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Become the richest person on earth by running your own business!
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Ever dream of becoming a millionaire or billionaire? Make your dream come true in this idle tycoon simulation game!
You can make all your dreams come true here, in this idle tycoon simulation game!
Clicker games are so old-school. No need to click your fingers off for money anymore!
In this idle tycoon simulation game, you make money by doing nothing!
Charming, interesting managers are ready for recruitment. Recruit and assign them to the right places to build up the best business empire ever.
You’re a novice businessman. Nobody knows what awaits you in your path to fortune!
But that’s fine. This idle tycoon simulation games provides you with the most convenient way to become a billionaire.
Lean back, and enjoy your way to riches. Exciting storyline: gratis.
Enjoy regular events. In this idle tycoon simulation game!
Run a new business in events, earn money and expand your own business empire!

– Take over businesses, make money, and become a millionaire.
– Recruit and assign amazing managers to businesses to automate them.
– Clear various missions and take over streets all across the world.
– Try hostile takeovers through Negotiation Battles and make even more money.
– Enjoy the amazing plot.
– Operate various concept event businesses.

This idle tycoon simulation game is free-to-play and doesn’t require extra payment.
However, in-game purchases are available in case you want to level up quickly or obtain certain items immediately.
You can still obtain enough items for free, so feel free to enjoy the game!

This idle tycoon game requires internet connection when starting the game for the first time.
Once you start the game, you’ll be able to play the game offline as well.
No more stressing over excessive network data consumption!
No additional downloads are needed after the initial download.
Download the game and start building your own business empire in no time!

If you have any questions, or ideas that can help improve the game, please send your comments to [email protected].
To become ever better, Idle Billionaire Tycoon will always listen to you.


- Fixed 'Dragons&Dungeons' event bugs.


40 comentarios en "Idle Billionaire Tycoon MODDED"

  1. Be careful this game is extremely addictive! There isn’t much strategy as it’s all pretty straight forward on what to do, however there isn’t much strategy in watering a flower and watching it grow either. This game is very relaxing, brings down stress levels and very enjoyable. You do not have to pay to get passed levels and even the ads are optional. Like everyone else, I find to many ads can be intrusive, but for this title they are well worth it and it feels like part of the game.

  2. As of a few days ago I can no longer login to play. Pretty good idle progression with a silly story and neat events. No forced ads and you get rewards for watching ads which I personal prefer from these free games. Unfortunate that I can’t get into the game and I’m sure a reinstall will end up with lost progress. A good time waster while it lasted.

  3. Surprisingly…good. I expected the typical idile business sim that you learn how things work, play for a few days and forget about after a while. I like how it’s so far keep bringing back in the game. With different mini games and a good story it’s keeps me engaged. It does have ads but they don’t pop up unless you want a gift of resources. Overall good but it’s still early in to say it’s a keep long term. I’ll respost later for an update.

  4. Early game is fun, you’re unlocking and earning rewards at a steady rate. Until right around New York, where you’ll start to notice the speed of everything getting dropped rapidly. You’ll soon hit a brick wall with investing too, the npcs just become so outragously OP. Gold is also locked behind investing… and to win, your crew has to be high level… but that requires gold. Meaning you have to wait days just to level up one time as it costs thousands. Lastly, $30 to remove ads is robbery!

  5. Edit: 1000 gems ($10) for 9.7e? Yeah that’s not cool, especially when I can make that in 5 m It’s not bad but I feel like I’ll be done with it in a couple days. There are many quality of life choices with their UI, there’s a decent narrative, and no issues with crashing. Honestly it’s very well done! More mini games and fun stuff please! It gets boring just slowly leveling up everything and having nothing to do while you wait. Give us more options to skip stuff, too, so we can win faster too. 🙂

  6. oddly, i enjoy this game. it’s casual, it contines earning while offline, virtually no pop up ads, there’s events to keep it fresh, and i like the slow introduction of features as i progress. i.e. collect all, invest, etc. my suggestion would be to include a statistics feature so i can view all business data and determine what to improve next. thanks for the game!

  7. Editing to update from 3 to 5 stars as the game has been fixed now. The pass is definitely worth it when the game is working correctly! Recent update definitely broke the game. At first my assumption was that they were trying to speed some of the slower processes up a bit but uh..I think it was overkill. I’ve played and enjoyed the game enough that I finally spent money for the ad free version, but it sucks that my first experience with it is with a broken game.

  8. At first it’s fun, and engaging, after a few levels it’s almost impossible to pass to another level, that’s where you get ads to buy credits to help you get there, very sneaky way to make you want to spend money ( that’s how gambling starts ) and not to mention them viewing ads for credits where sometimes the only way to get your rewards is to download something. It’s a big no for me.

  9. This game is really fun but the negotiation battles are completely rigged. The percentages are undoubtedly skewed against the player. A 45% chance for a skill to activate for the computer is more like 90% and 20% chance for the player. It’s extremely frustrating. A lot of the time I will lose the battle due to one skill that activates and has a 45-50% chance to activate. I will have to repeat the battle a dozen or more times for the skill to not activate so I can win. It happens consistently.

  10. The gold value is lopsided. Beautiful graphics and a great take on a classic idle game but clearly designed to make $. I’ll watch as many ads as I need to to progress but I don’t even have that option with gold. Can’t “invest” any further. And let’s not talk about the update making things even worse!

  11. Great game ruined by the take over missions. I’ve found myself getting to the the of cities just waiting for air drops to come over then when I did get a high enough level the ‘special abilities’ come up once in a blue moon where as the ai gets it at least once everytime without fail. It’s beginning to be a chore.

  12. It was good at the beginning but then I started noticing that the game slows down evolution intentionaly to force the player to watch ads in order to evolve. I have also noticed that after a certain level, the manager shards won are removed from the stack, for example if I win 3 shards for an epic manager, when I go to evolve them, I only have 1 shard

  13. One of my favorite games. I am so addicted to this. I play it every day and check on it multiple times a day lol. Only problem is right now I am stuck on level 22 because I can not get passed the negotiations. I am still trying to work at it though. Not very many ads and if you do watch ads they give you money and gold bars so I don’t mind those. Great game

  14. Cute, but it wears out it’s cuteness very quickly. The ads are all over 30 seconds long, and you have to watch them to get any of the good prizes. The ads are not forced though like other games, but it falls short on just being a cute game. There’s no real good goals here.

  15. I really liked this game. The update has killed the events, primarily by dramatically reducing rewards while increasing costs, and breaking several of the core event mechanics. I used to be able to complete a 3-day event within the first 2 days. I didn’t even unlock the final building in the last Halloween event, and the current beach event is unplayable. The pachinko minigame literally does not work, even the animations are broken, and you always get the middle reward.

  16. Great game. Very addictive! But I’m noticing a problem. You have to spend a lot of money to do your negotiations. Also you have to keep negotiating to beat levels. I’m rocking in every other aspect. I can’t trade out the objective that have me negotiate for the others. I like all the other aspects of the game, I just don’t like having to spend money to succeed.

  17. Omid dice:

    Great game! I’ve been playing it for hours and it’s REALLY addictive, and the best thing about is that the game won’t shove an ad in your face every 2 seconds and you can choose whether to watch an ad or not, and even then the game rewards you greatly!

  18. Game is fairly enjoyable at first though the package to remove ads is a bit pricey. Furthermore the holiday event packages (Halloween and Christmas) are a scam as those events are not possible to complete even after buying all of them due to the cost to upgrade managers. The other events are equally sketchy. In addition, there are costumes advertised as being part of the event that are not actually obtainable through the event. Good entertaining story, though, with neat characters.

  19. I’ve finished France and I’m still loving it, I’ve been playing for months and have spent a few pounds at most on this game. it’s good because you can play this game without using ads and money (though harder) I wish new events were added as it seems to recycle through the same 4. A good game overall I play it around 1.5 hours a day throughout the day.

  20. Its a smooth functioning game mini events and ways to bot spend a dime and still progress. It would be better if there was additional functions like bidding or more territories to operate at the same time. 1 territory doesn’t last long and you progress super fast.

  21. TemZz dice:

    It’s fun for what it is, the most frustrating part is if you pay for a season and unlock all of the perks you just get reset at the end of the season. You don’t keep what you unlocked. That fact alone ensured I won’t spend another dime on this game. Shame as I have no problem spending money for good entertainment.

  22. Like many of these idle games, they charge too much money to progress. If your willing to work at it everyday, progress can be had, without money, after weeks or months of stagnation. It just becomes boring. There are much better Idle games out there.

  23. A bit hard to level up advisors as need more gold bars. Hostile takeovers take time due to this. Otherwise a good game. Developers please sort the beach mini game as its impossible to get enough cocktails to level up the managers. Please put them as rewards on the hot air balloons like the other mini games.

  24. The negotiation battles are absolutely ridiculous once you’ve gotten past the elementary stage. You can tell the bots are clearly at an advantage in the gameplay. I had a manager who never activated their battle skill (assumingly due to the fact that I would’ve won the game) with a “45% chance of activation”. Winning the battles (half impossible) and watching ads are the only ways to really further progress smoothly in the game without paying for anything (which their prices are outrageous).

  25. Zepdog dice:

    Not a bad game but it is heavy in cost. But the biggest problem/complaint is the fact that once I turned off ads the Blimp that gives bonuses STOPPED coming around! If this is how they treat paying customers to extort more money from them then I want a refund!!! They are greedy enough with pricing, but to pull a stunt like that is just disgusting and Immoral!

  26. Was very fun until the new update. New level ups are MUCH more expensive, forcing you to spend cash if you want to progress. Negotiations almost doubled overnight, now my once strong team has absolutely no chance. PLEASE go back to previous level up requirements so we can enjoy the game again!!!

  27. Great game and I really enjoy it. Big problem with ‘late game’ balancing, gets to a point where I have over 10C gold bars and every unit max level so I can’t even complete quests that require me to use gold bars which is sad. This leads to the next issue where you do not get enough legendary cards. The reroll system is broken where if I use a legendary card which I don’t need & 10 purple cards I just get the same legendary card I put into it. I’ve done this exact thing 3 times and all same.

  28. New update for Beach Event AWFUL! The plinko feature to get shells and cocktails is glitching and doesn’t bounce all the way down but just goes straight to the center. How are you supposed to get more cocktails and points when it just goes straight down and not giving you a chance to get the other point options!! I paid money and in this stupid glitch happened I want a refund!

  29. Enjoyable. But annoyed at the not being able to change the name of the main character or “Boss” since I control him, therefore he is MY avatar. Bad enough I have to deal with people in reality retending to be me via identity theft, really don’t need characters in the game reaping the benefits of my work also. Just an idea for the dev. Give the option to change the character names to that of the players choosing.

  30. Great game and enjoy the episodes but having to purchase the premium pass for each season is irritating and a waste. I’ll keep playing because I enjoy it but please change the season premium pass to a one time purchase rather than a purchase you have to make every season.

  31. S S dice:

    FIX YOUR ADS! Game is basically unplayable. Probably 80% of ads don’t load, so you have to exit the game and go back in. Over and over and over. Don’t waste your time, there are better games out there. I’m deleting out of pure frustration! I hate this game.

  32. It’s an okay mobile game. I gave it a 3 stars because it doesn’t allowed you to buy gold bar with in-game money. What’s the point of being a billionaire when you can’t buy gold-bar? All it is, is let you use in-game money to upgrade your business buildings. Can you at least let us use in-game money or real money to buy gold bars? If you can, I’ll edit my post and give this game a 5 stars! 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟

  33. Anaoa dice:

    I actually like this tycoon/simulator game comparing to other games like this! Ads are not forced either and not even needed unless you want to get money faster over-time; there’s no pop-up ads! There is story telling so it’s a lot more motivating to keep playing. The artstyle is very clean and simple I love it! I just hope that the endgame doesn’t bore me though, but I’ll definitely keep playing. Right now I’m halfway done with the map, but I think there’s gonna be more ahead so, more to come!

  34. The game is exceptionally good with its gameplay and the choice to watch ads but what makes it an absolute disappointment is the fact that it has a horrible save feature. I uninstalled the game because I had to reset my phone and even when I had my google play games account connected and saved the game progress through that, it still didn’t save it and I ended up losing so much of my progress. I was at level 38 and it set me back to 25 with no way to recover that. It’s a shame.

  35. This game is super entertaining when you don’t have much to do. Don’t have to waste any money but it is easier if you watch a few adds. Shame there are so many though but I’m fully enjoying it! Doesn’t lag at all either!

  36. Quite happy with the game. No intrusive ads except for optional bonuses like resources. Can be slow to progress at some points without spending money, but overall a good experience.

  37. Great game, easy to play without spending real $$. HOWEVER, it does NOT auto save!!! Had to restart the game 3 times 😭😭😭. Add an auto save feature and I will give 5 stars!!

  38. I love the latest updates. I can go no farther. I cant win any negotiations, because its impossible to beat the negotiation level of the other side. My mgrs have sufficient max level capacity but its not possible to get enough gold bars to max out the level. One manager is at level 227. Gold bars are coming at less than 4c and it takes 285c to move up one level. Thats 72 zeppelins of gold to level up 1 spot. I cant move on to the next city until i win 2 more negotiations. I spent over $100 here.

  39. I play this game daily, it’s amazing but sadly theres never and ads for the free offers 😒 there’s never any ads, which may be my fault, but we play games for the game itself, not watching ads, so i can’t get the (free) offers the game has, I’ve pressed the AD button multiple times but nothing, feels like I’m missing out on a portion of the game, I’ve been playing this game for over a year and its a shame that they play a sound if you attempt to watch the ad but nothing😢😫😭

  40. Honestly iona cool for a bit until all you are doing is logging in for 5 days for gold. You will be maxed on all tasks except take over corporations. After 3 maps in a row taking almost 2 weeks to beat each I’m leaving this review. Ita bad enough the literal only way to get anything in events is to watch 100 ads and even then if you didnt do that for the 2 days straight you will not get a costume shard. All in all fix your upgrade/progression system and the game could have potential.

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