My Dog:Puppy Simulator Games MOD 2022


Simulation game where you can feed, training, play,talking with cute pet.
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Game Features
• Puppy raising simulation game
• Adopt and take care of your favorite puppy
• 64+ breeds of dogs
• Play with your friends by visiting their homes
• Try fun games to keep your puppy happy
• Take great AR pictures with your puppy

My Dog is a simulation game where you can feed, train, play, and dress up your favorite puppies. After choosing among more than 70 unique dogs, you can design your home from a variety of furniture, decoration, and layouts. Then, you can invite or visit your friends to socialize with other puppies at home.

Instead of describing the main features, we want to share with you the story behind the development of this game. This story came from the creator of My Dog:

“Although I have participated in the development of several games, I have not been as excited with a new game as with My Dog because this game brings back a lot of good memories.

When I was little, my parents adopted a puppy that lived with us for longer than fifteen years. I still remember our first interaction; he could fit in my palm. As a child, I became his owner and did my best to take care of him. From an early age, I gained this sense of responsibility because of him but also developed a strong feeling of sympathy towards the dog community. I decided not to have another puppy after him because I knew it would be difficult to experience this absence again in the future.

At university, I kept thinking of ways to bring my puppy back to me by using technology. However, it was not until recently that I formed a dedicated team of engineers and artists to develop My Dog. I hope that players can raise their favorite puppy while bringing him everywhere with them, creating good memories.

If you find this story interesting, want to share your own story, or enjoy playing our game, please send us an email [email protected]. We hope that My Dog help reunites dog owners with his beloved friends and help our puppies find a loving family. Follow us on social media to get the latest updates.


Fix some bugs


40 comentarios en "My Dog:Puppy Simulator Games MOD 2022"

  1. I enjoy the interactions I can have with my puppy. It reminds me of the digital pets we had in the 80s but 100x better. I like the changes in scenery and the mini games are fun and challenging. What I don’t like is the idea of being rewarded for commiting crimes. Particularly given many players are probably young children. I wish there was a way to disable that function. I also wish I could have chosen my first puppy rather than being forced to adopt the Labrador. Not very realistic.

  2. Cute🥰! So cute for a dog lover. And, the task is so hard to appear. The graphic is cute. For a dog/puppy lover, you have to try it. Maybe you should add more dog, like Australian Shepherd, Sheltie, Siberian Husky, and the other. Maybe the dog should growing older. And I hope there’s the human (dog’s owner/the player) can be seen and we can be the human and walk the dog. When we chat, sometimes lag. Recomend:). and it’s so cute!

  3. I hope to be able to rate higher in the future but the ads are a mess, hit and miss as to whether they work or waste your time and force you to close /reopen the app, without receiving any reward. Loyal players spin for goals and try for in-game rewards that can’t be won because no matter how accurate your aim is they misdirect the object (cookie) etc… It’s a cute game but it does cause players of young ages to query about reproduction; mating /birthing and related subjects.

  4. im so sad, this game is so cute and good! but theres this bug. it wont go on landscape and all the buttons are messed up on portrait:( i hope you fix this! ill redownload and rerate the game when its fixed. (I tried their other game, cat simulator and the same issue is there!)

  5. This game is great but I’m having problem with even getting into it, the game was fine the first few days but now I can’t even get in at first it said ‘server full’and now it’s saying it’s a connection error my internet is fine this is very annoying and I have a pregnant dog that I’ll probably lose the puppies (in game) Edit:the game is working again, and other than that’s it’s a really cute game and I do recommend playing to pass free time 🙂 ✌🏼

  6. Thank you so much for fixing the server issue. Working all good and dandy. 😄 However, I have a question. Is there a possible way to leave chats without reporting people? Nothing bad happened, just some sour individuals on there. Lots of drama appears withing the chat/post zone. And when you pair up dogs, at least for the experience I dealt with, I had to keep raising up and spending my money to keep the pregnant dog healthy. The other person basically went AFK through the whole process.

  7. They changed a lot while I was gone & I’m here for it! Some things they could add: – Free Gender change once for every dog u get – Pure puppies being able to come out a different coat than the parents (If I breed 2 goldens for example a puppy could possibly come out black, cream, or norm, etc) – Fix the clothing shop! (The items are either all for gems or dumb expensive in coins 🙁 ) – Skinned puppies having a higher chance to pass down than Default Skin. That’s all, otherwise it’s a good game!

  8. This game is definitely good but I have noticed bugs and lags every time I exit out of the store or menu. I like the game but its hard to play.

  9. To jump rope and hit the volleyball 30 times is just not possible, especially if you mess up and have to start over! Now, if you hit the volleyball each time to count down to the 30 each time that would be great, along with the jump rope task as well! One should not have to start over each time where they are not able to finish the task for the day! Other than that, it is a great app! Please change your task on the rope and volleyball and thank you!

  10. Good at first, then someone gets on being all creepy.. sounding like a cimo.. after the fact of many of us saying they was creeping us all out they then said “sorry i was only joking and trying to get my babysitting skills out” they changed their name, picture, etc.. not a game for your children to play unless you want the possibility of someone to do that to your child or children. I wish i could give it more stars but can’t because of that and reporting the person didn’t do anything.

  11. Great game totally recommend it but could you possibly make you be able to give epic , myth and puppy codes away please because I love corgis and I want to help my friend get one I also love the daschunds too . Also could we maybe have more dogs out rather than just 3 also make the mixed dogs luck mixed please love the game but could you try to do them things please thanks 👍😊

  12. This is the best game but please keep this game on all phones like android lts because I couldn’t play it for like 2 months. I was waiting for it to come back and thank you it’s back now. I can now play it

  13. From the update you just did few hours ago I can’t log in Really hope you sort it out soon coz I really need to get on this game my dog pregnant and if she doesn’t have her puppie it because of this stuiped update that won’t let me long in sort it out ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. With the new update new players can no longer access the “activity” icon until after they level up past lvl 1. So invite codes can no longer be entered, which sucks because I finally got my friends to play with me and we can’t get the invite benefits.

  15. I Love My Dog Pet Dog Simulator Game so much . I’m addicted to the game I play it every day and every night. Please bring more dog breeds to the game. I’m on level 39. Please add new breeds to the game. Thanks in advance From Your Biggest Fan Shannon

  16. Would like to earn more then one diamond at a time. Love the game thought some of the pups hair isn’t fluffy like the r in the game. But that OK the are still so cute.

  17. It’s a cute game but it does like to freeze or glitch the game has even closed out on me I hardly do anything before it decides to crash I give up after like 3 trys

  18. Iʼm not the type of person to review mobile apps, but well, here I am! This game is great and the graphics and puppies are just so freaking adorable. Iʼm addicted. The only problem is that my dogs arenʼt having any wishes for weeks, and Iʼm starting to get confused. Iʼm not sure if itʼs an update or bug or something, but if it is a bug, I hope the developers fix it, because it really is a shame not getting any wishes because fulfilling wishes give you prizes. Edit: still not fixed

  19. Diana S dice:

    Love this game. Not a fan of other players being able to steal your gold, but al in all, its a fun and very cute game.

  20. This is a adorable game love the puppys and it’s very cute to see a lot of other dogs to theirs 3 optional choices when u start and over all this game is the best dog game I have played yet

  21. I love this game but it needs to add more stuff No.1 add more stuff at the street like making an 3d avatar when pressing the dogs u can control it I’ll find more answers ok?

  22. There is a lot of drama and predators that the staff doesn’t do anything about. The game gets updated every couple of months and sometimes those updates change EVERYTHING so that suddenly 90% of your progresses are pointless. Overall this is a very toxic game, please do not let your young children play it.

  23. It is a lot of fun but after the new update i can´t get on it says i have unstable network even though I don’t but i love this game just please help me

  24. Jack Wuol dice:

    The game would be perfect if it wasn’t for that dang trailer, the poor dog. And I know they went in the house, but still. Minus one star.

  25. I love this game!! The ONLY thing that annoys me is the pregnancy wait time is soo long.

  26. 4* Update thank you for fixing the issue I would have given 4 but the update is causing issues!! We cant complete dog wishes on gold blessings because there’s none there anymore but the dogs still want to do this. Please can you fix this problem as it is causing problems Update Thank you for fixing the issue it is much better 🙂

  27. I think it’s really cool. The graphics everything about is amazing. People should definitely get this game.

  28. it’s a bit laggy sometimes and there isn’t anything more exotic like the borzoi but it’s a good game other than that

  29. It’s a great app but it’s not letting me see ppls profile to be able to add any1 and the ads black out

  30. I give my dog a 5 beacuse there are no ads and that you can make friends and buy dogs and see their size and the country they are from.You can coustamize your puppy and give them a name.You can also make a profile that’s my favourite part about it!The game is sooooo fun you should totally install it!

  31. Overall the quality of the game is excellent. I love how realistic the dogs look and how easy it is to progress in the game. The only downfall is the prices of shop items, very expensive. Without some of the items the game becomes relatively tedious. It takes so long to save up even the smallest amount of money and even then I still can’t use it.

  32. This game is really good. But the dogs are so expensive can you lower the price pls

  33. awesome game its soooo cute I’ve never seen a cute dog game that doesn’t have ads every 5 seconds!

  34. I think the graphics are AMAZING this game is soo cute it glitches quit abit tho

  35. this game is very cute!I love the graphics also the dogs!thanks for sponsoring me this game♡

  36. I really love this game and the doggies are so cute! Definitely should download!

  37. good dog game cute dog YESSS, but when I start this game yesterday I like the dog I got but please add dog choices for starters and I think dogs a bit expensive 100 gem?? Pls put price down ty 🙂 I’ve been looking for good game I found it 🙂 byeeeee

  38. thes is a fun game in bc a rate it a 10 is bc you get to walk on the streets in you get to visit dog that is why I like the game

  39. adwkerr dice:

    It’s really fun but quite hard to get diamonds so you can’t bye many dogs

  40. I love it so much fun but I wish that you can record your voice like sit and your dog will do it

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