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Open a lemonade stand, make money, and then buy a bigger restaurant!
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Are you looking to become a restaurant millionaire? Want to manage a successful restaurant? Become a restaurant tycoon, earn money, level up, hire cooks & cashiers, get rich and build the biggest business the world has ever seen in this Restaurant Simulator!

Start with a Lemonade Stand, then progress to a food truck, and then a cafe. In no time you will find yourself owning your own Diner and Drive-thru!

Expand your restaurants, automate your business and find the right strategy in order to maximise your income! Eatventure is a money game where you simulate the management of different kinds of restaurants. Use your income to buy new stations in order to start selling more kinds of foods! Become the biggest Restaurant Millionaire in the world!


Bug fixes. Thanks for playing!


40 comentarios en "Eatventure FULL"

  1. Would be a lot better if ads didn’t crash and I have to close and re-open the game and lose the ad reward. Also after watching ads, the screen flashes a lot, it goes white. No idea what that’s all about but absolutely annoying. It’s like a camera flash going off, at first I thought my phone was messed up, but it only happens in this game. Ads keep making the game have to close and restart because they freeze the game.

  2. Good game BUT when I first started playing the “guy” that pops up and gives you coins for watching an ad disappeared way too fast. Now he stays there but the ads don’t work. You watch and wait for the X but the X doesn’t take you back to the game so you click back and have to rewatch an ad again and it just gives you the same broken ad. After an hour of the same 5 ads that are broken I gave up and closed it. Fix the ads or give us an option to pay to get rid of ads and I’ll fix the review.

  3. - EHC dice:

    Fun game, but the Amazon ads either freeze up the game requiring a restart, or it takes DOZENS of times to try and click on the X to close, but it opens up a browser window instead. It’s as if the close button is 1 pixel, and you just can’t hit it correctly. So frustrating, that I’m probably going to uninstall this game. It’s only the Amazon ads, no issue with the other ads.

  4. So I LOVE this game. But I hate that you have to watch a billion ads just to get 1 hour of double earnings. That is incredibly frustrating. The game also seems to have stalled out. I made it to the second to last level in “Berlin”, I leveled up all the stations and all the upgrades but it’s not letting me advance. I’m just stuck on this level and it’s frustrating because I LOVE the game but now I can’t progress. I’ve made a significant amount of money after completing all upgrades and everything

  5. Nick B dice:

    No interstitial ads, only small boosts if you decide to watch them but never forced. Animations, character models all look great. Gameplay is simple but literally exactly what I want in an idle game. Prestige system takes you to new areas rather than adding a new layer of upgrades. It’s a great, cute, time killer that I got an ad for on another game and probably one of the best and most honest from what I’ve seen. I’m exceptionally happy with the game!!

  6. The upper levels of each City are very slow, as are the upper levels of the events. Too many workers and not enough customers. The income is hard to match to the cost of the upgrades – not enough to get more than 1 or 2 steps to upgrade the higher level items. It would be nice to have some more balance to the worker/customer ratio and cost vs reward on top level scenarios. Uninstalling after the bonus buttons show “loading” more often than not, so bonuses are lost, or the game restarts.

  7. Jade Lowe dice:

    There’s a few ads that don’t play and then I have to close out of the app entirely to be able to play again. Just tonight alone I’ve gotten about 10. Makes getting rewards annoying and a huge gamble if it’s even worth trying. I’m giving it a 3 star for now. Hopefully you guys can fix that. I noticed it happen a lot with Microsoft and something Garden I think.

  8. It’s a mind numbing ad watching game. If you watch enough ads, you can advance everything. It is entertaining to some extent, even though the only thing you do is upgrade items and stations. The biggest problem, the ads crash the game almost 1 in 4. Instead of an ad, it will load a black screen and just sit there. No ad, no “x” to get out of the window when the time of the ad passes, you have to close the game and go back in. Without getting a reward for the game crashing ad you couldn’t watch.

  9. Really my only “gripe” about this game is that there isn’t enough ads! The only ads in this game are the ones you watch to gain a boost and sometimes one won’t be ready in time or needs to “recharge”. This game is incredible compared to 98% of all other phone games; the endless grind is stimulating with different levels but more importantly sudden boons that make growth happen exponentially. Hope the devs implement more diversity in the items for more unique customization or more frequent events

  10. The game is fun. It can feel a little repetitive sometimes but you can play it without 10k annoying midroll ads. Actually this game has no midroll ads. There is almost always an event going on and they are challenging. I would love to see some seasonal specific events pop up. How cool would it be to have a gift wrapping event for Christmas season or a flower shop in the spring.

  11. M Koch dice:

    Love the game ! Lost all progress though when I got a new phone, doesn’t seem to be a way to restore progress or login. Fun, no bombardment of forced ads which is nice. 10/10 recommend trying. Edit: got an email from support and they do not have cloud save so any progress you made is lost. It takes a long time to progress so don’t get too far and expect your progress to be saved.

  12. I have been enjoying this game other than the fact that certain ads crash the game and I lose the investment or jewels. Also every time I go to upgrade my character all of the numbers just turn into blocks. I go back to the previous screen and numbers are messed up there too. I have to close the game to fix it and then when I’m trying to load it again it will crash numerous times before it finally loads. Please fix this.

  13. melly mel dice:

    I’ve downloaded a lot of games on my phone and this one is the most addictive. True I do watch a lot of ads to get more perks, but it actually shows me more games like this that I might be interested in, it is really fun beating a level just to start another level to see if you can do it faster, also it definitely passes the time while I’m chillin on the toilet. 4.9 outta 5 stars. I would definitely recommend

  14. Super fun game! A little annoying when you have to level your equipment up to level 250 in order to pass the level and with the fact of it being called eatventure its a little funny that your second store in New York is a News Stand. But overall other than the issues that I have listed above, it is a very fun game!

  15. Thank you for not being an add spam. I have no problem using your ad boosts for income bonus, wish it was longer might be more worth to people to use. Great game so far, at fast food restaurant right now. I hope it gets even better, not sure if you have it but maybe a prestige system once a certain level is hit to increase replay ability.

  16. I’ve been playing this game for a couple of months now, and it’s actually really good for time killing! ads don’t really happen unless you click the investor or the profit bonus button, diamonds could be easier to come 5 still a really good method as to how to get them! I’m really enjoying this game STILL months later, can’t wait to see what new items they put in for us to put on our chef!

  17. I LOVE THIS GAME it’d addictive but it doesn’t become a problem. The max of 3 hours is pretty nice bc if you stop playing you wanna come back so you can collect everything. Love the missions and the ways you can get more diamonds. The adds are almost always optional I think I’ve had like 2 and I’ve been playing for a while. And the prices on everything are pretty reasonable

  18. I’ve played a lot of this type of game, and this one is my favorite. No forced ads, you can watch an ad to multiply earnings or money/diamonds from the investor. I feel like the rewards are actually worth the ad. Some games give ad rewards that are less than what you probably could have made in the time you watch the ad. There are a lot of special events to keep it fresh. I wish the diamonds were a bit easier to get, but that’s not a huge issue.

  19. Edit: so I changed my score from 5 to 1 after the really big change earlier this year – I didn’t care for the change an felt slighted. However, after taking a break for several months, I feel in love with the game again. It really is a great game with minimal ads and addicting game play. Very few games are able to pull that off. 5 stars again!

  20. Started out being a great game. Easy enough to navigate. Fun little time waster. But with the new update, removal of the skill tree, it’s almost impossible to get anything accomplished. I played the game for 21 weeks, I know this because I completed every event they threw at me with a gold star, and had no anticipation of deleting the game. Now…… it’s just not fun anymore

  21. Only barely a game. Basically no customization just watching numbers go up. Even cookie clicker is more interactive and intresting. Many many opportunities to watch ads but with a game that consists of staring at low quality people float about while a number goes up it feels like a waste. A good time waster and strangely addictive. It doesn’t look good and nothing really visually changes with the upgrades. Play if you’re bored but don’t expect anything from this “game”

  22. I’m obsessed with this game! The art style is cute as well as the music and subtle jokes. The best part is there’s no annoying pop up ads after every 3 seconds! Great job to the devs, there are a few bugs though with the events not properly ending when the time is up. Hope it gets fixed and thank you for a great idle game. Good luck devs.

  23. Time passes so quickly when playing! Ads are avoidable, but if you want to move quickly, you have to watch ads for the investor that pops up or for x amount of time for a multiplier on your cash intake. The gems are also easy to get without paying with the investor and on your main game certain milestones for upgrading with give you gems and they do so each store you open. I believe it’s a good balance for those who don’t want to pay.

  24. Was great until the new update. Yes the skill tree had it’s challenges, but the cards were amazing and easier to deal with. But now the cards are half as many, most of them suck, the chefs are moving slower than when I first started the game and the weird character thing makes no sense. I was about to get all gold in the challenge game and feel really accomplished, but now it’ll be impossible to even get bronze. Plus having to click on every tip is just plain annoying.

  25. Generally a fun game- but the recent update removing the skill tree has taken it two steps back. While the unique character and the abilities is a cool idea, it doesn’t work well in a game like this. The skill tree was much easier to manage, and effected ALL of my workers and businesses as opposed to just one. It was easier and more fun, and now progressing and upgrading feels like a chore. Collecting tips individually is also incredibly cumbersome, when I remember to collect them at all.

  26. This game was absolutely FANTASTIC prior to the update. The characters now move at a crawl and the speed increase upgrades have little effect on their pace. Some of the cards were bad prior to the update but they trashed some of the best ones- like the automatic tip collector. The progression of each level is much MUCH slower, so much so that I have been frustrated every time I pull the game up. The invited chef is a good concept but not at the cost of all the new problems. Please fix!

  27. I do not like the new update. I liked the skill tree and the card from the boxes. And after going far into the game just for that to be taken from me and having to kind of restart was not fun. I would rather have two modes to play, one with the skill tree and one without the skill tree so that they have a choice to play. Bring back the old system! New bug found: offline earnings aren’t multiplying.

  28. Editing my review a second time now that I’ve played with the update some more. I can see what they’re trying to do with the character customization and I do like the idea of it, but if they’re gonna keep it then I think they need to make all the waiters and chefs customizable too. Because them walking SO SLOW is horrible and makes the game way less fun and makes it hard to accomplish anything. Also bring back automatic tip collection.

  29. I used to spend hours playing this game, but since the update it’s just horrible! Takes forever to finish a level, all the good boosts are gone. Loved the potions and getting that extra boost of my choice. Sadly I won’t be wasting time on this game anymore as it takes several days to get thru one level, where before it was a lot smoother.

  30. I love this cute little game. Nothing much to it, just keep clicking to upgrade until you reach the goal. Then on to the next one. One suggestion: sometimes with all the orders above customers’ heads, it’s hard to see the tips. Since the player doesn’t have to fill these orders, maybe the “order bubbles” could be made more transparent. Or have the tips be a different color so they are more visible. Thanks!

  31. Game used to be really fun to play but since the update I’ve been trying to like it but it’s just not the same, super slow to the point where it’s not enjoyable. Took away certain cards like collecting tips automatically and the perfect dishes, and having the employees walk fast. One of the harder levels took about 4 days for me to complete but at this rate it’ll probably be 3 weeks and there’s no fun in that. Sad because I actually invested money into this game

  32. The recent update is garbage. It takes too many resources to upgrade equipment, and you don’t get to choose what effects you get for the style of gear. One star in hopes creators will take the time to fix this. I have spent a lot of time in this game because it’s a wonderful idle game with specific set goals. I miss how it was previously set up as I was getting to a good spot.

  33. Cameron dice:

    I’ve had this game as a time killer for the past 6 weeks or so and it was enjoyable up until the update this week. I get the skill tree didn’t make the most sense, but it was still playable without putting much thought into the tree. Now workers move at the speed of a sloth and there is no way to have tips collected automatically, let alone no one gets a bonus besides the special character. Just feels like 5 steps backwards and makes the game a lot less playable.

  34. The perfect clicker game! Not one of those games you play for 5 minutes a day and leave it. Great job devs, I’ll be on the lookout for your games in the future! Edit: after the cureent update, it is now 10 times harder to complete the events. I’ve had gold on every planet for months and I’m not going to make this one. Not being able to finish this event caused me to delete this app for good.

  35. Played this game and made some progress…then it was all deleted and I have to restart everything again. Also some of the ads run WAY too long. Also some of the ads will redirect you to another screen to download the app even though you click on the “x” button to go back to the game. The game itself is great but the issues I broached need to be addressed. New edit- had an issue with lost game time/items lost due to phone restart. Customer service was quick and it is appreciated!

  36. Not a fan of the update. Progress has come to a screeching halt, I couldn’t even get halfway through the event, I HATE having to collect every tip myself. I don’t mind the switch from potions to character customization, as I never used the potions in my own game, but I really don’t like the skill changes. My workers are slow, I have to save up 300 gems to upgrade my skills any more, and my ad multiplier is much lower than before, so I don’t even want to watch ads. I’m not having fun anymore.

  37. This is a prime example of if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. I had no complaints about the cards with skill tree. This update completely reworking the system throws off everything and even after bringing back cards it’s still awful. They’re better off just undoing the update and bringing back the skill tree with the removed cards, much better than this sorry excuse of an upgrade system. Have zero interest in playing this anymore.

  38. The update was more of a downdate. No more fast staff, no automatic tip collection, no permanent income bonus from the upgrade tree, no upgrade tree! This game was so fun and now is more of a drag. I hope they listen to us players and bring back the features that we liked. 2 stars instead of 1 because I actually like the new things of customizing the head chef and getting help from other players’ chefs. I just wish they wouldn’t take away useful bits of the game and just add to it instead.

  39. Was my favorite new game, until the update to replace the skill set tree. Skill set tree was fine, and the new update won’t even let you open the game. The game worked for a day, and during that day, even when purchasing items and upgrading skills, I wasn’t making as much money as I was, previously. Now. I can’t even open the game and my phone keeps saying it won’t close in the background. Will change rating when problem is resolved. Disappointing.

  40. I started playing when there were cards and a skill tree. It took a while to build up but once you did it felt like a true idle game. You would make progress throughout the work day. Now you have to play nonstop in order to make the smallest dent. This game was ruined by the last update. The skill tree with added boosts was awesome and allowed you to make progress at a steady pace.

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