Klondike Adventures MOD 2022


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Do you like travelling to odd places? 🗺 Fancy renovating abandoned spots? ⚒️ Or maybe you just want to take a break and play a relaxing mini-game? 👾

Klondike has it all! Join in for so much fun:

🍿 FOLLOW THE STORY of Paul and Kate going through quite a life! This is going to feel like your favorite TV show, we promise!

💫 EXPLORE numerous locations set in various landscapes and having their own distinct content. This game has it all! 🤩

🏘 BUILD a flourishing city with factories & farms, mine for resources and craft everything you need for travels, quests, new buildings and orders from the locals dropping by your town.

🐏 FARM simulation in the wild! Raise animals & harvest crops, make food for yourself and to trade.

🏆 COMPETE with neighboring farm owners & take as many craft and farm orders as you can during the timed events held among all the players of the simulation game!

✅ UNLOCK challenging quests! Help explorers Kate and Paul solve mysteries and build up ancient ruins in every town or village they travel to.

🎯 PLAY fun mini-games at your farm and at other locations!

🏔 ENJOY the breathtaking scenery & landscapes of various locations! Every corner of your small northern town is packed with wonders of nature and history!

👨‍🌾 MEET outstanding game characters and hear their compelling stories during your journeys from one town to another!

🌄 The wild lands hide many thrilling adventures. Enjoy the best Klondike simulator! 🎒


Exciting adventures of our next update:
- Captain Flint is setting out for a new voyage. Set sail!
- Yummy Pretzels for the best prospectors!
- Go on a hunt for the treasure of the mysterious cave!
- A new head-spinning holiday construction!


4 comentarios en "Klondike Adventures MOD 2022"

  1. Lisa Lambert dice:

    I really enjoy this game, but i wish there was a way to get more energy, cuz it really limits the time i can play, and doesnt allow me to play the extra events. I cant finish them, so now i dont even play them. Cool graphics and story line tjough, lots of fun. Oh great i just had to update and now it wont load! Very frustrating, as i have been waiting all day to play. Its hard enough to get more energy without it not loading when i want to play. I hope you fix it soon!!!!!!!!!

  2. Sarrah Logsdon dice:

    Love the game, just hate having to use up tons of energy just to do anything. Never can seem to get everything done in time, because I run out of energy and then have to wait to get more…. And yes you can get more through animals and stuff, but it takes time… If you’re like me you do not have real life money to burn on games like this, so it gets very frustrating..to add to this, I have noticed some effort to get extra ways to get energy to complete things in there.I would love to see more.

  3. Patricia Capracotta dice:

    Another ridiculous money grab. Too little energy by a long shot. Games are not fun to play if you have to keep buying things just to get through the basic story. And how about a warning that moving to a new location closes the old one. So frustrating that there isn’t a single game like this that’s fun to play because the premise has so much potential.

  4. Katy Polimeno dice:

    Super fun at first when you can actively play, but as with most other comments the energy is a huge issue within a few levels. As the responses to the comments from the company say I ‘strategically’ saved up over 200 energy and it was gone in 30 seconds trying to clear an objective. It’s ridiculous and stops being fun when you can’t do more than a few moves. Things need to cost less or there needs to be a way to earn energy faster..

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