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Move in with your loved one, decorate your dreamed house, share the love!
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You and your partner have just moved to a new home in the suburbs with your furry companion, an adorable cat named Snow. What to do first? Let’s clean up so you can start decorating!

There’s a couch, a table and a TV stand but not much else. What’s missing here?! Oh… silly me, a TV of course. Let’s buy that first!

But we can’t just watch TV all day. Your partner needs to work and you have important chores around the house to do. Be sure to prepare meals for your partner and feed your kitty (or multiple, kitties as the case may be) to earn love.

Use that love to buy more furniture, decorations, and yes… more CATS for your house to make it utterly adorable! The more cats you have, the more adorable moments you’ll get. Capture them in snapshots with your retro camera and collect them all in your photo album.

Really enjoying the game?!? Gather enough love and unlock new areas like the Garden where you can gather love from woodland creatures that come to visit your adorable home.

Adorable Home is a passive and relaxing experience. Come back and check in on the game every couple hours to see something new, gather some love, and continue furnishing your home.

We hope you enjoy!

Adorable Home requires read/write access to external storage in order to save your progress locally on your device.

Adorable Home is LGBTQ+ friendly. It references mature themes and on occasion, depicts characters in revealing outfits; this is a game about partners inside their home (Bedroom, Bathroom, etc.) after all. It may be inappropriate for children.


Adorable Home is adding Cloud Save so you can keep your progress anywhere!


40 comentarios en "Adorable Home MODDED"

  1. I really like the game, the only problem I have is the minigames, or rather, the lack of minigames. The game is nice to play with the cats and decorating, but sometimes I feel like your partner is just there for love everytime they to work. 😭 It would be kinda cool to interact with them more-so… Also the 3 minigames with the cats are fun for the first one, but then seem to get repetitive.😬 Would love to see more things in the future. 👀

  2. I love the art style, and the abundance of cats is great. the cat was done well so you’re not overwhelmed with all of the cats you have to pet stroke and clean. I do wish there was more character customization, like specifically so you can make your characters look like the people you know. also I would like more interactions with the baby, the option almost seems useless. otherwise, great game. I love the settings and customization for those.

  3. Really fun game! I love all the cats and all the furniture options. If I were to change anything I would probably add more player customization options. Not just hair but also body types and clothing (if you can change these later on in the game then that’s my fault, sorry!). Besides that there isn’t really anything bad with the game. There are not many ads compared to a lot of games and the mini games are a little basic but still fun! I also really love the aesthetic of the game.

  4. lynni dice:

    Had a problem with a purchase and they resolved it quickly, which I appreciate. I like hyperbeard games, although some seem like cash grabs more than others. This can hardly be called a game, as there are points where you can’t do anything at all. I enjoy it, but you get to pick from premade characters and only pick their skin color. You decorate your house and there’s a few minigames that are on hours long cool downs when you play it once.

  5. Delanna ! dice:

    Wish there was more 🙁 I basically “finished” the game, and there’s nothing much to do left. I also wish there were more customization options for the characters. And more interaction with the people. I understand what type of game this was going for, but it’s honestly too easy. Being more engaged with them would be fun and less boring. Like tons of different mini games for different rooms!

  6. I absolutely adore this game, it’s so cute and fun, but I wish there was more customization options, such as more hairs and being able to mix and match accessories on the characters, not too much but just enough to make them more accurate, I’d definitely like to see some shorter hair for girls like short fluffy hair, and curly hair that isn’t like an afro or c4 hair. And also glasses maybe and stuff, and maybe clothes you can buy for the characters! Overall an amazing game. 🙂

  7. Love this game! It’s so relaxing and just something fun to check throughout the day. The ads aren’t intrusive like other games and you can opt in for bonuses if you want, which can be a nice point increase if you’re willing to wait out the ad timer Small bug/issue? I noticed on my device (Samsung S22 Ultra) as of 9/26/22 clicking in the farm area is a bit off. When I click in the center of a crop it clicks the one up and to the right instead so I have to adjust my clicks accordingly. Thank you!

  8. There’s so many ads, I love the game, but I’m getting 30-60 second unskippable ads after taking care of my cats, even passing and not choosing to double my rewards. It’s gotten to the point where instead of a nice relaxing game it’s just frustrating and annoying and makes me mad. It used to be good but wow. Just wow. This game is so frustrating, do not download it, there are ads you can’t skip, it sends you notifications that there’s stuff to do when there is LITERALLY NOTHING to do

  9. aubbs dice:

    I adore this game it is super cute:)) and honestly I have no complaints. However, I do have some recommendations that others may agree with. For instance, having more places. Perhaps a patio or front yard where you can decorate the exterior of your home. Or have it where you can interact with neighbors and build relationships with them. Things along that line and just over all expanding the game would be spectacular and keep people constantly entertained.

  10. This game is really nice but I just wish things would go by faster or instead have more ways to earn hearts & have more things you could do at home. This game can also get quit boring because most times your character just sits on the couch and doesn’t really do anything so maybe something like little animations here and there would be great. Overall I have no problem and haven’t received any sorts of bugs just that it can get kind of boring. Great game

  11. milo aron dice:

    this game is really fun! I enjoy all the options and how soothing it is, as well as all the little characters! my main complaint are the small glitches, and the lack of diversity in the characters. I would like to see more personalization options, including more skin tones, hair types, and hair colors. and, if there was a way to buy outfits, I feel like that would add so much to the game! one last smaller complaint is that I wish you could rename the cats for a more personalized experience.

  12. Moss Ball dice:

    Adorable home is a great game. However, there are issues. 1) there is so little customization options for the characters, and only 3 skin tones. I have experience with coding, adding more skin options (qay more diverse at that) and more hairstyles, etc., is the easiest thing ever. Especially for a game where’s there’s not a lot going on (I dont mean that in a bad way). There needs to be more diversity and more customization options.

  13. It’s a great game… honestly I love it, my only problem is it’s extremely difficult (for me at least) to pet the cats. It takes me very long to memorize where that individual cat likes being pet versus a different cat, plus the 3 ads I have to watch when I fail and have to do it again, and again, and again, and again. It’s very tedious and annoying. If you could possibly add more chances into that like maybe 5 chances like the nail trimmings, it would easily be a 5 star game.

  14. It’s chill & relaxing. It’s quite cute. The drawings are cute. Sometimes the animations aren’t that great & the hit boxes in the mini games aren’t very good. They seem kind of random & that makes them difficult in a really frustrating way, but I sorta got used to it, too. Often, your cats—especially as you get more—will be sitting in annoying places to click, or even on top of each other. One of my cats apparently won’t let me interact with it, which is annoying when they are a source of income.

  15. Super cute app. Would like to see the games with the cats improved. The accuracy is off and the touch doesn’t always register when you’re trying to clip nails or pet the cats. I’d also like to see more things for you to do to earn love added like maybe feeding the fish in the fish tank. My favorite part is the simple but cute art style. I would LOVE to see more games in this art style.

  16. Very cute and fun game! I do wish we could customize the characters more, including fantasy hair colors. I also wish we could sell objects, or at the very least preview where they go in a room before purchasing. It’s very frustrating saving up love for something only to buy it and find out you have to choose between it and another piece you have. Another issue I have is that it takes several taps to click on something. This does not happen on my other apps. Otherwise, absolutely lovely game!

  17. This game is really nice and relaxing. It isn’t too hard to make the coins you need. There are just enough decorating options. However, the app is sometimes unresponsive touch. I often have to click something multiple times for it to register. Other than that, I have experienced no other glitches. I cannot wait for the next rooms to be added. EDIT: The bedroom addition rocks!!

  18. MoonToon dice:

    Great distraction! Exactly what you come to expect from these type of simulation games. After you unlock everything though, there isn’t much to do or expect anymore once you open up the game to keep things interesting. If you’re not willing to spend money, the ads can become particularly aggressive. I’ve come across several bugs where sometimes clicking the ad option doesnt even work, or you need wifi in order for ads to play, so when it doesn’t the game crashes and the minigame resets

  19. Elliot dice:

    I love this game! It’s super cute, wholesome, and inclusive. It’s super simple and easy. I just wish you didn’t have to use so many hearts just to change your character. And I wish there were more character customizations, like in your new game, Pocket Life. I find it fairly easy to get hearts and most of the minigames aren’t too hard once you get the hang of it. The claw cutting minigame is pretty diffcult in a sort of glitchy way. I really like that it is offline, too. Good job, I love it.

  20. KC Liam dice:

    I love this game. It’s really cute. There are some problems with it though. First, there really should be an option to switch the shower head starting position to the other side for left handed players. Second, the mini game that’s petting the cats isn’t really much of a game so much as poking the cat until you randomly get more of the correct places than incorrect places. Which normally results in needing to make several attempts every time and it gets frustrating rather quickly.

  21. Lilith dice:

    This is by far one of the best games I’ve ever played. It’s the perfect balance of immersive and dreamy while providing just enough challenge to stay entertaining. Unfortunately, I can’t play it. The first time I had it, I was well along, and then it got stuck on the loading screen. I restarted the whole thing. In even less time it stopped working. Half a year later I try again, twice. Opens neither time. In 4 tries across 6mos, 0 successful games. PLEASE get this fixed bc AH is top notch.

  22. The game and its art style is absolutely adorable! I really enjoy playing this game, though I do have a couple critiques. First off, the cat minigames are full of bugs and are repetitive, since there are only 3 you can choose to do as of right now. Second, you cant customize your character, instead you have to pick from a select few pre-made characters. Apart from those 2 things, the game is very simple yet fun to play! I would definitely suggest playing it for yourself!

  23. Love this app!! It’s super cute!! I’ve had it for a week and I really enjoy it. One issue though, is the lack of diversity in the character options. The darker skin tones are super grey and there are no black hairstyles. It would be cool if you could choose your skintone, hair and so on (and if there were more options overall). Some more representation would make it 5 stars.

  24. Cassidy dice:

    This is a very cute little game! I was very glad to find a cute, casual game like this where I could be gay. My one big issue is that the cat mini-games get very repetitive, and it makes me want to not do them. The stroking mini-game in particular seems way more difficult to pass than the others because it’s random and I have no idea what spots I can stroke in each position. I’d like to be able to do more things, too–like brush or play with the cats, feed the fish, or water plants for points.

  25. Siena S dice:

    The art is absolutely adorable and I love the realistic concept of the game. I wish I could customize my character a bit more, but its not a huge deal. The issue I have with the game is that the minigames that you need to get “love” to buy anything like food and furniture, theyre rigged. I can know I swiped correctly numerous times and it either wont register or wont count it, but it counts every single small error. It makes the game impossible to play.

  26. This game is adorable! I love the features and details in it. I also adore the ability to customize and unlock new areas in your house. The game itself is simple and very easy to play. But, with that I do notice a few things that could be approved. The main thing being character customization. You get 3 skin tone options and little choices of hair and have the same basic outfit from the beginning of the game. This app would be perfect with having the ability to customize your character and S/O.

  27. I’m really liking what’s been added since I last played! It’s such a cute and cozy game. I love checking in on my couple and their cats, and decorating their home in different ways is fun albeit simple. The minigames can be tedious, but they’re not frustraiting in my opinion. The ads arent too bad either, and are fully optional. I just really wish this game had cloudsaves. With those, there’s a backup in case of a glitch/bug/error, and the player can transfer their save data onto a new device.

  28. I just got this a couple days ago, and it’s already one of my favorite games. I’m giving it 5 stars, but I do have a few suggestions. 1) I absolutely love that you can choose yours and you partner’s gender, but can there be non-binary people? Or at least customizable hair. 2) Make the cat games less stressful/ add a game where it’s just you petting the cat, no penalty or reward, or timer. 3) Make earning love easier. It’s so hard to save up for anything. That’s all! Thank you for a great game 🙂

  29. The game is absolutely adorable, I love the art!! There are lots of things to unlock. Overall spent a lot of time already, playing the game:) A few suggestions I would strongly advise on is like many others are saying, character customization!!! Maybe once we unlock the bedroom and can change/buy clothes with the wardrobe. The bathroom can be used for different hair styles too! The minigames are also a bit buggy, but overall not too frustrating!:]

  30. This may be the cutest app I have encountered so far! It has a cute little home, you can choose your character and your partner. Customize your house, feed & take care of your cat, etcetera, etcetera. Haven’t completed all of the tasks so far, but I love it. Takes hours for things to be done in the game though. Like for example, when I give my cat some cat food, it takes 2 hours for the cat to finish eating! I wish it would take about 20 minutes, or 30 minutes. There is no ads, so i like it.

  31. It’s a really cute game. Really liking it. My main complaint is the sensitivity is awful, especially during the cat petting cat game. I’ve had to click the same spot constantly to actually have the game pick up on it. Honestly, it would help tremendously If you could ad a way to adjust the sensitivity in the settings. If that could be fixed it, for me, would completely fix my gaming experience.

  32. Game is super cute and I love the art and visuals but there’s a few things that make this game hard to play. Like other people mentioned it sometimes doesn’t register your touch when petting the cat or cutting the nails so it makes it frustrating to complete the tasks. The other thing is that they don’t reward you your “love” when you complete the offers. I have completed 2 offers, haven’t received my rewards and the support team has not fixed this issue.

  33. meraki dice:

    it’s very cute, but the cat minigames are definitely rigged. sometimes the game won’t pick up on your movements and it’s frustrating. character customization options are very limited, and “love” (the currency of the game) is hard to obtain without watching a LOT of ads. it also forces you to watch an ad once you fail a minigame. what’s up with that?

  34. This game is really cute and intertaining, I absolutely love it! However when it comes to character customization there’s 0 diversity. The range of skin colors is just disappointing, as well and the hair options. This is also just a little something I wish they would add to the game but being able to customize your clothing would be super awesome!

  35. I love the aesthetic for this game and it’s really cute, but it has bugs that needs fixing. Every time I I take pictures the game crashes. It took away an item I already bought, so I had to rebuy it. I can’t watch any ads without it crashing. I would also like for there to other things to do, like interact with my partner. I really like the concept of the game, and hope you fix these problems.

  36. I just started playing the game but I honestly am addicted. It’s really easy to get hearts, and decorating your home is really fun. I do have suggestions with decoration though; I wish you could try/test things before buying. This would be a neat way to check to see if you want to get the item or not. Also I wish you could move furniture around more easily than putting away the furniture then re-selecting it to be put down. Just some suggestions! Either way– fun game!

  37. The game is very cute and I love the premise. I liked the different aspects of taking care of your home and partner. Honestly though I got sick of the ads any time I tried to do anything and the cat care mini games were unplayable. Touch on the screen for tasks does not register consistently on the mini games and it got so frustrating that I deleted the app. I hope this can be fixed and I’ll try again sometime, it is cute.

  38. I think this is a very cute, calming game. I enjoy its theme. However, there are several flaws: – When I come back from a break from playing after a few days, I get 10-15 notifications at once that aren’t up-to-date – Instead of having only 3 mini games that get boring, it would be better to have a bunch that switch around – Lack of options for object placement – Lack of customization – Earning love from the cats is tedious

  39. raven dice:

    super cute game with lots of potential. i would also really like more customization with skin, outfits, and hair. i would also like more things to do to get hearts, you can play with the cats and that’s about it. the petting game is buggy and often doesn’t register my strokes. i also wish the partner wasn’t gone so long, there’s almost no point of them being there if they’re gone most of the day 🙁 overall i’m still in love, i just would love to see more additions

  40. I would highly recommend this game! I have a some suggestions for how to improve it tho. 1) Add cloud saves. If there is ever a bug/glitch/error or maybe you accidentally uninstall it then it would be awesome to be able to get your progress back 2) Make some more mini games. This could include sweeping/mopping/vaccuming, playing with the visitors or farm animals, playing with your family, etc. 3) Make some more ways to interact with the characters. Overall, great game. Keep up the good work!

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