My Dear Farm MODDED 2022


Grow an adorable farm as you fill your pockets and build your dreamed home!
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Decorating with vegetables had never been as fun! Grow your crops with love and enjoy this sim farming-adventure!

– Customize your character! Set out into this horticultural adventure being your best farmer self. Change your appearance, hairstyle, and even your pet to your liking!
– Grow your crops to grow your business! Once you’re done harvesting the products of your hard labor, go into the marketplace to sell your wares and build your farming empire!
– Collect and decorate! My Dear Farm is filled to the brim with interesting furniture and decoration sets to unlock so your farm can look as stylish as you want it to be!


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40 comentarios en "My Dear Farm MODDED 2022"

  1. Overall, I LOVE this game. You can customize your whole farm, and also your house! The characters are really cute too. But, my issue is that i’ve been noticing a lot of bugs. Every time I try to get something free using an ad, I always have to watch the ads multiple amount of times. Which is really annoying. I’m not sure if it’s common since I’m using a chromebook like, right now. But I will reccomend this game if anyone want to grow their own farm, customize everything! LOVE IT.

  2. ada lynn dice:

    Its cute and all and u can collect things but even when I spend money on it there are too many ads, and it crashes with very little things. Like if I double tap on accident, it will freeze and crash. If an ad plays and i try to hit the x too early, crash. At the markets, if I click before their speech is over, crash. Kinda lackluster for something that has so many ads.

  3. I love this game, if you have a short attention span this is a great game to play while watching a show or movie. It’s super cute and easy to play, however its nothing like the photos it shows and at one point the game just ends and there is nothing else to do. I wish the was more land or a little island or something. It’s like that for all of their games. I did really like how you could trade red gems for coins. Plus all the furniture was adorable. Overall great game!

  4. This game is cute, but annoyingly directionless. There’s minimal instructions so a lot of it is guesswork, and there doesn’t seem to be much point to multiple plants or animals because there’s no actual collection of resources for some reason. You don’t actually sell your stuff at the little market, you play a timed match up game. It’s not very interesting. I don’t think I will keep playing as space on my devices is better used on more captivating games.

  5. I love this game, the plants are cute and I love the art style. There are no pop up ads. I do wish we could sell items we don’t need for coins. Also, the more expensive plants, even ones that cost gems, only give 1-2 coins. It would also be nice if there was a timer on plants for how much longer we have to wait to collect coins. Change these things and you have a great game going!

  6. It’s cute! There are no forced ads from what I’ve seen, and the overall feel of the game is very laid-back and relaxed. The only thing I don’t like about it is it’s almost a little too laid-back: there are no set goals to accomplish. You’re just given a plot and some gold after being shown the basics on how to navigate the menus, and just told to have fun! There are plenty of collections to fill, so completionists who like a gentle pace will probably enjoy this.

  7. MoonSong dice:

    The pictures show a different game than what it is. There’s no house or pond, there’s no fun in harvesting, you just wait a little to tap on plants that give you 1-2 coins and buy things to level up. It’s set up to make you watch ads for better experience and there are Many. No cloud saving. Also, this heats up my phone and sometimes the screen goes half black after an ad. It even interfered with my wallpaper app. I wanted a decent farm game like advertised, not this, so I’m uninstalling.

  8. I love this game from the customizing the land to your character. The plant are adorable with the face on it. Just if you play this a bit you run into a problem with not enough to space after halfway from unlocking your farm. Then there is the part where I wish this game could improve with like sell items you don’t want for coins or what I really don’t like is the 6 hr timer on everything when it resets. I wish we could buy the item when we want instead of wait for that item everytime.

  9. I love this game. It is so freaking cute. I love how you can get animals, decorations, and more! I usually don’t install a lot of apps but this was was to die for. I do wish the developers would stop the game from being so laggy at the beginning. My character doesn’t even look like me when it first comes into the game, then it glitches back to normal.

  10. It is such a cute game. Love the artwork and design and its very relaxing. However, im currently stuck at level 9 and it says “max” like its about to level up and it doesnt. Also what is the point of watering the plants. And i dont mind the ads but sometime it gets annoying…. Overall i give it a 7.5 out of 10

  11. This a a super cute game and if the point is to teach patience, we’ll it’s doing a good job. I’ve made it to level 7 and it seems I can no longer buy plots of land? So I can’t expand for the moment. Also, there doesn’t seem to be a point in buying animals as they don’t do anything and you cannot collect coins from them. Also, it would be nice to sell back items you have multiple of or trade them for useful items. I wonder if there is something that I’m missing?

  12. Jessi D dice:

    Two mintues of game play max. The game is cute but that’s it. You mostly log in to tap the plants a few times and close out. Which equals out to maybe two minutes if you are lucky. I have tried to enjoy this game but I can’t. There is zero point to it. Maybe if we had other things to do aside from sitting there watching plants grow it would be worth it. As it stands this is just a waste.

  13. Raina R. dice:

    The game itself is fairly simple and slow-paced, though that’s not necessarily a bad thing. My main issue is that ads typically fail to load at all, which does prove limiting as a free player. I managed to get one session where they loaded, and I’m not sure which planets aligned to make that happen. Be prepared to get about 5 minutes at a time out of it.

  14. LAURYN dice:

    It gets 5 stars just for the cute factor. Overall, it’s a well balanced farming game. Don’t compare is to a fast moving game because it isn’t. It IS FREE to play and relaxing. If you have YOUNG children, this is a good game for them to learn the basics of goal setting, space design and budgeting. The coins you can earn without cash are enough to get you going each day. Give it a try! I look forward to the updates.

  15. Really cute and simple game. But there’s nothing really to do in it. There’s no daily tasks to work towards. There’s a mini game which is kinda challenging. but other than that you just sit and wait for crops to pop up. to buy more crops and decorate. which takes forever to afford anything. Wish there was more to do in the game though.

  16. Thought it would be cute. Installed it. It was cute until it crashed four times in about 10 minutes of play time. I had just barely made it to level two. Nope. I don’t need something that irritating on my phone. And if it’s going to crash all the time where I can’t play it then I don’t even want to play it. If you can fix that, you might have something going for this game. Except for you do need to probably have tasks and goals to aid in leveling up.

  17. RL dice:

    Honestly really like it, super cute, well done. The big downside and reason for only 2 stars is because of the glitchiness. Everything lags so horribly it kicks me out every few minutes. Ads barely work, and often show a black screen before kicking me out. I have plenty of space for the game and was excited to play, but this is just impossible.

  18. I personally think that some of these reviews might be a little unfair. Is the game play simple? Yes. Is there an abundance of ad opportunities for extra decor items? Yes. Do the vegetables hibernate after a set amount of play time? Yes. AND the simple gameplay is soothing, calming and cute. The decor shop refreshes regularly, making ads optional. Vegetable hibernation forces players to take a break from gaming and interact with the real world. I love playing this game and highly recommend it.

  19. I really like the simplicity of this game, it’s SO cute too! I really enjoy the ability to customize your character and the crops you’d mainly like to plant. There’s lots of options, and gaining coins is super easy as well. Gems take a bit of time to build up, but that is a classic thing in mobile games. Definitely recommend!

  20. very cute and good potential, but the pacing is very slow and theres too much reliance on ads to progress with any reasonable speed… and theres really a lack of information in the game, i think it would benefit from more descriptions on different items and crops and such. all in all, cute and fun, but needs a few small improvements in my opinion

  21. While the game is extremely adorable, it’s boring after awhile. I mean the character is not interactive and their aren’t any tasks that you have to complete, at least at the level I am at. Thus far it’s just watering plants, putting out decorations, and watching ads to collect gifts. I want to really like this game but it has to be far more interactive for me to spend my time in it.

  22. Cute game! Only issues I have are, I’ve already made my farm as large as it will go and I have more things I want to place that I can’t. I also wish there was a way to sell items you don’t need. It would also be cute if you could choose a pet to walk around with your character. Also the ability to purchase skip add tickets or something would be awesome.

  23. Alex M dice:

    The game is cute and easy to play for those that want something to kill a little bit of time. There is an issues with the ads crashing the game or not activating even after clicking the play ad button 90% of the time currently. I do hope in future they add more things to do in game because it is a cute game.

  24. Taco Bell dice:

    This game gives you free will, it tells you at first how everything works. Usually I get stuck at this part yet I understood quite fast! You get to customize ur character and land. It gives you many options to watch ads to earn items, so even if you don’t want to continuously buy things with ur hard earned money. Then you can always watch ads! Favorite game of the year.❤️ It does however need more interactive things to keep you equally invested.

  25. I love this game! The artstyle is adorable and I love all the little plants. The only reason I’m giving only 3 stars is because of how hard it is to earn coins. I think the amount of coins you earn should depend on what type of vegetables, fruits and flowers that you are growing. For a more “rare” plant, you should receive more coins as a reward. And I can’t earn free gems from free offers either, which has made me very disappointed. But other than that, the game is great! It’s super cute.

  26. Really nice graphics but the game is extremely slow, and I don’t mean laggy, I mean the game play is slow, to the point that even at level 2 you get bored of waiting. Usually in order to get hooked with a game the first levels are fast, and entertaining, this was not the case, it was a drag, the main reason why I tried to give it a chance was the graphics but ended up Uninstalling the game

  27. I loved the animation and concept of the game. But there really isn’t much to do yet. The time spent playing before the plants go to sleep is very short, and since there isn’t anything else to do, like missions or mini games to lessen the time the plants are asleep and so on, it just doesn’t keep my attention much. I can’t wait to see how things improve as the game go on!

  28. Okay.. When you first download the game, you are given maybe 5 tasks and that’s it.. So you have to buy vegetables with coins but once they are ready to collect, they give you more coins? And then after you collect a certain amount of “vegetables” they have to rest but it doesn’t tell you how long they have to rest for. Anywhooo I’ve had this game for 30 minutes and spent 75% of the time watching ads to get more coins just to do the same thing all over again. Has potential but kinda boring.

  29. Severely underdeveloped. Cute graphics and all, but very limited gameplay. There’s no achievements or goals or anything to work towards. It’s just plant, harvest, buy more, repeat. There’s no timer on the crops, no ability to preview items such as clothing and decorations. Too early to be released.

  30. For the positive aspects of the game it is really aesthetic, calm and interesting game. There’s not really much to do but if you’re bored or want to do this while your watching a movie or something like that I recommend it. Too much random ads during game play and when I click on the ads sometimes I don’t even get the rewards. Way more different than the photos shown. It’s pretty boring maybe if they were more fun things to do but it gets really boring and repetitive. Long wait times as well.

  31. This game is very cute and addictive. I love this game but I have encountered some problems with the ads. When I want to duplicate my earnings or add coins and gems, the ad plays but when I accidentally touch the screen it redirects me to the play store BUT when I get back to the app, it restarts and I lose the reward. But so far, this is a delightful and satisfying game. My siblings also like this game very much. It entertains me when I’m bored or have free time. Thank you for this game!

  32. I had high hopes, but you can’t really progress without watching ads… and I’m talking ALOT of 1 minute ads. To expand your farm, you have to watch ads. It’s the only way. I’ve downloaded 2 games from this company, hoping to reduce stress, but the amount of ads to progress is frustrating.

  33. Bubu dice:

    It’s a very cute game but it gets a little repetitive over time. Nevertheless it’s still a very good game. The only thing I’m having issues with is the house. I accidentally put tiles down that you would put on your farm and now I can’t get rid of them. I remove them and exit and when I come back, I have MORE tiles and the tiles are still there. Maybe it’s a bug?

  34. Cool concept, terrible execution. The first task you do is build a house and it takes 24hrs. To progress anywhere after that you have to spend money, or if your lucky you can watch a bunch of ads and get gems. MOST ads do not earn you gems though. But everything, save for certain plants and furniture, everything costs a butt load of gems. Especially land. I don’t play games to spend money ibplay games for fun. This game is fun for 2 minutes. Not for any longer than that though.

  35. 劳拉 dice:

    This game is the best with ‘pocket love’ I loooooove when I can do my own character this is so cute; maybe the time when they (the plants) sleep is quite long. I do not know if we can do that but if it’s not, in the future, I wish we could do our own house and decorate it. Update: I really enjoy the house it’s really cute. It will be useful if we can save our game because we lost it if we change our phone or we delete it and we reload it.

  36. So adorable! Art style is very cute, besides that i would like to suggest something and that is if we could exchange items for coins (just like the tsuki odyssey in one of you’re games) annddd one more thing can we have a daily quest to earn extra coins? Pretty please? Edit: changed to 4 star, there’s no log in or any cloud save to save you’re data, I accidentally removed this from my phone and I re-downloaded it immediately but after I re-opened my game I was back from the start.

  37. JD Love dice:

    The concepts is pretty good! But there’s very little to actually do. The graphics are really cute. When you buy stuff with real money sometimes you don’t actually get what you paid for. Playing other games for gems straight up doesn’t work? Hopefully this will eventually be fixed

  38. Very cute. I like it. When you start farmers market, both options are blank. I just guess the top one is to start and the bottom one is canvel. 🤣I am right. Be nice to fix it though.

  39. Il be honest i love the game the market idea is just great Now there are few things that can make it even better 1) a fishing option just like in tsuki oydessi 2) a weekly challenge would really be fun 3) as shown in the game pics it would be really good if the town is included at level 4 you dont really unlock a town you do get you tiny house 4) furniture should be moved a bit more freely . placing a chair and table looks so wierd due to the immense gap

  40. It is an amazing game! I love the design and it’s so cute. I could play this game all day but I have one problem. My items are a bit too much and sadly, I could not sell them. There are things I regret buying and I would love if it had a feature where you can sell your items to the exact price. It really is a great game. It is wonderful and I absolutely recommend. The only problem is that I couldn’t sell my items and it’s getting too cramped

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