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Join the journey of new virtual pet sim! Every cats from Dear My Cat embarks on a journey on the beautiful Sky Island.
Dear My Cat is a relaxing game that helps in relaxation and calm sleeping.
The game is full of endearing cats and colorful backdrops by adding a dreamlike quality to the experience.
Are you suffer from insomnia and anxiety? Improve mood, ease anxiety and stress with adorable cats.
It will fit relaxation into a busy schedule. Busy life, open mind by relaxing chill out game.

-Expand and decorate your peaceful Sky Island
>Expand Sky Island and unlock the new destination
>You can create new animals including dog, whale, raccoon by unlocking the new destination
>Each destination has various theme-thermal spring, ramen shop, campsite.
>Beautiful relaxing music for stress relief. You can change the background music for each seasons. The high quality soothing sounds will help you relieve your stress and anxiety.
-Easy and simple clicker game! Anti-stress!
>Dear My Cat is idle game, which is very easy to play and offers a low-pressure experience. No stress!
>Loads of mini game and puzzle game will be updated every month!
>You can bask in a sense of relaxation while watching over the little critters as they take part in their activities-fishing, campfire, napping and so on. It create calm, mental stillness, and peace of mind.

-Relieve your stress and anxiety while decorating the Sky Island
>FREE island decoration & Island improvement game.
>Decorate island for moggies with various of deco items,
>You can freely change the theme of island.
>You can visit your friend’s island. Show off your island to your friends!
>Craft accessories to gift to your furry friends, and expand the island so they can have a larger environment.

-Anyone who loves animals or pets should play! The best relaxing animal game for animal lovers!
>Do you want to have a pet, but not ready to own a pet? Do you love animals?
>If you think this sounds like the purfect way to unwind, this is the best game for animal lovers.
>Every cats go about their daily lives on the beautiful Sky Island always cherish their memories with hooman.
If you are suffer from pet loss, and pet loss grief, this game would help you.
>Playing relaxing game helps you sleep, calm your mind, satisfy your mood, relax yourself. Playing Dear My Cat before bed can improve sleep efficiency.

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40 comentarios en "Dear My Cat :Relaxing cat game MODDED 2022"

  1. This game can be overwhelming to learn since there are so many aspects to it and very little instruction. However if your patient and/or are use to incremental games this can be a really good game. It has a lot of free and paid choices. The major downsides to this is that it can become time consuming if you hop onto the grind train and you can’t buy the game so that the devs can nickel and dime you for certain clothes/items and events especially if you choose to pay to play.

  2. I would LOVE to give this app five stars. The only thing I really have an issue with is the ads. They are not super intrusive, but they cause my game to crash any time I try to watch one. This makes it impossible to complete some event tasks, and that’s not super fun. Aside from that, I really love this game and have been enjoying it for over a year now 🙂

  3. Katie dice:

    So FUN to play!! This game is so fun and relaxing to play, no need to rush, & you earn stuff constantly which is nice & get to look forward to each reward every day, wish leveling up was a little faster, but the kittie’s are so cute & so are their outfit’s!!! I just wish opening the puzzle box didn’t give you the same puzzle piece more than once=(, when you already have it, but the ads are so intrusive- pls fix this, otherwise great game!!

  4. Alayna M dice:

    this game is soo good!! rlly just downloaded it and I’ve already been playing for hours, the cats are really cute and getting the materials you need is very simple and easy. all this game requires is patience, even if you skip everything by watching ads- ads aren’t intrusive imo, and most of the time they’re optional. this game is very relaxing and wholesome and I love it! I do recommend!! 😀

  5. It’s cute. High number of ads to get extra benefits. Lost a star for getting out of some ads taking multiple tries. Has lots of buying options. I’m doing pretty well with the ads so waiting to see best value to determine if worth spending money. Adding island is fun. Enough graphics to just leave the game running sometimes and watch the cats move around. Need to balance ingredients for building decorations for home island vs upgrading cats levels. Spending your gold to upgrade islands is useful.

  6. bb dice:

    amazing and beautiful game. its also really relaxing. the only thing i would like to add/change is the ability to connect an account, like google so we dont lose progress if we switch devices. because i recently switched from apple to android so therefore i had to start all over, but im not too mad about it. again, amazing and beautiful game ❤️

  7. i love this game so much!! it’s so cute, each character has their own little backstory, the artwork is beautiful, the gameplay is engaging, and it’s overall a really great game! although i have been having some troubles: whenever i start up the game, it opens and says “The account login info has changed. The game will now restart”. the game reboots itself, only to show the message and do the same thing over and over. this has been going on for about a day now, and it’s really disappointing 🙁

  8. Absolutely amazing game! I’ve only had the app for a day, but I’m already obsessed. I adore the stories and personalities of the cats, and the graphics are gorgeous. Ads are totally optional and give you great rewards for watching. My one complaint would be that the puzzle event seems very pay to win. It’s nearly impossible to get pieces without spending money (or diamonds, which are very hard to get). Besides that, the game is great. I can’t wait to play more and get to know each character!

  9. Zaria W dice:

    graphics are amazing. one of the best games I’ve seen when it comes to graphics. but here’s why its only 3 stars: I will say you can get confused by the controls sometimes. also I find it ridiculous that you can’t craft more than 1 item at once, especially given how long it takes to craft them. the waiting time for everything is too long. I can never finish a puzzle because I have to wait 7 hours between each ad I watch. hearts are made so slowly. took me days to buy another home island with em.

  10. Great idle clicker/sim game with simple and cute characters, various special events and accessories, and endless ways to upgrade everything. My only complaints are the UI is too ‘simple’, to the point of confusion, and there are around 7 different types of currencies, but in that case, just tap everything to see what it does, and eventually you’ll get the hang of it. Maybe.

  11. It’s fun after a few weeks. It does seem a little slow when navigating; I suggest playing it in low resolution mode. Doing certain things can seem slow as well, such as collecting the puzzle pieces. I’m not expecting it to be fast paced or anything, but still. You end up watching a lot of ads and using up keys, and you still may not get a puzzle piece after just 2 days of it. 2 days mixed with poor drop rates. The most I’ve ever gotten during the two days were 2 to 3 puzzle pieces. Really?

  12. Extremely cute — it’s so fun to get more cats on your island and see all the different personalities and accessories. There are a ton of ads, but they’re all optional (e.g. to get extra bonuses, speed things up, etc.). They do have draw boxes that you can pull up to 10x per day with ads, which gives you free stuff, but it’s still 10 30-second ads in a row. Still, it’s a suuuper relaxing game. Like cookie clicker but more in-depth. I find myself coming back to it at LEAST once a day.

  13. RL dice:

    Love the graphics, the colors, overall it’s a pretty easy game that I’ve been able to slide right through. It was difficult to figure out at first, but after a few days the I understood the menus. Only bit I really dislike is how one-dimensional all the characters are. If it mentions in their bio that they like airplanes, the only thing they ever think or talk about is airplanes. It gets annoying.

  14. Absolutely fantastic game. I love the different kitties, and environment, and music is really soothing. For such a “simple” game it’s very good, and well made. The only thing I’d really like to see added, would maybe be add some snow to the winter theme or something for the secondary island, and also, maybe the option to select the time of day, i LOVE the night pretty. 10/10 amazing game.

  15. Adorable and charming, this game has a calming art style and soundtrack! All of the cats are heartwarming and cute :3 It’s quite simple and laid-back as well! My only gripe would be that some sound effects (ie, the train docking), are a lot louder and almost jarring at times. The UI is also quite small, unfortunately. All in all though, those are small things and this game definitely fills my need for something sweet and soothing!!💗

  16. scabs dice:

    Unfortunately, this game is pretty disappointing. I say “unfortunately” because the game as it stands right now is visually beautiful, soothing and has a lot of potential. But it’s impossible to progress in this game without microtransactions/watching ads. The in-game money populates so slowly that the fastest way to get money is to watch multiple ads. In any case, despite being a beautiful and cute game, it relies entirely too much on ads over gameplay, which is disappointing.

  17. 00Ace00 dice:

    This game is so fun and relaxing! I love how it collects coins, hearts and finds stuff for you even wen not playing the game. It’s very relaxing, cute, and overall just a really good game. You do have to watch adds for some of the stuff but they are short and you start getting used to it so it’s not as annoying as other gams where it plays an add by its self over and over. You can also get skip add tickets too.

  18. Overall, 9/10, it’s a well-designed game. The graphics are smooth and music is calming. Variety in items is present. Ads are sometimes required for quests, no pop ups, free to play game if you’re willing to relax with it a little. To progress in puzzles it’s difficult without ads, but possible. Gems are required for any event, but are plentiful. Social elements are basic but functional. All sparkly gifts are free. Criticisms: My phone often overheats when playing and the tutorial is too fast.

  19. It’s really cute in my opinion. The character each have personalities and all the cats are different. The lands look really cool and the cat’s have cute animations. All of the options in the game are really cool as well, and as much as I hate games like these, I love this one. I say you should check it out, as it’s really fun! Although it has some negative qualities like the add’s and the waiting time for things, the good is more than the bad.

  20. This game is very cute and relaxing. At first it was a bit difficult to navigate through it, but once I got through that it was fine. I like that ads are optional to watch for boxes and events and whatever else. I also like that every cat you invite has their own story. Very thoughtful. The destination prices are a bit expensive but not too bad as long as you keep leveling up your island and cats. Overall, it is a very nice game! ^~^

  21. This game is very cute and would be a nice, chill thing to play if not for one thing. The ads!!!!! Oh my God, so many ads. I get it, it’s a free game and there are going to be ads, but I think I’ve spent more time closing my eyes and counting to 30 while ads play than anything else. Plus all of the in app purchases are very expensive. Definitely not on par with most free games out there.

  22. Leila Do dice:

    I really love this game. It’s cute and relaxing and I am glad they give so much in the game so I don’t feel like I have to pay real money to get anywhere. One thing that’s been happening recently & quite often is that after viewing an ad sometimes at the end of the ad the app just goes completely black and I can’t get back to the game app screen to receive my reward, I have to close the app and reopen the app and rewatch an ad to receive my reward. Unfortunately it’s kind of inconvenient.

  23. Sweet and serene. This laid back game is rich in story and visuals. I hesitate to even call it a game, not bc it’s not fun and not bc there is no challenge. It is fun and there are challenges, but the fun is a peaceful, quiet fun. And the challenge is more about being patient as things unlock in time. (You can watch ads for rewards to speed things up if you choose.) The art style is adorable and adds to the overall feel of relaxation created by the game. Unlock the story behind each cat ❤️

  24. The game is really amazing, but the puzzles to get cats needs to just be scrapped bc it’s literally impossible to get a cat you want. I’ve spent so much time watching ads trying to get the puzzle pieces, and omg the amount of ads we need to watch is just rediculous in order to play the game. It’s every 10 minutes or less for other things. There is no need for that many ads it makes the game really suffer terribly. At least you could make the ads less then 30 seconds and do quality control.

  25. Don’t get me wrong, I love this game a whole lot. I spend a lot of time on it. But it is mildly infuriating to try to do a puzzle to get a cat, not get all the pieces in 2+ days, extend it to try and complete it, BUY puzzle piece packs, and only get duplicates of pieces I already have. When I need ONE more piece and eight are duplicates, it’s annoying.

  26. I really like Dear My Cat a lot but I wish the screen wasn’t so cluttered. Like at the bottom when you have enough money there’s a little pop up to upgrade the different areas but you can’t make it go away unless you upgrade the area. Even when it does go away it comes back quickly and it bothers me that I can’t stop it from popping up. It would be nicer if I could just go to the panel and do it myself. Same situation with the small circle icons above the upgrade one.

  27. TMI Cj dice:

    Love this game so much that after awhile, i finally gave in and subscribed, completely worth it. The stories are cute, i love opening new areas, and each time a new cat arrives i get so excited to meet them. I would love to see an option to delete all read messages, one by one is a little tedious. It would also be nice to have the option of watching an ad vs. using a ticket, Id like to save my ad tickets for when I’m more in a hurry.

  28. It was a bit confusing when I first started (so many options and menus… what does everything do?) not to mention there are a LOT of adds. However, I do like the fact that the adds allow it to be actually free to play, because they do expand accessibility. It is very cute of course! And I enjoy how relaxing it is to play, I just wish I didn’t play it for hours at a time 🙃

  29. It was good and I loved playing it the ads got a little annoying after a bit but still it’s relaxing, fun, the collection of cats was awesome, and I love the islands. But there is one issue I am having that it won’t let me open the game anymore and I wish I could get some help on that so I can continue the progress because I was quite far…

  30. Cute and Calming! I really love the background music and all the sound effects when you accept things. Everything is pretty much layed out and you just need to be there to collect which is nice, but not really much player control. I love the animation! It’s beautiful and cute! The cats are walking around and having like a vacation, and it’s adorable.

  31. This app is really cute and I would give it more stars, but they amount of ads is ridiculous. After the first 30 min the only way to progress in any way is to watch ads. Every mission, every box you want to open, and even to make enough coins you pretty much need to watch multiple ads to complete. Its extremely excessive and becomes unenjoyable really quickly.

  32. Such a beautiful and relaxing game! I always get drawn in by games like these, but this one has held my attention for the longest. Simple mechanics, no real need to pay for anything if you’re fine with watching ads. Just a cute game to sit and play to relax and listen to the music. While there’s only two songs, they’re both wonderful! I only wish I could set Secret KEY to be the one that automatically plays when I open the app.

  33. victoria dice:

    I really enjoy this game, but there’s a few things that prevent me from giving it a higher rating. As for good things, I love that I can play this without having to buy any gems or packages- sure, there’s tons of ads, but I like to multitask while they pop up so it’s less boring. I like the cute graphics and the cats’ unique stories. Sometimes if I skip them I’ll go back and read them. At the beginning, it was hard to figure out what to do, but you eventually figure it out. However, I’ve had this game for maybe two months and I still don’t know how to give my VIP cats the ‘happiness tokens’. It’s just small issues like that which can get frustrating. Some things simply aren’t explained well. I agree with others that most packages are way overpriced, at least with US currency.

  34. It’s a cute game. All of the time limits for rewards is short enough that they align with each other so you’re not left with nothing to do, but I do really wish that you didn’t have to watch ads in order to play a continous amount of time. I have been playing for maybe less than an hour and I have watched an unnecessary amount of ads in order to stay playing the game rather than exiting it and returning in 4 hours hoping I gained enough to play for 6 minutes without watching ads.

  35. It’s a chill and cute little game, but it’s Very buggy sometimes. Worst type of bug is when I’m opening the 10 common boxes for puzzle pieces. You can waste ad tickets if it loads and doesn’t give you a reward. Not to mention the Games taking away a turn when you leave before even Starting them. A few more bugs annoy me as well, but other than that, it’s a pretty cool game. They try to compensate any losses whenever they occur, so I appreciate the team for that.

  36. n/a : dice:

    super glad to have found this game! the small story tidbits are very heartwarming, the graphics are in my favorite style, i love the customization and unlockables, i like that it’s not p2w but just for extra cosmetics if you want them. if you want an idle sim game but with cute graphics to stare at in your free time, this is perfect. my only gripes with the game so far is that the scroll speed isn’t changeable, it’s kind of slow and can be a little annoying + there’s some minor lighting issues.

  37. This app is just so cute !! It’s a really nice on-the-go cozy game, and really helps me unwind after I get home from whatever it is I’m doing. The music is really calming, and the designs are adorable. The only frustrating part could be the puzzle piece system, but I’m willing to overlook that because even just the normal characters you get are amazing!

  38. I love this game, as it is so beautiful and cute how all the cats have their own stories! I would definitely recommend to anyone. I would give five stars, but one thing I don’t really like about it is how slow the ability to obtain money is. If a destination costs 1AB, then the next one costs 1AG, it takes a really long time to get to the next destination. Overall it is a really nice game though!

  39. Really Cute and Relaxing. I do wish that the tutorial was a little more in depth tbh, but the game prompts you enough that you can have a nice time playing even if you don’t know what every button means or how to get something. The art is really pretty and it feels simple. I play it to relax and I like the little stories for each of the characters.

  40. shio dice:

    This game is super relaxing and adorable, I love the stories and accesories, and I love that the upgrades for various areas are automatically sorted by price (something I do in a lot of clicker games!!) My only complaint is that sometimes the text can be hard to read (low contrast or too small) and the icons for hearts and gold and such are also quite small which make them difficult to see sometimes. Otherwise, fantastic adorable game!!!

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