Craft Warriors MODDED 2022


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A New Generation RTS
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A new generation 3D real-time strategy game!

Craft your own original characters, form your party, and battle against by players all over the world!

▼ How to play

◆ Build your town
Restore and upgrade facilities to build your town restore the ancient city “Skyland” to its former glory.

◆ Form your party
Upgrade and equip numerous weapons!
Make use of different skills and abilities for each weapon.

◆ Attack opponent towns
Attack opponent’s towns and take their resources to build you town.

◆ Create a clan
Make allies by joining or creating a clan and fight amongst fellow clanmates!

◆ Craft your original character
Craft your original character and share it on social media!
Amaze your opponents with your creativity!


・Made some bug fixes


4 comentarios en "Craft Warriors MODDED 2022"

  1. Joy Barnett dice:

    I have enjoyed playing this game, however am disappointed in the inconsistency of the promised rewards. Most of the time I have received the double rewards, but only one in four times have I received the quadruple rewards. Rewards are given freely for watching videos before level 10. After level 10 they are not. Please fix this glitch for others who still have a chance to use the reward system to upgrade fast and have a great time. It has helped while away my recovery time after surgery.

  2. Fas E dice:

    It’s like clash of clans, but pretty much better. The creative freedom to change what your troops look like is just mind blowing. Also that some of the troops are more really interesting, and by that COC (clash of clans) doesn’t have. I would love to see you can change the skins of the weapons like you can do with your troops. Or even make new weapons. By that I have an idea for the system. Like a point system. Like 20 is the limit for damage or speed, and you get 15 points. Recommend this game.

  3. SkullBreeze dice:

    Great game, just like clash of clans except you can customize your characters. I do however find many game breaking bugs like experiencing heavy lag for my tablet when I am on the model searcher for 10 minutes, also adventurer loot can double add rewards but second time says data inconsistency, which also happens sometimes when I am just collecting resources. It’s a respectable game nonetheless, I just hope these bugs get fixed soon.

  4. Devyn dice:

    This game is great, but not for the main gameplay. It’s very unique the way things work, and the customizability is really nice, being able to make your own characters, move anything anywhere and customize weaponry and teams is really cool and fun. The main gameplay is what you would expect from a city builder type mobile game but the way you can customize everything that you see in the gameplay is what makes it great.

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