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Design your home & Build your sims own life in house games
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Enjoy sim or house design games? Love to build, design or renovate your own dream home?

In Home Street, with 1000s of decor & design choices, you can build your dream home! Earn coins so you can design, build and decorate in our amazing dream house simulator!

Design your dream sim in our multiplayer house game! Have fun by build home simulator and enjoy your dream house days.

✓ Design your dream home, redecor a house or do a full renovation! Build your own house!
✓ Build your home and decorate to your personal style.
✓ Unlock epic decor – design an amazing garden & kitchen!
✓ Fun building houses games! Your new home games!

✓ Create and customize your my sims character!
✓ Design your avakin with your dream face, eye color, hair, makeup, body, and more
✓ So many different choices of outfits!

✓ Choose the community you like most in your virtual life and play with your new neighbors
✓ Invite friends to show off your amazing home decor and house design choices
✓ Build a home with tons of Neighborhoods to join so you can chat with friends
✓ Join multiplayer events with new and exciting themed home design decorations and outfit choices!
✓ Experience a life sims house game and help your friends house flip and design homes

Download Home Street and design virtual homes in house games today!

NOTE: Home Street is a sims house game that is free to download. However, purchases can be made in the game for real money. If you don’t want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device settings, and enjoy your free house game. A network connection is required to play, make choices and decorate house.

Our friendly design games team is ready to help you build a house and design homes! Contact us about your house sim at [email protected]



*Lantern Festival - celebrate Lunar New Year and decorate your home with the latest oriental decor!
*Where The Heart Is - enjoy the most romantic time of year, the love is in the air!
*Parisian Home - let's jet off to France to taste delicious pastries and decorate with beautiful Art Nouveau decor!
*New York Loft - let's decorate with the sleek NY Loft decor!
*Lucky Charm - celebrate St Paddy's day NY style!


40 comentarios en "Home Street – Dream House Sim MODDED 2022"

  1. I’ve been playing for a while and I enjoy the game. I am satisfied with the events which are interesting and not stressful. I would like more clothes for my avatar I can buy with in-game coins. More items I can buy with in game coins to decorate my house with. I wish some of the items to fill the ship’s with were not so many. It’s too time consuming. I wish it was a little easier to get pets. I have three but I wanted at least one more cat but I haven’t been able to save up the tickets required.

  2. Very fun. It does get old when the events aren’t going on though. It’d be better if they had more looks to customize your character with and more items for your house and if the items weren’t so expensive. Overall, it has it’s perks that keep you playing, at least until it gets boring again and you need to follow up with another game. A dang decent side-game though.

  3. I have played this game before and left, but have found I missed it so… It is very action oriented for those who like to stay busy. I like just about everything except the length of time needed for new workshops etc. Still way too stingy with diamonds, & the daily spin is a joke since it rarely lands on anything decent. I’ve no problem spending money and have, so an actual cool deal on a variety of hard to get items would be appreciated. The gameplay is smooth, no glitches or ads, great job!

  4. I have been playing over a year. I did not like the change from cell phone to the map, and the makers actually responded-very cool. However, stubborn as I am with change, I gave it a try, and it is very cute that they come over to pick up the products you make! So, I’m 5* again. I own a neighborhood, bought all the witch stuff in one of my houses. Easy to play for free. I started a few games. I like it a lot. It does require some time management, and figuring out. The challenge is doable n fun

  5. I loved this game when it first came out, and now its not even worth playing. stations cost way to much on higher levels. Its impossible to find rares to upgrade. functional items cost a fortune. like, i can go buy a new sims game for the price they want for a new pet on this game. who would pay 15 dollars for a pet animal?? They are all about getting money, and it really shows.

  6. I love this game. It has great graphics and I never have technical issues. They keep it up to date and have live events every month. They always change the theme so we get new items to buy that are limited time offers. The overall game play is fun and there is lots to do. I play this game daily. I have had to email support twice for questions i had and they answered that same day and were very nice! Recommend this to everyone.

  7. I love it. It’s a little confusing at first but super fun once you get the hang of things. So far nothing has taken an excessive amount of time to make like most games. I just wish your visitors would drop items more often because I’m having a hard time making the things I need due to the low storage space and I’ve completed tons of orders and still need two measuring tapes to upgrade my storage. Other than that I recommend this game.

  8. Maxiii dice:

    I love playing Home Street but it keeps on freezing unexpectedly and kicking me out of the game constantly when I’m playing, it gets sooooo frustrating too! 🙃. I have to keep on reopening or restart the app once it’s froze. I’m just trying to enjoy myself by playing this game without any issues! I always wanted to customize my own house or whatever and this game is only game that can entertain me. However, I need you to get the issues fixed which I said before ! …

  9. I love it! It’s really fun and so adicting. The other day I played it from 7:30 a.m. to alomost 11 a.m.! It’s cool how you can create yur own style and name and house and stuff. Some things I would change: 1. You can’t change the eyebrows, and they look kind of weird 2. The market place opens at level 8, and before that you have to do quests to open half of it 3. You have to wait until level 10 to join or start a neighborhood But other than that it’s great and you should get it! -A 9-12 y/o

  10. I have been addicted to this game pretty much from the moment i figured it out. Very fun and good for someone who is competitive. However, the last 4-5 days or so, I’ve been getting the “Whoops. Internet connection lost…” message any time i try to open the game, despite me having great wifi. It’s frustrating. If this is fixed somehow, I’ll change this to five stars because honestly, I love this game when i can open it. Edit: Ive had this connection issue consistently for weeks now. Fix please.

  11. I very much enjoy this game. It is borderline addictive! I prefer this to many other design games because there are many ways to earn the things you need to continue playing vs. other games I have tried where I have to purchase items after the 1st few days if I want to continue to play. Great FREE app. However, there are options to purchase items if you choose too.

  12. I’m enjoying the game’s ability to keep you so busy, & graphics are great, but I’m a bit disappointed to see that it costs tokens to upgrade a recipe…it’s free in Food Street. The events (I’ve only done 2 so far) have far less rewards than Food Street as far as tokens, & not near enough time allowed on bonus tasks. Too much crafting to craft what they’re actually asking for, so I was only able to complete 3 bonus tasks. Other than events, it’s really fun & creative! Wtg Home Street 🙂

  13. My friend recommended this because I am a huge fan of the PC version of the “The Sims” games, but I was really disappointed by their mobile version. This game is so much better than FreePlay. You can build a beautiful house, customize and dress up your character, interact with other players, and take on challenges to earn rewards. Everything is cusomizable! It’s easy, fun, and addicting! I love it!!

  14. CAREY dice:

    A few months ago The Sims Freeplay stopped working on my phone… during the pandemic lockdown. I had to replace it. Of all the social simulations I tried out, Home Street was the most compelling. I like the game play concept, which is nothing like The Sims. The jobs, challenges and social interaction with other live players (very basic) is a lot of fun. It can become redundant, but with new workstations to acquire by reaching goals, and increasing difficulty the game hasn’t become tiring yet.

  15. Can we get a “block user” feature? Some way to see who all are following us and edit who we don’t want anymore? PLEASE! People keep bookmarking and stealing items not meant for them. Joining neighborhoods, reaping benefits and leaving. Also we DESPERATELY need a ‘refresh market’ feature! That turn around time is atrocious. All event items also need to be made quicker. I liked the game at first but it’s much better with friends and a good neighborhood.

  16. This game is grate for killing time but the only and top two things that I don’t like is that there are things that you need to purchase with vouchers and those are hard or rare to get . Sometimes it can be expensive as well to move foward in the game and make your home look the way you would like. Second is that once in a blue moon it is hard to tap the controls and can be frustrating. Other than that I love that there are so many options and events, there are so many things to do you get lost in a good way and if you have a good team the events are so much fun and rewarding!!!!

  17. Great game for the most part. A couple issues. One, special items like shovels, steaks, vouchers and gears don’t drop often enough so it takes a long time to buy certain items. Also, though the game is free players should be prepared to spend real money occasionally to advance quicker.

  18. Been playing this for at least 6 months now and it keeps me playing every dang day. Very engaging. I like that there’s a social aspect with teams/clubs although I don’t really interact. Frequent events keep me going as well as that satisfaction from completing a quest or getting high on up on a leader board. I only wish we could do more with building our houses; like placing individual walls and not being limited to simple box rooms.

  19. i ABSOLUTELY LOVE this game. It’s like Sims without the chores!!!! just what i always wanted in a game like this. so much more fun than any Sims version I’ve tried. and the fact that they don’t trap you to an assignment time where you lose the points if you don’t check the game every hour on the hour is the best part. this is 100xs better! the events are engaging and the non-interaction option is the best. thank you for making a game like this that’s actually fun to play.

  20. I just wish there were more color options for each piece of furniture. I want to buy the toaster, but I bought all orange cabinets in the kitchen and the only options for counters with appliances on them are white with wood tops. For a game all about decorating, I think there could be more color choices. It’s just weird you can change the color of the animals, but not furniture. That’s my only complaint though, super solid is GREAT!

  21. I have been playing for a hot minute, level 21, and I have to say its fun in the beginning but, it gets ridiculous after a while. Its just a continuous circle of the same thing. You litrally have to play the game 24/7 in order to get the shipment filled and other requests done. It would be a lot better if it had different things to do instead if the same old same old. I am saying goodbye. This game has a lot of potential definitely. Thanks.

  22. Its fun to play but could seriously use more decor options and you should be able to actually move the kitchen appliances ( microwave, coffee maker, toaster) to different counter tops. It sucks that I have to keep the original counter tops if i want to have them. I’m also unable to place a Table Lamp (or anything else) on a table, it has to be placed on the floor.

  23. WOW!! This game is totally amazing 😍😍 I have been playing everyday since July 2018, and I’m addicted. Its not like most games where you have to spend cash to get anywhere, you can earn plenty of vouchers and gems to get pretty much anything you want. However, you can choose to spend real money to either get you farther in the game, or buy some pretty cool limited time stuff. I have spent real money, because I love the offers and I want to support Supersolid, so they can keep making HS Gr8 🤗🤗

  24. This game is super fun, I love it a lot, and it’s very engaging! My biggest problem, hence the four star rating, is the fact that the game repeatedly kicks me off. I backed up my game, uninstalled it, reinstalled it, but the problem kept persisting. I did try to restart the game, but I had the same problem. But again, it’s really fun and interesting, and I hope this problem could be fixed ^^;

  25. edit-Changed again from 2 stars to 1 until they address issues from many long time players. Changing my review. I have been playing Home Street since October 2019. It used to be so much fun, but as I continue to move up I find myself losing the desire to play like I used to. You spend so much time creating products and waiting on friend ideas only to lose money in the long run. Don’t even get me started on vouchers!

  26. While the game is fun. It doesn’t allow me to override the old game I apparently had. I’m at a high level but everytime I try Facebook or google play to save and back up the game… it won’t let me override and I don’t want to load the old game since it was roughly a year an a half ago when I first played. Super annoyed since I wanna save my new game rather than bring back an old one. It gives zero options to choose which game you want to keep. Fun but can’t save a new game…

  27. LOVE LOVE THE GAME But It also will freeze and kick me out. Sometimes I’m in for a few minutes other times I can’t even get past loading screen. Thought it was due to my phone, so got an upgrade and still am getting kicked after so long….I have been playing since it first came out. So to not be able to play now is frustrating.

  28. My update on my latest reveiw: Very nice Sims fan-made game. It runs pretty smooth on my Asus Coral 9 Chromebook. This game reminds me A LOT of The Sims PSP versions. It’s pretty much that, but with online interactive mode where you can interact with others playing online alongside with yourself (which is nice). ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5 STARS in my opinion

  29. I like the game but when you sell stuff why don’t you get the amount you brought for the item back I only get 3 coin back unfair I should honestly rate the 2 or 3 because many more reasons, please fix this.

  30. Great game. Would be nice if others did more than the bare minimum for neighborhood challenges. But otherwise it’s awesome! Can I be the only one in my neighborhood? Cause all I have are 14 year olds and under playing in the ones I’ve joined.

  31. It’s like sims, but better I think. Keeps my mind busy for hours, and I mean hours, I fell in love with it as soon as i started playing, there is always something to do in the game. Definitely worth the 5stars

  32. This is a game to help me get through my free time, no ads, and very adicting but you have to save your progress by yourself and it’s not auto save, great game 10/10 would download

  33. i mean over all this game is pretty good but i kinda wish that animals didnt actually cost real money and i wish that there was like a pet store and you could buy pets with the coins you earn in the game.

  34. Dainna dice:

    I love love this game but i would recommend a gifting feature where we can gift others and also more items to decorate our houses,more clothes n maybe some clothing for pets

  35. This is one of my favorite games. I did want to bring to your attention that the latest update has a glitch when pressing Show me to directly take you to a work station, it will not bring you to the station to do the job automatically. Please fix bug. Thank you.

  36. Wow this game is SO GOOD! idk how anybody would rate it 1 or 2 stars and if they did it was prob for a dumb reason or there slow internet this game is stars and yall should rate it 5 stars to 🙂

  37. LoisPlays dice:

    Good game. But its difficult to level up. First of all. When you customise your character, the design isn’t really well done, its quite bad to be honest. And second of all is that you need to pay real money to det diamonds and coins. I was hoping you could watch ads to get either. Thank you and hope you fix these problems. Oh and the graphics aren’t that bad but needs to be more realistic and designed. Thanks

  38. ali raza dice:

    I cant even play this GAME!I downloaded it and it took soooooooooooooooooooooooo long I thought this game was going to be AWESOME…but technically not I turned it on and it said app has closed….I was super mad cause it took forever to DOWNLOAD!!

  39. I like the game overall, but have a bit of an issue with the new pin board job screen. What was wrong with having all the jobs listed together at once? It was just way more convenient than cycling through pins to see what jobs you want to do and what their progress is. On the topic of convenient features, would you guys consider putting an icon on the screen that would cycle through a persons functional items with a “!” above when you visit them? The icons sometimes get obscured when doing helps.

  40. Numerzzz dice:

    the game design is really cool and the duration to make stuff is not that long either so its great. i was thinking that maybe you could add a second level feature but it’s not necessary for everyone’s house because i feel it will add more depth into the the game and the choices are more open. It’s just a feedback but if you really add another level for the house, i would be very happy 🙂

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