City Mania: Town Building Game MOD


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Build a futuristic city with hundreds of buildings and characters
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Welcome to the best new city builder game in town.
Now is your chance to be the owner of the awesomest city ever! Build, expand, plan your strategy — the decision is in your hands.
But don’t stop there! Recruit dozens of funny characters, add them to your collection and watch as they populate the streets and bring your city to life!

Craft hundreds of unique, gorgeous buildings in your city and expand it from a tiny peaceful town to a big bustling metropolis.
Don’t forget to decorate your skyline by building famous landmarks, like the Eiffel Tower, the Tower of London and the Leaning Tower of Pisa (there’s something for every tower fan) to elevate your city to the top of the tourist destinations list.

Meet and collect tons of funny characters with their own unique personalities, like the portly Sergeant Morecake, and the uber-macho builder guy, Forest Manley (whose real skill is the tiny-bit-too-suggestive eyebrow raise).
Build a water tower. Check! Build a fire station. Check! Assigning Bizzies to jobs will help you optimise your city, but you can go even further! Send them on missions and they won’t come home empty-handed, or do favours for them so they invite their friends to fill your city.

The future: age of smart forks, exploding hover boards, even selfies! But now the 21st Century lives up to its promise, with the ability to merge buildings into advanced skyscrapers and unlock specialisations.

Unlocking each allows you to develop your city in different directions and expand your collection with specialised buildings such as Sustainability, Commerce, Education and Entertainment. Choose which one suits your strategy best.

In case you find yourself short on some crucial resources, visiting the Marketplace should be a major part of your strategy; it’s where you can collect some extra cash or find missing upgrade items.

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4 comentarios en "City Mania: Town Building Game MOD"

  1. Lordofdarkness Keeperoftime dice:

    This is a frustrating game for me. I love the art style and the game play and unlike some others I don’t mind the wait on bizzies during merges because I have so many other games to occupy me in the mean time. What I cannot forgive is the random ads that as far as I can tell you don’t have any way to stop. It’s one thing to make it expensive like 20 bucks or something to remove ads or to make it a subscription service but it’s a whole other kind of frustrating to not give an option at all.

  2. Robin Jackson dice:

    So, the game draws you in during the first 5 levels or so by quickly leveling you up, providing enough funds to purchase the necessary buildings. Then, as funds dwindle, your housing stops producing funds because the cost of the other buildings needed to keep the residents happy are WAY too high. Meanwhile, while production times for the items are not bad, the time it takes for a new resident to “bake” or whatever, is WAY too long (I only got to extra resident #4 when it said it would take 16 hours, who has time for that?). So, the concept is cute, graphics are nice, but the cost and wait time just isn’t worth it. Uninstalled.

  3. Amanda Philipp dice:

    Fun little sim! I, however, had the same issues as others with stuck ads and lag. I would have happily paid for an ad free version, the ads are relentless in some cases every couple of clicks/touches. Graphics are good, was quite fond of the hired helps’ animations and overall game. Super excessive ads and the fact that it would definitely would be a major cash sink to have any of the “premium” buildings are my major gripes. Has a ton of potential!

  4. John dice:

    Fun until it becomes unplayable. I’ve installed this game FOUR times. First it would freeze every time I tried to move a road and sometimes when I clicked on a Bizzie. Uninstall and reinstall and it was fine for several levels until it would stay on the loading screen a long time then force close. Uninstall and reinstall and same thing happened after several levels, again. Then a third time. The developer was no help with the issues. Not wasting any more time on this glitchy game.

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