fairytales but is a unique collection of merge fables spiced up with true merge magic.

This endless world of wonder merge is full of possibilities. The sky is your limit!

Always dreamed about having a dragon? You can merge dragons, unicorns, leprechauns, or other fantastic beasts! It’s your merge world and your rules. Make your dragon merge now and have fun with your dragon farm!

Love playing collecting games or merging games? Use your mergefield to create your merge county, merge kingdom or even a merge universe and fill it with an infinite number of gorgeous buildings and creatures.

What merger is it going to be next?

Key Features:

• Familiar characters in new and exciting circumstances.
• Intriguing plot with an amazing main story and thrilling side quests.
• Countless new lands to reveal and discoveries to make.
• Fantastic merge puzzle quests to complete and rewards to collect.

Wonder what it’s like to have such a mergical experience? Stop questioning yourself and jump right into this fantastic merge game full of merge tales. If you love free merge games and discoveries, then Fairyland is a perfect fit for you!


• Eleonora's Mystery

Minor changes
• Bug fixes & improvements

Eleonora's Mystery
As we know, the magical realm of Fairyland does not end on the islands! This time, we will be travelling to Alcazar, an astonishing castle full of wonders. Will we be able to save the princess hidden somewhere in it? Take your friends and dive into the newest adventure!


40 comentarios en "Fairyland: Merge & Magic MODDED 2022"

  1. It’s a great game. But like the bottom half of the screen cuts off. Why won’t it fit? I do have a galaxy fold. But on both the large screen and the normal screen, most the bottom screen is not accessible. It should be fit to all screens. I can’t do the wish thing at all. And to open chests it shows the open button barely on the screen.

  2. Liu Juli dice:

    The game is very exciting, the art style is beautiful. But there are things that should be considered, such as every time you want to combine objects that can be taken such as keys or coins (in order to get a higher level version), they are often taken because the button to collect them only has to be pressed once. Please change for items that can be picked up so this doesn’t happen again.

  3. The new underwater event HAS NOT STARTED for ALL users! This is false advertising I love this game for whatever reason the last 2 events haven’t been available for all users yet you advertise for it, why…other than the events issue I do love this game but at almost level 20 now getting concerned of running out of stuff to do in the future. Please fix event issues, I have spent real money on this game but won’t spend more until events fixed

  4. This is the newest of the three games that I’ve been playing from the same company. It’s fun however starting from the beginning is driving me nuts compared to the other games where I’ve been into them for almost a year. The graphics are pretty and there’s plenty of opportunities for treasures. I recommend playing this in your free time.

  5. Absolutely terrible! Can’t play it as it’s just a box in the corner of my screen while the remainder is black amd it’s a guessing game as to where you tap on the screen to move anything, I’ve installed, uninstalled, reinstalled, cleared cache, restarted my phone. I’m on s22 ultra, it shouldn’t be that difficult. I’d understand if it was my partners z fold 3 but it works fine on that!

  6. energy feast, out of nine getting 4, out of 17 gets 9 and so on. advertisement can get 2 boxes or completion of an extra object. other merge games give us less. So what else we need?but ads are not loading recently, so can’t get 10 times energy

  7. Lovely game fantastic graphics but having to delete as to gain more space and collect more stuff to progress you need to spend real money which is a big NO! Has great potential if you can afford to spend your money on games. Goodbye Fairyland merge & Magic

  8. Really enjoyed this game until my tablet was stolen and now I can’t retrieve the game to continue playing a total disappointment. I played the game a lot especially being in Hospital with severe health problems wish the developers would think around these issues.

  9. I like the game, however, I only started yesterday and well you know how the characters intertact with you through text. well the blocks for the text come up but nothing is there. and the fairies and Princes bosies are incomplete. Hope it gets fixed

  10. Love this game, very addictive do to there being something to do within the game always!! Very cute characters a story line/ theme highly recommend if you like this type of game/play style!!!!

  11. its good game i like it very much but the only problem is that the energy takes too much time and obly 3-4 flying insects come…. hope u will improvise it

  12. Well, the graphics is really amazing. The game is also easy to understand. The cons are while waiting to refresh our energy, we cannot do anything and it will make us bored. And 24 hours waiting is killing the enjoyment. If you can lesser the waiting time and add optional activities for refilling energy this game would be great.

  13. I’m on level 10 and at first it was fun and addicting but I’m getting bored with doing the same thing constantly no matter how many lands I open. There’s no other places to play like other merge games..are there bigger rewards and other different things to do eventually without having to pay for it? I’m about to uninstall this game..

  14. Cute illustration, but this one is definitely too expensive. Also, do not like to be forced into watching so many ads in order to progress. This should be a side feature to get bonus or extra items. But in this game it seems to be a must to progress. Despite the fact, that so many parts of the game are not accessable without spending huge amount of money on Rubies, which are hard to come by in other ways. This is very restrictive to the flow of the game and off putting.

  15. Just a money grabbing game you never have enough space to do anything when you do manage to open another piece of land it gets worse don’t bother

  16. Hmmmm ! I like merge games and I did like this game at first BUT the amount of gems your asking for other islands is bloody ridiculous…. so once the Xmas event is over I’m deleting this game

  17. Staying organized is essential. I store items in PAIRS to avoid accidentally merging when I don’t want to. Also, grouping related items & having designated zones where you place them is helpful. Try to keep the shelf clear so incoming fireflies are dropping their loads in the one place & not randomly all over the place. UPDATE I’m at L17 & it’s been a grind. You can progress with 7sing real money but you will get PUNISHED if you don’t

  18. fun game to play and you can play it all the time and thestory continues to evolve and get better with each new level!

  19. I love this cute game! It surely gets me to think about if I was living there, I’d be candyland & be eating my own house! 😄❤It surely looks so tasty everywhere! I love that! ❤😄

  20. Good merge game but daily quest are just about impossible to complete to demanding merge 9 things 9 times open 28 chest just some of the daily I got on the first day some things what take gems are over priced too and ads for engery should be offered before lv 8

  21. I can’t believe how much I’ve been set back ONLY because I won’t long in to Facebook. I was up to 4 levels.

  22. The graphics are beautiful, the sarcasm is great, just too much talking, ….. you have to tap the bugs about 20x before they drop their load, that annoys me to no end. So deleting the game, annoyed me more than enjoying it.

  23. Suzie Q dice:

    Energy is very hard to get, I mean even the bonus energy is stingy… 5 energy? 10 energy? You’d be lucky to gain 20 extra energy a day at this rate. You also need 5 houses to complete a final build not 4 so expect to be playing for months before you move onto the next build. Boring game ever!

  24. Tutorial does not have a safety feature to avoid breaking the game early on. If you merge the keys before using them to open the clouds, your berries run out and you have nothing left to continue with. Very poor tutorial, very poor mechanics. Also, making me wait 3 hrs for the item to refresh 2 minutes into the tutorial is ridiculous. What a terribly planned game.

  25. Haven’t been playing this game very long. Enoying it, is a challange clearing the houses.

  26. It was fun playing this game…no annoying ads….😁

  27. it’s. challenging and it’s fun to see what what changes into

  28. Great game! Graphics good, game play is quick and rewards are good enough to play without spending any money. Clever Apps games are always a favorite.

  29. Good One. I think it hasn’t any flaws. I have been playing about 3 weeks. I find it quite enjoyable and would recomend to others who like merging games.

  30. Love this game have many accounts. Only complaints you don’t get enough energy to actually play or rubies are very hard to get. The magic jar also like hens teeth. We need more energy please ir I’ll get bored and uninstall

  31. Nice game but it’s a money buy game..you only get 50 energy every 4 hrs..you have to buy energy to play,or log in every 4 hrs to build enough energy to play!!! Great game,but I can’t afford to play this game!!

  32. Would have giving more stars but, most of the land you have to buy in order to move on you can only play just so far could have been a good game.

  33. Like the game BUT was surprised that it’s ONLY one level. Very easy to play and something to do at all times.

  34. I really love this game , I spent over 30.00 and most of the lands you have to buy, it’s why too much , I Have to delete this game before it takes all my money. Too bad. Cause I really love this game. Goodbye 👋

  35. I’ve just started this game and I absolutely love it! I play 2 other merge games and this is definitely one of the best! Keep up the good stuff devs!

  36. Not getting my rewards from the couch. Every other ad/reward works. Great game, really like it.

  37. Thank you for being so generous and truly making this a FUN Free to play game. Best game ive played in this genre…keep up great work..and your event location is over and above. There is no energy amount!! So you can play as much as needed. Ive never seen any other game do that. You actually have a chance in completing the event !! Kuddos , definitely reccomend.

  38. You keep down grading perks I have earned. I won’t spend any more money till you change it back.

  39. I love this game because its fun to play and i love all of my disney to xxxxx😀😀😘

  40. New to game. Love it so much! Fun, great graphics, and storyline!

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