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Life after the zombie apocalypse. Your last day on Earth. Zombie survival games.
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Days After is a zombie survival game in which you have to face the most terrible consequences of the zombie apocalypse: hunger, infection, raiders, and hordes of undead. Get ready for fighting, shooting, building, crafting, and action adventure game. Stay alive in the dawn of zombies, learn the craft of survival and fight back against the zombies on Doomsday. Mist survival is waiting for new heroes!

– Choose your hero and pump him to the maximum.

– Try to survive in a fading city: gather resources and subsistence, loot and prey day by day.

– Build your shelter, infection free zone, and craft weapons and armor. There are lots of weapons at your disposal—from baseball bats to chainsaws—and lots of ammo too.

– Fight against wild animals, bandits, and hordes of walking dead.

– Find friends and raise a loyal pet.

– Explore the post-apocalyptic dead world and write your rules of survival in this zombie survival game.

Welcome to the world of the zombie apocalypse!

Humanity’s days are gone. The last day on earth is here. The infected ones flooded abandoned cities. You are one of the few who survived a pandemic that turned the world into a dead wasteland. You must fight your way through hordes of zombies, raiders, and disease to find food, water, and a last shelter of the fading city. Live or die in the violent, unforgiving post-apocalyptic world – your choice!

This is an action-adventure game that aims to bring you the most realistic survival experience possible. Your main goal is to survive at any cost. Accept the challenge and prove to everyone that you can stay alive among the dead. Enjoy the survival simulator in the style of zombie shooting games!

You have no right to make a mistake because everything in this apocalypse world is hungry for blood and brains. Everyone in this world is in a state of survival!

You are not the last man on Earth. In addition to fighting off zombies and everyday survival, you can complete quests for allies and receive rewards like new weapons and armor or crafting materials for building your base camp. The bravest will be able to meet their love, but everything is not so simple. You will have to fight for her and make every effort to save her life in these dark days. Save the last of us!

Life after the dawn of zombies is not easy. In this survival simulator, you will have to deal with hunger, thirst, unthinkable conditions, and a mysterious virus. Various types of zombies will constantly keep you on your toes. Outlive everyone, Die Hard!

Explore a variety of locations of a radiation city, complete quests, follow the rules of survival, kill zombies, and fight bandits to uncover the story of the infection that led to the zombie apocalypse. You have to go through an abandoned city, wastelands, forests, radioactive zones, radiation islands, and other wilderness areas in search of clues.

Features of Days After:

– Open world zombie game with PvE survival gameplay.

– Post-apocalyptic setting.

– Massive dead world with several dozen different locations.

– Zombie hunting and fighting with terrifying bosses like the best survival shooting games.

– Online mode with chat and item exchange.

– Character skill system.

– Extensive multi-level crafting and building system.

– Exciting quests and helpful allies on your road to survival.

– Action-adventure competitions and regular events with rewards.

– Realistic survival game.

The zombies are coming. It’s the end of the world. Join the last survivors in the post-apocalyptic survival game, defeat all the walking dead, and prevent Doomsday. Let’s survive the zombie game together!

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- Optimizations and bug fixes.


40 comentarios en "Days After: Survival games MODDED 2022"

  1. K No dice:

    Love this game. My phone cannot handle it without crashing though. Better with a more robust phone. Update. Thank you for your reply. Couldn’t get in touch with tech support due to Deleting the game after it crashed while I was being attacked. Had to delete a lot to make space for the game. Anything running in the background of my phone crashes the game. This tells me my phone can’t handle the processes needed. Game is great though. So much to explore and build.

  2. Similar to all the other survival games so if you know one, you know what to expect here. What separates it from the others is the nice, stylized look. I find it easy on the eyes, and fun to play. My only caveat is storage in my settlement. Unlike another game that rhymes with Zawn of Dombies, I have to go from storage box to storage box to find the materials I need. That adds an unnecessary layer of frustration to an otherwise enjoyable experience.

  3. Craig S. dice:

    Slowly beginning to lose interest with all the issues regarding gameplay and constant weekly patches. There are so many other similar games that are not experiencing this consistent amount of impairment and ‘bug fixes.’ While I have invested time into building up my base and skills it is starting to look like I need to cut bait and see just how much greener the grass is on the other side of the fence.

  4. Great game to play. Easy controls and nice graphics. Progress is paced fairly well. The only gripes I have with the game is a LOT of items require grass to craft, and you do not get anywhere near enough to craft everything you need. Either lower the amount you need, or put more grass in the world. Also, food doesn’t doesn’t fill you up as well as it should. 10 minutes to craft a pumpkin for 8/100 hunger is laughable, even for a free game. The foods and grass need some major improvement

  5. I enjoy this game. It’s a good game to play if you have time to spend. I wish the character would stay in stealth mode after you search a box or bag instead of standing up. And I also wish that it were easier to fabricate weapons and that there were more storage available to begin with but that’s why it’s a challenging game. So yea I enjoy it.

  6. Nell Ash dice:

    Forces you to pay…A lot This game is extremely grindy. Endless hours of repetitive searching and looting only gets you but so far. Quest for better items requires hardcore weapons and equipment you can only get from buying. Buying is basically a gamble, you dont get whats shown; you have a CHANCE to get whats shown, so a simple $2 purchase could end up turning into $12 or more dollars just for a chance to get items in a specific box. Constant pop ups to buy things while youre trying to play.

  7. The game takes a little getting used to at first but overall is appealing and generally satisfying. My only gripe, which might just be me, the Clan function is quite bugged on my end. It says I’m not in one and when I try to use the UI for it, it shows hieroglyphics in another language, best guess – Russian, and then the screen changes to weird hues of green with only a Close button that doesn’t work, essentially bricking the game until I close it and restart. Also, new update crashed my game.

  8. rachel D dice:

    It’s a great game. I rated it so low because the VIP costs 1.99$ A DAY! And it allows you to use the items in your chests while crafting ECT. That’s highway robbery for ease of use features imho. EDIT: Took away the second star for giving event quests for places that aren’t on my map and another for event quest that asks for money.

  9. It’s a fun game but there is one thing that is frustrating and I wish they would fix, is when you upgrade say like your Tanner or sewing table, etc.., if you go from level two to level three, you have to finish what you were doing on level two before you can do what you need to do on level three, even though you upgraded to level three already, and they make it nearly impossible to finish level two or three or whatever level you’re on, it should be easier, I want the option to clear it.

  10. Its a good game overall. The gameplay is pretty smooth most of the time. The diversity in weapons and armor make it where you can still play beginner levels and not be bored with it. There are still a few random bugs popping up, but support has been way kind about things. I would like to see the updates come a bit sooner, or get announced, so we can be ready for the fixes. Clans are a bit difficult get new members. Great game though!

  11. Mike Milo dice:

    This is a really fun app once you start. The trouble is that as you acquire things to protect yourself from zombies they break and you can’t repair them they just disappear. Every time something breaks they alert you that ‘hey you can buy this in the store’. I nderstand needing to make money but let me save my guns and repair them and instead of finding guns I should find ammo. There are sections of the game that are not very clear as to what to do either.

  12. I’m giving it a 3 star mainly because the game keeps on crashing now. When I first got the game it was fine, but like 2 weeks into the game and now it crashes when i want to change locations, can’t even travel without it crashing. I really loved the game, it’s really fun, I’ve even bought some promos the game offers but too much crashing

  13. Constant crashing and servers going under maintenance is getting to be really annoying. It is getting to the point where I am going to be done with the game and to be very honest I regret putting any money into the game because of the issues it has. Update: Deleted due to the game lagging which caused me to die in the middle of fighting 2 zombies off with a bat. I wish I could give it 0 stars because this game is horrible.

  14. Was not a bad game until I saw an ad to download a different game for x amount of gold coins while I was dead and hoping not to lose my gear. Did what they wanted, didn’t get my gold coins and had to lose my gear that is above par for my level. They are trying to make me jump through hoops to contact other people and I’m not doing all that. I’m done with this game and going back to Frostborn which is awesome at honoring their promises such as rewards for ads and stuff. UNINSTALLED FOR GOOD!!

  15. This game is pretty cool. BUT – the reset makes me lose my investment in the game. It affects the inventory I’ve built to complete the tasks. If I give items to the guy at the water pump, he should hold them. It’s annoying that they reset with the location. Its disrespectful if I’ve invested $2 or $5 ect in purchases. I’m uninstalling it now. It’s seems like I e wasted my time.

  16. Rich dice:

    This is a fun game lots of things to do to keep you engaged and a good way to pass idle time. My only issues with the game is as others have stated. weapons, armors, tools, have no repair function, so a lot of time is spent collecting resources for just that alone, and they do not last long, so it takes the full amount of resources every time. and when most things take the same resources to upgrade it really slow things down. Makes it harder to progress in the game and in to better gear. Maybe a repair table or something using adds even in some way would be nice. on some of the maps the refresh time is really long, and sometimes you get stuck on terrain when trying to move about fighting zombies or animals. Otherwise I think its a enjoyable game and has lots of potential, will be interesting to see where it goes in the future.

  17. Better gameplay than I expected. I’m enjoying the light story aspects of it and the progression is just right in terms of being challenging enough, but not being so difficult that it’s impossible to progress. I do wish there were more character customization options like skin pigmentation, hair and eye color, and body types but I’m assuming that’s already planned for later. Nonetheless, very addicting (as someone who gets bored easily) and gameplay is very smooth.

  18. its a good game and I’m sure it’ll get better. I would give a hire rating but a few game mechanics are really annoying. my main issue is with having access to what’s in storage while in camp, I don’t like that I have to pay a daily fee just to be able to craft efficiently. having the ability to see material count and not have to run back and forth and switch between screens just to craft or upgrade should not be a premium option, it detracts from overall enjoyment.

  19. Dee Dra dice:

    So far so good, only reason I rated 4 stars because I wish there was an option to craft anything at home as long as items are in backpack slots AND/OR storage boxes. Other than that I like the game a lot! Edit: also after playing for a little bit longer, it would be nice to be to move walls and/or be able to destroy them and get material back instead of having to delete them every time I accidentally place it in the wrong spot and waste material! 🙂

  20. This would have been 5 stars. It’s a great game, no ads, don’t have to pay to progress, great graphics and fun to play through (the spiked bat is my favorite). 1 major flaw IMO is the lack of weapon/armor repair. Pretty disheartening to do all the work collecting the resources and blueprints to make an item only to have it gone after going through all your stamina. Should be a fix asap on the next update and I’m sure it’ll pay 10-fold.

  21. The items are too expensive. For what little they do. It’s a long running game. It takes an extreme amount of time to make real progress. My biggest issue is when you collect a ton of items and if you get killed, even when you pay 7 coins to respawn, or if you run home to take the items back and return, sometimes everything you collected and stored in the tubs etc are gone before it even updates. They don’t make it up fairly either. About to get a new game.

  22. Not bad! Some annoyances with movement, such as the character gets stuck at the frame of the door to the house, can’t slide against the wall and go through the door. You have to walk away from the house and then perfectly thru the door. Entering some locations can initiate downloads and game pause that can take very long time, 2 mins or more. Others have already listed other minor bugs. Great implementation to start! Will update as I get more play time.

  23. It’s the standard find, create, amass, upgrade yer character game. Yet, fresh (to me) in that it’s similar to a free roam PC game. The graphics and movement are pretty good. I’m sure phone hardware and software will play into what you see. I had an issue (which was my fault), but Support Team was quick and precise in the fix. I’m truly enjoying the ability to advance and not need to purchase items, so far. I have downloaded a game or two from their ads.

  24. Enjoyable game. Graphics are pleasing to the eye. Character movement and fighting is actually smooth and not hard to figure out. Energy in this game isnt nearly as scarce as other games like this, allowing for more trips. My only issue, is the amount of ads that show up. With this being a free game and all, i can understand, but perhaps a option in the store, to become vip or something, which in turn, turns off ads? Overall, this game is a blast and im having a wonderful time

  25. I really enjoy this game, it is set up like other survival games, but the fact other players don’t attack you and steal your things is awesome. Low cost when traveling is a plus, resources are easier to find and replenish often. Quests are easy to complete, and rewards from the diary is helpful. The only thing I do not like is the high prices for bundles/packages, seems a little steep for very few items/resources.

  26. Over all I really like the game. Only down fall is that I must keep returning to home to unload or get supplies repeatedly. Slows me down. I wish there was a better way to get stuff from the home with out all the back and forth. Also I would like to suggest a help or more info feature. I get stuck with upgrades or what type of weapons would be best for which zombies or animals. Thank you in advance.👍

  27. Highly recommended. Been playing last day on earth for 4 years now. This game will definitely remind you of that one. Lots of similarities between the 2.But both are different in their own ways which makes them unique. I personally like the way the areas on the map are set up better on this one. Seems more realistic. Note:game kept crashing on me after 2 min. Playtime or so.. Set the graphics on the game to minimum.. No problems since. Do have a pretty cheap phone. Lol.

  28. The developer’s are usually pretty good about responding to issues and fixing them. But I do have to say this game gets very boring and repetitive pretty quick. I made it to level 74 and stopped playing due to those issues. There is never anything exciting that changes about this game, besides the occasional new zombie and a map that appears and dissappears occasionally. They throw in contests but really it’s STILL the same boring game. Don’t waste your time or money.

  29. I love this game but I have a couple of major problems with it. 1: armor is still impossible to make. It takes SO many resources just to make basic armor and upgrading the recipes ends up costing you even more for armor that isn’t as good. 2: the prices for buying anything are crazy. Especially since most things can only be gotten through random boxes which are a rip off anyways. Everything else about the game is great.

  30. There are still some bugs they need to get out. Mainly with the loading when you enter a place. Sometimes I have had to exit the map and then go back in for it to load. Other than that it’s my favorite out of all the survivor games like it. I have played 4 different survival games and most of them are to drawn out. They take to much energy and dont give you enough. This one is a lot more balanced when it comes to that. Good game overall and I like the style of it as well.

  31. I really enjoy it some although some of the items take a lot to make/upgrade to the point that it’s almost impossible not to buy upgrades, which is not a altogether bad thing till they cost a arm and a leg, and then they break. And you have to buy then again. Cheap ok I get that but something over 10 bucks that is gone in the matter of minutes is excessive.

  32. Fun game. Can be a pain when ur playing for over 5 days looking for one item to progress and can be a bit laggy. But I enjoy it so much and they seem to be working on it a lot so I don’t mind, plus I have an old phone sooo… It’s going to lag some. If you love survival games, dl n check it out. There are building options, a nice amount of options/upgrades. Don’t really care for the random store options. Would love individual basic items, wood, super glue, etc. Or starter box type.

  33. After 5 months of playing Days After multiple times every single day, last week I hit my limit. For the third time, many of the recipes for crafting and upgrades changed again. One upgrade I had been “saving” for for 3 weeks, I was almost there, then it completely changed. Would have to start all over with items I could not realistically get without at least another month of grinding. That did it. I never played the game again and today I’m deleting it. Goodbye.

  34. It was a little annoying at first and even now the crafting is annoying there is nothing to crafting but you will always need something from the zombies and it’s annoying not being able to consistently craft sets of armor but I definitely get it. That’s what’s the star system is for. Overall very good very challenging game and it takes time but not to much time.

  35. Kess Dyer dice:

    I really love this game and find it very addicting. You can actually find the resources you need for building upgrades, crafting, etc. while out scavenging. You can get more energy after your energy bar has run out by watching advertisements and it has no cap!! And you dont have to spend money on the game to actually upgrade your buildings or to advance further in the game. I wish more games were developed like this.

  36. Decent. However after I died in a difficult area and most of my cloths wore out, getting back to a point where I could even reattept the difficult area took WAY too long. I kept returning to easier areas over and over to collect items required to craft better ones. Seen an add for another game which I actually thought might be by the same developer because it looked the same. That game is almost identical to this one but better. Less glitchy, better graphics, etc. Too bad for these devs

  37. Big problems with the combat dynamics. Character is frozen during the reload phase, switching weapons is difficult because there is only a small window to click while engaging, weapons do not switch automatically when they break your character just runs forward like an idiot into a pile of zombiez. Basically, No ability to kite. Check out the game mutiney. Great combat system! Huge part of these games for me.

  38. Bad: Camera is a little too close, it should rotate and zoom. They said smoke was coming from my neighbors 2 days ago, taking me a bit to get there but I’m sure she’s dead by now, right? No real reason she shouldn’t be… Why radiation? That’s a stupid element. Good: Diary is a neat concept, there is a lot to craft, and the stats are shown on the items without me having to hold my finger on them. Graphics are amazing, and it’s OK gameplay. Stories broken up and misleading but it’s ok.

  39. The game itself is pretty enjoyable. I dislike the constant bombardment to spend money on gear. If you learn to ignore the in game ads and play the game, then through leveling you can craft the necessary equipment to survive in game. The dog breeding system does take a little time to learn as there’s little explanation to it’s mechanics. It is a very challenging overhead view zombie survival game. My only request is an option to exit the game instead of using my phone functions to close the game

  40. A very enjoyable seeking game but the only thing I can find wrong with it is the high cost of some of the items and the difficulty in getting some of the common items. For example I like how you plant one grass and it grows two. It would be nice if say for every two pumpkins you grow, it gives you three. I also have a hard time finding tape and nails and those should be fairly common. Just my opinion.

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