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Drew and Jonathan Scott, famously known as the Property Brothers, need you to help clients achieve their home design dreams! With the brothers at your side, you’ll demo, renovate, customize, and design spaces with the same charm and style the twins have become known for. Play along to go behind the scenes with the brothers, learn their design tips and tricks, and discover fun facts about TV’s favorite design duo. Relaxing, fun puzzles let you earn coins to spend on décor. Exclusive voice-overs from the twins will give you all the encouragement you need to become a design star yourself!


– Makeover shabby spaces into beautiful places with bold accents, pops of color, and stylish fixtures and finishes.
– Discover all you’ve ever wanted to know about the twins with everything from tried-and-true design tips, funny childhood stories, and good, old-fashioned brother vs. brother antics.
– Renovate a variety of fixer uppers that need your design eye: kitchens, bathrooms, exteriors—and yes, you can add that open floor plan!
– Re-create your favorite Property Brothers moments!
– Relax playing puzzles that features hundreds of levels and a variety of game modes.
– Design and play on the run with offline mode.


New levels! New makeovers!


40 comentarios en "Property Brothers Home Design 2022"

  1. I’ve been playing this game for a long time. I’m well over level 10,000 and I’ve enjoyed this game. But it appears it’s becoming apparent that it’s really going to push LGBT stuff on us. I was with the occasional same sex characters cause that life. But now they are changing the graphics to where the coupons are rainbow flags…Time to delete. Game is really fun some of the puzzles are very similar but after 10000 levels that’s understandable. Only issue is it not wanting to load anymore.

  2. I have read other reviews, and I have ti disagree. Yes, some levels are very hard. And it takes days and days to pass them, but isn’t that what advancing in a game is about? This game offers so many different mini games, that offer you the chance to advance quickly, have ultimate chances for an hour…I am on level 6999…and I’ve been playing it for 5 days. I love the challenge. This is a great game. Don’t change a thing!

  3. Marina K dice:

    I love this game, except for the occasional crashes/ app freezes. I’m on a top ten team, and most of us spend real money on it. So it’s frustrating when that happens, and when support tells me it’s an android problem. I have a galaxy s21,and got a pop-up message saying PB has a bug.Support has been ok in the past, but today app crashed again during a competitive rally. I lost 4 boosters, a “life”, and a flag for my team 🤬 and can’t contact support bc it crashes every time I click on the icon.

  4. Crashes extremely frequently. Usually, when placing the last item or opening the app. When it does run, my phone has to work extra hard to keep it running, which makes the battery hot, drains it rapidly, and is unable to charge. Good game, but it needs a lot of fixing.

  5. Ridiculously hard to pass levels.. they just want your money. The designing is so fun, but to be able to design you have to sit there and play one game over and over and over just to try and beat it, then you receive barely any coins!! You don’t even get any rewards to help you pass levels! I’m at the point I’m just going to unistall…there are other design games that are actually fun to try and pass levels that you get rewarded for. Instead of having to spend money just to pass one level!

  6. Usually an awesome game overall. I would agree that the levels are often a bit too difficult. Sometimes I cannot even progress on a timed event at all because I’m stuck on one level for 24 hours or more, even up to 4-5 days. And often it really sucks to miss an event I’m excited about because of that. But currently, the game isn’t even playable. I cannot open the game, it crashes every time. If I try to be very persistent, it might open after a dozen or more attempts. This needs to be fixed!

  7. It’s a fun game as far as the designing part, but the levels are way to hard. They say they are meant to be challenging which is kind of silly…this is a home design game and people who download it want to design not constantly play match 3 games. The rewards aren’t that great either, they definitely just want you to spend actual money. I wish they would make the games a little easier so that I could enjoy what the game is actually supposed to be. It gets boring staying on the same level.

  8. I have been playing this game for a long time and really like the game itself and the decorating, but have finally had it with the constant ads that are now running over and over in a loop. They keep opening in another window, then when you close that window and try to get back in the game, the ad starts all over again, and again opens in another window instead of returning to the game. Very maddening!

  9. I have loved this game, for quite some time, but recently it just keeps freezing up. I have uninstalled it, reinstalled it, updated it, everything. It just keeps freezing up. It’s frustrating, because I have really enjoyed this game in the past. Please fix it! UPDATE… It was back to working, after this review, but now has been, once again, freezing up or just won’t open at all. Again, I’ve uninstalled, reinstalled, updated, shut my phone down, everything I can think of & still nothing. 🤬

  10. So there’s no more crashing with video’s anymore because there’s no more videos…they were annoying but I was thankful that they helped me pass the block games. Now I’ll be stuck on one level for over 2 days continuously one move from passing and then I run out of moves! This has become extremely frustrating and disappointing since I really enjoyed the design aspect! UPDATE: Thankfully the videos were added back and levels can be completed again!!😁

  11. Been playing the game for several years. Since the Dec 22 update, having problems getting into the game, or keeping it from crashing if it does launch. Phone’s compatible, I’ve cleared the cache, restarted the phone, even deleted photos to make extra space. I finally got in & completed 1 room. Today it launches, but won’t go past the room without crashing. Can’t go to menu or settings, either. Sent email to developers, but autoreply said must go thru app. Wish I could! Now it won’t even open.

  12. X-x dice:

    I have been trying to play this game for a couple weeks now. But I have alot of problems with the game freezing. Or to better describe what happens is it lags. Like if you try to do too much to fast it just lags itself and then it’s frozen. Particularly the TNT. Reminds me of Minecrafts lag lol. Still does this with the most recent update as well.

  13. Valarie P dice:

    I love playing this game and had no issues until most recent update. Keeps crashing, freezng up or nothing at all. Not sure the problem, I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled a couple times. Worked for a few hours then happened again. I hope the problem gets fixed because I’d love to get back to playing again. I was on level 2600.

  14. It’s fun to play. However, the user interface doest work well in some areas. For example, I tried multiple times to click the envelope to see the design plans when prompted in the demonstration. It took multiple attempts before it worked. I could not move forward in the game until it was clicked.

  15. Donna L dice:

    Overall, have enjoyed the game for a few years, reaching game 20,141. Has always had issue with Drew avatar popping in where client should be!! In agreement with other recent reviews of freezing screens & crashes. Now stuck on completed client screen for 2 days, even with 12/22/22 update already installed. Bot direction did not help. Inflation on design costs & rise in difficulty level lead me to make this last week in the game as too expensive to make real progress.

  16. 09/22/22 Like many others, I love this game, but recently began having issues with it freezing, even after doing all the normal troubleshooting things like restarting my phone, clearing cache, uninstalling/reinstalling etc, but nothing works. Such a bummer. I hope they can find a fix. Update 12/11/22: STILL having issues with this game freezing! It’s so frustrating, losing lives and streaks when/if I can get back into the app. Uninstalling for good. So disappointed.

  17. I have had and loved this game for years. Since the last update, I can barely even open the app without it crashing. I tried to contact customer support, but was told it wasn’t monitored unless it was through the app (which I can’t get into). Overall, very frustrating and needs to be fixed.

  18. Items don’t appear when I select them. I get a poof and nothing happens? I can’t give a fair rating for now. This is happening on my very first design, in my first 30 mins. Maybe I will try again later or delete and reinstall? I will give this a 2nd chance, being I love the Property Brothers. This could be a really fun app when it starts working correctly.

  19. I love this game and have been playing on and off for a couple of years. However, it recently has been crashing almost every time I play. It freezes, and I have to force close and restart, which causes me to lose progress/rewards. Would love to keep playing, but it is getting quite disappointing that there has been no solution to the constant app crashes.

  20. I have been playing this game for quite some time now and really enjoyed it however in the past month or so the game continously freezes. I have reported it and no changes. It eats up all of your Lives to play and causes you to lose challenges because it freezes and closes the the app. If they could fix this I’ll change my rating but it’s so frustrating, I may delete the app. Update: nothing has changed. Actually the freezing has gotten worst. I had to delete the app

  21. Loved the game for the first year but I’ve beaten so many levels that I’ve reached levels with throw-away designs that only change an item’s color. When I’ve given them feedback or ask for accessibility changes, I’ve never received a follow-up that wasn’t copied/pasted. Disappointed in how much potential they’re throwing away by being slow to update and investing in more designers/programmers to develop fuller.

  22. Ever since the latest update on 10/14/22, I haven’t even been able to open the app. It freezes on the opening loading bar and crashes. This is so disappointing! I’ve invested a lot of time and money into this game, and now I’ve lost all progress with my special events. This update to fix the glitches only made things worse! Someone somewhere messed up the code. Please fix it. This is my go-to time filler game, and I’d hate to delete it.

  23. Fun game when it works which, unfortunately, doesn’t seem to be very often. It freezes constantly at various points, sometimes during a level, sometimes before even during the initial loading screen. I remember this happening a long time ago which made me stop playing. I finally return to the game and the problem is still there so I don’t really expect it to ever get fixed 😕. Very unfortunate because it truly is a fun game otherwise.

  24. So far I really like this design game the best because it gives you simple ways to earn coins to buy what you need to design. The problem I am having right here on my first adventure with it is that I choose something from the options and click on the check mark and it looks as if it’s going to materialize in the design but it doesn’t the money disappears but the item doesn’t appear. So with that glitch I don’t know how I will progress even beyond the first thing. Hope it gets fixed!

  25. The home design element of the game is great, but the block breaking game to earn money/coupons to complete renovations is lame and dated and clunky, and sometimes so impossible to beat levels that it’s clear they’re trying to force you to purchase gems to buy extra turns. Plus a 30 minute wait for each “life” to regenerate is annoying and prevents ongoing game play which is I’m sure what the app developers want. Lots of room for improvement here, mainly in making the game a bit easier to enjoy.

  26. I like the design part of it but found that I get bored trying to beat the levels so I’m about to call it a wrap. I’ve been working on one house for weeks, just trying to get enough credits to finish the house. They should make the exterior optional. They should give you an option to forego mulch or driveway design. As of now you have to spend your credits on options you aren’t choosing yourself. I’m on level 111 but when it takes days to advance, it’s not fun anymore.

  27. I’ve been playing this FOREVER and have almost level 14000. Never had a problem with freezing … until today!!!! PLEASE PLEASE FIX THIS! Invested too much time n money to lose everything or uninstall. Plus, what also bothers me are all the dang arrows n messages blocking the blocks. Soon as u touch something to get it out of the way, it causes a move under it. It’s annoying! Fix these issues please. Especially the freezing!!!!!!

  28. Fun game, love to play but the game keeps freezing and stopping. It gets frustrating. There has to be something that’s causing this and whatever it is needs fixing asap or this game will be uninstalled. Which is unfortunate because I’m almost at level 10,000. But I will not let a game stress me out. Thus has been happening for months and at this point, it has gotten very old.

  29. Ki W dice:

    Honestly this would be a great game. BUT they are forcing you to either watch a TON of ads or purchase something!!!! It’s a lousy tactic to make a puzzle game almost IMPOSSIBLE to beat due to lack of moves and too much to do in one puzzle, plus LACK OF MOVES. They give you 26 moves for a 40 move puzzle, like come on now! I’m not buying some package with “this many saves” , a game will never be that serious! It’s honestly sick how games are created to FORCE a purchase. Like no, unistall!!!!

  30. Stopped loading over 2 weeks ago and can’t get passed the home screen. UPDATE: the problem was resolved almost immediately after I posted the review and worked fine for a while. Now it has completely stopped working again. What’s the deal? UPDATE AGAIN: weeks later and still having the same issues. I’ve Uninstalled multiple times and nothing changes. Super disappointing

  31. Used to be great…. now it sucks! Constantly glitching and freezing, having to force restart and losing lives in the process. Problem has been consistently happening for the last couple months and I would say it makes me not want to play anymore, but the reality of it is I can’t play anymore. Wish they would fix the issue.

  32. I am going to uninstall due to the problems this game has. I spent 90 diamonds for 5 extra moves, twice. I received 3. I have started to watch your ad to collect 2 extra moves, only to have it go completely black and have to close completely out of the game, just to get it to unfreeze, loosing game lives everything. I sent a screenshot last time I complained, only to get your automated response asking for a screenshot. This game is no longer worth my time to play.

  33. I absolutely LOVE this game, but lately it’s been freezing up and I have to force stop the app, but sometimes force stopping doesn’t help and I just have to take my losses and play something else. I hope your techs are trying to fix the glitch right now because according to reviews it seems to have been happening for a few months now! 🤞🏽

  34. I played a long time ago and I recently downloaded it again but I want to start over from the beginning. I hit delete this account and it has been that way for over a month. I tried to send an email to the developer only to be told the email wasn’t monitored so hit the support button in the app. You can’t get to the button because the “I want to delete this account” screen is what comes up. I cleared the cache and data reinstalled but it still starts at LV 171.

  35. This app hasn’t worked but a handful of times for me since the recent update in early August. It hasn’t even started up past the opening rug graphic in a couple weeks (with the exception of yesterday, when it worked for a bit). Even the Feedback feature crashes. Please fix ASAP.

  36. I love this game. I am getting close to the 5,000 level and it’s fun, but with EVERY update there are bugs. It crashes for the first couple of days and then it’s fine. However, with this new update I can’t even play. It crashes before it opens and if it does open the it freezes after starting a new game.

  37. ilyahna dice:

    One of the top reasons I quit games like this is when every other level is a “hard” level. I’m generally good at these kinds of match games and have played past 1200 levels in others. This is the worst game for being forced to spend money to progress I’ve played in a long time. So many simultaneous games that drop multiple extraneous mats that get in the way of matches even if you’ve completed the event. Can’t pass enough levels in time to get the events finished. Done with this at level 368.

  38. I really like the concept and of course I love the show, but even in the tutorial the game started sticking and glitches. So unfortunately I had to uninstall it. I just really don’t have time to click on something 15 times before it recognizes it or completely exit the game and then reopen it and let it reload. Sorry the animation is awesome though.

  39. Corissa dice:

    I’m not sure what’s going on, but ever since they’ve added all the extras to the game, my app has been freezing and crashing. Especially, after the recent update. It’s so frustrating, because I used to love playing the game! I just reached level 7,000 and received some extra bonuses and unlimited lives (for a limited amount of time) but I couldn’t enjoy them because my app crashed right after receiving the bonuses! Now it won’t open at all.

  40. Update: still having problems over a month later. I’ve been playing this game for a couple years now and all of a sudden I’m having all sorts of problems this week, it says I’m not connected to internet when I am, it’s randomly freezing and crashing sometimes it just will not launch. This game went from one of my favorites to having me about ready to uninstall it.

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