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The new city building game from the makers of Rollercoaster Tycoon® Touch™! Design, build and grow your town into the most extraordinary Citytopia®.


Build your very own AMAZING City: Discover and place houses, skyscrapers, landmarks, factories, beautiful parks and more. Place buildings strategically – each one develops your skyline, attracts more citizens and helps grow your economy.

A HUGE Playground: Progressively unlock all the neighborhoods, buy more real estate, and expand your city from a humble hamlet into a sprawling Citytopia. Satisfy your citizens, who aren’t shy in expressing their thoughts about the town.

Take on CHALLENGING Missions: Complete a constantly-changing set of missions to level up faster. Stock your fleet of trucks and buses to go on transportation quests to earn great boosts in progression.

Collect a WIDE COLLECTION of Cards: Open free packs every day to find new buildings, decorations, vehicles and more. Find cards to unlock new creations and upgrade them to boost existing infrastructure. Discover rare and epic cards with outstanding stats like towering skyscrapers and stunning attractions.

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Have fun!


Enter 2023 with amazing deals and exciting events. So, have fun with the new update!!
We’ve made certain adjustments in the game for smoother and effortless gameplay.


40 comentarios en "Citytopia® FULL"

  1. It’s a city-builder in the same vein as SimCity BuildIt, with a key difference of a card collection system instead of a goods production chain à la Anno series. It’s a spin on the genre, and not wholly bad. The aesthetic and graphics are charming and stylized enough, and ran smoothly. There isn’t much world building nor a narrative, and various stats and mechanics are ill-explained. At its current state, it’s a little bare-bones. Playable, colorful, enjoyable, and as of this review, forgettable.

  2. very fun building/city management game. the only issue I have is with the smoothness of operation. Example, when scrolling around the city a lot of times it will keep selecting random buildings. I’ve played games like this before (Megalopolis, SIM Build Tycoon) and have never had these issues. Also, not sure if it’s supposed to happen, but wlafter collecting from a building event, when trying to immediately start another, it backs out of the event selection several times.

  3. Fun, user-friendly, cross-platforn, and for at least an hour it isn’t predatory. After playing for a fee hours, I do wish it moved a little faster, it was a little more forthcoming about my having things ready to be upgraded, and that the option existed for me to fix the framerate (which is a lot lower than it needs to be).

  4. Love the effects and sounds of the new upgrades. Wish we didn’t have to drag the trucks to make a delivery. Would be cool if we could just click on the delivery and it would auto select the vehicles. Also, it’s relly glitchy now and I don’t like the touch sensitivity when scrolling through the goods for the stores. The scroll is too sensitive. Other than that, awesome game. 🙂

  5. So far so good. It certainly has different feel than Simcity, which is what it’s obviously comparable to. I’m actually enjoying it just a touch more than Simcity. The pace fits my style. UPDATE: We need a “Collect All” button that collects from all the buildings at once (maybe once a day and if you want to use it again, watch an ad?) and some of the blank spaces that look like they could hold decorations, need to be changed so you can place them! Can’t connect to FB to get my saved city!!!

  6. There is no edit mode to make moving the buildings easier and if you accidentally store something in storage, you won’t see it again. I love the idea behind the game but it really misses the mark a lot. Also you will see a red dot (notification) above categories you can update even when you don’t have the funds to do so making the dots kind of annoying. I’m also not a fan of how scattered the categories are. I honestly don’t think I’ll be keeping it on my phone for long.

  7. I have been playing this game a while now! I honestly love it a lot, however to progress is nearly impossible. I have so many new buildings I would like to use but I don’t have any real estate to devote to them. I’ve been at the same city level for many, many weeks and I play every day! To raise your population, industry and, business value enough to progress it’s impossible to get there! Changes to make it a bit easier but yet still challenging would be great!!

  8. The game kept bugging me to rate it, so I did. The animations take too long to complete, can’t be skipped, break the flow of the game and generally only exist to extend the only thing that serves as gameplay. There are no meaningful decisions to make, you don’t place your own roads, and this is generally inferior to every other. it builder I’ve ever played.

  9. I like this game better then other city “build it” games for two main reasons. one is, there is on line purcheses, but they are not required to enjoy or even play the game. two is, the time it takes to collect and advance your city seem a lot shorter then other games. the layout is simple to understand. makes it a all around enjoyable build it game great for all ages, as long as the person can see, read and have hands…

  10. A simple city builder with easy earnings and upgrades. The only issue that I’m having is, after the latest update, when entering edit mode to place/move structures the framerate drops dramatically to where the game lags. Simply exiting and restarting the game fixes the issue until entering edit mode again. Overall it’s a fun, stress free game. Device: Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e

  11. Very engaging! Lots of fun to play and there is no pressure to be on it constantly like so many other games. This game conforms to your schedule instead of demanding that you conform to it. Tha controls and graphics are great! The game mechanics make sense and if you wish to pay to speed your progress you may, but the speed of advance does not require that you pay. The developer has made it a very well balanced game!

  12. This is a great looking game, but it is not a city builder or city simulator as it is sometimes advertised. It is more like a puzzle game with card based leveling; you city is rigidly built and only certain buildings can be placed on certain spaces based on lot size, which cannot be modified. None of the streets can be modified either. I love the graphics but lost interest quickly due to repetitive gameplay and limited city layout.

  13. It’s ok. I have one issue I would like to address. Each time I level up at the end it causes a strobe effect of flicker and doesn’t progress from there. I think there is a malfunction or a bug. I have had to restart my game when ever it freezes outside of leveling up.

  14. Erica A. dice:

    Beautiful graphics. Fun gameplay. No random ads. Lots of helpful tips. Well created game. But you can only play for a few minutes at a time while you wait for more money. I wish I could do more gameplay in one session. But but it’s still very fun & beautiful during those few minutes! 😁

  15. Currently stuck in Metropolis section & unlocking new parts of the city is taking entirely too long now. It’s to the point where I just open the game & collect money because it’s the only thing I can do. Theres no room to expand. I have upgraded buildings, only to not be able to place any more. Space is limited due to trees you can’t move, decorations that take up space used for buildings, & too many 4×4 buildings & attraction buildings. Space to building ratio is EXTREMELY unbalanced on here.

  16. HATE games that are locked behind microtransactions. You can’t do ANYTHING in this game without coins which are hard to come by unless you constantly purchase them. Everything is a waiting game which is highly boring. Upgrade costs are highly unbalanced and expensive vs the actual payouts you receive from doing the upgrades. Actual play time will be about 5 minutes or less at higher levels as everything is so expensive you can do one thing before having to wait for more coins or buy them.

  17. I’m a big fan of these types of games, and this is far and above the best I’ve played. It has the best features of similar games, but what makes it stand out is my ability to play on my own. I don’t like games that depend on other players to succeed. Although the animations can be gratuitous at times (particularly with the latest update), I view that as a sign of care on the developer’s part. The only thing that would improve my experience is customizable roads.

  18. Haven’t played very much but so far it’s a great game. One thing that’s absolutely amazing is that for a mobile game, the microtransactions are not ridiculously egregious. You can play the game and not spend a dime. All progress can be done naturally (as far as I can tell) and that’s amazing! I don’t usually review apps but this one certainly earned one! Great game! Consumer friendly and fun! Keep it up!

  19. Ugh, I spent $4.99 on this game before I’d played long enough to discover that the tutorial is long and buggy. The game kept going unresponsive whenever the tutorial guy showed up, and that was about every thirty seconds. The screen was cluttered, too, and there’s no way to collapse or hide all the menus. Honestly, I want my money back.

  20. Not a great city building game at all. You have zero control over roads. You must build on small set lots, that you unlock as you play. Buildings are locked be behind card upgrades and very repetitive. And the city is dead, no life, no pedestrians, just a random car now and then. Top it all off with glitches so bad that they delete your city and this game just plain stinks.

  21. Game gets stuck when you try to place the roller coaster. Literally can’t do anything beyond that. Will uninstall and move on to another game. What a waste of time.

  22. In startup tutorial game give 6k coins and three cards to place. Home and store take 4k out of it and then mandatory action is to place factory that costs 3k. How do the developers think factory can be placed in left out 2k coins. The tutorial itself has bugs… Dumb developers.

  23. Boi X dice:

    Believe me! Don’t download this GAME. Its Just a time waster. The good with absorbing gameplay. But the moment you will reach the level 8 game gets stuck. No matter how many time you reopen the it will not going to work.

  24. Not bad, too much focus on graphics and selling me things rather than game play, but overall not bad for the average user.

  25. Absolutely a trash of a game first of all the toturial is very broken when u pick the cards and not the money it would not let you buy the money I recommend to not play this game. If it fixes I’ll give this a 5 star

  26. Very enaging and fun. However, I can’t give 5 stars. I loved this game up until the new Halloween update. Ever since the update the game won’t load. I thought of uninstalling and starting over, but I’ll just uninstall. Maybe, I’ll reinstall another time. They ruined a really great game.

  27. Had this app for a while and have enjoyed it but since the Halloween update I cant get the game to open. It juts gets stuck on the loading screen. Hopefully this gets fixed soon as I’ve missed out on a couple of days of play because of this.

  28. I am not able to build the factory in the Tutorial. The game is getting stuck at that point. I am literally stuck in the Tutorial.

  29. J T dice:

    I give one star cause tutorial stuck in when it wont let me drag the factory to the land . Please fix so i can play and then i will give more stars thank

  30. Sai J. dice:

    Graphics are cool. The rewards and goals are vague but it’s a good past time

  31. David F dice:

    The tutorial is broken. I can’t place the factory. It shows 1/2. Does that mean I don’t have enough cards to place it?

  32. This is a great game with cards although I don’t have enough money but I can buy that money with cash!

  33. It’s very nice game, I like the card system – i think – I’m a bit unlucky with getting the ones I need but thats the magic of rng. Editing the town could be a bit better (as in edit mode so I don’t have to click every single building, place and accept, repeat). Making coins is a challenge, if you wanna be a casual player (not logging in every hour) then you will have a bad time upgrading things – everything is expensive! Still, I enjoy the game, graphics are pleasant, no pressure or anything.

  34. Overall the gameplay is good, but I’m updating my review! The trees should be removable as it takes up prime real estate to build. I’m at the point where I’m stuck in the game and will never be able to move forward as I can no longer build, and it takes a VERY long time to upgrade things along with VERY high costs to do so. The game would also be fun if you added the option to purchase more land with in game cash and/or challenges. 2 stars is all this game deserves until upgrades happen!

  35. All in all it’s a great game, I’ve played it on and off for a few weeks and have only made 2 small purchases as I find that if you grind the transport system which rewards you wish coins/bucks you can use those bucks achieved for coin purchases or card packs which I find is a great offering and it really has helped me progress. The in game offers are not the best, could do with more in-game updates too and better multiplayer support.

  36. Im having to put my rating down again unfortunately.I love city building games. This ones great. One thing I would suggest changing, get rid of all the trees on the plots of land once they are available. We can’t put any big buildings in the big plots of land when there’s groups of trees in the way. I am now at level 76 and its taking far, far too long to upgrade all my buildings to the next level. Its been made so difficult to go any further once your trying to upgrade your city to a Megaopolis

  37. One of the best city building game I ever played. I can build a good city without paying money. It really feels like SimCity. Good graphics and texture. But need some improvement. Also, this game needs more lives. There are only few vehicles on the road. It will be great there are people and add some activities to bring some alive to this game. There is an issue of leaderboard. I can’t see anything at leaderboard and I can’t connect game to the Facebook.

  38. Just downloaded the new update. The problem is as soon as I try to open the game it gets to about 90% and then kicks me out every time. We will see if it starts working if not probably will stop playing game.

  39. TMG dice:

    I’ve tried to play the game, it’s crashed 6 times in the first 10min of me playing. When I was able to get in, apparently I don’t have the money to get through the tutorial.

  40. Update: after the game being updated, I lost all my cash (I’m now $-760). Off this game now! Game started off fantastic. I mean its still a great game. Great time killer. Only down fall is as I progress, the cards I receive only ever be factory or stores. Never homes. Now I’m at the point where I can’t progress any further as I don’t get the home/house cards. Please fix this!

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