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Fashion Superstar allows you to color & customize your very own fashion designs!
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Create your own fashion designs and outfits to become a Fashion Superstar!

With Crayola Fashion Superstar you can bring your designs to life and create your own styles like a world famous fashion designer! Create dresses, tops, skirts, and much more. Mix and match your custom designs and build your very own virtual closet! Complete fashion challenges to rise from a student to a star, get rewards, and show off your designs.

This app works with the Crayola Fashion Superstar Kit, which has everything you need to start creating with a 62 page design booklet, 24 colored pencils and 18 markers.

• Scan in your custom designs from the Crayola Fashion Superstar design book.
• Mix and match for 1,000’s of fashion combinations.
• Complete design challenges to earn rewards and unlock new titles.
• Save your favorite designs to your look book.
• Show of your designs on the runway and magazine covers.
• Customize and accessorize models to design the ultimate look.

How To Get Started WITH the Crayola Fashion Superstar Kit:

1. Download the app and following the tutorial for an overview of the experience.
2. At the main menu, select scan a new fashion.
3. Color and scan a fashion template from the design book.
4. Hold your device over one page so it fills the screen.
5. Tap the camera button to capture the design.
6. Use the options on the screen to customize your scan and add it to your closet.

How To Get Started WITHOUT the Crayola Fashion Superstar Kit:

1. Download the app and follow the tutorial for an overview of the experience.
2. Continue the experience with the sample designs.

In-app purchases are available in place of using the Crayola Fashion Superstar Kit. These purchases are blocked by an age gate and intended for Parents.

For any questions requiring additional assistance, please contact Crayola Consumer Affairs at 1-800-CRAYOLA or email [email protected]. For more information, go to


General Crash bug fixing and optimization
Oreo email bug fixed
camera scan crash fixed


40 comentarios en "Crayola Fashion Superstar FULL"

  1. So far my experience of this app has been good. It’s very easy to use this app. It’s also very easy to scan your designs that you drew in the book. I like how you can complete requests for customers and dress up different models/people. There are no ads or glitches and the graphics and colours are not only pretty but look like water colours! Great job Crayola.

  2. I don’t know why this app gets low reviews, it’s great! It has a simple user interface and it’s easy to navigate. My niece enjoyed it for hours! The app is very large, more than 1G, so users should check to see if they have enough room on their phones. Older phones also may not be able to handle processing the data. So consider these things before trying it out! 🙂

  3. Don’t let those rude reviews change your mind about the app! This is a fun and creative app that allows you to make your own creations without buying anything. It helps a lot and it saves time. All of the negitive reviews seem to be based on how the game won’t load. The app just might not work with the devise you are using. Once the game loads it’s fun and it is the perfect gift for anyone who loves creating their own fashion.

  4. Fashionista Fun!!! The app worked just fine for my little girl who got this as a Xmas gift. ****” For those having trouble scanning pictures, make sure there is plenty of light and just snap the whole page when the boxes turn green. My daughter loves fashion and we are happy with this activity.

  5. I went out and bought this set, a tablet, headphones, the whole works soley for this app. We dont have a lot of money for extras N she has been begging me for this all year. Not only was she very deserving but I appreciate her eagerness to create! I spent my very last dollar on getting here these items for her 8th birthday that was on the 16th of July. After everything was all said and done, tablet all set up, the app ended up not being compatible with the device. Way to Ruin a 8YO Bday Crayola!!

  6. This is rubbish. The app cannot access the camera despite permissions being on. Tried on 2 android devices. Tried the iOS version on a new iPhone and an iPad. Fails on both too. Lots of people report the same problem but Crayola seem not to care.

  7. My daughter just received her Crayola Fashion Superstar kit in the mail today. I bought it from a young woman on the Mercari app. As we were opening it, my daughter, who is 7, said, “My heart is beating so fast, because I’m so excited to play with it!” We downloaded the app on her tablet, and she is currently designing her first outfit!

  8. In the history of playing this, NO ADS! But I’m soon to have the book and I hope it works. I’ve got tips for the book and j needed to try all of these so I hope crayola won’t dissapoint me since it’ll be my first and only crayola thing I own. If it does, I’ll uninstall. Thanks so much crayola!

  9. It’s really fun and easy I love it almost my hole family loves it it’s the best game ever if you don’t have the app yet download the app now! I really love that you can be creative!I love this game so much! I told all of my friends and they loved it! You should really download the app! It’s soooooo good! trust me you will love it!

  10. Amazing app however disappointed that the only device I can download it on is my phone which means my daughter constantly has my mobile and drains the battery. It would be amazing if it could be downloaded onto Amazon tablet like all other crayola apps.

  11. Ved Nit dice:

    I mean hey, you should take every design in and try it on the model. I am super disappointed because I drew in my book and it didn’t took the drawing. Pls improvements required. I will be waiting for your next update

  12. The app is supposed to be good but on my device (which is a laptop) it says that the app is installed but it wont let me enter. I keep clicking on installed and it makes me put in my google password and after I put it in it says the app will be ready shortly but it never is. I tried waiting a night but it still will not work. Please Crayola update the game… I will do another review if it starts working but if not, this is not a great game Crayola. Please do another update Crayola

  13. I think it’s great I got this last year and I just found out about this app I know it works because it just downloaded on my samsung galaxy a10e. DONT listen to the bad reviews it is really a great app also I’ve seen the people who wrote those bad reviews on a app that was a 5 star and they put one star because they had a diffrent phone

  14. My daughter used to love this app but we changed tablets and then she has since lost the book. The app doesn’t save you with an account so we would have to buy all over again 😞

  15. js js dice:

    I was really excited about this game but it would not let me scan my own fashion designs on copy paper that I had drawn it by hand I have no clue why it won’t work I’m sorry Crayola but this is a rip-off don’t bother installing this game on your smartphone or tablet

  16. Bad app cause you need the set so my daughter is upset we live in india so we looked on every online shopping app with toys also being sold but I couldn’t find it so she is super dispointed why don’t you add an update you could draw anything on the app and color so I could give you 5 stars but now the app is worth 1 star

  17. The scan design does not work, camera permissions are allowed but camera is not working in the app so unable to scan.

  18. My daughter’s love this. They love how they can make there own clothes. This app is the best.

  19. fun until you get to the make the v neck tee. will not let me take pic i tried to refresh the app but it did not work i even turned on the camera 🙁 i also have the fashion set disappointing, sad 🙁

  20. i cant even play it😭 i got the fashionista set for Christmas and I can’t even play the game that’s sad

  21. Cannot get app to download to firetab or Samsung galaxy 8! Why are you making apps that aren’t compatible?

  22. IT DOESN’T WORK DO NOT INSTALL THIS APP!!!!😈😠😭I got this for Christmas and couldn’t even play with it because of this STUPID APP.Crayola y’all aught to be ASHAMED OF YOURSELFS .

  23. I am so mad because every app that I try is so confusing and so is it that I’m trying to put on the camera but I can do nothing about it it’s so complicated I hate these complicated games

  24. Really boring… Not enough clothing and accessories to choose from… Not happy.

  25. It will not let me scan my drawing no matter what I do it is a terrible app.

  26. I love this game so much it is so fun to play and so relaxing to make your own people

  27. It’s a fun game but, it can be hard to control.

  28. Great when it works and currently it is not opening up

  29. Scan did not work on 3 different devices

  30. Its amazing game but it need purchases like other things so thank you

  31. Its gust bad u cant scan in a misson it lagged my phone so much i also dont fell save bc hackers plz plz plz check but keep the updates coming

  32. It’s great my niece loves it heck I even play it sometimes.

  33. Fun to color but app is very hard to use

  34. The ranking l gave the game is a 5 because it is amazing and that is why I gave it a 5 start rating

  35. Keeps on blacking out. Can’t get in game

  36. I LOVE this game and I am really into it so I hope that you will enjoy this game and I will get you into it soon if it was not too much but I am Emmanuels daughter

  37. I love this game but for scaning i cant scan

  38. I got the book on Friday 26th of October for my birthday I’ve got to go to my party i just wanted to say its a great game

  39. there are A lot of comments that say this is a bad app which made me scared but when I downloaded it it is a REALLY good app😊😊

  40. I love it so much because it works on Android .😝😝😝😝😝

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