Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp MODDED 2022


Craft furniture and create your ideal campsite in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp!
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Find furniture you like and design a campsite that suits your style!

Tents, hammocks, fireplaces, a stuffed-animal sofa…mix and match to your heart’s content! Make a trendy open-air café, or line up some microphones and guitars to create an outdoor music festival! In the mood for a little extra fun? Set up a merry-go-round and open a theme park. You can even make a pool, or fill the sky with fireworks!

◆ Design your campsite, camper, and cabin however you want

◆ Collect themed items from Fishing Tourneys and Garden Events that happen throughout the year

◆ More than 1,000 pieces of furniture and 300 pieces of clothing and accessories are available to choose from, with more being added all the time

◆ Features more than 100 animals with quirky personalities

Fulfill animal requests and watch your friendship with them grow! Once you become close enough friends, you can invite them to your campsite. The more the merrier!

Design a show-stopping campsite, invite your favorite animals, and take an in-game photo to show your friends. If your friends like what you’ve done, they may even give you kudos!

The great outdoors has so much to offer!

Notes: This game is free to start, with in-app purchases available. Internet connectivity is required to play Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. Data charges may apply. May include advertising.

Note: With the Pocket Camp Club: Merry Memories Plan, data will be collected from your Google Fit app after receiving your permission to do so in order to have the number of steps you have taken display on corresponding stickers.


・ Players can now change animal guests at the campsite or cabin, using "Auto" or "Daily Change."
・ New export destinations have been added to Gulliver's Ship, including special islands where you can obtain cookies.
・ Increased maximum Friendship Level with animals.
・ The maximum number of inventory slots for materials has been increased.
・ Other minor adjustments.


40 comentarios en "Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp MODDED 2022"

  1. I used to like it but now it absoulutely sucks, I tried re-installing it and all, but it just didn’t work, whenever I tapped the screen and tried to get to the loading screen with the pine trees, it would freeze immediately and crash, and I am going to say what pretty much everyone else said, It. Needs. Fixed. (I’m on a chromebook by the way) I really hope you can fix it soon, because I feel like you going to loose everyone on this game if you do not fix it. I would love to play otherwise.

  2. Really good except how many memberships there are. Might as well put it all into one and make it expensive, I’d rather buy that than have to keep up with 7 different subscriptions. Second thing, does not want to connect to wifi. My wifi works on every single app I have except this one. I can see this is an occurrence for multiple people. Should get it fixed. Update! The wifi issue has been fixed and I’m extremely pleased with it!

  3. It’s a relaxing, simplified take on the series from what I can tell. The premium currency seems to be earnable, at least to an extent, and there’s plenty of stuff to craft and animals to meet. The thing that is killing it for me are the controls… The movement is especially frustrating, as you must either tap to move or drag in a direction from your character. Would much prefer a moveable joystick and simple tap-to-interact, rather than blocking half my screen with my thumb to play.

  4. Long time AC lover, pocket camp is the extremely simplistic version of the game we all know and love. I think it needs some things to be the best it can though; definitely am not a huge fan of the leaf tickets, it can take forever to save them up for anything if you don’t want to invest real money into the game. Which.. for the console players who spent money on the games, I feel like we all prefer that pocket camp isn’t also money-driven. Otherwise, it’s nostalgic and cute.

  5. Frankly, I can’t think of a better-designed mobile game. The developers have put so much thought into the game over the years! The premium currency is easily attainable nowadays, and there is quite literally something new every day. All purchases are unnecessary but are made worth your money. I’ve never spent a cent and there has been very few things I’ve missed out on. The music and graphics are smooth and there’s essentially no bugs. You just need good wifi or it doesn’t load. 10/10 game

  6. pamda dice:

    I have been playing since launch but since a recent update it struggles to load and I haven’t been able to play really. I’ve tried uninstalling/reinstalling, playing in diff places, with and without wifi… and I continue to get the “retry” option when it won’t load properly. It is compatible with my phone, so I don’t know what’s going on. I use a Samsung galaxy10. Hopefully an update will fix this and I’ll get to edit my review…I miss playing!!!

  7. For me, I enjoy it for the simple nostalgia of fishing, catching bugs, shaking trees, talking to the animals, etc. I played on the Wii and Nitendo DS, so there’s obviously some differences. Considering I got (for the most part) the experience to relive the feeling of this game for free is really great. Thank you!

  8. This game is good for AC fans, but it isn’t the best of the series. Although somewhat fun, the game tends to crash at times, and the characters are not very original in their lines when you talk to them, especially since there’s so many now. Only on hoildays is when things get more interesting. Some major issues with this game is the atrocious prices of items to buy with Leaf Tickets, and the constant pressure of three events EVERY SINGLE MONTH. And many unlockable items are too Japan-based.

  9. Ash dice:

    Cute and fun but the music is annoying (thank goodness for option to turn it off) and it really struggles to find a connection frequently and takes forever to load. I can barely play anymore without getting constant errors. Also the items and decorations are great but the leaf tickets are way too expensive, and the items that require them don’t really go very far.

  10. I have mixed feelings. On one hand, it’s adorable and fun just like I’ve heard Animal Crossing to be. Exactly what you expect, befriending cute animals and little tasks and chores. But it’s also got a lot of cool stuff that you have to spend leaf tickets on, which are harder to get. So I strongly dislike that aspect, I like cool things but not when I feel obligated to spend actual money to get anything. Also I currently can’t play it, it’s frozen on the intro screen :/

  11. I wrote a review but somehow it got deleted. Anyways, I have a problem with the Thanksgiving Dinner Card. So I give it to one of my villagers and after the cutscene, they give me the wreath with the letter they wrote. The problem is when I interact with the wreath to read the letter, it suddenly kicks me out of the game for no reason! Please fix this ASAP. Besides that problem, great game and keep up the great work!

  12. Angel D. dice:

    I absolutely love this game and find it very calming and all, but I have one main complaint: the cabin. I wish that unlocking the second floor expanded the number of animals you could have at the cabin, and that you could choose who was on each floor. I actually assumed this would be the case so I was really looking forward to unlocking it but I was disappointed. I don’t get the point of having the second floor option at all as it is now

  13. Fun game to kill time & enjoy how it ties in with the Switch games. I dislike the multiple options for monthly subscription & feel like 1 should be enough. And the opening sequence is pretty long. It would also be nice of the major updates that take the game down for a few hours would not happen during a timed event like the scavenger hunt where you craft from finding an item, so it makes it where you may not be able to actually complete the event. But fun most of the time.

  14. I love AC:PC! It is really fun, yet it does get boring at times. I really wish there was more to do other than fish, decorate, and catch bugs! And maybe more islands as you level up (a new island when you are level 30, 50, and 70)! I would also like there to be a feature where you can lay in the beds like you can with hammocks! I also don’t like that the leaf ticket items are so expensive (like up to 300+)! Overall: This is an extremely fun and addicting game! I love all the outfit choices!

  15. I love this game. But recently it hasn’t been the best. So iv’e played this game for maybe around 2 years on a different device. But I took a bit of a 2 year break from the game. But recently I re-installed the app and decided to start fresh. I have lots of progress so I wanted to create a nintendo account but whenever I press “Create/Link a nintendo account” it always pops up with the error message telling me and unexpected error occured and to restart.Not sure how to stop this.

  16. I love this game. It’s technically my only app that doesn’t consist of ads. I appreciate that so much. It’s entertaining, it’s relaxing, it’s fun and the game is neverending! It’s very creative. A few things can be improved like the language the characters speak is jibber jabber and I do not like that. It would be amazing if we could choose languages to speak in and have messaging options to our friends. I’m friends with random people and that can be a bit skeptical.

  17. Lots of pressure to buy micro-transactions, long resource crafting time, and overall repetitive tasks and villager interactions become stale, unless you make friends and exchange gifts. I’m not one to leave bad reviews often, but I sincerely wish the gameplay had better progression like it’s Nintendo Switch counterpart. I’m aware that it’s meant to be a spin-off and that it’s meant for low-spec devices with small amounts of storage, but it becomes quite cut and dry, rinse, repeat.

  18. I’ve played the 3DS version for the nostalgia for years, so I think this game both improves upon the original, and also scratches that itch for me. Very wholesome with decent graphics!! My only complaint is the wait time between loading different areas and such. It feels too long and I feel like it could be improved upon, at least just a little bit. 10/10 otherwise!

  19. Three stars cause it’s fun, but it keeps saying there’s an error connecting to Google Play and I have to constantly open Google Play, go to my subscriptions and then go back to get it to work. That, and there’s not much to do in a few hours after you do everything. You have to wait 3+ hours and then go back to it in a span of less than five minutes of gameplay per 3hrs. The leaf tickets are expensive too, and once you get a high enough level things slow down a lot without them. It’s pay to win.

  20. S B dice:

    Ok so this game is only fun because it has the skin of Animal Crossing. If it didn’t I’m not sure if it would be as successful. I played it for a bit, definitely over a year at least, but the monetization became too predatory eventually to the point where I had to quit. It’s sad because this game has potential, but honestly they should just make a REAL Animal Crossing MMO mobile game. That’s what people really want. In the end I really wanted to keep playing this game, but the MTs ruined it.

  21. I wish… that they gave you more gifts and items to use for the boat to send away. I wish there was more areas to explore, maybe a second page of other options. I’m tired of fishing the same two spots. I’m tired of catching bugs in the same one spot. Please expand. Other then that, great game.

  22. Sarah dice:

    It seems some people love this game and maybe I just got into it a little too late. The initial update took (no joke) a half hour. That was at the beginning of the week. I open the app today and there’s another update that takes a couple of minutes. That would be ok, except getting into the game I’m instantly hit with 5 event pop ups and a loading lag after closing out of them. There’s so much garbage on the screen that it’s messy and stressful. Not what I play animal crossing for. Uninstalled

  23. I love the game itself. Totally nostalgic. However, I have a decent spec phone, over the minimums of the game and it’s constantly crashing. Then when it crashes it gives me an error code I can’t find any information about. The only solution is force stopping, restarting, reinstalling, clearing cache etc. This happens multiple times before I can get it to work again. I have larger games with more intricate animation and they don’t give me any problems.

  24. Really relaxing. However, it’s turned into a game all about the next item you can’t afford. When I started it wasn’t this bad. There’s no real reward for exploration or collecting things. It trains you to want things, and not to have fun getting them. You can climb competitively but it requires furniture you don’t even like. The “fun” aspect has diminished. I want to want to go fishing and catch bugs and help campers because it’s fun. It’s not Animal Crossing. It’s a “buy this item next” app.

  25. This game is fun to play, with cute graphics and dialogue. Nintendo is constantly adding new challenges and items to collect, to keep things fresh. The unfortunate thing is, there’s too much of a focus on purchasing items with leaf tickets. Although some leaf tickets can be earned for free by playing, completionists would have to spend a small fortune to acquire everything. Worst of all, the expensive premium fortune cookies often generate duplicate items, leading to disappointment and frustration.

  26. Edit from my previous review: I took my rating down from five stars to two. I wanted to honestly only give one star, now. I haven’t been able to to get the game to work for two days, now. Constantly crashes and gives a Data Error every time I try to start playing. It causes me to miss out on events, and fall behind in getting the items I want. I was such an active player and love Animal Crossing games. But this has been a continuous issue that they have yet to do anything about, even after being made aware of it many times. I’ve had to uninstall and reinstall the game more times than I can count just to get it to work. And the fix is only temporary before the error returns and the game stops working. Not worth investing any time in or making it too far in to the game. The errors and crashing problems are enough to make it not worth playing anymore. **** I am hooked. I’ve always been a fan of Animal Crossing games and love this. My one year old son loves it, too, and watches me play in amazement. But I am constantly having issues with a data error code coming up in the beginning over and over for months now, and it infuriates me to no end. I have tried everything from restarting the app, to clearing the cache, to clearing the data, turning my data on and off, trying a different internet server, uninstalling and reinstalling, and even a new phone all together. Nothing helps. Sometimes it goes on for days at a time and causes me to miss out on a lot of items and events. Whatever the problem is, I really wish it would be fixed. It’s been an issue for months and I don’t see how it’s never been fixed or believe that I could possibly be the only person that plays this game having this issue. Sometimes it’s enough to make me want to stop playing all together. But my son loves this game too much for me to just give up on it. Someone really needs to do something about the error codes popping up and preventing me from playing. Other than that, this game is fantastic.

  27. I absolutely love this game! It’s so much fun stuff to do and new events! a few complaints, the events have gotten harder to complete, at one point I missed out on finishing because the last item needed one more hour to complete. Less items are being given out during events too and less leaf tickets. I just don’t like needing to log on constantly in order to participate and not miss out on anything. Some things too are semi-rare and don’t appear often enough for being requested items.

  28. There is so much empty space on campgrounds where furniture should be able to be placed, but so little is usable. If you have a lot of favourite items, you have to move things around like a slide puzzle to try to fit things. Also, you probably won’t want to place anything in a way that covers the amenities, so that adds extra trouble. We really should be allowed to use all that empty space. Also, you should be able to use more than 2 colors to paint RVs. I liked the latest game update.

  29. It’s a fun game for decorating. It’s also great for dressing up your character and getting a little bit of Animal Crossing on the go. However, the Leaf Tickets are overpriced. Recently, it’s much easier to get items that cost money, especially from the fortune cookies. And they’re releasing packs with leaf cash, so it helps to get materials faster and is worth a little more money. I still think they’re asking way too much especially compared to pokemon go in game currency.

  30. I still enjoy the app, but some of my love had dimished for this particular game. The events are very repetitious, and it seems like there is hardly any down time between them. It ultimately turns into a game you have to constantly be glued to your phone for. Plus, after reachibg a certain level I no longer get the thrill of new campers, unless I use Gulliver. So, at this point in time, there is no drive for me to really play to level up. I’d like to see some event variety.

  31. It’s a very cute game, and there’s always something to do or a goal you can reach for which makes up for its repetitive gameplay. I wish they’d add a purpose for kudos, maybe and exchange system?? It’d also be nice if I could change the price of market box items directly instead of having to take it out and re-enter it. The loading screens can be really show at first, but you get used to it. I also wish they’d add more personality to the characters, and the dialogue they say gets repetitive.

  32. Love the game. However, I do wish you had more freedom to move around like in the original games. Kind of miss the big open space to walk around in. Also miss the fossils, the events, the different times of year and day giving you access to different bugs and fish. Really wish they would make an Animal Crossing game for mobile based on the original or even new leaf so that it’s more interactive than this one. Not saying this one is bad, just that it isn’t as fun.

  33. Simple but entertaining gameplay to help you chill out for a few minutes without taking too much time out of your day or pressuring you to spend money. In fact it can easily be totally free as long as you are patient, make decent plans, and aren’t too much of a completionist. The most annoying thing is the random draw system for fortune cookie items. I have largely avoided buying them and don’t feel like I miss out on too much, but if you decided you really want specific cookie items you could end up spending a lot. As a fan of the series, I missed the fossil museum and more interesting and meaningful character interactions. I was also afraid that success of this version would convince them not to bother making a real Switch version, but thankfully Nintendo announced a new Switch Animal Crossing scheduled for 2019.

  34. Love the game a lot, super addictive and a big time waster. Lots of room for personalization; love to decorate every inch of my camp, cabin, and van. Always trying to make my character look stylish too! The events come and go often, so it’s hard to get bored with goals to work towards. One big problem I have is that, upon the recent updates, the app has started crashing my entire phone. I’d be playing the game for a few minutes, then I get a black screen and suddenly my phone is rebooting.

  35. This game introduced me to the world of animal crossing, and I have to say, its amazing. Such a contrast from all these games that take themselves so seriously. I think the upcoming switch version can take alot from this game. After playing wild world, I can see that animal crossing works well as a mobile game. Being able to take it out for a minute wherever you are. The customization is fun too. I do wish there were more fish and bugs, and maybe different and longer quests, but its still very good for a mobile game. Hope to see alot more events in the future.

  36. If you don’t have a switch this is a fun alternative. Definitely less game, but its still fun (especially factoring in no cost). My only complaint is the amount of time spent in various load screens. Every time you want to go anywhere or open anything you get load screens with little event notes and such. It can make doing simple tasks a little tedious sometimes. Otherwise it’s great!! I definitely recommend it!

  37. I played this game for just shy of 2 years. My phone recently glitched out, and I had to do a factory reset. I lost my 2 years of progress, levels, furniture, and flowers. This game was fun while I played it. It is, however, very cluttered. Nintendo is constantly adding and revising internal systems, as well as setting up events and challenges. This is fantastic, but it gets to be a bit overwhelming. They do listen to player feedback. Reccomended if you like collecting things.

  38. I am a young acnh fan. When I found out there was a mobile AC game, I got really excited. This is a great game in the animal crossing series. Though, I do think crafting and loading screens are a bit long. Also leveling up is a bit hard too. But overall, I love the game; the graffics are great. But I am having a hard time getting leaf tickets. I hope you can add some other ways to get them. For example every time you find a lost item for a villager, you get 10 Leaf tickets.

  39. Love it! I’m a fan of the console versions of animal crossing & I’ll admit i wasn’t too thrilled about a “camping” storyline version so actually put off playing it for awhile. I definitely regret it. After finally giving in & trying it, i haven’t put it down! For me, once your learn the ropes (and there’s a lot to learn) you’ll find there’s quite a bit to do & keep you occupied. It is playable without spending real money, though i have spent just a little, and is well developed. Great game.

  40. The animal crossing team is beyond incompetent. The game is a cash grab, there is no gameplay, the first 20 minutes of the game contain all the “gameplay” that will ever be available. Catch bugs and fish, collect fruit, give them to animals. You can add “friends” in the game, but can’t interact with them at all. All of the items are for visual purposes only, but will still cost tens of real dollars for one item. It’s pathetic. this would be a better screen saver than a game.

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