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Campsite Tycoon with Cute Cats!
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Have you dreamed of escaping from ordinary life and just go farming?

Become the owner of the campsite and run your own camp.
Collect various cat visitors,
and make your own healing camp.

[How to Play]
1. Gather materials.
2. Build camping facilities and others.
3. Grow crops in the field and cook dishes.
4. Enjoy fishing and light a campfire.
5. Bigger the camp, more cat visitors there will be!


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40 comentarios en "Cat Forest – Healing Camp MOD"

  1. Cute game, with a simple and enjoyable concept. My only concerns are in the difficulty of selecting items on the screen, (it often takes several tries to hit just the right spot for an object to select, hit boxes could use some adjustming). And that when you open a menu that crafts or consumes materials, you don’t know how much you have, so something to tell you your current resources in those menus would be great. Again, cute game, could just use a few tweaks.

  2. Super fun & cute, and not really difficult to level up. Once you are able to build caravans, it’s really easy to earn gold pinecones. I don’t mind ads since you only have to watch them to earn something, but when you have more tents, watching ads for cleaning coupons becomes a little excessive. Weeds and trees pop up a little to fast. After I built all of the buildings, it kinda plateaued for me and I lost some interest. I hope they add more campsites in the future for different possibilities!

  3. This game is really cute and simple to play. My only “issue” with it, is that you have to select each worker if you want a task done. It would be easier if it automatically moved to the next worker available. Otherwise, for the most part, it’s easy to progress in the game and even though you need golden acorns for some tasks, they’re super easy to obtain.

  4. I would give this five stars if i could, but i cant. The game is cute and fun and i love the gameplay, but the mechanics is unbearable! You can’t auto gather water, you have to buy things one at a time. You can’t gain energy while doing an action, and you have to watch an ad to rest, etc. If these features changed to make it more usable, it it definitely worth five stars.

  5. I love the game, however, there should be a setting to pause the appearance of trees and bushes, it gets overwhelming and if I don’t take them away the camp looks ugly. It’s a tiresome, aesthetic deterrent that I feel could be fixed with that kind of option. Also, there should be a way to save progress in case our devices break or we need to replace a phone. I don’t want to start all over if I need to uninstall it.

  6. kayla dice:

    I love the game. simple technique, beautiful scenery. however, there is one small issue that keeps me from “progressing.” (it’s not really progression, just completing small quests.) the blueberry bush will not spawn anywhere, no matter which camp I’m in. I’m at level 15, almost 16, and I still can’t make blueberry toast. please fix !

  7. Grinding game… just started and it’s basically just grinding… Also having a technical issue with the farming. It gives me the option to water my plants. Then it tells me I don’t have the materials, but I can see it in my inventory. Plus, I’ve tried getting the water then immediately using it for the farm, and it still doesn’t work. Actually Works rarely.

  8. This game is a fantastic time waster for someone who has a lot of time to spend on the app (this isn’t an idle game*, so everything is earned while using the app). Very cute art style. I just wish it explained a little bit more about WHY you need to do something, or HOW to do it. I wish it explained that you can only have a certain amount of tents, why it takes so long to fish, etc. Zero ads, unless you choose to watch them! Overall, good. 8.7/10 *It isn’t an idle game, as far as I’ve gotten.

  9. Really cute game, but your tasks only get accomplished if you are on the game. For example: you can’t leave a cat fishing, close the game, and come back later to a pile of fish. The cat just stops fishing. Fishing takes a long time, so you end up sitting there waiting for fish. This is fine if you have other ingame tasks you want to do, but it gets boring pretty fast. Again, really cute, but stuff takes too long.

  10. I really like the game for the most part so far, but whenever I try to watch a ad, I get kick out of the game. It might be my device, a chromebook but, whenever I watch the ads for your other game. Animal camp, it works fine. Please fixs this bugs, I have no poblem watching ads, just the kicking me out of the game kind of sucks.

  11. Cute game, lots of campers to attract (although that seems random) and items to craft. No force closes. There was almost no instructions so that was frustrating. Beyond that, this game is a Complete Grind. Fun for awhile but when you start needing to craft higher level items, you spend all your energy points to make minimal progress and then you can’t clean your camp to continue earning pinecones.

  12. lev dice:

    this game is absolutely fantastic. i can have have played for literal hours at a time without getting bored. it’s a really cute game too. i love everything about it, some things can be a bit hard to craft sometimes but nothing is impossible. i do have the occasional glitch that forces me to restart but nothing serious.

  13. I really like this game, it keeps my hands busy while I’m watching things and just gives me something to do. I just really wish there was a way to assign automatic tasks to workers, like having one dedicated to cleaning the tents whenever they get dirty, or having one that always picks flowers. I’d even pay a dollar or two for a feature like that!

  14. This game is very peaceful and I enjoy it alot, the visuals are appealing and the gameplay is consistent and predictable, it’s very good for relaxing, however, the sound effects in the game, specifically when crafting, can get quite repetitive and annoying, but that is the only complaint I have and otherwise it’s an amazing game!

  15. It’s a really fun and cute app and I enjoyed it slot though there were a few things that could have been better. I really wish there was a way to save so if you switched phones you wouldn’t have to restart all over again, and it takes so long to get your cat’s energies back up as well as to plant stuff and keep going back and forth. Besides that it’s a great game but those are really annoying

  16. It really is a cute game, but it could definitely use some improvements. You should be able to assign a cat a task, like making lumber, and he should keep doing it until you tell him to stop, like fishing. You should be able to bring more than just one cat with you when you travel to different maps and you should be able to craft things from anywhere. Right now I need to travel to the cave to craft parts for the houses on the mountain and it’s very inconvenient.

  17. Very cute game, was fun for a few days but deleted it after a while. I ran out of quests and was getting frustrated getting a lot of items that don’t actually do anything. once you get the cave you’ll mine up a lot of Lime stones, which you can turn into lime powder and do…. nothing with! game needs more directions, challenges and things to build.

  18. Its entertaining and such an easy going game. It adorable and honestly relaxing. However it does tend to crash alot and when it does you loose your progress for that time you were on. You dont get any money or any of the items you harvested; you kind of have to be collecting it instantly and hoping it doesnt crash before you do. Also once you start to max out your things. theres really nothing else to do. Its just a game that you try for like a couple weeks then abandon

  19. It’s a very cute game that is entertaining for a while. But I quickly ran out of things to do when I finished the quests. I had every building available, every quest done, and nothing to do besides earn pinecones for the sake of it. Maybe the cave section would be fulfilling, but it was so grindy to even get the minimum to get started in there that I lost interest. But like I said, it was fun until “late game” so it’s worth playing for a while. Oh, and the cats are adorable.

  20. It’s a really good game, i was really enjoying it, and i like how the system works, like you could literally play it for hours and hours and not run out of stuff to do. One thing tho, i updated it and decided to try watching ads for coupons, like double gathering and auto gathering. After that, the game had a bug where you can’t deselect the office workshop. You can’t move the screen around either, you stay locked in on the office. Please help…

  21. The game is very addictive, it makes me wanna grind whenever I want and longer! The characters are cute and I like the VIP characters you can get on the game, please try making more of them. However, the controls in the game seems a little off and sometimes it’s hard to handle things. If only you can add more features to the game like NPCs that can interact and do something around the game and other types of buildings you can make and whatever! I want you to expand this game much longer!

  22. I love this game so much, it’s very relaxing and chilled out. You don’t need to watch any ads at all but you an if you want which is a nice change. It’s got a good pace and the tutorial isn’t forced upon you. Some improvements need to be made eg the world editing; I find it really hard to lvoe some things around and it’s impossible to move the measuem which really bugs me but other than that it’s OK. I also like the ability to expand with other cats and I ❤️ that the in game currency is easy

  23. Like many suggest, there should be an auto option for cats to collect, cut trees, etc. Because it beats the point of creating three or more tools. I found a strategy using fishing to let the cats rest while still being productive. Micro management really is a key factor which keeps you excited and active!! There are minor bugs such as the screen blacking out when I double tap the coffee maker in the shop. But overall, this is one of the best games ever! Highly recommended!

  24. Pretty entertaining, can play without wifi and it’s not the type of idle game that rewards you for not playing for long periods of time. Definitely needs much more content… Cute graphics but it can be hard to tap on things with precision when zoomed out. Also, cooking feels like it wastes more energy than it is worth. EDIT No button for bug reports/suggestions. Tents in the cave campsite keep disappearing and fish show up in the lower left corner of the screen when fishing in the cave

  25. I really like the game, very addictive. There’s a bit of grinding and needs a lot of things to continue progress/crafting but it’s a nice challenge and not too hard. Sometimes when I start the game, the screen would be stuck. Also the pinecone bubble should be bigger so it be easier to collect it from each tent. ⛺

  26. Cute and fun. It’s pretty annoying when plants grow behind somewhere (camp name, museum, cafe, lib) and it takes a lot of struggle to gather them :/ Also, it’s unreasonable that I can’t do tasks when it’s closed (or at least the research) :/ Edit: Thanks for the update! However, I found a bug somewhere that while moving to different maps using different cats, the previous cat “transforms” to the next cat. I now have 2 CEOs due to this.

  27. It’s an amazing game w cute graphics, but the progression of the game slows down by a lot once you reach the building capacity for the beginner levels, because it becomes really hard to get points to level up. Also, while I understand that the developers need money, the game’s structure is too deeply centered around the pay to win model. One of the first quests that needs you to hire more cats becomes a roadblock because you need 200 gold cones to get more vacant positions & they’re hard to get

  28. The game was cute and fun. It was pretty easy but no game is perfect. Whenever I feed the cats, for example, a 30% food, it only gives them about 15% and for 50%, it gives them 26-30%. Even though it takes a long time to get something, it’s fine for me since that means I get to play more. The resets are also free, you just have to watch an ad and you can buy free items per reset. Gets 4 stars from me.

  29. Cute graphic, nice game. I love it. The game really makes me busy, very intense. LOL. I’m glad that I can play it offline, so when I’m busy, or tired, I just need to logout without being worried. 😄 Just one problem : when I choose among my cats to do something, please don’t move the screen. I DON’T NEED TO SEE WHERE THEY ARE, I JUST NEED THEM TO DO THE JOBS. So if the screen slide to the position of my cats, I must drag the screen back to the task. It’s wasting time and annoying.

  30. One of the best relaxing games I’ve played so far. Ads are optional, you don’t have to watch them unless you want to earn a few Goldcones or want to recharge the kitten’s stamina. The in-game currency is easy to obtain (both the normal and the golden cones), costs for things aren’t too expensive plus the animations are super cute! 감사합니다 정말! 너무너무 좋아!!!

  31. Ian Mante dice:

    its a good game . gameplay is relaxing and the art is pleasing . note to others : this is a semi – idle game . it doesn’t do anything with app closed except for regenerating energy . yet people complain how progress is slow , you just have to manage it . things i don’t like is some quests require spending gold pinecones ( which you can obtain via achievements anyway but would take a really long time ) and getting a small g cones back and i’d suggest removing those but everything else is good .

  32. Not to complicated but fun enough to keep you playing, and the filling up energy with ads is great idea, sadly after playing it barely 1 week, there is nothing left to do. Only reason for 4 star is because it lacks things to do and also limiting me to certain number of ads that i can see each day is kinda bad in my opinion(i know why you did it, but still…). Overall highly recommended, especially cause there is isnt a single ad that shows no matter how long you play or what you do/click.

  33. Overall is good; cute, relaxing, easy to play. But it’s such a shame that this game barely gives you anything when you leave the game. Nowadays games would still give you something more rewarding than this game could offer; even for a non idle game. I really hope you come up with something because it’s hard to level up with limited stuff to do (the limit of the tent too, is kind of less than what I had expected).

  34. I love the mechanics and the game especially, however, I wish that they will add more source of materials like buying woods or planting trees since I got a lot of money and the trees are not enough to supplies the needs. I feel stress organizing workers while maintaining the energy and thinking different strategies. A multitasking game from gaming to emotions. So joyful and stressful at one time.

  35. Great game, some problems. You can’t actually delete tents, you have to collect water manually which is a lot of time if you have a lots of fields. Have to buy things one by one, and no cloud save. But I do love it

  36. Your Buku dice:

    Really cute game! There’s just one ‘bug’ that needs to be fixed: After opening the game, I can play it for a while but after some time, the screen just goes black. I don’t know why that happens and it’s really annoying. Please fix that. Awesome game overall!

  37. Great game, has a good design and visuals, clear mechanics and a pretty intuitive interface. I’d give it 5 stars if it weren’t for the lack of data sync. It would be great if the devs could sync it with a Google account so data doesn’t get lost.

  38. One of the best cute game i have ever played but sadly it becomes boring as time passes. So changes needed. Most food require water, but there is no continuous water supply so need to keep tapping endlessly to get bottle. In cave require a lot of iron ore, but no way to buy it, only one worker and getting iron ore depends on luck. So game becomes very slow and boring. Hope that there is be changes in future. Please don’t throw away this project for animal resort.

  39. It’s the best game i have played so far. It’s offline with a very cute graphics, what else can you ask for? Im looking forward more updates and maybe you can some add cloud save or anything that let us save our progress and play across multiple devices. 10/5! Edited: 1 star. After the December update, i lost my progress. Now i cant even get it back. Please add a feature that make us save our progress and i will rate 5 star again

  40. It’s really cute and despite the fact I normally like this kind of game it feels a bit pointless. The quests are just a list of things to do and it doesn’t really feel like you’re doing it for a reason, and the game stops when you do so you can’t set your cats up fishing, for example, overnight and find progress – they just stop whatever they’re doing and the whole game stops. Would also be nice if there’s some kind of interaction between the cats. Generally feel it doesn’t fulfill its promise

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