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Join the fashion battles in dress-up. Use your makeup and become a dream stylist
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SUITSME is a new generation of fashion dress-up makeover clothes style apps for adults! If you’re into fashion designer apps, this unique fashion app is about to become your favorite. It is your turn to become a popular fashion icon!💎🥰

SUITSME – Dress Up and DIY Makeup App! Fashion App for Girls has:

Unique challenges updated daily.👠
Create fashion outfits for your virtual model Sue for a variety of occasions for your closet. Receive exciting prizes for best looks based on the users’ voting.

Your dream luxury outfit closet.👒
In our beauty covet apps, we have partnered with some of the best luxury brands to bring you the digital closet you deserve. Choose from the exclusive and endless clothing and accessories and shop from the real designers.

A community of fashion lovers.🎀
Become a part of the fashion-oriented community club, get dressed Sue, share your favorite style tips, and learn from the best. Connect with other users of dress-up apps for adults for the most fun and inspiration.

Exciting spirit of competition.✨
Enter challenges, compete with other users, and cast votes for your favorite looks from others. Receive unique super prizes in our dress-up apps for girls to boost their progress and motivate future style success.

Fashion inspiration.💄
Find inspiration to experiment with self-expression through fashion in real life through styling your digital model.

You can dress up your virtual model Sue in clothes in real luxury brand from Prada, Gucci, Balenciaga, Balmain, and others you can imagine. Combine unique makeup and hair looks created by our artists based on the latest trends in beauty.

Vote for the looks submitted by other users and couturier clothes enthusiasts.
Choose your favorite luxury look from a random selection, support your fellow stylists, combine, and receive bonuses for voting. Judge looks submitted by other users, compare your looks to others, recognize the latest trends in fashion and makeup mixing, and boost your dress-up skills.

Expand your real-life closet!
We’ve partnered with the luxury fashion retailers, LuisaViaRoma and Farfetch, to bring you clothes from the best luxury brands in fashion store. Discover the latest designer clothes, shoes, and accessories and buy them in real life by following the link to the store right from the dress-up screen.

Learn more about fashion in our Fashion Insights blog!
SUITSME is more than just another styling app, it’s a social club for fashion lovers! Learn about the latest trends, explore the outfit planner and smart closet ideas, find the motivation to experiment with dressing in different styles, and discover the fashion and designers’ tips for free without leaving the SUITSME platform.

🎉 Install fashion designer apps SUITSME and start your fashion journey today!🎉


As with other fashion games, SUITSME is free-to-play, but you can pay real money for in-app items. You can disable this feature by engaging the in-app purchase setting on your device.

SUITSME also offers a subscription option.
Google Play typically renews subscriptions 24 hours before the current term ends. You can cancel subscriptions by visiting the “Subscriptions” section of Google Play, and not through SUITSME. You may cancel your subscription (and free trial period) anywhere at any time as long as it is at least 24 hours before the end of the current period.

Privacy Policy:
Terms of Service:

To contact us with questions, suggestions, or just to say hi, please email [email protected]. ❤️


In this version, we improved the game loading speed, worked on its performance, and fixed some bugs so you could enjoy a more smooth playing experience


40 comentarios en "SUITSME: Fashion Dress Up Game 2022"

  1. In order to even slightly enjoy playing this game, you have to spend money constantly. Even on the stuff you’ve already bought! As well as extra hair colors, makeup, etc. It’s just not worth the very little in rewards you get when entering any challenge.

  2. B M dice:

    Quickly became a money grab. Everything cute costs diamonds. When you run out it’s expensive to keep buying because they go quickly. You could be missing 800 diamonds, buy the package closest to what you’re missing and the price changes. So instead of missing 800 you’re missing 1200 (slick). You might get a 5 star design, then no matter what you do, you get second to last or last! What a joke…. judging from the lack of response, I must be right!

  3. I’d give 5 stars if it was possible to change the skin tone. If there’s a way to do it, I can’t find it! ***** EDIT***** Totally love all the changes & updates since my original review, but today when I went to open the app it was gone, & it won’t allow me to add it back. What’s going on? If this issue is fixed I’d definitely give this app 5 stars. ***** EDIT ***** Issues fixed, but a new one has popped up. I can no longer listen to audio (music, books, etc) while playing this game… HELP!

  4. Love this app and all the options to choose from, but I will say you won’t get far without paying I think I’ve spent like $100 so far ( I’ve become addicted) it’s bad. The only bad part is that I’m pretty sure the winners are random, don’t expect to get 1st, even if you know you killed it… like when 5 star outfits are missing main props ect. Kinda sus. Side note; I think it would be a great idea if we could communicate with other players I wish I could tell them how bomb their style was!!

  5. The longer I play suitsme the more I come to enjoy it. It was frustrating at the beginning because there were so few fashion options but once you start leveling up & buying more clothes the game is great. I still don’t think the daily bonus coins and gems are quite high enough especially since some of the new clothes are more expensive and special hair colors can cost a mint. Other than that and adding pants that actually go all the way to the ankle it’s one of my favorite games 👠

  6. Blessed dice:

    I’m on the fence about this game… Although I luv the fact the graphics are amazing & the prices are reasonable… Sometimes it takes a minute to find the required items for the challenges. Maybe for the challenges,if your going for certain requirements.. Put them at the beginning verses having to search thru everything. Also even tho everything is pretty reasonable in price…Wish the payout could be a big bigger. But I’ll keep the game a bit longer to see what happens.

  7. I like the game, especially compared to similar apps. The graphics are good and the selection of clothing is great. I mostly like the challenges. I do agree with a previous commenter about the payout being unequal to the amount put in to enter some of the challenges. Update: I just tried to play a challenge and they limit “glam” points on used/already purchased clothing so you have to pay to “glam” an item or buy new to have enough points to submit.

  8. Wow the clothing fits so nicely on the models! The graphics are pretty amazing so really excited to see where this game will go! There should be a leaderboard of course and more makeups and hair styles unlocked for each level versus only one. A better welcome package to get some inventory, it’s very hard to enter more than 2 challenges when you have no items. I love that the clothing is real designer clothing! I will keep playing. Voting should reflect current scores, that’s the fun of voting.

  9. I really like this game much better than similar apps. Th game play is easier but there are a few minor features that really could make designing an outfit easier. 1) When wearing a belt you can’t really wear a sweater with it because the sweater cinches in and looks ridiculous most of the time. 2) Please give us the option to tuck in shirts, especially those that are really long. Trying to put together a business outfit is a little hard with long tops. Please fix these so I can 5 stars!!

  10. Delilah dice:

    This might just be the best “dress up game” I’ve tried. The clothing items are fashionable and gorgeous. I love the themes that are completely different and unique, and I love increasing my level to unlock more gorgeous hair and makeup. The voting system is pretty good. No ads, unless you choose to watch them. At first it was really hard to get money and gems, but they recently added more ways to earn the game currency. They keep updating it, I’m really excited to see what’s next for SUITSME!

  11. Edited: I had an issue with keeping the game installed after the best Android update but the dev team was very helpful and quickly worked to recertify the issue to get it working again. As for the game itself, it’s a good time killer. New challenges come up pretty often and there’s a good selection of brands and options to choose from to make your outfits. If I had to choose one thing to pick about it, it’s that the model you dress isn’t very size inclusive – otherwise, recommended!

  12. Previous issues in my review were addressed. Filters have been added and it’s awesome. The best thing about this game is the variety of challenges. Other games just repeat the same ones over and over. The only thing that might Mahe this better is to have a tuck feature that allows you to tuck the top into pants and skirts. Otherwise, this is the best fashion game out there! Superior to Fashion Nation, Covet, MOD, etc.

  13. I played this for a few days just to see how it went. Cute game but with voting and winning levels, I still didn’t have enough to cover costs of all the designs. Even if I could reuse items and clothing, always wanted me to spend to boost points so I never got ahead. this goes for in-game cash n diamonds. I’m assuming so we’d spend money on game. Got frustrated voting for so long for little money n diamonds. uninstalled

  14. Ezgi T. dice:

    I like the game and wanna play more, but when I play more to get the challenge rewards, it costs a lot of coins and gems, and it is so slow to raise them again by watching videos. ALSO, it says challenge will break in 24 hours but it breaks earlier. I played it last night at 12.30 am, and today at 2 pm I saw that my challenge was broken! That’s a big lie, I won’t play again! UPDATE: I wanted to give it a 2nd chance but now I cannot even open it! It takes forever to load and keeps freezing!

  15. Tai Wan dice:

    This has so many improvements over the similar games I play that this took the spot as my #1 go-to game. The challenges are interesting, the hair and makeup is pretty, and the scoring system makes the game very rewarding. Also, they have a lot of haute couture brands. It doesn’t require tickets to enter challenges, so my ADHD doesn’t get bored in the time it would usually take to vote for tickets.Voting rewards coins and diamonds, so getting through your twice-daily voting is definitely worth it

  16. Vee Vee dice:

    Unplayable. Only activities I can do I need to be level 2. If I can’t play, how am I going to level up? No way to access an avatar or your profile. There’s settings, 2 unplayable activities, and some words on the main screen. That’s it. Can’t access anything or do anything. 100% looks nothing like the preview photos. It’s like I downloaded a completely different app than advertised.

  17. I enjoy this game a lot. My biggest complaint is this: a lot of players seem to think that any challenge can be met with wearing the most body-exposing, skankiest outfit possible. Imagine being asked to dress for a professional interview, hiking in the Alps, or dressing a bridesmaid, and dressing one’s model in a bra top, mini shorts, and thigh-hi boots. It wouldn’t be tragic, except that these people are also voting on others’ looks. This lack of suitability prevents the rest of us from wins.

  18. I really love this game A LOT….BUT….I have had to uninstall and reinstall it at least 5 times and I have only been playing 2, 3 months tops. Everytime there’s an upgrade or anything my model disappears and I have to do this to get her back and now even when I do if the challenge I want to do has less than 3 hours she will show up everywhere but in that one. So frustrating. UPDATE: Thank you for the tip about emptying the cache it brings Sue back from ??? now when she disappears.

  19. C Ardila dice:

    It was challenging at first. I was running out of gold and diamonds and honestly it is a pain to earn more by doing the rewards… Anyway, I decided i would buy the season pass and that was great and had a lot of fun. But now with the new season the prizes are not even remotely equivalent to the previous season which makes me think it is a shady way for people to buy this season pass without realizing that the prices are not worth the cost.

  20. I play this game almost everyday and outside of a few much needed changes, I love it! It needs to have more features such as: Change of poses and stands, a “create your own” design or theme, and more diamonds for the ads would be a plus! Other than that, it is an awesome game.

  21. Nikki M dice:

    LOOVE this game. It’s so fun/addicting. But the only downside is there are no filters. Please input filters so we may search for items by color and/or designer. It’s frustrating having to scroll through 30 or more shoes/ items to get to one. The bigger the closet, the bigger the frustration. We needed filters and a tuck button before props.

  22. Very fun and engaging game. Actually allows creativity which is rare for these kind of fashion games. My only complaint is how difficult it is to get enough of the in game currency. Typically the levels cost 300-500 at least (but can get way more expensive than that) but voting only gets 250-200 coins and you can only do 1 per every twelve hours. This doesn’t allow you to engage with more expensive levels and only allows you to play levels sporadically.

  23. I liked it when I started. They let me watch ads for jewels and if I was short for a few I watch several ads and submited my outfit. Now they change it to give you gold instead that usually you don’t need. You have to pay for the jewels if you want to play, and honestly after 6 or 7 outdoor, evening, etc outfits, it gets boring and more of the same. I am uninstalling. It is not worth paying for it and you will have to.

  24. Beth A dice:

    I really like this game, my only complaint is there’s not enough black hairstyles, especially when u barely have anything unlocked. I have a couple unlocked but even if I had them all it wouldn’t be enough. Also alot of the makeup styles have weird highlights so they’re unwearable on the black skintone. It’s definitely pay to play but if u wait for really good deals u don’t have to pay alot

  25. Good game, but wish there were more clothes to earn, or even to buy… Also, needs more faces, and makeup-hair. Like this game better than others, but it needs a way to NOT vote for the models you can’t stand. In this game, you must vote for one or the other, if they both stink out loud, you need a way to opt out, another game has this option, and SUITS ME: needs it, too. 🤔👍👎*update* I have uninstalled. I could not get any “voted” score higher than a 5 or 6, when before, I was getting 2,3,&4s

  26. I’ve been playing for several months now and can honestly say that only some of the improvements make the game better. You added filters (which should have been there from the beginning) but you’ve taken away the ability to watch videos for gems. Now all you get is coins. The cost to play versus the payouts are still incredibly unbalanced!

  27. I love this fashion game. Out of several that I’ve tried, it’s got the best challenges, and it’s a very good balance being able to play without always needing to make in game purchases, and the few times I have made purchases is very affordable, unlike other games I’ve played. I really like the variety of challenges, ease of voting, and fun themes! Only thing that would make this better would be if we could filter hairstyles by colour!

  28. Shannon dice:

    Nice graphics, simple gameplay but it’s VERY pay-to-play. Sure, you get rewards for watching ads or voting but it’s nowhere near enough to keep you entering the competitions. The clothes are expensive, and if you choose to wear clothes you already own, you don’t get enough Style Points to enter anyway so you HAVE to buy more. If you want to get anywhere in this game you’ll need to drop hundreds of dollars on diamonds and money just to enter a few comps. It isn’t worth it. There are better games.

  29. rionka dice:

    Game design is awesome! Looks like a high end magazine. The clothes variety is huge. Much better than others in this field! – But it took me 2 days to understand this unusual money system. Why two types of money when there could be just one? For a newbie it’s a pain to combine an outfit because you start with nothing and the growth is incredibly slow. One has to be cautious about what do you buy if you’re on a budget. / Edit: 1 extra star for the devs! Very kind and supportive, i appreciate you!

  30. Hi Bye dice:

    The Voting system is ridiculous. Please hear me out! I think undeserving candidate gets the most vote out of pure luck. With too many outfits to choose for earning only a few rewards, the player often choose quickly to earn more and more reward without any consideration for the fashion quality or its theme. It is also very tiring and boring to choose the same theme over and over again! Hence the random selection to get it over with and earn more rewards.

  31. This is my favourite game to play, It is now loaded on my BLACKVIEW A95 Anyway. I recommend this game for anybody whom is artistic. Great way to enhance your talents. I wish it wasn’t so expensive to play – I’m referring to the expensive hairstyles, clothes etc… It’s a brilliant game, but costly to those like me on fixed income and have additional expenses to pay.

  32. I really want to love this game. I love the idea, I love the challenges, I love that you have options to gain more coins and diamonds through voting. However the app itself is so glitchy. Every time there’s an update that breaks. Even when there is a solution to it, it still takes 15 to 20 minutes for the app to load every single time I want to play. With the purchases I’ve made in this app, it’s not worth it anymore I’m canceling my subscription. I won’t be buying the next season pass either.

  33. I love everything about this game but users need more incentive to vote. I think if you need 10 tickets to enter a challenge, and when you vote, 1 vote = 1 ticket, it would be much better. The voting system now is unreliable and very good looks don’t always make it to the #1 spot. It’s also not worth it to vote to get a handful of coins that don’t mean much. Perhaps 1 vote = 10 coins to also encourage voting and a better results system overall?

  34. All I’m gon’ say is: IM ADDICTED!! This is the second (and best) fashion game I’ve been attached to. UPDATE:Since the update the app constantly crashes and it seems to do it right when I’m sending my look to be voted or right after I complete my outfit. Then I have to start all over again when I have the patience to try again.

  35. This is by far my favorite game. However, if we had more control with accessories and single use items, it would be great? Also saving our progress, when one takes a break, it goes back to the beginning, deleting our styling.

  36. I really enjoy the game .. I also read TONS of reviews before I decided to install it and honestly I’ve only bought like 2-3 things (in app purchases before) ever in my life. But, this game is VERY fun and I have already spent 20$ on it and only downloaded it maybe 2 weeks ago.. It is worth it either way but I do agree there still can be more done to help us players earn more money.. If we can’t afford it we can’t play! Great game overall wonderful really!

  37. Getting bored now as you do not get enough rewards for the effort you put in. The cost of the rewards and extras is not good value as decent merchandise is high value. Voting on the same theme 45 or46 times hardly gives you any reward. This could be such a good time wasting game and would not mind paying but have already spent too much money like having to buy all leather outfit for one quest which cost me real coins.

  38. This is a really great game for me to channel my inner fashionista, lol! Very fun & addictive! And unlike me used to be favorite CF(you know who you are) one can aquire many diamonds thru simple tasks like playing games, and the rewards are huge when you do, unlike that other game which costs way too much to play… If you like fashion, try this game!

  39. Good game, nice outfits, beautiful make-up options and intersting challenges. However, the progress in game mostly depends on how much you spend for the game. 480 for each season pass is way too much in my opinion.

  40. This game I fum to play and is much better than similar games. However, the rewards are small and you have make purchases to keep up. You are restricted by what garments to choose for events even if other garments meet the requirements of a challenge. I do not agree with a lot of the choices of the winning outfit. This is not about me, but often the best garment does not win. Having said my bit, I still play this but at my pace.

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