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Interactive murder texting games Investigate detective thriller & solve the case
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Mystery games & texting games from the creators of detective games Sentence , Memento and the series of investigation games Who is the killer

Investigate a series of murders with teenage victims in mystery games . The killings are somehow related to the disappearance of your sister many years ago. All forces are thrown into the crime investigation to find the killer . Investigate the mystery and answer the main question of the detective game — Who is the killer ?

🏆 Detective ! Hid the corpse in Nobodies crime scene investigation ? Survived in Duskwood interactive investigation ? Succeeded in Simulacra detective thriller ? Then try to investigate killer case and deal with a new realistic detective simulator in texting games : teen games with special interactive detective games mystery text games and crime investigation find the killer game ! Find the killer and solve the case or he’s definitely going to find YOU in this text based games thriller games !

Key features of detective games & murder mystery text game :

🎮 Dozens of hours of original crime scene investigation texting game : I am innocent brings aesthetic games to the next level, maintaining the storyline games traditions of serial killer games Criminal case , Sara is missing , Murder in the Alps and detective thriller Simulacra !

🤫 Unusual characters of the crime investigation ! Investigate teenage games and find the killer in detective games mystery !

🎬 Text based games with group chats, calls, photo and video criminal evidence of the mystery texting story games blur the line between text games & storyline games with investigation in style of thriller games Duskwood , Simulacra and Bitlife .

✅ You can find the killer and stop the serie of murders or fail the investigation . Begin crime scene investigation like in Sara is missing , analyze facts like in Simulacra and experience killer games like in Duskwood interactive investigation or text game Replika .

🧩 The complex topics covered in teen games can affect everyone, like the personal drama of the heroes of story games Bitlife , Sara is missing and Replika . Investigation games in serial killer games will give you an important experience in solving crime games .

Unique opportunities in detective simulator offline games :

💡 THINK over responses in find the killer game : interactive investigation gives you freedom during detective game , still remember about the responsibilities for the consequences of the investigation with multiple endings in games for teenagers .

😎 HACK into virtual databases to solve the mystery in games for teens : killer must answer for his killer games .

😱 SAVE your friends and family from the serial killer games by interactive choice in games for teens dialogues .

🔎 ANALYZE the evidence in mystery games — and you’ll have a chance to stop the serie of mystery murders , solve the mystery and complete crime investigation after all investigation games .

Psychological detective games — texting story games or thriller games ?

🕵️ Detective game is a great reason to start your own investigation , deal with personal conflicts and put all the evidence of the crime scene investigation in its place. Interactive investigation in this text game detective simulator will help you become a part of aesthetic games and of the finding of the serial killer . Dive into the characters’ suspense conflicts in addicting games — everybody lies ! So don’t get caught up in a web of lies during your investigation of murder and solve the case !

Suspense offline games , addicting games or murder mystery story games ? This realistic detective texting game will help you to get one step closer to the secret of the teenage games and solve the crime games . The conflict of emotions and reason in games for teenagers makes the plot of the detective thriller much more realistic than classic investigation games .

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Sentence team.

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40 comentarios en "I am innocent MODDED 2022"

  1. Pros: It seems like The Sign games (which I enjoyed immensly and have played all of.) Cons: It’s got heavy similarities to The Sign series via plot. Which I can look past. What’s really annoying: This is minigame HEAVY. You’ll send or recieve 5 or so texts between 2 people then be forced back to the minigame. I’ve gotten to the point where I just sit at the minigames and knock them out so when I go back I can play for about 5-10m before being forced to a new floor/more minigames.

  2. Way too many mini games. It should be story and mini games interspersed, not mini games with story taking a back seat. Edited to lower a star because content versus mini games is ridiculous. Finally finish all the stars needed to move on to only choose two sentences before I have to play a bunch of mini games again!!! Frustrated to the point where it stopped being fun a while ago!

  3. Have to agree with the reviews. Yes, the plot of the story is intriguing.., BUT the mini games are near impossible to complete unless you spend money. I’ve been trying to progress further for about 4 days now, but I can’t because I refuse to pay money. If the mini games get easier (i.e I don’t have to spend $$$ to play) the review will be changed to more stars.

  4. The plot is decent, but as others have mentioned, the minigames are a problem. The difficulty weights game play much more heavily into them, causing the little bit of plot interaction you get between minigame sets seem even smaller. I’m also not super happy with how limited response options are…you only have very small areas you can deviate or choose your own way in. It’s a decent idea, but unfortunately the execution could be a lot better.

  5. This game should have been great. It was a fantastic idea but I think the developers turned their efforts for the game into a desire to make money instead. The storyline is compelling, but the mini puzzles are tedious and get exceedingly difficult. The only other way to pass the puzzles is to pay for help or pay to pass the level. The worst is that you must get 3 stars (beat a level 3 times) before you get more of the story. Can’t beat the levels and don’t want to pay them?? Sucks for you…

  6. Still in the semi-beginning I believe. So far seems ok. The story line seems to be pretty good, can’t wait to see where it actually leads. Just made my first in-app purchase for more coins as some of the levels are a little difficult, but the game would be stupid if there was no challenge involved. The only thing I don’t really care for is how many puzzles you have to actually complete before you receive the data you need to move on to the next task. I personally feel like completing 3 puzzles should allow you to advance but this game goes based on a percentage % which means completing about 18 or so puzzles before being able to move on. Good game though! Good story line, excellent suspense builder. Deff recommended, and great time killer. Thank you for the game!!

  7. The story seems really interesting, and honestly it’s the only reason I played it as long as I did. Although the little tetris-esque mini game is fun, it’s not fun enough for how much I have to play it to progress in the story. I have to sit there and spam the mini game to get one super brief text message interaction with one of the characters. Immediately after I have to go spam the mini game again. Due to this, it takes an eternity to make progress in the story and I don’t think the main focus should be on the side game. Going to uninstall and watch someone play on YouTube. ✌🏼

  8. The story is very intriguing, and draws you in quickly. Easily 4/5 However, the puzzle aspect takes from the game. Multiple stages of the same puzzle, each of which need to be repeated 3 times, with only slight variation between them takes away from this otherwise incredible experience, and honestly might be enough to make me quit playing completely.

  9. the concept of the game is really interesting and in enjoy it. But the tasks for gathering data is just impossible and it makes it frustrating. You have to get a certain number of colors but there are times where it won’t even give you enough of the colors you need in order to beat it. I understand making it challenging but it’s impossible to beat at times. for ex: you might need red, blue and green but it’ll give tons of purple and not enough of all the other colors

  10. I really like this game, i think its fun and a good time waster as well. It seems easy but is actually rather challenging. I enjoy the challenge you could to the same board but still have a different outcome. I do think it cost a little to much to keep the story moving along maybe only winning 2 stars instead of 4. Not really many complaints at all, one more suggestion would be to let you watch more ads to get additional turns.

  11. I like the idea behind the game and the story line, though it is slow. Otherwise it is incredibly glitchy. Telling me to win 3 stars to advance, yet there aren’t 3 games left to play. Always giving you the exact wrong color you need for 14 turns in a row. Sending the incorrect reply to the text messages if you switch between the options too much… The list goes on. I’ve spent countless hours on this game but now I’m stuck and customer support doesn’t respond so I’m about to uninstall.

  12. It’s a pretty fun story simulation game. It reminds me of the steam game ‘Emily is Away’ where you have the ability to improve or deteriorate relationships with the people you text with. Like many others have said, I enjoy the mini games but they’re pretty tough without spending coins on tips/hearts. I’m totally willing to watch more ads to get more hearts. I don’t understand why it takes an hour to watch another ad. That being said, if you log out and back in, it refreshes your hearts.

  13. Seems to have some glitches. I’m enjoying the game and the story line. But the games you play to progress the story seem to have glitches. For example, sometimes a piece is played overlapping another piece, which isn’t great when you accidentally placed that piece overlapping and needed it somewhere else. And there are other times when you need a given color to win but sometimes it’s counted along with the shortcuts and sometimes it only counts for the shortcut. Glitches cause you to lose.

  14. It’s a good game concept, but is virtually impossible to proceed onto new levels without paying for “hacks” and coins with real money. You spend most of the game repeating tetris like games where you have to get a certain amount of colors because the game just doesn’t give you the colors, but if you pay for extra turns, you could. Also, tetris is entertaining enough in small doses but that’s what make up about 80% of the game. It would be better if they introduced different types of minigames.

  15. I feel like the story (the text portion) is interesting and would be more fun if it weren’t so slow moving. The real issue is that the puzzles are sometimes unsolvable without spending money. Later on, there are some where you need a specific shape or color to finish and you continually get the wrong ones until you run out of turns. I think this is supposed to push you towards spending actual money on the different hacks.

  16. I’ve installed this game several times, only to uninstall it over and over again. Dev’s put entirely too much emphasis on the mini-games, and they happen WAY too often. As the story line progresses they become difficult to the point of impossibility – def. feels like you’re paying to win. If you’re looking for something similar to this – only executed better, with a better storyline – try Duskwood. They really nailed it.

  17. the game is a cool concept, the only downfall is that when it comes to the minigame that you must play you progress, there will be many times where itll ask for, say, 30 red blocks to be cleared out in 15 turns, but I wont even receive anywhere near 30 red blocks to even try to complete that task. So I end up losing a life, but it really wasn’t even my fault because I wasnt even given the amount of red blocks that I would need..so the algorithm definitely needs to be fixed in that area….

  18. Unique game. I want to like it but it gets boring having to play the minigame so often (which can be hard to pass sometimes), only to make minor progress in the actual game. Additional ways to get coins (more than just 2 or 3 at a time would be nice) and make more progress in the game without being interrupted constantly would also be an improvement.

  19. Great idea and the actual story line is pretty good, but the minigame is a bit much. The suspense is lost when it takes 4 days to finally beat the same puzzles over and over and only be rewarded with a few more lines of story. The puzzle pieces are completely random too. There have been times when I did not even get the required color, so has zero chance from the start.

  20. The story is engrossing, the concept is really interesting, and the puzzles were fun…until they started being impossible. You have to basically play color-match Tetris to progress the story, but the game can decide not to give you the colors you need, forcing you to either spend money or just lose and wait for life regen. It’s at the point where I can’t experience the story because I just spent so much time to get so little. It’s hard to think this creative of a game is a cash grab, but it is.

  21. The game has an interesting story line, but the mini games are horrendous. You’re supposed to clear blocks, but it never gives you the required colors to complete. I’ve never once run out of space, but always lose because it doesn’t EVER GIVE THE RIGHT ITEMS. I get that is supposed to be hard, but at least give the stuff to COMPLETE THE LEVEL. IT’S INFURIATING!! I’ll raise the review if this is fixed.

  22. I love the concept, every thing about the game drew me in except for the puzzles. At first they were fun to figure out, but when I realized that it was the only thing to do get stars it became very boring very fast. If something were to change, like more games or anything else to do besides those block puzzles, I would be more than happy to redownload the game. Until then I don’t know.

  23. Very interesting concept. I’m not sure how I would categorize this game. Maybe a text-based mystery thriller visual novel with puzzle mini-games? I don’t know. It’s clear the story is supposed to the draw here, not the gameplay, and it does a good job of drawing you into it even in the first couple minutes. The “hacking” mini-game is mandatory to proceed, and some of the levels for it feel unfair unless you use their in-game currency to buy more moves or powerups. I’m not sure I like the monetization system they have here, but that’s the nature of free mobile games.

  24. It’s a great game, never having glitched or bugged out on me until now. I’m having a problem: the game says I need to get stars to continue, but I’ve already earned every star I have access to (up through Carl’s computer levels). I don’t have enough coins to speed it up, so I can’t continue playing. Characters and plot are well designed, and game mechanics are simple. The minigames, though, take up as much time as the main plot and even more if you don’t pay to speed up the process with coins.

  25. It’s a good time killer but like all the other reviews say, sometimes the puzzles are difficult. It gets time consuming when you don’t pay for hacks and lives so it becomes INCREDIBLY easy to forget what’s happening in the store line. The puzzles are mainly luck and some skill -sometimes you aren’t provided with what you need to succeed and are forced to use hacks to win or forfeit and lose a life. Nonetheless, entertaining and I like that you get interactive responses to choose from. Not sure if the relationships “deteriorating” or “improving” actually make a difference though.

  26. I like how interactive the game is, but I wish it was easier to get the coins. I would like it if there was a way you could watch ads to get coins. Sometimes the puzzles are extremely difficult and you can’t move forward through the story without completing so many puzzles or paying to continue. It’s not usually cheap either. Please add a way to get coins easier, other than having to purchase them with really money. I would give this game 5 stars if getting the coins was easier.

  27. It’s a very fun & interesting game. I like it a lot. The puzzles are fun, but I’ve reached a point where I think they want me to spend my real life money to buy coins for the game so I can buy extra turns & hacks. Because the levels I’m on seem almost impossible to beat without extra turns or hacks. Still fun, but it’s beginning to feel hopeless & like I’ll be stuck with these same 3 levels that I can’t get past. I’ll probably stop playing if I don’t beat this level in the next few days.

  28. I like the story line. Great graphics, the pictures of the characters really adds to the game. I like how your able to choose what reply out of a couple options. The “hacks,” aka puzzles get really boring and repetitive. 95% of the game is the puzzles, and rhetoric are not challenging at all. No real thinking goes into beating them.

  29. The problem with this game lies in the puzzles. Not only are they entirely based on luck of what pieces you get, but they just aren’t even fun. I just want to read the slightly curious story, but as soon as I progress after just a minute or two, I’m expected to go back to these garbage puzzles and complete another 3 or 4 or even 8 of them. For just 2 more minutes of story. It’s either that or pay up with nonexistent money since all of it needs to go to the puzzle powerups. Terrible game design.

  30. Great game. The only thing that I have against it is later in game when you get to criminal archive. There were several times I needed a certain colored square in like 4 turns. I’ve put money into this game and even then I wasn’t able to complete the puzzle. Not to mention the puzzle never pulled out the color I needed. Idk maybe I’m salty cause I want to progress in the game but now I feel like I need to spend more money to progress. Overall, it’s a really nice game I just want to progress.

  31. The game is interesting because of the way the story is told. You unlock pieces as you go, and solve puzzles to get clues. I ran into a few bugs where the pieces would overlap when they shouldn’t be able to, or the play area squares would disappear right after the level loads, and I wouldn’t be able to place any pieces. Those are very minor things and didn’t impact my progression, other than losing a life. I was excited to play the puzzles to advance the story. It’s a solid game.

  32. When you first start, you get big chunks of story when you do only a few puzzles, but as you progress you get less story per puzzle and the puzzles ramp up in difficulty quickly. It pulls you in and then gives you a cliffhanger and tries to make you pay money for powerups to progress the story. That said, if you’re really good at puzzle games, you may not find the struggle between story segments as unbearable as I did.

  33. I like the idea of this game, and it is entertaining at first. However, you have to play minigames to progress and earn coins. The minigames are repetitive. You only get a certain number of moves, and the game gives you tons of colors or shapes that AREN’T usable, in a way that seems unfairly rigged. So OF COURSE you run out of moves, and lives…and the idea of course is to make you spend money. Makes it unenjoyable. Game progresses slowly…and possibly expensively. Dont recommend downloading.

  34. At some points I would get so lost into the story that I would forget that it wasn’t a legitimate situation I was in. I really liked it! At one point there was a small glitch where i had completed a level but the game still let me ‘hack’ into the next one even though I wasn’t there yet in the game/dialogue. It ended up causing me to get stuck and couldn’t progress in the game but after a couple of days of not playing it sort of fixed itself.

  35. I completed the game. The effects and story were enjoyable, but this was not a mystery game as I had initially expected. The puzzles are simplistic and artificially pad the gameplay. There is a decent balance between rewards for completing levels and the cost of bonuses needed to beat them. No need to spend money to beat the game. There were significant bugs. Text boxes and story chunks went missing, and the game occasionally failed to recognize winning puzzles. Enjoyable but lackluster.

  36. This game is not what I expected. You build the story as you go and decide what to say to build relationships with your contacts. To solve the case you also have to solve puzzles. There is very little story. It’s mostly beating the puzzles to get a few lines of text. I have gotten to level 72 and it’s asking me to collect 5 more stars but there are no more stars. It looks like this issue has been going on for over a year based on posts on the Facebook posts and the developers never fixed it.

  37. Pretty good game, intriguing in nature and the texting portion is well written, and overall has a good mystery factor to it. Although I do like the writing, I do wish that they would add in more choices for some of the questions as the answers are just too far across the spectrum. Mini games also implement further strategy to the game as well as something to do instead of just texting all the time. Was slightly unimpressed with how it looked at first but overall I’ve been surprised many times.

  38. I like the immersion of the game, it really feels like you’re a part of this crazy scenario. I’m excited to see where the storyline goes. I do however, think that the minigame ruins the immersion a bit (plus I don’t love the minigame in general), so it got very old pretty quickly. I dont think it needs a consistent minigame like this- the gameplay is more about the storyline and getting to be a part of it (think like the Lifeline app, one of my favorites). Otherwise great game, but I hope I wont get burnt out from the minigame and quit before I can finish the storyline… i’m getting close to uninstalling.

  39. Addictive game play, challenging puzzles, interesting plot, love the realism from the “chat” modules. I go thru lives pretty quickly so it’s a bit frustrating to have to wait for them to refill and I don’t accrue coins since I use them as hacks in the puzzles, but overall it’s a great game with an original concept. This is a game that you’re committed to for the long haul.

  40. Nice game concept and I’m really into the story, but I just can’t with the boring and repetitive mini game. It would be awesome if the mini games varied but also the difficulty is crazy. Sure, I’ll play them to continue on, but only of it can be done quickly. However, it took my nearly 30 minutes to beat the first star level of a mini game. I’m not that invested to spend that much time on a mini game.

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