Fantastic Cats MODDED 2022


Cat's are mysterious... What are they really? Perfect game to 'spy on cats'.
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People say that liquid cats and alien cats are just a made up theory.
However, we are here to show you the truth about how magnificent these cats are.
You don’t need agile or tremendous control of your thumb, etc. Not even persistence!!

Watch yourself become a World Renowned Blogger as you sit back and relax.
The cats will help you connect with others and vice versa.
Then, in the future you could become known as the ‘Fantastic Cats’ blogger!

Now… Shall we start our journey to blog about these ‘Fantastic Cats’?!~

♥ Feel uplifted through the ‘fun and relaxing’ content.
You can enjoy it at your own pace. You can appreciate it even if you connect for just a short time daily!
But of course, you can also play for many hours without getting tired~

♥ More than 36 different breeds of charming street cats!
Discover all of their Fantastic Behaviors. Cherish their cute animations.

♥ Daily Objectives
Every day there are 3 daily missions to complete and the amazing rewards are just extra perks~!

♥ Popular Blogger
Every day at midnight, the photos of the cats will be automatically uploaded to the in-game blog.
Check how many cats visited and how many Fantastic Behaviors you’ve discovered at a glance.
Earn more revenue as more people subscribe to your blog!

★ How to play★
– Leave food or snacks for the cats.
– Of course place some toys for them also.
– Then just sit back and watch!

★ Access Permission Information ★

▶Optional Access Permission
– Gallery(Photos) : Permission is required to upload a profile picture, or to save a screenshot of the game.

▶How to withdraw permission
– You can change the settings in ‘Device Settings > Applications > Fantastic Cats > Permissions’.


- Function improvements and stabilization


40 comentarios en "Fantastic Cats MODDED 2022"

  1. Great game…but I have a couple of criticisms/suggestions: Please consider restructuring the photo aspect of the game. Instead of automatically taking photos, let the player take photos, or give the option of deleting photos without incurring penalties. It would be nice if we could choose when pictures are taken and of what kitties. Auto photos should be taken and saved only when a cat performs a fantastic behaviour. Thank you for your consideration!

  2. Cute. Liked art style and the way things are organized. Feel that Neko Atsume did a few things better. Please seriously consider adding a way for this game to autocollect all of rewards left by any visiting cats. Thank you. To anyone considering the game: the ‘free’ cat food requires watching an ad. If you have patience, you can probably earn everything eventually. If not, this looks like one of those situations where you could easily end up spending more time watching ads than playing.

  3. This game is an interesting addition to the Neko Atsume genre and I really want to like it. The animations are good, the cats are good, the graphics are great, etc. Edit: now that I’ve played it more I understand the mechanics better. I was stuck in the tutorial because I bought the wrong item, so coins were hard to get. All good now!

  4. riyah o dice:

    this is an amazing game! i absolutely love it! theres just a couple pet peeves i have. 1, the game does get kind of boring just sitting and watching the cats, so maybe there could be a mini game you could play. 2, the purple coins are pretty hard to obtain, so thinking about the mini game idea, maybe you could add a mini game or two that rewards you with a certain amount of regular coins or (more preferably) purple coins.

  5. Jeanne dice:

    i love it! helps me get through bad times.. but i also wish the meow-ing sounds can be heard without clicking the cats, just like the birds sound. also, it would be nice if there’s an option to adjust spesific sound (e.g: higher music volume than the birds chirping)

  6. Tory P dice:

    Very cute game, but case of problem with ads(can’t open for 2 weeks) I stuck in luxury food mission((( Hopefully this repair or change the way to pass the mission if there’s a problem.

  7. It’s a good game overall. I wish there was a way to delete photos from the photo album as it fills up fast. I’m a a good time waster which I like and the cats are cute. Some of the cats fantastic behaviours are discovered but greyed out on their album so don’t count and I can’t figure out how to in grey them which is really annoying.

  8. Love this game! Cats & their behaviors are adorable! 💕 I’m a serious player and all my cats/items are complete. The addition of photos for items (ie: heart balloon, baseball etc.) was “fantastic”, lol There is now a way to track the cats still needed to finish them. Never stop adding new cats! Especially odd-eyed cats! Need more cats!🐈🐈♥🍿💯

  9. Very cute but incredibly confusing. Too many options, too many screens, too many different possibilities that don’t even give you a clue as to what or why you should or shouldn’t do these things! I’ve tried to figure this game out for a couple of weeks now and I’ve decided it isn’t worth my time and effort. The dev should take a look at Neko Atsume’s easy play action! Pixel 2 XL

  10. Graphics and the cats are really cute but the items cost way too much and obtaining catnip is way too hard. You have to wait 8 hours for one chance that might not even work to prompt a fantastic behaviour. Meanwhile, would really recommend having more events, preferably weekly to keep the game entertaining. Allowing us to interact with other players would be very nice too.

  11. Not the worst bug… Please fix the big, I updated it but I can’t play it because it say I didn’t updated it.

  12. The graphic is cute. But every items in the game are so pricey. Like HIGHLY pricey. Instead of buying new toys and having fun, All you can do is check-in every 2-3 hrs and watching ad to get coins which is not enjoyable AT ALL. And you get only just 300 coins each time, But the cheapest toy (a tennis ball) costs 1500 coins. You spend more than 10hrs waiting just to buy a tennis ball CRAZY.

  13. Interesting concept, mixed success execution-wise. “Fantastic Cats” plays a bit like “Neko Atsume,” but this game is nowhere near as fun as “Neko Atsume.” This game has a very slow pace in the experience and in generating funds. I do like how the cats have their own personalities to explore in “Fantastic Cats.” However, discovering these *Fantastic Behaviors* is just not as engaging and fun as it could be. So I therefore just couldn’t get into this game as much as I want to. The cats don’t seem natural, and some look like they want to kill you. Only positives to me are the VERY cute cat sounds and the soothing music. Other than that, I’d pass on this game.

  14. All the items but especially the ones that require purple coins to purchase are absurdly expensive. I actually bought a coin pack for like $7-8 and was literally only able to buy 2 decoration items with the pitiful amount of purple coins it gave me. The pricing is not at all comparable or on par with other similar games and this issue makes it a lot less fun to play. I would give 5 stars for the adorable artwork and unique items but the prices ruin it for me

  15. Very good cat collection game. I do like it a lot because it is quite like Neko Atsume but has some things I direly missed from that game: CLOUD SAVE, thank you! And a lot more features, functions, and better functionality. For examples pictures take automatically so you don’t constantly miss cats if you don’t have time to constantly check in and what not. Only downside: Currency is SO MUCH HARDER to come by, and worse still, no free cat food which I think is essential to prevent players to completely run out of money. After all no cat food means no cats means no money to afford cat food with, see what I mean? Please add free cat food and it will be “purrfect” !

  16. Lovely Cat Collecting Game, I am really loving this cat game the backgrounds are so cute with lights that you can turn on off or having flashing, the cats are so adorable, and with the help of cat nip the cat reveal their special behaviours, with certain pieces of furniture, they dress up which is really cute. I love the christmas and Halloween items and cannot wait to get more items as I have now purchased all items. I’m really looking forward to the train background that I saw on facebook.

  17. I love the game but earning money is so slow. You only get 50 per box and the maximum is 3 box. If you’re a busy person and only checks it like 3 or 4 times a days you only get 450-600 coins. Not even enough to buy a toy. They’re like almost forcing you to watch ads so that you can play the game. Especially that adding slots are so expensive and you also have to worry about buying toys and foods.

  18. Ashley R dice:

    This game is not that great. You miss out on cats and seeing them transform when playing with a certain item. That’s not fair. It’s cute that you can tap on cats that come peeking in and meet them. Plus you have no way of earning coins except waiting for the cat to leave. You have to be pretty much glued to the game in order see cats and get coins. And the items are too expensive.

  19. Its a cute game but pls lessen the time needed to wait for the catnip plant. And add the coins u get from the boxes, and also add the boxes you get. And while waiting for cat’s fantastic behaviours please add mini games while we play so we don’t get too bored while watching them do nothing. It really is a cut cat game that is why I gave 5 stars but please notice this comment and do some improvements to the game!.😸

  20. Have not been able to complete mission 1 (observe fantastic behavior). It says it doesn’t matter if the game is open or closed but I’ve had like 6 cats get their fantastic behavior and still no completion. It won’t let me skip the mission either as “missions can’t be skipped during the tutorial.” Buggy and unplayable

  21. At first, I enjoy it. But it’s getting boring bcs the flow is too slow. During 6 hour i get 22 cats, the image slot i have is only 23 (i upgrade it twice). Too many fantastic behaviours didn’t recognize. Maximum boxes i could save is 3. Each box gives only 50 coin and the toys is too expensive. Despite i watchinng ads i never get more than 4000 per day. This game doesn’t make any sense unless you can pay with real cash. Two star for the cute cat voice. Edit: the catnips are useless

  22. This is literally so fun! I love how kitties sends you boxes and get something for free, for me it is also addicting to change names! I really like how you can also message other people to make friends. This game is really fun, you should try this out and make new kitty friends, definitely recommend!!! 100/10

  23. Kris Kris dice:

    This game is absolutely amazing! <3 But there are a few problems. 1) I don't get any messages from cats, and I have lots of cats that are more than level 1. 2) My name doesn't save. I write my name and go out of the game, then when I come back it is just 'unnamed'. 3) I cannot link to Google Play. I just press on 'Link' it says 'Welcome' and nothing happens! (Ps. I am Russian so it is still a bit hard for me to write reviews) Thank you!

  24. I absolutely LOVE this game! It has no ads, very few in game purchases, and CUTE CATS!! This is a casual game where you use different toys to find out what cats do when you are not around. Some people think it is boring but it is not a game you play all day, you just kinda check in every once in a while. I rate this 5 stars!

  25. It was great until I logged back in and saw that it didn’t save any of my data so I have to start again every time

  26. Mandy B dice:

    Love it but you should also make it to where you can exchange gold coins for purple coins. Like 500 gold coins for 10 purple ones. I have bought everything I can with coins and I have over 1 Million gold coins but have nothing to do with them except food. I need more purple ones now more than ever and being able to use the gold coins to exchange for a few at a time would be helpful! Thank you 🙂

  27. Po dice:

    I had the old version of this game and it was good the new one is 10/10 a realy good game and sometimes I just watch the cats

  28. Everything good about this game is ruined by the lazy developers who can’t even bug fix. Not once in the month since I’ve been playing this have the ads worked properly to double the gifts we receive. I can’t even use the luxurious food because the ads never pop. It’s genuinely pathetic that a developer can’t even make sure one of their methods of making money work properly.

  29. Fun game so far! Adorable graphics and it’s very pleasing to the eye and mind. I don’t rate it a 5 because every game will have its problems and glitches, and even though it’s a really good game I still think it could possibly be better!

  30. kitti dice:

    This game is pretty good but the thing is 1# this is most definitely a Neko Atsume rip-off (But it’s pretty well done), and 2# It’s so hard to complete missions because it’s so hard to even get coins/money besides from the daily login award, because of that I barely have any items for the cats to play with, But other than that I don’t see anything wrong with this game. 😉

  31. So adorable. The first time i played the game i thought it would be boring and cats just would come to visit and go but actually i was wrong there was more to this game. Underneath is what i like about the game 🙂 1- How did you think of the catnip its cute :3 2- I love collecting the kitty’s it’s amazing!!! 3- Taking to the cat’s make my day 😀 4- I love the Tiny furniture ahhh ;D 5- I like how we are making a blog about cat’s. Thank you and please reply 😀

  32. The game is so cute! I wish you can add a function where you can notice when all the cats have achieved fantastic behaviours for an item like adding a crown or adding another column for fully complete behaviours.

  33. Adorable game! I love the animations, the toys and the collectible cats! I would strongly perfer adding more toys? Other than that, fun, creative game.

  34. Cute game with amazing graphic. I only have to check the game once in a while to feed the cats without worrying about anything, which is great for someone who doesn’t have much time like me.

  35. 17Roses dice:

    The bugs with the ads affect my experience. Ads always fail to work, and sometimes I have to watch them 2-4 times just to double the reward.

  36. Love the game. Better than nekoatsume. However earning coins is really slow and i think it would be the cause of players wanting to play nekoatsume than this because it is really annoying that you could earn really low. But overall it is gorgeous and really cute💖

  37. KDF dice:

    Very cute game, I always look forward to opening this app and seeing what fantastic behaviors the little cats are up to. Overall a great app and I live to show it to my friends and family. 😺

  38. I love this game it is fun and so cute and i love cats of course! But i wish there was more to do in the game like maybe when they come to the backyard we could brush them or give them a bath or play with them that would be fun but overall it is a cute ga!e and i love it!

  39. josie m dice:

    like the style, satisfying to click buttons, so far easy-ish to earn coins, & dont have to pay to get those special gems. but at the end of the day, this is just the sister of neko atsume

  40. Pros: Really cute and fun Cons: When I started to rename the new ones, my cats record no longer update. No more additional cats on the list even when they played/visited/ate the backyard/garden. 🙁

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